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  1. I think he has a massive task ahead of him, but god I would love to see him in office. Regrettably I think he will be the greatest president America never had.

  2. Very well articulated and intelligent guy. But I didn’t hear one specific policy proposal by him or a question about policy from Colbert.

  3. Is it just me, or did Stephen spend alot of time interrupting Pete?
    The fact he gave Bill O'Reilly creedence when discussing Orlando, this feels very dismissive.
    Perhaps, Stephen isn't quite as progressive towards those of the LGBTQ+ community as he would have us think.
    Jon's music choice was also incredibly pedantic.
    Strange time for Stephen to appear bi-partisan. Very disappointing segment.

  4. Andrew Yang or Tulsi, I like this guy, but somehow he is too much of a politician, he speaks smoothly but I feel he is kinda fake. I love the idea of a gay president, it would be great for him to challenge homophobic countries, and it is really no problem for me, but again, I think Yang and Tulsi are bit more true, and also their agenda is more urgent.

  5. His top issue is Prosecuting whistleblowers and journalists.

    He supports war and expanding the powers of the security state.

    But universal healthcare you'll have to wait

  6. One Clown leads another…. Mr. "Systemic Racisim" when his city has one of the WORST Black CRIME rates…. Oh, but they are just being discriminated…

  7. So, hes gay? So what? So is my cousin. Hes young, so is my daughter. Hes been in the military…so has my husband. Climate change is one of his biggest concerns. Well….Iran not being given our uranium by the Dems is one of mine. Kim of North Korea not shooting at us with a future nuke bomb is another. If we dont at least try and come up with a solution since nothing has worked before we're going to have global warming alright. We wont be here to discuss it but it will be warmer than we can imagine. Its time for many to come out of the fog and into the light and theres someone who may help you with that. Candace Owens!!! Shes in the Democratic black box. Woman box , young box, not rich box….did I leave a box out? Yes, I did actually. Shes smart as can be, has common sense, loves this country and wants people to be a victor and not play the dem victim game anymore. I encourage anyone who loves the truth to watch Candaces videos. She speaks the truth so beware. Get off the Crazy train and on the Trump train. God Bless…from a middle aged, white, fly over country, deplorable(proud one) who occasionally shops at Walmart and proud of it. How many Dem boxes did that check?
    Trump 2020
    Ivanka Trump 2024
    Candace Owens 2032

  8. Peter Buttgieg. I pet a bird, that must be a buttgieg. The great escape plan. Don't forget the loot. The gold is stored in the underground complexes. Can't forget that.

  9. Platitude Peter, an empty fake

    Go for Bernie, Tulsi, Yang & Marianne
    Pete hardly has policies

    The fact that mainstream media pushes him forward is A BAD SIGN

  10. I like him, I agree that the future of our country affects younger people more (because they'll be around to experience it) but his examples of how being a mayor translates to running a major world power do not add up to me. I think there are better options. I would just like to understand more about his policy perspective and/or plans. I haven't gotten much of that from him yet from the debates or this.

  11. Tell Butt-Edge not to worry, he won't be elected president. Folks of all walks of life, across the country, will understand that his FREEBIES are just upfront, wannabee promises, to entice the ignorant. The folks that can add 2 & 2, know he can't fulfill any of his promises. His demeanor, of being a soft talker, is the sheep's clothing on a wolf. He's a card-carrying DemonRAT, who is poised to ruin America, with his FREEBIE Policies, which will wilt in the winds of time. America is $23,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, we the people can't pay for these wanted freebies, our DemonRAT government has put our country on the chopping Block. He's just another snake oil salesman, with some elixir for sale….

  12. That’s all we need. A log-jammer President in the White House. Iran would surely walk right in. Why do queers all live in a land of make believe? The world will never be the perfect utopia. War is necessary

  13. Why are the comments disabled under his announcement video? Wtf who does that? As a president you should let the people speak and be their voice, not shut them up! He is so fake I do not trust him one bit. Almost all of his money is from big corporations. RED FLAG!! There are many better options if you are looking for a progressive candidate. Vote Tulsi or Yang.

  14. Pete is outlining bright future for us all right now while campaigning for presidency. I am sure now that next thing after abolishing ICE our progressive young leaders will do away with police altogether. What a giant leap toward true freedom! Ceasing being the most prosperous country will be a small price for such breakthrough.

