“Picture Wheel” Sci-Fi Short Film – DUST Exclusive Premiere

“Picture Wheel” Sci-Fi Short Film – DUST Exclusive Premiere

(truck beeps) (water rushes) (hair dryer hums) (car door squeaks) (car door thumps) (ominous music) – Hey, hey, excuse me,
spare a, come on, man. (clears throat) How ’bout you?
– You’ve lost your mind. – Come on, man, yo, how ’bout you, buddy? – Get a job.
– Hey, hey, hey, hey. This the day you’re gonna give? What about it, buddy, come on. – Get a job. – Man, I got a job.
(elevator dings) (man coughs)
(smooth jazz music) (people grunt)
(smooth jazz music) (elevator dings) – Room for one more?
– No. – [Woman] Great, thanks. (smooth jazz music) Hi, Elliot, how are you?
– She’s lost her mind. – Terrible. I feel like an animal, a dumb animal. Like a pig in a pin. Other pigs are much smarter than me. Every day, I mindlessly make this journey through my rat maze hoping
to find a little piece of consolation, just a
morsel of consolation. But I find nothing. And I go home, alone,
again with this black hole where my heart used to be. And the next day, I get
up and I do it again. I know there’s something
really wrong with me. I can’t think, and I feel
like there’s a metal band around my head!
(smooth jazz music) Did I say that out aloud?
– No. – No.
– Yeah, you did. It’s okay.
(smooth jazz music) – No, I was just joking. (smooth jazz music) (people laugh)
(smooth jazz music) (elevator dings) (phone rings) (gears click)
(phone rings) – Hey!
(desk rattles) (desk drawer rattles)
What are you working on? – The account (clears
throat), the account. Account.
– The account account? – Yeah, the John Count account. – [Woman] Oh, I don’t know it. – You remind me of someone. – [Woman] (laughs) Is that a good thing? (phones ring) Do you know of a good place for lunch? – Hm? – Lunch. (phones ring) – Yeah, there’s a sandwich
shop around the corner. – [Woman] Oh. – Good sandwiches, but they
make my stomach feel bad. – [Woman] Oh, that sucks. Why don’t you try something new? Something different? – Because I know this place, they know me. Other places don’t know me, they might not know what I like,
other places might not like to make what I like how I like it. I mean, they might not meet food safety regulation standards. Other places might give me a belly ache. I could get food poisoning. I could choke on a foreign object and die. (printer beeps) I mean, it’s ’cause, I was just joking. (woman laughs) – You’re funny. (phones ring) – Let me know how it goes.
(phones ring) – Okay.
(ominous music) (lighter clicks)
(ominous music) (fire roars)
(phones ring) (cart rattles) – Aye. ‘Bout time you gave.
(cart rattles) You need to give me something. – I don’t wanna give you anything. How about you give me something? – I’m gonna give you something. – Yeah, yeah, what are you gonna give me? – How ’bout this? – What? – I’ll give you $20 to
take my cart for a spin. – You want me to take
your cart for a spin? – Yeah, you take my cart for a walk. – You wanna pay me $20 to take your cart for a spin?
– What, are you gonna stand there and copy everything I say? I haven’t got all night. (ominous music)
(muffled screams) (Elliot grunts)
You want me to take that? (Elliot grunts)
(Elliot winces) Is there something else you wanna give me? (ominous music) And that. So I owe you $20, there’s a $40 disposal fee, so you owe me $20. (ominous music) Let it go. I mean, it’s time to let go. (soft, bright music) (cart rattles)
– Thank you. – Just doing my job.
(soft, bright music) – Hey, Elliot. You’re here late. – Do I know you?
(woman laughs) – You’re weird.
– Yeah, I know. You’re beautiful. – Is that another one of your jokes? – No. Do we work together? – Mhm. – Have you had dinner, I mean,
would you like to have dinner with me? – Yes. (woman laughs)
(soft, bright music) (upbeat music) ♪ As I stare into space ♪ (ominous music) – [Narrator] Watch Dust. Like this video. Subscribe for new visions
of the future every week. It is the business of the
future to be dangerous. Your future is Dust.

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  1. Great metaphor for life. The bad memories we keep….. more than the good times. Walking around depressed….. living in the past.

  2. I thought that by realizing that he's creating a new picture wheel (of memories), he'd ultimately decline to go out with the new girl..but that'd be idealistic I suppose. We all are driven by our base instincts and want to be happy at all costs in the present moment.

  3. Brilliant short movie with a deeper meaning.
    As an audience we can all relate to the "emotional shackle" that hangs over us like a dark cloud fogging our senses, thoughts and feelings. As well as making new memories and moving-on from the past that holds us back; feeding our anxiety and paranoia.

    Great piece of work and love how it was depicted, bringing a metaphor to life – a visual representation of the human psyche.

  4. For those who'd like to hear the song that goes with the end credits, you can view the film in full, unadulterated by Dust, here:
    The end song begins just after the 12 minute mark.
    I would encourage Dust to rethink their policy that allows them to dub their own channel promo over the endings of the films they showcase here. Unless there's no sound at all during the credits (as was the case with a more recent film), this practice is terribly disrespectful of both the film makers and the audience.

  5. "Just doing his job"…. helping people feel more.. to get out of their "facebook" memories.. their drudgery.. to actually feel human.. feel pain. happiness..

  6. I like this one. So from my perspective, haunted by our bad memories we can't see anything but them and the guy with the cart is "time" we still have to pay to get rid of our metal wheel then we build new ones, first happy picture in our memory wheel?
    It could be something totally different though. Lol

  7. Ah, the sigh of "letting go" of pictures in one's mind, emotional memories done and seen only to breathe afresh of more things yet touched upon, or are they private, only the beholder to be seen. Tis the normalcy of bespoke treasures, memories of the sockdolager file, it riles them to believe that yee perceive the web they weave, so keep on feeling free… just sayin.

  8. That was really deep but in a strange way. I am glad I managed to get rid of many pictures from my wheel, but still have a few remaining.

  9. I'm willing to believe that the composer to the ending music didn't intentionally rip off Tom Waits' Rain Dogs… but… they totally ripped off Tom Waits' Rain Dogs. (link: https://youtu.be/qTlkVTwMLFs?t=27s )

  10. Once again he seeks to persuade me with wisdom of this age. Once again I smile at his feeble attempt and wonder at the One who kept me safely these seven years come September. Only this One knows what shall be around the corner. Only this One knows. But he reminded me two days ago, "Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward." Under the sun, this wisdom is as good as it gets. But I will know if man can walk on water. I love you, Rachel. See you soon!

  11. Great idea. I like how you pretty quickly normalised the picture wheels. I wasn't sure why he could see the big, bearded guy's turmoil near the start by just walking past him whereas he had to touch the cart at the end to see his own…

  12. Love everyone but don't attach yourself with ur loved 1s. In this way only we can correctly love, without associated.

  13. wearing a few arbitrary polaroids is ridiculous makes zero sense and therefore the whole premise cant be taken seriously in the first place.

  14. When i read the description i thought it would be some high tech thing or projected in their mind, not just a ring with some polaroids attached to springs 🙂 Just choose some other polaroids if you want to forget that image (havn't watched past the opening scene yet) or take the whole thing off?

  15. I liked it up till the end when they started over. If you love, and truly love, u get caught up in the NOW, not the past! "Become totally empty. Let your heart be at peace. Amidst the rush of worldly comings and goings. Observe how endings become beginnings. Things flourish each by each only to return to the source. To what is, and what is to be…"

  16. This short not only entertained me, but looked right into my brain and exposed my own Picture Wheels. Those damned things have been ruining my life for over 20 years. What an amazing film!

  17. David, thanks. I have it never seen from this point. I'll throw some of my pictures. DUST, again, a good choice.

  18. I don’t understand… why after all that, finally removing the metal band holding people back… were metal bands added again at the start of this new relationship?!?!?!?

  19. the writers did a brilliant of using this idea as a metaphor for people who let the misfortune of their past weigh them down and keep them from moving forward, but even better was the salvation from those memories that came from a source you would least expect (homeless guy … Angels are everywhere). it didn't escape my notice that if you take a deep breath and take a good look around you will notice that there is a new beginning (co-worker) waiting for you … lovely job guys, well done … thanks for the upload

  20. Absolutely brilliant. It is hard-sometimes impossible-to let memories go. It's not just about holding on to negative memories, sometimes holding onto good memories are just as bad for you, if not worse. One day I'll share my story and hopefully someone will benefit from it, but until then don't let your memories(bad or good) prevent you from experiencing the life you deserve. You only have so much time.

  21. David the scene where Elliott gave over his wheel brought tears to my eyes. I really connected with story and wanted to thank you for bringing it to life. It was amazing and beautiful…if only it were that easy😞

  22. Anyone else feel like they swallowed a grapefruit. Dam the time we give people that shouldn’t even matter anymore, or that will never come back, it is a shame. I will not be pathetic anymore, Tamara I wish you a wonderful life, but it’s time I let you go, I need to live my best life and it doesn’t include you.

  23. This is definitely one of my favourites because I can relate to it. I really wish that my parents instead of still wearing it to this day they had taken it off after their separation that happened 10 years ago. Yeah I know even after 10 fkn years they still go on about it and at war with each other. Since then I’ve been dragged into their past and bad memories which has caused me to live with all their fights, arguments, what happened what didn’t happen and a awful lot of bad and sad memories. That is why it’s effected my future and my progress in life. If only my mind and thinking was spent on to moving on and my future, leaving the past in the actual past and behind, I would be in a completely different situation.

  24. Awesome ending. Just as I was thinking, "Ok this one is teaching me to let go of my baggage" , they both get new head bands. OMG, please save me from my self.

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