Pennywise Projector Scene | It (2017) Movie Clip

Pennywise Projector Scene | It (2017) Movie Clip

Okay. Look. That’s where Georgie disappeared. There’s the Ironworks. And The Black Spot. Everywhere it happens,
it’s all connected by the sewers. And they all meet up at the… The well house. It’s in the house on Neibolt Street. You mean that creepy-ass house where
all the junkies and hobos like to sleep? I hate that place. It always feels like it’s watching me. That’s where I saw It. That’s where I saw the clown. That’s where It lives. I can’t imagine anything
ever wanting to live there. Can we stop talking about this? I can barely breathe. This is summer. We’re kids. I can barely breathe. I’m up here having a fucking asthma attack. I’m not doing this. What the hell? Put the map back. Mmm-mmm. What happened? What’s going on? I got it. Hold on. Guys. Georgie. Bill? What the fuck? It’s It! What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that? I don’t fucking know! Turn it off! Turn it off! Yeah. Yeah, turn it off. Turn it off! Run, Stanley! What is it? What the fuck? Thanks, Ben. It saw us. It saw us, and it knows where we are. It always did. So, let’s go. Go? Go where? Neibolt. That’s where Georgie is. After that? Yeah, it’s summer. We should be outside. If you say it’s summer
one more fucking time… Bill! Wait!

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  1. This scene scared the shit out of me when i first saw it and thst says a lot scince i haven't been scared by a jump scene in over a decade.

  2. I’m in my 10’s and I’m 10 years old rightttttttt…… and people say don’t watch this until 16… righttttt…. I watched this last year.

  3. This was the scene where me, my brother and most of the people around us in the theaters were legit shitting bricks

  4. 3:00 I remember at this point in the theater you could just hear the audience sigh and catch their breath in unison followed by a lot of awkward laughing.

  5. you have to love a movie that has kids saying the word fuck and a little boy having his arm chewed off the very beginning. At that point all bets are off on what's going to happen next.

  6. I still come back to this scene just to remind myself how great this movie was. This was definitely one of the more innovative scenes in horror films nowadays. Can't wait for Chapter 2.

  7. This got me not gonna lie. Never been this afraid watching a horror movie. It wasnt just the jumpscare I legit covered my eyes because he was coming out. It felt like a nightmare

  8. i remember seeing somewhere that this was the first time the kids had ever seen IT because the director wanted their reactions to be “authentic” and it does seem like it

  9. I saw this movie today and HOLY SH*T! I wasnt so scared since The blob or The thing.
    I expect the 2nd have the same experience like this one, and on the cinema!

  10. I knew Pennywise was going to scare them in this scene, but holy shit! When I saw this in theaters, I actually covered my ears in anticipation, because I knew it was going to be loud and I hate loud noises, especially when it comes to jump scares like this. The second he pops out of the screen with those crazy teeth, glowing yellow eyes, and that insane laugh, my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach.

  11. When I saw this in the cinema, some moron brought in his kid … who couldn't have been more than 5 or 6. Way to traumatise your kid, idiot.

  12. I know i should probably be scared about the clown actually coming out of that but i cant get over the fact that Beverley hugged Bill after all that, it was so adorable!! ❤😭

  13. Me:what we doin
    Ben:the well house
    U meant where the house creepy garbage hobos like to sleep
    Me:hOLY SHIT
    Richie:WHAT THE FUCK
    Idk who kicked the projecter*
    Bug ass clown appears*
    Bill goes away*
    Me: where the fuck u goin
    Bill leaves*
    Beverly:bill wait

  14. This was like the only redeeming quality of the movie but I can't help but feel like it's a rip off of the scene from Insidious where they're going through Josh Lambert's childhood pictures.

  15. This is what’s great about penny wise. He spends so much time tormenting and teasing the kids that when he actually forms into this ridiculously scary figure, it’s not expected. I knew he was going to pop out but I never expected him to pop out like porky pig with 500 sharp teeth showing. Mushietti really did well in mixing in the non scary, kind of hilarious, moments that involve penny wise and then bringing in a terrifying part. I can’t wait for September 6th

  16. this movie isn't as scary as I thought it would be. it's sad because it's got a really good story line.

  17. This movie never scared me… looks like the clown just want to play with the kids, he could have killed them all at every encouter…

  18. L:oveful
    O:outrangous club
    E:aten by it
    R:iche is. EXTREMLY funny

    C:lub starters
    L:oud voices

  19. God I'm glad I saw this in theaters. What an incredibly fun movie this was. Finally, a horror movie that actually TRIED.

  20. The sound is absolutely Crucial to this scene. It absolutely makes or break it depending on how the soundtrack is mixed. This happens to be the Good one.

  21. I really wanna see a cross over with ITs penny wise facing off against another OP character, the fact that he can has use fear /mental manipulationln shapefiting and teleportaion is totally OP and is whats makes him such a bad ass villain

  22. I saw scene in the movie theaters when giant clown 🤡 pop out projector 📽 it scared my girlfriend and I we jump out of our chair knocked our popcorn 🍿 on the floor

  23. Wait until chapter II hit's next month. The directory literally said to bring your adult diapers. I will not eat a few hours prior to seeing it.

  24. Why does she just thank Ben and puts her hand on him, and then proceeds to hug the skinny kid who didn't do shit? Bitches at a young age already be on some stupid shit. Poor fatty

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