Phobia Official Trailer with English Subtitle | Radhika Apte

Phobia Official Trailer with English Subtitle | Radhika Apte

Mehak suffers of severe agoraphobia. She actually believes that
if she leaves home.. ..she will encounter
the same experience.. ..she had been through
once on that night. Get away from me. Leave me alone. Over there, I was scared
of going out of the house. Over here,
I’m scared inside the house. Where shall I go?

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  1. another try of indian movie makers at the horror genre. Just give up guys. Its over. Its done. Bollywood cant make good, genuine and 'non-cooied' horror anymore. Period.

  2. Radhika never fails to thrill us with her every movie.
    She is one of the most talented and underrated actress in Bollywood.

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  4. Me also suffered from the same phobia at the age of 15…. I was needed four of my family members with myself those days ….. Those days are scariest days in mah life….. But i finally i get control over my fukin thoughts….. In those days i was even get scared from my own family member's face expressions……

  5. Out and out excellent movie. Radhika should get national award for her brilliant performance. To me she outclassed Aishwarya by miles.

  6. in india movie like this only make 5-6 crores, whereas shit movies like grand masti, housefull make 80-100 crores.

  7. This is the first Bollywood movie I have ever watched! And I must admit that it is the best movie I have watched after a long time! Everything was so great and real! And couldn't take my eyes of the lead! She is such a great actress!!! The story is just heartbreaking yet so beautiful. Hats off

  8. ma na ya move dakhi ha dakhny k bad his na move banie ha is KO gole marny Ka dil karta ha madar chood lanaat filam banany walay par

  9. "Cage went in search of a bird" – Franz Kafka.. That is the theme shown in the start of the movie. The painting form the first scene is the reality in the last scene. The going to be happening events made the actress fall in them. She could see what was going to happen to her, she was scared and horrified by those events but actually by seeing them she was making situation to happen in reality. She was scared by smoke coming from taxi so she left from the art gallery with her friend early and then the event happen, tried to be molested and she used pepper spray on the taxi driver. Then all other event she saw were happening with the old tenant were actually her future which were fetching her to the destiny. She was psychopathic, to see her future but not able to recognize it until they happen. It is like events are not committed by people, but events happen and fetch people to make them happen, in other words "Whatever is going to happen will happen, we are just the medium for that to happen." Sometimes it fits very well to life, just think in many places you will find that you were actually required at the exact place for something to happen in right or correct way, or maybe some place where you aren't required but you reach there just to become the victim.

  10. Indie Meme Film Festival is looking for the Facebook page for the film Phobia? The Youtube site has a Facebook link URL listed as but it redirects you to the Facebook page for Eros Now which is the production company..

  11. OMG Does phobia make the patient see the future ‎:-o I think this is something overpriced !!!….in reality the dark side is in everyone … Cuz the world has  scary

  12. This movie was honestly a cinematic masterpiece. I, like most people assumed it was a lame horror movie, but it is not. At. All
    The whole movie keeps you at the edge of your seat, whilst having genuinely hilarious scenes too.
    And the way that each scene is shot, you feel her fear, her anxiety, and her stress. I genuinely felt her phobia, and that's why it's amazing.
    Not only does it have a very twisted plot, it has a brilliant plot.
    100% recommend it.

  13. movie hai i know BUT What kind of a dumb guy friend leaves a girl alone drunk in a cab?? should have dropped her off first. EVERYONE knows that simple. 😐😐😐

  14. Bollywood Crap.. Be original..! Why always copying other foreign movies? This movie is taken from a thai horror movie Phobia. Bollywood sucks.😤😤😤

  15. A unique movie, NOT copied from any Hollywood film. absolutely amazing, a must watch. Psychological concepts are incredible and Radhika Apte's acting is applause worthy!!

  16. ye itni bekar picture hai batanahisakta jo chutiya jate wo log banate aisi picture makichut ye picture ki dimagh kharab hogaya dkh k kyu banaya kya batana chahata hai kuch b chutiya directer

  17. Bulle ka movie hai….producer & direction ko chappal se marne ka mann kar raha hai….bulle ka horror movie hai….ye movie chutiya catogories me aata hai …..please dont waste u r time to watch this movie

  18. Im watched that movie & im so irate & also waste my 2 hrs in my life,so please return me my 2 hours…..bosidike bulle ka movie nikalta hai madarjaat

  19. I would recommend KAUN movie to all thriller and horror fans ..trailer to dekh he lo movie nhi to ..

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