Pocket Watchin’ Full Movie 2019 (New Free Hood Movie)

Pocket Watchin’ Full Movie 2019 (New Free Hood Movie)

My name is Nick and I think I need to tell
the story. Just so it’s not one sided. We don’t want to leave nothing out. [Music] [Indistinct chatter] I just seen your girl at the store! What girl? What you talking about? Your girl! Man, fuck that bitch ain’t nobody studying that girl. Fuck that ho I don’t wanna hear that shit. Yeah, what about this music? I got something to do right now.
Hey, you could of told me she was pregnant though! Pregnant? What the fuck you mean, pregnant? Little pregnant or big pregnant? Nigga big prey…. Pregnant! Pregnant, pregnant?
Pregnant, pregnant. No hold on mane. [Indistinct sounds] Yeah count them up, count them up! [Music] That was a good ass episode. yes they need to
start making the episodes longer and the fact that we got to wait a whole week
to see what happens! I’ve got a feeling that’s not his baby! [Phone rings] Hello? Ok here I come. Where you going? Don’t worry about what I got going on over here! I’m just saying that sounded like a nigga on the phone. You finally giving somebody that? Ela, it’s just my homie nothing more, nothing less stay off my business! I’ve known you all
my life you ain’t just gonna hang around a nigga you don’t like! You will when they pay for everything! [Music] What you doing? Nothing, at my cousin’s trying to find a movie to watch. [Door closes] Hey Ela. Let me call you back. Hey where you been all day
you kind of had me worried there? Girl get out my face with all that! How was your fake date? Fake date? When did we start going on real dates? she doesn’t know what she talking about. Twin this is my cousin Ela. Ela this is my friend Twin. Why do they call you Twin? Are you a twin? Nah that’s just what they call me. Girl leave this man alone! The bathroom is right back there. Ela, stop! What? I’m just saying you need to put me on! What about Elvin? Who? Elvin! Who? Your on again, off again boyfriend. We off again. You were just on the phone with him when I came in here. I…. Let me see your call log! That’s what I thought. [Music] Hey cousin! Oh hey! Twin right? You here to pick up my cousin? Yeah I’m taking her for lunch. Oh another fake date I see. Nothing like that. You’re welcome to come if you like. No I don’t want to be an extra wheel. What’s wrong with a extra wheel? Everybody need a spare every now and then. Real shit. Ela, I forgot you were coming by. You can chill In the house if you want. That’s ok Just call me when you get home. Ok. Alright see ya’ll. It was good seeing you. Yep, you too! [Music] I need to make a stop real quick. Is that cool? Ok! What’s up? You doing alright? Yeah boy! Hey, I meant to ask you why ya’ll do that boy like that? What you talking about? Man! [Music] Oh man that was about that party and shit. You know? Party? What party you talking about? The Halloween party, man! [Music] Everybody was having a good time and vibing. I didn’t want to fuck up nothing. Let him rock out and I’ll catch him when I see him. [Music and screaming] I’m glad you didn’t because I pulled a nice lil’ thing out of there. Oh yeah? Hell yeah. Ok! You got the cards? [Indistinct Talking] [Music] Boy, who you got out there with them titties on her! Man, you brought Kira over here? You know that’s my old bitch bro. That bitch a little investment though. Don’t even worry about it like that! It ain’t that deep. You cold blooded. You cold blooded brother. [Laughs] This nigga Twin, boy! Hey! I’m going to get out of here, everything looks good. I’m going to holler at you, alright? Alright! [Music] [Suspenseful music and heartbeat] [Baby crying] Damn! What the fuck? They always
leave us hanging! Was that the season finale? Hell yeah and they’re gonna have us wait a whole year before they tell us what happens. Bullshit. Oh yeah look at this. What am I looking at? Keep scrolling. Who sent these messages? I don’t know for sure but I got a feeling who it might be. Who? I gotta get proof first, but I have a feeling this twin’s baby mom. wait what? It seems like ever since he told me she was in town I’ve been getting these weird as text messages. In town? Hold on, hold on, rewind! I think I’m missing something. Okay. So Twin’s baby moms is from Alabama. She’s in town I guess looking for a
job and so the baby could be closer to Twin or something. Got you. You really think it’s her? Who else would be texting me saying “stay away from Twin”? That makes sense. Have you talk to Twin about it? [Chime] Oh shit. You know this number? It don’t look familiar. Why, what’s up? They keep texting me some weird shit. You need to cut him off fast! Ya’ll not even together and he’s bringing all that drama. Y’all not even fucking! [Phone vibrates] Are ya’ll? Are ya’ll fucking? Hello? Twin I need to ask you a couple questions! Ok I’m about to get dressed. What’s that about? Girl, I’ll talk to you about it later. I got to get
