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  1. I remember watching this video a very long time ago and i fell in love with them thanks to this video😍❤ you guys rock

  2. I cant get enough of these guys I am listening to them constantly – so looking forward to hearing them live in Leeds this month !
    Brilliant !

  3. These lads are good but their way overrated by being called Ireland's best act in years…ever hear of a little band called The Script?

  4. تـٌـٌٌـآبـٌـٌٌـٌٌٌـٌٌـٌعٌـِـِِـِـوُنـِِـِـي

  5. Favorite band seen them several times and looking forward to seeing them in November 😎 i prefer the old video and audio for this song though

  6. Did u lads film this at home? Bc the start looks like a place ik. Btw i live near where ur from so thats probably why

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