Photogenic Tricks Celebs Use In Every Picture

Photogenic Tricks Celebs Use In Every Picture

We all know how great celebrities look in
magazines, but the real test is how good they look on the red carpet and on social media. Whether it’s nailing a pose, or applying the
right makeup, a good photo can take a lot of work. Celebs have these tricks on lock and we’re
revealing just how they do it. After all, a picture is worth a thousand likes…! Light it up Celeb stylist Ali Levine is known for her
selfies. She even has a lighting kit set up in her
living room to make sure all of her shots are perfectly lit. She says, “When you are taking a selfie, always
be aware of the lights around you… Get a lighting kit and also a ring light because
having just two lights can cause harsh shadowing and contrast… You want the ring light to balance out and
give you a natural glow.” Don’t wanna shell out for a ring light? Snap one to your phone! Cases like LuMee, developed by professional
photographer Allan Shoemake in 2011, are designed for great portable lighting. He got the idea when selfies hit the mainstream,
saying, “When social media started up, I would look at photos people had taken and I would
wonder ‘why bother.'” His idea was a hit. “Somebody sent me a picture – I think Kim
Kardashian is using her phone case. If Kim’s using it, I thought, ‘We’re onto
something.'” Lucky for us, now our shots are perfectly
lit! There’s an app for that Reality star and celeb hairstylist Anthony
Pazos believes you have to attack your photo from a variety of angles to get just the right
one. He also suggests downloading an editing app,
but he advises going easy, saying, “An adjustment here and there makes your photos look flawless.” And go ahead and use your favorite filter! We’re not judging. With stars like The Skinny Confidential’s
Lauryn Evarts publicly coming out about her love of filters (and even designing her own!),
we’re saying you do you, from #Valencia to Skyline! And for a little more glam, Project Runway
judge Vanessa Simmons is also a fan of apps like the YouCam beauty app. And, a source tells Us Weekly, the Kardashian
sisters are all about apps like Perfect365. With tech like this, you can try on products
and looks seamlessly, with zero commitment. Way more budget-friendly than wearing out
your credit card at Sephora. Go natural Actress-slash-model, Caitlin O’Connor doesn’t
use any special apps to edit her photos. Instead, she relies on good old-fashioned
natural lighting and Instagram filters to achieve her signature look. She says, “For my photos on Instagram, I use
a combo of filters and good lighting. I adjust the contrast and colors for each
photo. I use white natural light at a window or shaded
areas outside.” O’Connor confessed that she isn’t afraid to
ask her friends for help, saying, “When taking a booty shot or outfit photo, I have somebody
kneel down and aim upward with the camera.” If you don’t have other people around to get
the right angle, she recommends taking several shots so you can pick your favorite one! Nail your pose According to Ali Levine, it’s all about you,
saying, “Know your best angles… You have to experiment and shoot lots of pictures. Only you can determine how you look best.” Author and musician Ezina agrees, saying the
key to looking your best is choosing the right pose. One of her favorites is the Purse Pose. She says, “On days when I feel a bit bloated…I
hold my purse in front of my tummy to mask it.” For a ladylike look, Ezina recommends the
Criss Cross pose, where you, “cross your legs at the ankles and push your chest forward.” Want to look slimmer? “Place your hand on your hip and pop it…forward
or back. Choose one direction and work it.” And don’t forget your mouth. The musician says, quote, “Put your tongue
on the roof of your mouth while smiling. I’m looking at you Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks!” The right makeup Have you ever wondered how actress Amanda
Peet rocks flawless skin in every photo? It’s because, according to In Style, she uses
camera-friendly products, like Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation, which is formulated specifically
for people being photographed. In Style also reported that pigments in an
HD formulation are coated to look more like skin, so makeup is smooth and less detectable
to a camera lens. There are lots of HD products available, including
blush, concealer, powder, shadow and BB cream. And with drugstore brands like “elf” in the
HD game, you can look flawless and still have money to hit the town. Flash those pearly whites What’s a selfie without a million dollar smile? Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of
money to get one like Ciara. According to In Style, she uses an LED teeth-whitening
kit. LED kits work because the light triggers a
chemical reaction in the gel on your teeth to remove stains, and whiten. Kits like the Aura Glow Deluxe Home Teeth
Whitening System are a fast and effective way to smile like a celeb. There are even whitening pens for quick pre-selfie
smile touch-ups. Signature beauty There are countless tools to help you nail
a perfect shot. But whether you find your own signature pose,
discover a filter that makes you look like an off-duty model, or get really good at an
editing app, it’s all about finding what works best for you. With all the different ways to light, edit,
and a take a picture, you’ll always look your best. But perhaps the best celebrity tip? Let the real you shine through, and the camera
will capture your own unique vibe and beauty. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Plus, check out this other cool stuff we know
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  1. I think I'm pretty. But I never smile when I take photos because I'm so insecure with my teeth, can't wait to wear brackets and the cost is $1000, damn wish me luck hahaha