dressed. Ok. [Phone rings] Hello? Um, we gotta talk! I’m pretty sure ya’ll caught wind of what’s going on right? Okay. Ya’ll remember this part. But the part ya’ll probably missed was the look. That look means find me on instagram DM me your number so we can fuck look and that’s exactly what Twin did. So you already know who Ela is on the phone with. [Phone rings] Hello? Um, we gotta talk. What? Still fucking my baby mama? Look I ain’t got time for that shit you
talking about nobody go pick up your cousin. I’ll talk to you later or something. A little time went by and the weird text came every now and then. She finally decided to call the number. But you already know nobody
answered. [Answering machine] I don’t know how she ended
up getting Brittany’s direct line. But females I can make the impossible happen. Just push them to the limit you’ll see. That’s what bring us to this next scene. [Music] I got something to tell you bro. I’ve Benn dreezing your bitch. [Phone rings] I’m addicted my nigga I can’t stop. [Phone rings] Hello? Yeah is this Brittany? Who is this? Twin’s baby mom Brittany? look I don’t have time to be messing
with you simple-minded ass bitches. Well where I’m from we don’t play on
people’s phones we pull up! Playing on your phone? Bitch you called me! You know what, say less. Send me your address and I’ll pull up on you right now! Oh say no more! [Scoffs] [Answering machine] Twin, one of your hoes playing on my fucking phone again. When I get done beating her ass I’m coming to kick you in your motherfucking ball sack! I’m sick of this shit! [Music] Bitch where you at? I’m here! [Music continues] [Phone chime] That’s when it hit her. It couldn’t be Brittany. Why would Brittany text her that when they just got off the phone. bitch, where you at? She could only think of one other person. You need to cut him off fast. Y’all not even together and he’s bringing all that drama. Ya’ll not even fucking! are y’all? She know Ela’s the type to go through all that trouble. She did it before, but we’ll get into that later. [Music] Y’all not even together and he’s bringing all that drama. Ya’ll not even fucking! [Music] [Phone ringing] [Voicemail] I don’t think Twin can get to the phone
right now he kind of got his hands tied. What’s up? I got the messages you left on my phone. What’s up with all that? What’s up? Twin, one of your hoes playing on my
fucking phone again when I get done beating her ass I’m coming to kick you in your motherfucking ball sack! You alright? What’s going on? You just going to look at me and not say shit? What the fuck? Look, come on man! I ain’t got time for this shit! I’m coming to kick you in your motherfucking ball sack! I’m sick of this shit! Ugh! [Music] [Phone ringing] [Voicemail] You need to cut him off fast. Y’all not even together and he’s bringing all that drama I don’t know why Ela didn’t answer but she
always scheming on some hoe shit. I told y’all she did some shit like this before. [Laughs] Yeah right he’s too corny for me! What does that mean? Every nigga you ever brought around me has been corny! What about you? What was his name the last dude you were with. Nick! [Laughs] Yeah, Nick was a bitch. yeah I try to forget about him. Where did you even find him? He was lazy, didn’t want to work, when I got off work the house was dirty, dishes in the sink. Trash was full and smelled like ass! Then the nigga wouldn’t even pump my gas. Mmmh where do they make these niggas at? Girl! So, you got some weed? No I will get some when I’m done handling my business. Ugh I guess I’ll call this nigga and tell him to smoke something. You always trying to smoke up somebody else shit! These niggas should be honored I call to smoke their weed, but I’ll call you later though. Alright. [Phone ringing] Hello? You got some weed? You know what’s crazy she told her plain
and simple I wasn’t shit. I’m a bitch, I’m lazy. She still was on my dick. It didn’t last long, but still. Ela didn’t even have to sneak. She could’ve just said something. Then again why would you tell somebody
some shit you ain’t supposed to be doing? [Music] [Phone vibrating] Hello. May we speak to Kira Philips? Speaking. This is P.A. jewelers. We’re calling about your outstanding balance I think you got the wrong Kira Philips. We have your social. I don’t know what’s going on.