  15. Bird eye sentry, UFO Under Feign Operations. Gold digging birds. "but, but, but", what's the message birds?

  16. Kind of thought Colbert could have been more supportive or genuinely interested oh and he botched his name. Though this is apparently before he announced his candidacy. Buttigieg is my person for President so far…..tied with Julian Castro. You rock! Keep up the journey!

  17. So many Russian trolls in the comments, we might all be characters in a Lukyanenko novel and not even know it. Should be another interesting election.

  18. Can we just vote on whether to have President Bernie and vice president Pete or President Pete and vice president Bernie.

  19. I’d like to see Pete, Yang, Tulsi and Bernie toward the end, if only to show that we value integrity originality and virtue – not to mention real intelligence

  20. But what does he want to do in his presidency? Too much of the time was spent talking about his identity/experience…not enough about policy.

  21. Still a bit shaky about those conservative roots, but he seems a confident enough candidate; I'd vote for him as one half of the ticket.

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  25. One of my favorite parts is when Stephen asks what an exploratory committee is.
    Stephen totally knows the answer – as he had his own "exploratory committee" for president a few years back during The Colbert Report. I love that he pleads ignorance on the topic because it sets it up for Buttigieg to explain it in his own words. It's a little detail, but I think it really shows how great of an interviewer Stephen is.

  26. I’m conservative and I’m voting for Trump again. But if the democrats were to win, I hope Buttigieg would be the president. Good Lord let it not be Warren or Bernie

  27. Whomever you’re attracted to isn’t a choice. It’s a natural reaction. Whom you CHOOSE to lay with IS a choice. And it’s not just gays who choose the sin of sodomy. Many straight people do as well.

  28. POTUS Candidate Peter Buttigeig was on CNN describng his 'husband' & what a good "father" he would be. I guess that makes Peter a wife. So does that mean he will be the first female President of the United States?

    With this in mind, Peter, as a wife, have you ever wanted to wear a dress, have a baby or feel your husband deep inside of you… your gastrointestinal tract?

  29. Mr Buttegieg, you think you are smart, but you are not as smart as our President. Yes, he's a bit flamboyant, but I like that in him. He's done more for America That you are capable of dreaming. He's so much quicker that you 10 cent DemonRATS, that have to promise everything, in order to get a vote. I have another major complaint against you, you are a homosexual & that's against all I believe in. You are a real bad role model, as a whole. So take you campaign matching funds & go back into your hole…. if they will have you. It seems that SBI is in need of great change, your liberal ideas are ruining your city. You are a wannabee…

  30. AUSTRALIA loves Pete!! He is calm, level-headed, grounded, even-tempered, respectful, intelligent…….. reminds us of the last President. May the USA earn the world's respect again by choosing their next President with care and courage. Pete is the one.

  31. JFK was 43 when he was running for President of the United States, Pete Buttigieg is 39. Mr. Buttigieg reminds me a lot of JFK in so many ways. A great intellect, fairness, truth telling, compassion for all, and certainly honesty. I believe he would make a great President of our great country which is under so much stress and fear at this time. He reminds me so much of John Kennedy and I, after looking into all the other candidates in the next presidential election, I think he would be the best choice to lead us to greatness, much like President Kennedy did.

  32. He’s charismatic..WHO GIVES A SHIT. He’s been mayor of a somewhat small city.. and people want him to be president because he’s charismatic.. give me a break.

  33. Mayor Pete is a neo-liberal husk running on identity politics.

    He has more billionaire Then any other candidate 23 to be exact.

    I would rather support a real revolutionary candidate who Has been fighting for economic equality and civil liberties far before it was cool for millennials.

    Bernie 2020.

  34. 4Th industrial revolution Pete. He is John yang in disguise! Stealing from Yang….

  35. Shameless Pete….Yeah you were laughing at Yang's UBI and now you talk about the UBI experiment in Stockton. A dude who steals and plagiarizes and still believes in God…Humm sounds like Trump's mascot!

  36. YangGang Petey….The flavor of the gay…I mean day….the media likes him because of his sexual orientation, otherwise, he is an empty shell….His answer to Yang's UBI, laughing, mocking "it's original"….

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