Picture Perfect Day

Picture Perfect Day

hi need help on during your makeup for pictures no worries because I’m here to help before anything apply lip balm on your lips to get them nice and moisturized let’s move on to sunscreen to avoid that white cast look you know when your face is white in the rest of your body is normal tone you want to use a chemical sunscreen instead of a physical sunscreen basically avoid using a sunscreen with titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide select a photo friendly foundation basically a foundation with low SPF anything below SPF 20 should be fine because again it won’t leave your face with that white cast as you guys can see I have a little bit of redness going on in my skin so I’m gonna use this mint green cover stick from Maybelline what it’s gonna do is that it’s gonna neutralize the redness on my skin I know it’s a little weird kind of like I’m turning myself into the Wicked Witch of the West but as you guys know green and red are complementary colors they neutralize each other out so that when you apply foundation or concealer on top of the mint green color you won’t see any redness I did great and as you guys can see my skin looks even to combat zombie eyes just dab a little bit of concealer around your eye area with your ring finger maybe we shall try and sleep a little more if you don’t want zombie eyes for the face I’m gonna use a matte powder to set my makeups I’m gonna start around my under-eye area and then move towards the rest of my face now darling I know it saved me though we don’t know using a white or nude matte eyeshadow load it on your finger and make a stroke on the bridge of your nose then blend away sometimes shimmer can make your face look like it’s a little oily we want to try and keep your entire makeup as matte as possible all right now it’s time for eyeshadows I’m gonna stick with the good ole foolproof neutral eyeshadow palette you first want to use the nude color as your base color apply it on your lids with a brush or clean finger me next step use a matte taupe color as a contour shade and then blend away taupe is a wonderful color to use if you want to contour your eyes without making it look too heavy what is happening I never thought that you would be the one now take a white eyeshadow or pencil and highlight the inner corners of your eyes this will open up your eyes more you know photograph beautifully take a black eyeshadow and line your eyes keep the line as soft as possible and if you want add lower lashes to create an illusion of bigger eyes so now we can layer a liquid liner on top of the soft eyeliner that you just made keep the line as thin as possible with the eyeliner done you can now curl your lashes and get them nice and perky for mascara add as many coats of mascara as you need personally I need extra help so I’m gonna use fake lashes to add more drama to my eyes fine fake lashes that go with your eye shape thumbs up if you guys would like me to do a video on finding the right fake lashes for your eyes the thing about love is never saw it cause we’re almost done with the eyes all you have to do is just fill in your brows I decided for this look I wanted my brows to look fuller I find that when I have fuller brows I tend to look more youthful and sweet is this true I wanna hear it and don’t forget to use brow gel this will keep the stray hairs in place just a little owner I kind of like to do a little picture test around this time just to see how I’m doing and I decided to Instagram this too I noticed from the photo that my nose lacked a little bit of definition so I decided to contour it by shading the sides of my nose with a matte bronzer or taupe eyeshadow perfect and now it’s time for blush and bronzer contour your cheeks and add extra color to them because in flash photography it can sometimes remove 20% of color and intensity from your makeup usually when I’m doing makeup for flash photography I like to use a heavier hand for the lips I decided to line my lips for a fuller looking smile yes we’re almost done just finish off with the lip color of your choice I decided to mix up my own color a nude pink shade and now that my face is done I’m going to finish off this look with the hair braid one side of your hair like this any braid will do for me since I’m a little lazy I’m just gonna stick with the traditional braid and when you’re done braiding just tuck it in the back and take a bobby pin and pin it in place that’s it I know super easy right here are some extra tips if your eyes get red before the photo shoot use eye drops this will make your eyes appear brighter ah refreshing oil blotting sheets are a must before you take that photo blot any excess oil instead of powdering your face you don’t want to over mattify your face or else your face will lack definition for me I like to stay away from dangling earrings because it can shorten the length of my neck small earrings like these are cute and will always be in fashion mmm what to wear since most likely you’ll be photographed from the waist up focus more around this area maybe you can try and find a pretty neckline or play around with fun colors and if you’re wearing glasses make sure they’re non reflective and there’s nothing wrong with keeping it casual intricate necklines are great if you want a bold look and if you want more focus on your lower neck area where a scoop neckline with fun patterns this will open up your neckline or maybe you can scarf it up scarves are so fun to wear perhaps you’re feeling a little edgy don’t be afraid of spikes hopefully you won’t get in trouble for wearing this because it could actually hurt someone and I’ll also be doing a DIY video and how to spike up your jacket the next video will be about posing for the camera and finding your best angle stay tuned and I hope this video was really helpful good luck everyone and have a fun picture day music by Mari Digby and if you can please subscribe you

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  1. Last year I put some blush on my cheek and I look like I have a bruise on my face… Not a good idea….😂😂😂

  2. Her plan B if she ever can't do YouTube should really be a schoolteacher. Well put, to the point, and easy to understand.

  3. For my school pictures they told me that I couldn't smile like I normally do because it looks unnatural.

    I looked like I was dying inside.

  4. Who else is still waiting for that video on how to spike up their jacket?? 😆😆😆 For real though, I remember being so excited for it lol

  5. Nice Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched – Riddleagan Made Masterpiece Remedy (probably on Google)? It is a great one off guide for learning professional photo editing without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cooworker got excellent results with it.

  6. eeek pic day tmr:/ still haven’t picked out a nice shirt (tbh only have t-shirts from cheer+gymnastics) and im Breslin out 😭 buh happens every year so what’s new lol

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