P!nk Won’t Post About Her Kids on Social Media Anymore

P!nk Won’t Post About Her Kids on Social Media Anymore

So let’s show this
video of Jameson, OK. OK. This is really, really cute. He’s– well let’s show it. Which one? [LAUGHTER] I watch that– thank
you, thank you– I watch that video when I’m sad. So many people on social media
go in on me all the time. And this one some people
are like nice language I’m sure that came from you. And what kind of a mother do
you think you are, blah blah. And then somebody
wrote I’m a speech pathologist at the University
of blah, blah, blah. And I thought his intonation
and his timing was just perfect, you have a very smart son. And I’m just reading it like. [LAUGHTER] I don’t understand positivity. It’s rare. It was funny. He’s funny. He’s funny. I know. Ah, damn-it. It really was. You do get, there’s a lot of– first of all, why do you
pay attention to that? But there’s a lot
of haters online. Then what I like is
that you go after them. I have to sometimes. Yeah, and good for you. Because you know we
get a lot of but– Really is it? I mean sometimes I feel like
I can change their minds. Mm-hmm. Really I’m all about injustice. I don’t like injustice. And I don’t like how brave
people are anonymously, and rude. Just mean, mean, mean spirited. And so I do, I go in. Yeah. If I have time I go in. Yeah because there was
a cute little picture that you posted
of you and Jameson and I think Willow was in it. And there was a pelican
involved, because it was cute because there was a pelican. But his diaper was off. Yeah. And people went at you
just because he was not wearing a diaper. There’s two sides to this I see. And one is I didn’t
even realize– I didn’t look at the
picture that way. I looked at it from
there was a pelican that flew into our room,
it spent two hours with us, which was incredible. And then I got worried
that it was sick and I tried to call
it animal rescue. No one wanted a pelican and
it just became a whole thing. But we tried to give
it some smoked salmon. And it was the only thing
we had that was like fish. But it was this incredible
experience for my family and I have a two-year-old. Two-year-olds don’t like
to wear wet swim diapers. And apparently at some
point he took it off, and I don’t think like that. We live on a farm, my kids
are naked, it’s what happens. I’m naked sometimes. And then people,
you know, people went as far as saying someone
should call child services. Because he didn’t
have a diaper on? Because he didn’t
have a diaper on, and how dare I. And just
some of the nastiest things. And I cried. I cried so hard
after that because I like to share my family,
it’s my proudest moment in my whole life. I’m prouder of my kids than
anything I’ve ever done. And I just, I won’t
share them anymore. I won’t do it. I’m not posting pictures
of them anymore. And I understand
people saying you need to be more careful because
you are in the public eye and you should have
thought of that. And they’re right, but there’s
a nice way to say that. There’s a kind way to be online. And I’m open to kindness. Somebody else taught
me 2 weeks ago that the word gypsy
is actually derogatory and I’m not a person that
uses derogatory language. I wrote back to them thank
you so much for being so kind and for educating me. I’m editing it,
I’m taking it down, and that word will never
come out of my mouth again. There is a way to do things. There’s a way to learn. And that mean stuff,
that ain’t it. But it’s also a good time
because she’s seven now, it’s probably time to pull
her back from the world and let her just live. Live her best life. Yeah and she will
live her best life. She is. She asked for a
raise and she got it. Wow. Yeah. Good for her. And she got to spend
time with the pelican how special is that? It was pretty awesome. Yeah.

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  1. This is just sad. Goes to show ppl forget she's human. Humans were never perfect to begin with. Kindness, compassion.

  2. I love Pink and her natural love for her babies!! Social media is just too hurtful and judgmental! So proud of you Pink! You are a very dear and loving momma! God Bless you and your family!!

  3. nooooo Pink is such a badass! Media really does reveal how people love being mean to women, especially moms.

  4. Sorry Ellen, no offense. Even though I don't agree with radical liberals, I still like your show. I like people who are funny. You are one of them on the show.

  5. You gotta Love ❤️ Pink. Good for her on setting some people straight. None of us are perfect but she’s a loving 🥰 mom. And a caring human being. And so real one of her best qualities.

  6. I love your way to raise your kids, you try to handle your work and your family, i think your the most normal person on the world, we all have to try try try to do our best and be kind to each other

  7. you have every right to be proud about your kids, you and your family are so wondefull, with corners and edges like every person and family on earth

  8. These words we consider negative aren't negative at all, it was created to show emotions, just like that reaction, it's not as of the kid just said that word like a greeting to someone.