  2. NO WONDER this SOCIETY SUCKS with all those FAKE PEOPLE everywhere on TV! WHENEVER I meet one of them! I always wonder why they are so UGGLY in reality! hahahahahahahaha NOW I KNOW WHY!

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  4. Most ppl think of a good body when they hear the word PRETTY. I think of a real nice face with pretty facial features and all. I really don't care what your body looks like.

  5. Teeth Whitening Kits can be dangerous! Do not use them very often! They bleach your teeth and if used obsessively, they will weaken your teeth and can cause them to fall out.

  6. Answer to the title:
    – Lights
    – decent camera
    – decent looking hair
    – good skin could help, but who needs that when you can use makeup and photoshop, its not like you are cat fishing anyone its you but a better you…

    YAY!!!!!! Now we can all have nice pictures!!! I hope I get an A+ in school.

  7. So much easier to show people how to cheat themselves into the illusion of self esteem, rather than try to teach people to value inner beauty.

  8. "Let the real you shine through" Trust me no one wants/needs to see that travesty that is me without makeup, lights and praying to god between shots.

  9. I use my Ring Light "Diva Ring" from Stellar Lighting Systems & then I use Facetune to correct any blemish, smooth out any harsh eyeshadow, edit away fly aways from my hair & enhance my eyes 🙂

  10. I get that whiter teeth are very attractive but yellow teeth are actually healthier than white teeth. Whitening your teeth is just taking off the many layers that makes your teeth stronger..

  11. I don't like the 21st century. People are more narcissistic now, than ever before. Everyone wants to be loved, but few are prepared to give it.

  12. I did the first selfy in 1980 looking at it now makes me laugh because people thought it was silly back then

  13. The more i stumble on videos like this the more I congratulate myself for raising my daughters right . They are old teenager and young adults now, stunningly beautiful and never bought a single piece of makeup in their life , and couldn't care less about it . They enjoy life, travel the world , have fun with their friends , help elderly people and work at animal rescue centers (both of her parents are vets after all so the apple doesn't fall very far) while also seriously preparing their future in every sense of the term . Make up and fashion is of no interest to them and for some reason has never been , even though i never forbade it , but they just do not see the point and are too busy enjoying life rather than trying to take pictures of themselves or trying to look like the people in the magazine or on social media . They don't even one social media account and just one email address and yet they have an immensely rich ACTUAL (as opposed to online) social life . Same with fashion, they are extremely ecology oriented and refuse to wear anything coming from a polluting industry or of animal origin (they are of course vegan, but everybody is in the family) and took a one year seamstress course and have been making their own clothes from natural or recycled fabrics ever since . the youngest one doesn't even use her smartphone unless she needs to make a call and it only rings if her friends or family or school call.
    It is really hard for me to understand how someone can be as vapid and vacuous as the people on this video .
    I think when you really have a truly exciting and intellectually stimulating life all this stuff based only on vanity , becomes irrelevant .
    I only told her one thing when they grew up which has always been my leitmotiv .
    "there three types of people out there * people who only focus on and talk about themselves, *people who only focus and talk about others, *and people who neither talk about nor focus on themselves or others , but actually do things by being Proactive rather than Reactive .
    Which is why i am very tempted to remove this comment , because i am being reactive to this video now, which makes me immature compared to my own children who don't even have a youtube account .
    Which is why i really don't understand how they turned out to be such great kid. I guess my better half is the one who should take credit for that . .

