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  1. gol67 – you have propably PMB from cyber-shot or handycam. VAIO notebooks has preinstalled own VAIO Edition which is highlighted in this video.

  2. Is this the disc that comes with your camera/camcorder? Because I've been trying to edit my videos with this and combing numerous clips into one video, but no luck. Any tips?

    so i recently bought a sony cx150 handyman camcorder. Problem, I can't upload my videos in HD after I convert them. I have to convert them so they're compatible with windows movie maker. Will this program work with videos?

  4. hi everybody i just installed PMB and every thing was fine until today when i had my videops disapeared from the principal page of PMB ; the videos are in my Hard disc but not in the PMB page as it was , so please help me !
    if someone know what is the probleme you can answer me ; thank you !

  5. i have formated my system with windows 8, and again downloaded pmb vaio edition but it is not having vaio creation. i.e. vaio movie creation… How to fix it.?? i want to use vaio movie creation.

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