  9. When did people decide it was Ok for them to be nasty, rude, opinionated & judgmental about anything that's slightly good or a positive experience in someone else's life? They'll do it too your face but most sitting behind a keyboard. I'm so conscious of this, I teach the young ones in my family everything I can to ensure they don't carry on these traits or behave this way towards others. I've always thought of Pink to be an amazing Mum. This just confirms my thoughts. Share only your special moments with your kids Pink. Nasty people don't deserve the privilege of a peek into your personal life.

  10. Pink is a classy woman. I agree – there is a nice way to say things and it's good to be open minded!

  11. People are so quick to judge others when in reality they should be focusing on themselves and their imperfections!

  12. I didn't know gypsy was deragatory, you just taught me something. I used the word to describe a neighborhood kid who is a brilliant con artist, so yes I see that in retrospect.

  13. I love you Alecia! I think you’re fabulous…we saw you in Newark at the Prudential Center last year. Your show was the best concert I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen everyone. Zeppelin, Floyd, The Who, Yes, Elton John, Billy Joel (8 times)…you beat them all. When you dropped down during “So What” I had my arms outstretched and you came right down to me, and my husband got the best picture ever. Don’t change your parenting. You’re doing it perfectly.

  14. I love Pink. I love Ellen. ❤❤❤ I wish they were my friends. We need more people like them in the world. Hugs to Pink. Xo

  15. Willow performed in Beautiful Trauma tour at Hampden Park, Glasgow (yes, I was there). And P!nk is an amazing lady. Very hard working, true and lovely. Bless her.

  16. Oh Pink…. really? You’re going to let a bunch of frustrated idiots change your behaviours? Make you cry??? Do you know how many frustrated, jealous keyboard lions are out there? And do you know how many people, like me, absolutely adore you, and everything you do? I came to see you in concert 3 days ago in London. In spite of everything that’s going on in my life at the moment, 30 June 2019 will go done as one of the best days of my life. <3

  17. I wish she would post her family.. I miss it.. She is incredible and her and Carey are incredible parents… I hope the nay Sayers get a taste of their own medicine.. Don't judge if you don't want to be judged. I am sure fault can be found with us all…

  18. Pink you are awesome, great person in and out! An incredible mother!!! Some People just can not look at there own lifes because they are miserable so they focus the attention in other people's lifes and give you the only thing they are able to give… Sadness and negativity.
    Great desition on not to post you kids anymore. I think is healthy for them and for you.
    Love you and respect you always.

  19. LOL it cracks me up when people want to waste a part of their life bringing down someone who is successful to make themselves feel better about their lives. Try building up instead of bringing down! I love Pink!

  20. Oh, the internet is full of cowards who hide behind anonymity and they let us see how miserable their life is by judging others, I feel sorry for people who can't be kind, they're so unhappy …

  21. I didn't know that gypsy is not a good word. Glad to find out! And child services have real cases on their plates, so seriously don't bother them with something like misisng diapher. I love P!nk, I think she's a great mother! And a wonderful person!!!

  22. when i think of pink i always see a superstar who is defined by how much she loves her family, i wish her and her family all the best.

  23. I used to respond to mean negative comments too, but it's just not worth it to engage with toxic, mean spirited people, you wont be able to change their mind.

  24. Someone has made this beautiful, kind woman cry. And I want to cave their skulls in with a sledgehammer! If you don’t have anything nice to say someone F-off and leave them alone!

  25. I think she made a smart decision by doing that , shes protecting her family and she has a right to keep her family life private!

  26. She's a Fantastic Mother a real role model to many of us too. Genuine sincere person 💖 Post what you want Pink! Critical thinking will get these people no where…

  27. She should not have posted that pic with that baby's diaper off. That's not for the world to see. I love pink but the world is full of creeps that will now see her child nude

  28. Yeah but you don’t know the intentions of the people online, if she thinks mean comments are a problem wait until she finds out there’s paedophiles collecting of those photos.

  29. She might look like a tough one but she's the most kindest , sweetest soul on Earth . And I really hope she sees our love and shares her family!!!!

  30. How is she so open minded and against injustice when she isn't addressing circumcision here, but cracking jokes online, and is just so saddened.
    Like how is that being open minded and against injustice?
    She's using the opportunity to be a professional victim while completely ignoring a serious issue. Done with her.

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