  14. I swear to god that almost all videos, commercials etc is targeted toward women. What about men? How do men look better in photos?

  15. You can do all that jaz all you want if your ugly (like me🤦🏼‍♀️) more light is not helping. 😭😂

  16. Take Kylie Jenners advice, get so much plastic surgery, if you put a picture of her when she was young and currently now she doesn't even look like the same person.

  17. I just usually take my shitty pictures and use this app that I will not give out since it’s my top secret app, but it has something called the Hollywood filter. Once my snap has gone through the processing, I come out looking so much more photogenic and all it does is add small changes to the picture, nothing drastic but damn does it make all the difference in the world, for me especially since I have very masculine features, I feel this app adds that touch of femininity to my face and it comes out great every time. I only use this on pictures I upload as my iG profile picture and not all my pictures that way I have a classy looking profile pic and nobody can call me out on my fake fuckery. 🙂 I feel so terribly sad for these celebs and all the work they need to have done to their skin in terms of makeup for a picture all while I sit here in my pjs and run my snaps through an app and achieve a celeb look without a dash of makeup on my skin. I will most probably age gracefully because of it.

  18. What's up with lighting, and Instagram filters that doesn't even change your look, and taking different angles so fake? It's a photo not real life. Even if you took a picture without any of this it's gonna look weird and different cause the camera is NOT YOUR EYE. There's even one segment where she says just be natural yet everyone here wants to scream "I'M DIFFERENT THAN SOCIETY I'M NATURAL" gosh grow up

  19. Oeople who place soooo much effort and work into looking good in a photo must be soooo fucking boring…what will you discuss with someone who has lights and makeup artists followin g them everywhere!!!thry are like a pretty gift box witb a turd inside…get a life by enjoying it not spending every second trying to look good in fucking selfies….jeez hate this celebrity selfie superficial world..!

  20. lists a bunch of ways to fake better photos 'let the real you shine through!' over footage of the Jenners Yeah, okay… If you say so…

  21. It's all about looks, hair, beauty, makeup, flawless, selfies, more selfies, more selfies, more selfies, more selfieeeeeeeeesss………..selfiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeees.s……………u ghhhhhhhhhhhh…………………

  22. "Let the real you shine through". Where exactly does that happen if you use makeup, extra lighting, filters and/or photoshop and pose in an unnatural way?

  23. I'm dizzy… I think the next post-selfie generation is around the corner and will probably say "to hell with all this"… Go kids!

  24. These are all such obvious “tips” lmao. Like thanks, I’m sure anyone who is taking selfies and posting them on social media knows what a filter, lighting, and angles are

  25. 1. Perfect lightning (e.g ring light, natural white light)
    2. Editing apps (e.g YouCam, Perfect365, Instagram filters)
    3. Have somebody kneel down and aim upward with the camera
    4. Take several shots and pick your favourite one
    5. Know your best angles and practice shooting photos
    6. Choose the right pose (e.g put purse in front of tummy, criss-cross pose, place your hand on your hip)
    7. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling
    8. The right makeup (e.g camera-friendly products)
    9. Have a beautiful smile (e.g LED teeth whitening kit, whitening pens)
    10. Choose the right filter and let the real you shine through

  26. I dont use any filters nor do i use any ring light. I feel i look flawless just by smiling wide and standing opposite to backlight. Am i the only one here?

  27. The beautiful is beautiful whenever he goes
    Whatever he wears
    In any place he -she will look GREAT
    Self confidence also affects totally the WHOLE photo trust

    Wtf teeth whitening is??? I brush my teeth and I look nice and wash my face
    Guys don't depend on makeup

  28. I seriously feel bad for these “celebs” it must be exhausting being obsessed with how you look and caring so much about what strangers think of you.

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