Picture Animation in Powerpoint (Professional Trick)

Picture Animation in Powerpoint (Professional Trick)

hello friends today we will see how to apply some cool effects to the image and present it effectively so we’ll just go through these effects first and then we’ll see how to do it so this is one of the effect where these pictures will travel in one direction and after sometime it will get reversed ok so first we will see how to do it I have prepared another slide in which I have just inserted some the same pictures you can insert any picture you want so far as what we have to we have to adjust the size so that every picture is off same size will just double click on it and select height as 2.5 the width will get adjusted automatically all the pictures has to be either in landscape mode or portrait mode otherwise the size will differ then we want to align them together so what we’ll do we’ll just for temporary reason temporarily we will include one square ok then we will adjust these images in this square again increase this square a little bit this will look nice ok so now all the pictures are aligned so we’ll just delete this square now we want to add effects will click the first image go to animation custom animation and we’ll select motion path of square ok then what we will do we will adjust this Square length ok so we have to adjust it like it should be alligned to the center of other pictures see this is the center of this picture this is the center of this picture here we need to shift a little bit upward ok now you will keep it with previous keep its speed medium let’s see how it works ok it looks a little bit fast so what do we will make it very slow ok this speed seems good now after this we need to apply the same effect to this one but we will have to select Custom motion path of freeform ok then we will just click on its center then drag it to the center of next picture likewise & to end it here we need to double click they should also should happen with previous and speed should be very slow sorry same effect to this one then the last effect for this picture remember to follow only one direction while drawing the custom path ok then what we need to do we need to remove these smooth start smooth end click on auto reverse so that the path will get reversed automatically now let’s see still the effect is looking a little bit faster so we can customize these speeds can click on the effect go to timing instead of five seconds will select twenty let’s see now this looks a little bit nice than the previous one you can adjust the speed depending upon your dessire but this effect looks nice on little bit slow motion ok, now you will see another effect its transition effect ok so we’ll see this effect now what we need we need will copy these same pictures to another slide we will remove all these effects ok and we need to adjust these pictures just little bit zoom out. Then we can just group them together and we will add effect of fly in from left select slow we can decrease it’s speed again will select let’s say 15 if you want to increase the duration we can again copy this group paste it and again group them together we will also apply some reflections we need to apply it all group ok we’ll select the same group paste it again and we will align it here ok we need to apply the effect again has we had a group it together fly-in with previous from left 15 for this will select the same if it like in but instead of will select it from right let’s see just a minute ok so this is how you can apply this effect to your pictures if you want you can still decrease speed ok we will see third effect ok this is a very nice effect ok so we’ll see how to do it will select this image this effect then adjust it here then we’ll copy paste that image and we will make it black and white ok then you will select the color image and select fade with previous very slow then we can just write anything you want welcome to clolourfull world will select this text and we also select fiade with previous speed very slow let’s see Oh, one minute you need to send it back ok now you will see the fourth effect this is very simple copy these slides only we will remove these effects so we need two pictures one of gray scale & one of colorful then select this color image to go to motion path select up will increase its length by holding the shift key to let say here. Let see So this is not covering a whole slide so we will increase it little bit further let’s see ok you can still increase it little bit margin ok now it is covering whole slide will aplly same effect to this select it’s motion path and we will stretch it up a little bit further we will select with previous let’s see okay if you want to make it slowly can select the slow ok now we will see the last effect this is a opposite of a previous one so what we want we will select these only remove these effects copy paste the coloured image double click select crop we will crop this center flower adjust it’s position will draw one squared to match this cropped image we will make its outline black and select no fill & adjust this square ok we’ll adjust the position of a flower adjust position of this square ok sorry then we will draw the lines increase its width to match the width of a square okay just copy-paste it rotate this one by 90 degrees and increase its length and copy/paste ok now we want this colored image to go backwards first we will adjust its position right click select send to back then we’ll select this grayscale image apply fade with previous slow then will select this square select it as appear after previous and we’ll select this line select fly in from right with previous slow and select this line select fly in and instead of bottom select left and select this line and select direction from bottom it is bottom only with previous slow select this line & select fly in from top let see ok that image is little bit misaligned ok this rectangle we want to appear at last let’s see okay i think speed of the last one huh this is not adjusted that is very fast that’s why it is not getting synchronize ok now we will just see it in full screen mode you can just align that picture again we’ll not do it but you got a feeling of how to apply these effects to your pictures and make it more effective and impress your audience so that’s it my friends if you liked my video do subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to like my videos it will boost my motivation to make such videos in future so thank you guys

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  1. Koun si pic group or ungroup ho skti h maine apni family ki group or ungroup krna ka try but nhe hui please help

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