Picture This: Taylor Swift, Fox News

Picture This: Taylor Swift, Fox News

-Let’s take a look at this
first example. Barack Obama and President Trump both wrote the caption, “Power Couple.”
-Hmm. -Let’s see the pictures
they posted. Obama posted a photo of… him and Michelle. [ Cheers and applause ] Trump posted a picture of… a combination
Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. -Wow.
[ Laughter ] -It is powerful.
-That is a powerful couple. -This next one is a caption
from Target and Walmart. They both wrote, “Don’t forget to have this on when you visit our store.” Target posted a picture of
their rewards card. Walmart posted a picture
of…pants. -Oh!
[ Laughter ] -Make sure —
-Very handy. -Make sure you wear them.
-You want pants on. -You always forget.
-Unless they’re half off. -Here’s one — [ Laughter ] Here’s one from Kim Kardashian
and Mike Pence. They both wrote, “Can’t wait to move in soon.” Kim posted a picture of
her ranch in Wyoming. Pence posted a picture of
the Oval Office. -Oh! Yeah.
[ Laughter and applause ] Never know.
-Moving on, here’s one from Kay Jewelers
and Staples. They both wrote, “It’s worth spending
a month’s salary on this.” Kay Jewelers posted a picture
of an engagement ring. Staples posted a picture of
a printer ink cartridge. -Wow. A single —
-$200? -I’ll just buy a new printer.
-I know, exactly. Here’s a caption from
Selena Gomez and Mall of America. They both wrote, “it’s been abandoned
for years now.” -Ooh.
-Selena posted a picture of a spooky haunted house. Mall of America posted
a picture of a spookier Forever 21.
-Wow. [ Laughter and applause ]
-Right. That’s scary. -Here’s one from Joaquin Phoenix
and Eric Trump. They both wrote,
“This is my best work in years and the highlight
of my career.” Joaquin posted a picture
of the Joker. Eric posted a picture of a
finger painting of a pumpkin. -Wow.
[ Laughter and applause ] -He’s getting better. -Yeah, he’s getting better
at it. -Here’s the last one here.
Here, Taylor Swift and Fox News both wrote,
“You need to calm down.” Taylor posted a picture
of her music video. Fox News posted a picture
of Rudy Giuliani. -Oh.
-That’s all the time we have for “Picture This.”

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  1. If only she didn't ignorantly run her mouth about politics…Her hypocrisy should astound me but when you're in that party everything you believe is always 100% right and should never be questioned.

  2. I picture happier unions than Swift and Faux: like Christopher Titus and Sam Bee. Too old to offer current musical matches, though…but please don't put Taylor with Fox!

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