Picture Inspiration Swap With Hullo Alice!

Picture Inspiration Swap With Hullo Alice!

Hello guys. How are you doing and welcome
to my channel. I’m Amanda and today we are here with a collab with Hullo Alice.
YAY! How cool is that!? Alice and I have been
talking for over a year now, I think. I drew her at one point and the drawing
was ridiculous. I’m gonna redraw her and make her look better because honestly it
was just – it was just a shambles but anyway. She followed me and I was
secretly fangirling not gonna lie. She’s awesome but she’s an awesome
person regardless of how many YouTube followers she has and how many
subscribers and all that stuff. She’s awesome. She’s an amazing person. She’s
really helpful. She’s really caring and she’s just awesome. So if you don’t know
who she is, which, what you doing? Go and follow her make sure that you show her
some love, tell her that I came, give her some hugs and yeah just follow her. She’s
awesome. Anyway, I came up with this idea that I wanted to swap inspiration
photos with another artist, from a different place in the world. It doesn’t
really have to be a different place in the world. They could have lived
down the street and still did it with me because they would have had a
different idea of where to go to take inspiration photos but I wanted to do it
with somebody far across the land. I decided to pick Alice because I know
that she likes to go hiking and stuff and she likes to get out there so um
yeah. Alice is awesome and then I can introduce the idea to Wren but that’s a
different story and but yeah. I was really excited to see
what she would come up with. She was really nervous but she sent me some
pictures and these are the pictures that I went off of from that and I sent her
some pictures. If you want to see what I sent her. I’m sure she’ll show them or
she’ll show you the pictures or whatever. I don’t know if she will but she doesn’t
then I don’t know. I’ll do something oh just comment and I’ll be like
okay, they’re here but these are the pictures. So she sent me a lot of
pictures of this building she said there was an Art Center, which is really cool I
don’t think that we have one. We probably have, she said we probably have that I
just don’t know about and that was really cool but I decided to make it
Hullo Alice themed. Well not really Hullo Alice themed but more towards the
fact that I’ve just put her name on it. I could’ve did my
so they would act as a signature but I decided to do her name just as a nod to
her, to say thank you for doing this kind of collab with me The colour scheme, I
did take directly from the photos. I didn’t colour pick them obviously because
I wasn’t doing it digitally. I was doing it traditionally. I just decided to do
it as close to that as possible. I have done it so many sketches and so
many different renditions of this that I haven’t showed you but it was really
hard to come up with an idea that was simple but also detailed because she
sent me a lot and I’m sorry, Alice I didn’t include the train. I couldn’t fit
it anywhere. I don’t know I could have did some creative thing to fit it
somewhere but I just didn’t. Her pictures along with the fact that I’ve
been watching Minnie Small a lot and she’s been doing a lot of mini, tiny,
little houses. I kind of wanted to do something in that
style but I just don’t know how to paint or draw small so I did it a little bit
bigger I really like the way that came out obviously I did it a little bit
straight and it’s not that interesting but hey, I never draw buildings so it was
really, really, really, really fun to do I put a little fire hydrant in there
and then on the other side I decided to – I was gonna put a bush or like
crawling ivy or something up there at that side but I decided to do it more
as if somebody’s graffiti on the actual place. Did some art, street art on
the actual building because it’s an art centre so obviously maybe planning
permission, you are allowed to just draw on it and somebody decided to actually
paint leaves on the building and I thought that was a cool concept so then
that meant that I could do any design I wanted because the leaves that she sent
me in one of the pictures were a certain shape and it just wouldn’t have worked with
the whole spirally thing so I decided to do that instead. I’ve been talking
really fast When I get really excited about stuff I just talk and talk
and talk and talk and it’s really hard for people to understand me. At least
I’m not talking to Scottish, right? Am I? I don’t know. I had so much
fun doing this the colour scheme is fun. I think I changed a little bit. It
depends because I don’t know if I’m gonna do this yet or not but the part
of the building was orange and I looked at it and I thought it was yellow for
some reason so the first painting that I did I scrapped because it was rubbish and I
started doing it yellow but then I looked it again and I was like well
that’s orange. I kinda like the yellow combination so I don’t know. It depends
what I decide to do. I like the way that came out. I’m really happy that
could make an illustration all of like all of the pictures that she sent
me, apart from the train! I’m sorry the train – We have a train like that in a
Country Park as well um and I was gonna put it in a window but it just would
have been too tiny and not really – it just wouldn’t have worked and it
wouldn’t have worked in the illustrations so yeah I’m sure I could have introduced
it somehow, if I was smart and if I was a good artist but I didn’t. I can’t
wait to see what Alice’s done with my pictures, actually disclaimer. I picked one or two pictures – I did take some of the pictures but a couple of
pictures my dad took while I was with him so cheating a little bit sorry. I know
but I couldn’t get out. I could go I just didn’t want to go out. I took a lot of
pictures for her to do but anyway yeah That’s exciting. I didn’t expect Alice to integrate all of the pictures that I
sent her because I sent her buildings but I also sent our nature stuff so I
wasn’t thinking about including all the pictures either. I was just going to take
inspiration from one or two of the pictures maybe the colours or something
like I did with the Wren video but I decided to try and be a little bit more
creative and combine them all. I don’t know if
that was a bad idea or not but I like the way that my illustration came out.
It’s nice. Although cheating again I haven’t actually
done it yet. this is as far as I have got. I’ve already painted it a
different version of this, except the paint, the leaves were there was
leaves and flowers here and I decided to take those out so I have, I know roughly
how it’s gonna look when I finished it and I want to do a little bit more to
this than they usually do. Usually I stopped at very small amounts of layers
which I really like in simple illustrations but if I want to put more
detail towards it. Let’s see I’ve got an easel by the way. I don’t know
what I’m gonna use it for but there you go you can see it. I think that
I should probably end this video here now and not get too excited. I am excited
though Thank you so much for watching please
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  1. That looks so nice and neat, so pretty! I'm glad you did a collab, it looks like I am going to enjoy snooping through your videos :). (And your accent is cute, lol.)

  2. hey guys! thanks for coming to check out this collab it was so fun to do and I absolutely LOVE Alice! feel free to nosey around on this channel and subscribe if you want. I have a lot of cool things coming up in the near future! I pride myself on sharing real, honest things with you about art! I'm super excited and I hope you are too, see you around ! – Amanda ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. cute video I would have liked to have seen the finished picture at the end of the video I can not see how it turned out and my imagination is not as good as perhaps your is? Thanks for the collab and keep posting!

  4. awww, amanda, this is adorable! i love it and now i really want to do something with watercolor.. i haven't had another opportunity to use my travel kit yet! SOOOOB.

  5. Omg I just found your channel and Iโ€™m sooo glad I did! Your videos are AMAZING and so is your art! You deserve so many more subscribers! Ps you absolutely nailed that building! Lyl ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž

  6. This is such a cool idea! Loved both of your pieces ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that you changed the lettering to spell out Hullo Alice haha.

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