I’ve never even heard of a P.A. Jewelers. I barely even wear jewelry. If you feel like this is a fraud case please file a report with your local police. I don’t think that’s the case I’ve never even anybody near my…. [Music] Can I call you back? Sure. Thank you. [Voicemail] Twin, call me ASAP! [Phone chime] [Scoffs] Then the nigga pulled up with my old bitch bro. Yeah, a want to be me ass nigga! (laughs) Here this bitch ass nigga right here bro. Yeah I’ll hit you back. Alright. [Music] [Phone rings] [Voicemail] Hey man. What’s up? You know that was some hoe ass shit you did right? What you talking about? Shorty showed me the texts. [Music] Yeah. Give me the damn cards man. [Music] [Phone rings] Hello. He headed your way now. Alright. You got to be careful out here. It’s always a bitch-ass nigga like me that’ll sink the ship just because he can’t be the captain. [Suspenseful music] [Police sirens] [Police radio] [Voicemail] [Phone chime] What the fuck? Look at this nigga right here. Hey
you can call me a rat I don’t give a damn. Better him than me. More Money for me! Chess move nigga. If you want to be
technical Twin violated first! [Indistinct talking] Ela told me everything. Are you going to tell the truth or lie? Told you what? Tell a lie and I’ll slap the shit out of you! First of all you’re coming at me all.. Oh! All you had to do was tell the truth! Get off me! It ain’t even that serious. Whatever. Your boy is a bitch! Look, I know. You still hang with him! Look, I guess. I know he be doing little bitch ass shit. That’s the day Twin and Kira became friends. That was 2 years ago. I didn’t really find out until recently. Twin you’re cool, but I know how ya’ll niggas do. Look, man I’m just trying to look out for you I wouldn’t even try you like that. Say something else and I’ll slap the shit out of you too! Twin think he’s slick. trying to swoop in on some rebound shit. [Music] Ooh! Don’t be stingy with that! Girl you almost gave me a heart attack! This is for personal use only! That’s how you feel? Okay you better be glad I’m telling Donna you’re out here smoking! Girl fuck you and Donna! She ain’t going to fire me. Especially since I’m the only cook in here. Okay I’m not going argue that one because honey I can’t cook shit! [Laughs] It’s cool though. It’s cool. [Phone vibrating] Yo Ela! [Indistinct] You know the season premiere of Maybe Daddy come on tonight. You’re coming to my house to watch it? [Indistinct] Alright I’ll call you when I get off. [Indistinct] Oh shit don’t look! Look at what? I said don’t look! Kira! [Exhales] Damn I didn’t know you worked here, I didn’t see you on the inside. It’s only temporary. Oh ok. Smelling like onions and shit! Shut up nigga! You would to if you spent 9 hours in this bitch! How you been though? Since the last time I seen you. Definitely been fuck nigga free! Oh yeah? I guess you ain’t talk to Nick. Not since I found out about him and my cousin. Mmmm [Moaning] Glad I left. Oh yeah? [Music] Oh shit it worked! Cuz came through. Me and Twin about to make stupid racks! Hope I can trust this nigga. Where you staying at now? Out in Green tree. Trying to get my credit score up to get a certain house. Oh yeah? Damn your shit almost perfect! You trying to get better than that? It’s getting there! That nigga Nick tripping. He should have kept you. [Laughs] I’m glad he didn’t. You reap what you sow. On the real I was trying to take you off his hands anyway. [Laughs] Whatever nigga! For real! That nigga Nick ain’t never care about you anyway. I just wish you and me could’ve started something. Yeah, I got to get back to work. Look, fuck work! Come chill with a nigga! Nigga are you high? I got to pay the bills. Fuck that job! Quit! [Laughs] Bye Twin. You’re getting so boring! When was the last time you paid for anything anyway? I ain’t trying to hear that shit with your ungrateful ass! You know these thirsty niggas can’t resist this! Since when? Why you stressing something that you don’t even need to worry about? I don’t get it. They can have that. I don’t want it, bitch! [Call end sound] [Phone ringing] [Voicemail] Twin, hit my line in the morning bro. Got something for you. [Music] What’s up boy? What’s up? What’s going on? Shit. Damn nigga you all in your phone. You haven’t looked up once. Kira? For real nigga? No nigga! This bitch trying to progress and shit. I don’t like shit like that bro! [Music] [Phone vibrates] I can’t talk right now I’m already late! I’ve been hitting you up all week. Are you coming to see me this weekend? Not this weekend girl, I’m trying to buy a house! I don’t have time to be throwing money away right now. I’ll call you later. [Phone vibrates] Donna I’m on my way! I see she working at Donna’s soul food now. You went down there yesterday you didn’t see her? I was down there, but I didn’t see her though. You didn’t see here? No I didn’t. Hold on, before I forget… What’s up? My cousin came through. