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  1. My problem was resolve, since i couldn't get any feed back i just replace the logic board, now tv is back on and running like new.

  2. I have this same exact tv and same problem. Prob gonna check fuses cause the power supplies for this tv are wiped out online u can barely find any

  3. Guys, just admit that you're being lazy and want to drive business to your website. There is no, nor has there ever been, any YouTube policy that would prevent you from interacting with your viewers/commenters and answering their questions. People do it all over YouTube and have for years and years. All you've done by putting that message up is ensure that at least one viewer, me, will never visit your website.

  4. I have a samsung plasma tv
    Model number: pn43e450a1fxza
    S/N: z4n23cqcb09859m
    Turned the tv on and there was a loud pop. Tv turns on but the screen is black. Please let me know thanks!!!

  5. Model 60pa6500 it plays for a lil bet then it cuts out and stays black the only way it comes back on you got to un plug it for 30 min

  6. My tv only works when sd card is in. Sd shows pics and plays sound. No other input has video or sound. What could it be?

  7. I've got a samsung pn50c plasma 3d tv. All of a sudden the screen went white and you can kind of make out the picture.. it's also making a buzzing noise as well. Any idea?

  8. Please help I have a 51 inches samsung plasma tv PN51F5300AFXZA . Turn on has sound and screen after 30 mins later screen goes out black but still has sound..turn it off and turn it back on after apx 30 mins screen goes out again…please help what is the problem..

  9. Hi, I have a LG plasma 60PV450 built in 2011 that I recently picked up, and after about 15 minutes it went blank with no picture, no sound, red light still on. I pressed the power button, red light turned off, then the power button again and it immediately came back on with sound and run for about 5 minutes and then went blank/no sound. I pressed the power button which turned it off, the the power button again and it came back on for another five minutes then went blank/no sound. I did not press the power but and after about 15/20 minutes it suddenly came on for approximately 20 minutes it went blank again and did not come back on but the red light was on. I would appreciate any help that you can offer. Tim.

  10. anyone know where to get a new plasma screen for Samsung model PN64E550D1F. my daughter threw a toy at it and cracked the corner of the screen… Tv turns on with sound but no picture.

  11. I have a 60" plasma tv model no. 60PN6500-UA and I'm not getting any picture, the sound comes on, whenever I turn on the power button the screen flashes for about a second but immediately turns back off

  12. Hello, I have a LG TV plasma with model 60Ps60, power light (red) blinks but no picture and sound. It's like on standby mode. Kindly advise on what to do please. Thank you

  13. I have a LG 50PN6500, intermittently, it will click on, turn the standby light off like its suppose to, but no picture. The odd part is, it wont turn off with either remote or tv power button. I have to unplug it, wait for the relay to open,then plug it in again. Sometimes it will even turn on when I plug it in,without pushing power button.

  14. Hello you have nice video explanation. I have Sanyo DP42746-00 42inch plazma TV. This TV have had snowy picture I replaced one cap on Ystain board. But picture not bright clear, than I replaced T-Con board did not make any different. What can be the problem on this TV sir.

    I also have another Samsung plazma TV model#LN40B500P3F S/N #B5BD3CESA03036P on this TV screen goes black than picture comes back than TV pictures goes off again. I do not know what can cause this type of problem. If you can give me some information about my both TV I really appreciate to you sir or you can send me a text will be easy to find your answer 4073142154 thank you.

  15. I have samsung plasma 43 inches panel…I have problem. there is no power light bilking ..what should I have to do

  16. I have a LG plasma tv model number 60pv400. I have sound but have no picture, also it have cut off and on by itself a few times in the past. Any suggestions

  17. Hello shopjimmy, I have a LG plasma 60pn6500-ta TV. It shows standby red light blinking but no picture and sound. I would appreciate your professional advice. Thank you

  18. I have a LG plasma tv, 60PZ950-UA, serial #201RMBW5M613. The TV would shut its self off and over time got worse. Now it won't stay on at all. When you try the blue lights blink then just red light after a couple clicks. We want to fix ourselves and require help. Thank you!

  19. I have a 60" LG plasma tv. Model: 60PB5600. A few seconds after powering on, the screen lights up a light grey color for just a second, then goes black. When the issue arose, there was a small flash of light, and a small plume of smoke from behind the unit. With all the research I have done, I'm thinking its the YSUS board, but I really don't know. There are no visible signs of swollen capacitors or burn marks of any kind anywhere on the boards. I would really like to just find the replacement board kit, but not having any luck finding one. The SKU for the kit is: sj-KIT-60PB5600-UA-K1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  20. My tv has sound and everything works but no picture?? It’s a 2011 Samsung plasma Model # PN43D450a2D and Serial number Z2Z43ZQBC15556X

  21. lg plasma tv 60pn5300-uf wont turn on but has red standby light replaced main board same problem is the power supply bad

  22. I have an LG 60PV400. I turned the tv on one day and got a pop. The status light in the lower right side normally is on for standby and off when the tv is on. Now I get the red standby but when I turn the tv on the standby turns off then back on and slowly fades out. Any ideas on what it could be?

  23. Hello I have a 2008 LG plasma tv .
    Model number 42PG20-UA
    SERIAL NUMBER. 812RMHR080697
    I hope this helps thank you

  24. I have PLASMA LG 50PT350 TV, when plug it to the power, the RED led comes ON and I can hear the click to turn ON the TV, but no IMAGE or SOUND. The RED LED will goes OFF after 10-15 seconds

  25. I have a Samsung PN64D8000FFXZA. It has been turning off by itself. I would unplug it for a while then plug it in and it would work for some time. Now it is happening more often and does not "reset" itself everytime. Please help.

  26. My 42” Insignia lcd will not turn on. Red light flashes on the front. The model number is NS-42L260A13 and the serial number on the board is 2059111P0499. Help. I want to replace the board. What other info do I need.

  27. Hi I have an lg 60pk950 plasma tv the screen just shut off off one day during a movie. Now when you turn it on no picture and as soon as you push any button on the tv or remote the tv shuts off

  28. I have a samsung model#: un55ju6400fxza. Version#: fd05. When plugged in I get a red power light, but no picture and a electrical buzz from rear. I opened the back and located the buzz coming from the power supply board, specifically from the silver heat sink looking block on the top left. When I disconnect the ribbon cable to the main board, buzzing stops and backlight/screen comes on. Is this issue with my main board or power supply board? I see no swollen capacitors or signs of issues. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  29. I have Maxent plasma model # P420542M8 I have sound no picture. Will you help me determine the piece I need to fix? Please and Thank you

  30. I have a 58 inch Samsung plasma pn58b550t2f manufactured november 2009. I csn here it turn on and it has sound but screen is black. when i look at the boards it doesnt look like any capacitors are bulged fuses are good. Any ideas what could be the issue. Thank you

  31. I have a 60 inch lg model number 60pb5600 ua serial number 407rmenw9164 with no picture before it went out there was a loud pop…do they make replacement bulbs for this tv

  32. Ola meu irmão também to areparar o sumsuing da mesma seria e o problema em e quase mesmo não liga apenas o stand by esta on

  33. Screen quit working but sound and everything does 60pv250-ub sn 109rmss85974 what could possibly be wrong with it

  34. My LG picture is to bright and lowering the brightness and contrast etc. Will not work model 42LG 3000-ZA serial number 811WRYU02138

  35. I've got a Samsung model number pn51d6500df. It turns on with picture and sound for 15 seconds and resets itself. A blinking green light shows on what looks to be a tcon or driver board, a click can clearly be heard from the power supply when it starts and resets. When I disconnect the 'tcon' board from the power supply, the power supply clicks and the resets after 40 seconds. If I disconnect the large ribbon from the tcon to the main board, the power supply clicks, the green light now blinks for 30 seconds and then everything resets again.

  36. I have an LG 60PV400, serial #105RMAQEQ584. During the day, the TV screen will black out, audio still working, and may sometimes completely turn itself off. At night, I have no issues. Thought maybe overheating during the warmer daytime hours, but is there a board that could be replaced to fix this permanently?

  37. 56 in lg model # 60PN6500-UA
    The tv was on, heard a loud pop and the tv cut off and wouldn't cut back on. What could it be?

  38. LG 50PC3D Plasma, Pop sound, dim pic for 5 sec, then black with sound. Tried to turn back on, no dice. But stand by light is on. No swollen compositors, no burn marks on back of power supply board. Ysus and Zsus replaced, and control board, as well as Main board. Maybe power supply fails without swollen caps??Lee

  39. I have an LG 60pn5000 plasma TV. The TV was running then there was an audible pop and no sound power or standby light. I've taken the back panel off of the TV and after watching your video I noticed one of the 2 fuses that should have a light blue circle running horizontally across it is black instead. I'm hoping that the fuse needs to be replaced, but was hoping for some input. Thanks in advance!

