Picture of Everything? — DONG

Picture of Everything? — DONG

This website lets you create a custom
message that takes up the entire page. You can then share the custom URL with
friends to say something loudly bigly, but for more things you can do online now, guys, this is DONG.
The Sound Walk is like Guitar Hero meets a
side-scrolling platform meets darkness. You have to press the
right keys to the beat of the music to overcome obstacles. URL shorteners are useful, but I prefer URL elongators, like this one. Enter a
short, easy to remember URL and convert it into something awesome like this.
TheHumanSuitcase recommended Test Pilot, an excellent game where you
have to design your vehicle, its propulsion and even its controls.
Now, every time your puny little craft fails,
be sure to tab on over to the Sad Trombone, where with 1-click you can feel like a loser. If you prefer
Christopher Walken’s favorite noise, use MoreCowbell.dj to have cowbells
automatically added to any MP3 you upload. Now, I have yet to be totally
impressed by it, but I believe in what stands for. Dragonborn3 calmed me down
with Procatinator.com. Endless giant loops of cats with fun music. And Superbanito sent me
a colour matching game, where you have to find the right color
and eventually move onto tasks like locating complementary colours.
In Gravity Duck you have to switch gravity’s direction to stay safe. And doing poses like these allow album
artwork to extend in the real life, you can check them out at SleeveFace.com. Symon is an eery point-and-clicking, where you
explore your own dreams and try to understand their
“doesn’t quite make sense” logic. And if you prefer everything,
Howard Hallis has drawn it. Jensmalm showed me a
210 square foot picture of everything. It took years to draw and contains
thousands of characters, celebrities, memes. It’s got every single Pokemon and,
although Howard doesn’t want to be famous for this reason, because he drew Waldo into it, it has become the largest “Where’s Waldo?” image ever made by a man. Oh and here is something.
MoanMyIP displays your device’s Internet Protocol address while girls sensually moan it. Now, if you want weird stuff, Overthemoon206 sent me this playlist of ilogically awesome comedy and art. It’s not scientific
or educational or anything, but it contains a lot of cool channel 101 stuff and more. And finally, Kevin showed me
OverAnalyzers yesterday, which I promptly watched all of. A bunch of brilliant researchers sent around
trying to figure out things like, “where did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
get the money they used to buy pizza?” or
“how could Batman and Robin have gotten dressed while sliding down a fireman’s pole?”
Well, I’ve got a playlist of their episodes in the description, where links to everything can be found. And as always, thanks for watching. One more thing. If you’re tired of your
boring, simple email address, why not go to this site?
For free, you can set up a new email address with
what is most likely the longest possible address?
For instance, I made this one. Seriously.
[email protected] abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv wxyzabcdefghijk dot com.

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  1. 0:50 I discovered this game a few weeks ago and I've been looking for it everywhere! Can VSauce read minds? 😛

  2. Vsause you need to show how the United States Economey is at its all time low!!!. By 2020 We will be over 21 trillion $$$ in debt. And thats with 12, 0's at the end. Please anounce this comment. – JailBox 😉

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3163533/We-ve-got-Taylor-Swift-rest-UNIVERSE-listening-Map-reveals-long-takes-radio-waves-travel-space-distant-stars-just-tuning-40s-jazz.html

    This one is cool, you can try it 😀

  4. Any one know the name of the song that starts at 01:44? I have been looking for AGES and still cant find it 🙁

  5. If anyone decides to use the magic filter on the giant message, I'm putting an epilepsy warning here… Flashing colors everywhere

  6. HELLO, I am a graduating high school student fundraising for my post secondary! Please check this out! Means the world to me! Thank you

  7. I actually played Gravity Duck a long time ago and every time I would play a level that I already finished my progress would reset 🙄

  8. I work at an IT startup, and shared http://www.moanmyip.com in one of our public chit-chat channels, got a request from HR to remove it as that link is offensive… 😀

  9. http://www.longurlmaker.com/go?id=Smallr30expandedBeam.todrawn%2Bout8talllengthyURLviMetamarkrangy17stretching18URLHawkfUrlTeastretched015h30x11expanded094gangling9ccB65011lq20URLcut1distantlongishStartURL18tall1spun%2Bout5FwdURLURLPierunning1a18069q0TightURLRedirx5j392344rangyremote91b1lengthened1dy6aspun%2Bout5q8r0110260949e800mFwdURLpb8yfar%2Boffl12x01SimURLu301URL4048c8UrlTea5s98prolonged3SnipURL10cstretch4bShortenURL30x940c45d2607towering0r1eA2Nlengthenedfar%2Boff0lengthy0ia0TinyLinkFly2ShortURLc479UlimitWapURLShredURLa301URL10ed1Metamark0YepIt11409stringy2lingeringpgangling070lengthened3stretchedstretchtowering2Smallr014enlarged1lankyEzURLb00running0cpvprolongedgfar%2Breaching3G8L4drawn%2BoutbprotractedTightURL1ShortURLelongateenduring5flingeringdrawn%2Boutprolongeddstringy7StartURLstretch5323URLHawk6821902b4120011greatrfarawayfar%2Boffv1lengthenedifar%2Breachingt1enlarged350rangyShortURLlongish0d031lingeringktallShortlinks0GetShortydeepfar%2Breaching2deep6w1URLvi1u7URl.ieGetShortyURLcutlnk.inprolonged7gfaraway303e1181eSimURL7i5rangyb40gl3ShredURLURLPieURl.ie80fShortURLloftyr334syd1145355WapURLw00B6558Ne105elongate5Dwarfurl10agreat10FhURLGetShorty421spun%2Boutds80q5protractedURl.ie739URLHawkf95z415fSmallrURl.ieelongatek849ShoterLinkmMetamark9stretchingNe1q9bgreatlongishFhURLi051spun%2Bout48remote0U76greatbhbrangy0ospread%2Bout0019extensivedistantstretch00spread%2BoutTinyLinkjf19e5ShoterLink3expandedlingering3rEasyURL1stretched0022a02CanURL18751299492celongateSnipURL16y6r7sdeepoutstretched20453d48e1eaURLviShim9stringy642ab86runningrunning804expandedfdrawn%2Bout0ff3m1Metamarkd233411B657Metamark0TinyURL0lastingSitelutions4js000URLPieMinilien01enduringsn00URLcutcEasyURLDwarfurl310remoteXil3010175aGetShorty163Fly2CanURLShortenURL1stringy6TinyURLgangling3h1nfar%2Boff2TinyURL36expanded1lankyMyURL0StartURLf0outstretched1341spread%2BoutohjMooURL40pNutshellURLd69NanoRefzstretchlongishelongategangling3slongishq19URLCutterd92stretchcontinuedkShrinkrUrlTeaNanoRefURLHawk3RedirxUlimitdeepelongatedaTinyLinkelongatedFhURLlnk.in74691DigBigc5acontinuedlanky01mspread%2Bout7elongatedSimURLglengthy8f

  10. Wtf I’m on a bus watching this quietly because I forgot my EarPods then that girl moaned really loud and and everyone looked at me

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