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  1. PLEASE!!! I need a full crossover event of the Valleyfolk and Funhaus. Literally, when SourceFed went away (still hurts) Funhaus came swooping in to fill the hole in my heart. Now watching both Funhaus and Valleyfolk has made my heart grow 3x its size (yes, I'm the Grinch). Please have a huge crossover event with these cinematic universes so I can die of wholesome laughter.

  2. I've never watched funhaus, but for some reason a compilation of Elyse's funny moments showed up in my feed. I watched it, and she is hilarious. There was actually 11 compilations of Elyse I ended up watching all of them.

  3. Heist…Its Target. They have everything. Or Walmart if you just want to get away with it, go at 4am. You could probably steal 1000 bucks worth of stuff before anyone noticed!

  4. This is the craziest coincidence but when I was 6 I got a tamagotchi for my birthday and I named it ‘Dick’ and my mum took it off me for a week 😂

  5. kicks door in WHERE IS LEEEEEEEE? She’s missing from the podcast this week and I am SAD about it.

    I also love you guys, too.

  6. Also this was great but I really genuinely think you three dudes would have better comedic chemistry with James, and I would have loved to see Elyse on the couch with Lee instead, I think those two would work off each other super super well

  7. Just a thought, I would really enjoy seeing the vallyfolk play a one shot D&Dish campaign (see criticalroll's honey heist for an example simple but so much room for characters and the vally folk charm)

  8. “Doctor say I was born without big piece of brain and he say mm swallowed it” the sheer steve-dynamic banterism of this one line was good lmaooo

  9. It would be so great if Furnesto spoke fluent Spanish knowing Steve doesn’t understand a single word he’s saying.

  10. Am I the only one that caught the fact that the great Kevin made an error at 15:10? Prompt shown not prompt read. I am in shock. My world doesn’t make sense any longer.

  11. "Moccasins" is the second track on the forthcoming Valleyfolk studio album, right after "Mid-afternoon peanut butter spoon".

  12. Oh I've got a Robin Williams impression that kills! If you'll just give me a second to get the rope out of my car….

  13. I noticed the light behind the couch the Shadows are too intense casting off the bookshelf in the background objects please fix that thank you love u guys 💚

  14. Elliott is growing his hair to make himself a wig so he can cover up whatever color he's forced to dye his hair when they get 5000 patrons.

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