PK2 | A Short Film | By SRikanth Reddy

There are so many stars in the sky Pk is coming from the sky Let’s see what he is going to do. Do you want thadi (local alcohol)? one minute Is that enough ? Pay for it, give the money Then give this to me Are you stupid? Where are you from? What is this? Missing Missing..? But P.M. Is in DELHI Now I too know that, but I am trying to meet the P.M. Your world is going to end in 2020 There is so much of GLOBALWARMING You are left with 5 Years only Where do you come from?
Are n’t you from here? I am from another planet What I am an alien Alien? How can an alien speak? In our planet we doesn’t speak any language…we hold hands and read minds Then how are you speaking now? I held a girl’s hand for 6 sec.
Then I read her mind
And I learnt her language 6 sec? You think iam a fool? Fine! Let me explain When I came to this planet
It was stinking very badly Unexpectedly I have seen a person coming down from a THAADI tree I went near to him and I drank THAADI
Instead of THAADI he just pulled my remote and went away I followed him and slowly I took his pot and ran away from there On the way one person stopped me
And asked for THAADI I gave him THAADI
He looked at my back and fainted I took clothes from his cover
And I wore those clothes To my notice,
Everyone staring at me and laughing I didn’t understand and I felt something is wrong with my fashion And I found a another fashion clothes on the string
And I wore those clothes Hey look at that dress
Looking similar to your cloths Yes, you are right
Let us go home and check
Hey you stay here Meanwhile a black smoke was coming from a vehicle
I stopped it by inserting a banana
Because it’s a pollution Hey…what are you doing here?
Hey…that dress is mine
Catch that fellow……… Everyone chased me,
I started running and I got into a Dancing Lorry And I found a girl She was staring at me She gave me apple I ate it completely
Then she gave her hand by holding it I learnt whole language If u holds anyone’s hand you reveal everything? Give me yours
Give me your hand Hey give me your hand 6 months back back you were in BELGIUM right? Yes There you went to watch AMITHAB BACHAN’s movie, isn’t it There you met SARFARAZ right? You fell in love with him and finished everything…right..? After that you left him
Thought that he was from PAKISTHAN right…? But he is actually from India. He lied with you You trusted his words and came back to INDIA Then where is he right now? To make his words true,
He went PAKISTHAN Ok… leave it
Now you are there for me Ok tell me one thing if u holds anyone’s hand for 6 sec
You can reveal everything. Yes. Ok…wait a minute Hey sushi I am in a parking now immediately come down here So tell me what is going to happen in 2020? Pollution madam pollution Look at this this is not pollution this is makeup.. that is what i am saying…
in our planet no one use makeup hi… one minute hi sushi shake your hand with him
why…? that what happened..? hey tell me what happened she met with 4 members Rahul, Rajesh, Rakesh only three right ?
another uncle also there..
haa…… what happened will u come with me will you help me in meeting the P.M. ? yes i will…
ok come sushi… now, i have a toothpick with me
i will make it disappear
watch it carefully Abracadabra, Abracadabra, Abracadabra it will disappear shall i bring it back Abracadabra, Abracadabra, Abracadabra wow what a magic there are many more tricks ahead after the break
stay tuned to 7 NEWS hey..Cherry one breaking news cherry i have an amazing person with me he is an ALIEN and also a Mind reader if he holds anyone’s hand for 6 sec he reveals everything about that person so if we design and telecast a programme with him our channel rating will improve alot already our channel rating is so high, don’t make it much high. please cherry please cherry ok fine bring him.. ok..thank you cherry hi sir
hi hey leave my hand dude
what is this is he that fellow..?
yes you are from…? Mars what nonsense is he talking, take him off we don’t talk nonsense are you making me fool
what is the weather out there and here ? how i am I looking ..? we also have a planet like you
also have with same weather hey..what is this Jaggu take him out from me you have only one problem..
apart from that everything is fine with you what is that after immediate 2nd day of your marriage
your wife left with someone how do you know if i hold anyone’s hand for 6 sec i can reveal everything about them really haa hey Jaggu this person is really awesome
in 10 minutes i will arrange a live program
get ready ok you both be ready for program
ok PK Good luck… what did he ask ? hey dude tell me… 7 NEWS brings to you a shocking and interesting news the person who is in front of us
he is not from a Village or a Town or a Country or a World
and his name is PK yes i am PK
I am an ALIEN i came from another planet to save this planet he is saying that in 2020 our world is going to end. yes you are left with only 5 years you dont have much time now to save this country i need P.M. help Prime Minister sir….
i want to meet you once in 2020 this world is going to end
why not..? by doing little pretty mistakes there is so much of pollution happening till now OZONE layer is Damaged to about 90%
we need to do something to save remaining 10% we should close few factories and minimise the usage of plastic and vehicles totally we have to minimise the global warming we are doing the same thing .. you people think of doing it but you don’t do it wow it’s a great news welcome back breaking and shocking news Tomorrow P.M. is coming to our studio to meet PK
stay tuned to 7 NEWS by holding hand want to know everything.
Namaskaar , sitdown
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so you are PK… ?……ok are you an astronaut..? what is the purpose of you coming you here I came here to save your earth why..? what happened to our earth ? in 2020 this earth is going to end I came here to talk about this how do you know
are you a GOD or a scientist we have so many scientists in our country
they are working for 24 hours when they don’t know about this
how do you know ? how can i believe you sir i want to ask you a question will you answer me..? ask me PK. you must be aware of condom is there any need for a hero and heroine to act for this condom ad. what is this nonsense do you know ?
to whom you are questioning about this.. sir,
please don’t get angry
i will explain you…. they are celebrities , it is their profession what is wrong in that why not sir… one says strawberry flavour another says chocolate
and another says extra large by showing this much of varieties…
youth is eagerly waiting to use it there are 1.10 billion population in india in that every day almost 10 million people using condoms weekly 70 million, monthly 300 million,
after using these condoms where they are throwing it..? used condoms are flushed into the toilets and they block the drainage otherwise they pack it in covers and throw it out.
these covers are burnt and dumped into the sea how did tsunami come last time leave all these things sir why don’t you advertise not to maintain illegal relationships instead of those condom ads they are showing sex contents in condom advertising not only this thing sir there are many problems in this country, once watch it here because of this, in 2020 this world is going to end leaving this a side… you people are trying to go live on other planet… please leave those trails sir..
first try to correct all these things hey Pk
are u drunken..? SWACH BHARATH is going on all over the country first go and know about it and then talk….
understood..? ok sir
you are very intelligent you know how to save your country
you are really Great Leader sir sir can you do me a favour…? can you help me to find my REMOTE sir..? PK
i will buy a ticket for you you go to PAKISTHAN first there, whoever is trying to kill the children in schools try to enlighten their minds. I will bring your remote
then you can fly. how is it. yes sir, i will do whatever you say ok … ok PK
u did great job to come here by your presence it is very easy to change it here is your ticket first you set the PAKISTHAN then will settle the WORLD
understand sir, previously you were the TEA seller right everyone knows it…
what’s new in that One more thing is there sir.. go first….
unnecessarily i shook my hand with him sir don’t forget about my REMOTE it’ k . first you go.

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