Picture Imperfect | IFP-8 | 50 hour Film Making Challenge | BITS Goa

It took us a year to make time for a day. We look so happy, don’t we? (On phone) Yes, baby What’s this, dude? Why have you come? Just five minutes No, dude! (On phone) Definitely (On phone) Yes, baby. (on phone) Yes Sir, this Saturday. Yeah sure, do it. (Phone vibrates) (Phone vibrates) Sorry guys! I got late. Was stuck in traffic. Oh really? Which road was it? The one right behind… Uhh..the one near the link road Why are you lying?
I know you are coming from Dhaval’s party. Come on. Why would I lie? (On phone) Your dog’s birthday party? Of course we’ll go! Why not? (Inaudible conversation) Waiter:Excuse me sir, a picture please? And it’s not just about that day… They have always been this way. And in the middle of these things, We got so lost in our own lives. That we didn’t even realise how time flew away. You are crying today too? And you guys are late as usual. (Greetings)

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