  40. Hi , I have a Tv Samsung plasma and is not showing image, couple of seconds after I turned on. The model number is HL-S6166WX

  41. I have a plasma samsung tv model s60fh-yb03 code bn96-26264a no picture power light flashing VS TESTED AT 107 TO LOW 208 IS THE RIGHT RANGE VA TESTED AT 42 ALL SO LOW 57 IS THE RIGHT DC RANGE .

  42. LG Plasma Model # 42PQ30-UA. If left off for some time, you can power it on. Everything works fine for about 5 minutes and then the screen just goes black (no pop or irregular noise). The sound continues to work.

  43. I have an LG Model #60PN6500-TB. After a couple of minutes of running, the screen goes black. There is still sound, but no picture. When I push the power button on the remote, it takes longer than normal for the tv to turn of. When it does turn off, I can turn it on again immediately and it will work for a couple of minutes, before the process repeats.

  44. I have a Samsung PN64D8000 plasma tv. The screen went black but sound still worked. I tried again the next day and it turned on for 2 minutes, then went black again. Would the power supply cause this, even though it still comes back up for a bit?

  45. I have a 60" LG Plasma. No picture, no sound. Had worked great. Four years old. Any suggestions? Model 60PN5000.

  46. I have an LG 42LD460 Model 42LD460-FB, Serial number 00GU02662 and keeps on going on and off, sometimes gets on instantly and sometimes the period is longer

  47. I have a LG Plasma (LG50PK750) that doesn't always give a picture. One day we are able to turn it on with no issues. The next day it may take 27 times of turning it on or off before you get a picture and another day absolutely nothing. The blue light turns on and you hear the regular click. There are times when you can see the remote is functioning because the blue light blinks accordingly. Help!

  48. LG 50PT350
    Serial No. 102RMBW84373
    Symptoms: No picture or backlight. The tv has sound but that's it. Thanks

  49. hi i have the exact same tv as this video. ns-42p650a11. mine will not power up and relay on power board clicks 2x then pause and 2x. help with diag would be great

  50. Hello! I am Mandar Shirsat. I have Samsung Plasma PS43E490B3R model tv. I have no picture on screen problem and I found in Y-sustain board IGBT (FGD4536) short problem,I replaced the same but again it burnt with spark…I also checked power supply board and found VS voltage 130v which should be 210v and VA also observed 130 which should be 58v..pls help me to over come from this problem

  51. I have a Panasonic 50" plasma model #TC P50X1, serial # MB90410793. It will not power on and I have a 10 blink error code. Is it the A board? I think it is.

  52. I have an RCA model 42PA30RQ Plasma TV that turns on but gets no signal through any of the HD inputs (blue screen that says no signal).. We think the issue occurred after a lightning storm. Any suggestions on what parts to replace?

  53. Have a 60" Samsung Plasma, Model# PN60F5300AF.  I turn on and red indicator blinks slowly and the picture is black but intermittently turns a little bit bright but goes right back to black.  There is also no sound. Does the same thing on other HDMI port and connected to cable input.  HELP!  I LOVE this TV and hope it can be fixed.

  54. I have no pic or sound on my Samsung pn60f5300af . I replaced the main power board with no change. The red light on the front seems to flash twice slowly and then seems to shut off. I also to the best of my knowledge have tested the y main and buffer boards which tested good . Need help.

  55. I have a LG 60 PN 5000 UA plasma screen television and I cannot seem to get the screen to turn on the red LED light turns on I have replaced a couple things and still nothing I replaced the mean power supply and I'm not sure if this makes a difference but the PC HDMI port is missing off the mother motherboard I'm not sure if I need to have that or not

  56. Samsung plasma TV ps43f4900 vs voltage after 2 second in 0 volt check on load and unload board. Check mother boar output vs on terminal same problem . what is the problem other voltages is ok .

  57. MY tv samsung Ps42c420a1w Plasma Nost start only clik clik on power board I unhooked as shown in other models, right and left sides, still not restarted, online clik clik,

    led bulb blinks below,

    I also changed the power board from another TV of the same model, nothing works, Only clik clik , somewhere there is a short circuit because it throws away the main security in my house no reset, tv only clik clik

  58. Hello, I have a Samsung Plasma TV Model number : PS51F4900AR ,which one of the capacitor is broken. I think I need to replace the power supply board . Kindly provide me the board serial number so I can purchase the correct power supply board for my Plasma TV. Thanks.

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