Pinnacle Studio 16 & 17 Ultimate – Picture in Picture / PIP Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio 16 & 17 Ultimate – Picture in Picture / PIP Tutorial

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  1. Wow this was a very detailed an amazing video it showed me everything i needed to know for the PIP effect. Thanks so much i will definitely be using this in class. 

  2. Hello!!! Thanks sooo much for your amazing tutorial videos. I have a question though, do you know how to make two different video clips play in the screen at the same time, but like this person did Ariel from the little mermaid appear in a video clip of Peter Pan using Pinnacle Studio 16??? Thanks a lot. This is how the video looks like Ariel & Peter Pan – Young and Beautiful

  3. Is there a way to save an effect preset so I can apply it in one click to anything that I want instead of manually changing the settings every time?

  4. Hey friend I like your tutorials can u explain me how to make a full screen video because when I put it on you tube the screen is smaller please help me

  5. Tank u sooo muuchhh…you are the big masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!..tank uuuuuu…..
    ….tank (((((( uuuuuu,:):))))))))

  6. My screen is black everywhere but the video! Nothing happens. It doesn't work when I choose media and tracks below either!

  7. @PinnacleStudioPro I was wondering How do you increase a images MB size on pinnacle studio 17?  I'm trying to upload pictures to Alamy and they require a uncompressed minimum of 17mb. 
    Can you please help?

  8. Your videos are so helpful. There is no way I could navigate Pinnacle without your help. Once you see a tutorial then Pinnacle is a very good tool. Who has time to fiddle with unknown buttons. Your videos save me time in learning.Plus you keep it interesting with you antics. Thanks

  9. Hey Maliek (I figured we're on a first name basis by now!).  Can you roll the PIP's onto the screen like we do the titles and comments?  I see that PIP and that kind of transition in are both in the Emphasis section, and I can't figure out another way.

  10. I am using PIP in Pinnacle 16 to run 4 video clips in the background and I want to change them to black and white to make the front video and text pop a little more.  Problem:  Using Effects Editor – Color – StudioBW and changing the setting amount to 100.  The video turns B&W while in FX Editor but once I return to my timeline and the clip renders, the clip returns to its normal color.  What's the issue?  Thanks

  11. I have Pinnacle Studio 16 and it seems to be missing some features.  When doing PiP the only buttons at the bottom right are the star looking button and the full screen button.  The option to see the background video is not is not available.  Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks.

  12. This was really helpful!  For my video I was doing green screen effects with two different subjects and needed a way to position and scale them. PIP worked perfectly and this video was just what I needed to get me going in the right direction.  Thank you!

  13. Hi @PinnacleStudioPro ! I'm using Studio Ultimate 18. When I try to use the PiP the video behind the edited clip is just black. The Video behind it will not show up. How can I fix this?

  14. Great job sir! Helped out a bunch and your stuff is amazing. Keep'em coming and I appreciate the time you put into the work.

  15. so it wasnt showing the solo button at the bottom, i am using Pinnacle Studio 16 but its not there. where else do i find it?

  16. I feel like you should be able to apply the same PIP effects to all items in a track- I'm making a video that is a 45 minute screencast, and I'm putting pictures in the video for the entire duration, back to back. Do I really have to do this process for each and every picture? I could save probably an hour if I could just insert the pictures, and then do this once… Am I missing something? I'm using Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate.

  17. Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful. I saw that in many of your videos you are using the red arrow to point to certain points of discussion. In previous inquiries about the source of this red arrow you indicated that you are using Camtasia to generate this red arrow. I was looking for a long time to find addons or plugins for Pinnacle that will enable me to insert such an arrow (or other similar sketch motion callouts) while editing a video (the same as you do using Camtasia) but could find nothing. I found many such addons for Final Cut Pro X but nothing for Pinnacle. Can you help? I am using Pinnacle 17 Ultimate.
    Thanks a bunch,

  18. I've been using and thoroughly enjoying all your tutorials; they're informative and entertaining at the same time. Kudos and many thanks!

  19. Thanks for the tutorial, worked perfectly. Is there a way to zoom into the PIP? e.g. as a transition you could end with the zoom into the PIP being full screen for the next scene? I am using v19 ultimate. Thanks.

  20. i put together photos and want to make a disc and can't because they say i have to reconnect to some photos deleted…..what do i do?

  21. Thanks allot man I was trying to figure out how to make characters smaller inside a greenscreen and that sorts the problem out cheers

  22. I have Pinnacle 14 and it has the option "copy all effects/past all effects", Pinnacle 19 has not it ?? Obviously, it is better Pinnacle 19! 😉

  23. Nice tutorial. Studio PIP is one of 5 picture in picture effects in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16. All can do a basis PIP but they have different advanced options. I like to use the 2D editor Advanced, because I don't have to adjust the height and width separately as with Studio PIP. It also allows rotation. I have a detailed comparison of the effects here: — with a table listing their options.

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  25. You rock, man! You are by far the best instructor on this… wish there were more tutorials for 16. Thanks!!

  26. it seems to downgrade the quality if the picture Im ading to the main shot. Is there a way I can solve that? It wasn't doing that on the iOS app.

  27. awesome video!!! quick question though if you can help please, I did everything there but the audio on one of the main videos doesn't sound at all is there a way to fix that.. to make both video have sound?

  28. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it 😀 One question though. My videos have started to lag in many ways like, one video would play but the other wouldnt stream correctly. any tips?

  29. Nice videos!
    One question though. How do you get the "solo" button you are using to work on the layers? I have the pip effect and options, but I dont have the "solo" button.

  30. so I bought the Pinnacle studio 19, wanting to get into editing my own gamer videos, well going into effect editor, I have no effects ?!? please help

  31. For some reason, I can't get it to do two effects in the same transition. I want the PIP to go from transparent to visible, and then expand from the small box to full screen. I get the fade in perfect, then when I add the fullscreen keyframe it does not start out small, but fades in over the whole screen. Any thoughts? Thanks

  32. Hi again Maliek thank you so much for information i finally found my up loading file score fitter 3 ans its work. My last question is how to find 3D plugin for Pinacle 19 i already have the 3 d on my cyber link power director but not on my pinacle 19 yhank you in advance Robert….

  33. is this what the tubers is using for movie and reaction??   they play the video and then they edit and add the movie trailer.???

  34. Firstly thanks for your informative and helpful video's…. I have been pressing the 'thumbs up' ! I am considering buying new video processing software and I would like to stay with pinnacle if the new version can do what I want (I have studio 11 that I bought years ago). What I need to do now is picture in picture, but I want to angle the small inner picture. Basically I want to have a film of someone holding a photo frame, where the image in the frame appears to come alive and speak, but would need to be tilted to make it realistic. Is this possible?

  35. can you use this program to make a reaction video? I have a camera to record my reaction to a particular video thank you

  36. How do you flip a video around? Some videos loaded upside down and I can flip it right side up! Any advice would be great…! Thanks

  37. Your tutorials are fantastic, maybe you can help me with Corel video x10 ultimate, I am playing guitar and I would like to make a video PIP side by side or clone myself playing double, can you please help me on this or someone that you know?
    Thank you, Terry

  38. Hello Mr. how are you? please I would like to ask you some thing about video editing. How to do, when programe presentator while he talk, how to set him at corner of the screen very fast same time and other video is aperence.It not look PIP, same screen he moved very fast and show his programe while he describe it.not zooming. Planing very fast only him.witch video editor can do it?thank you

  39. thank you very much Mr, your replay and support.I still have doubt about ,How Television live reporters are doing this.they don't have to time editing with pinnacle.maybe they use special video mixer to do them?

  40. Great tutorial , how to control the steam or stop each pip while other work in the same time..
    Any clue and thanks again


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  42. AHH thank you so much! i've been wondering how to do this for a while and i really needed to know how to do it! so thank you!!

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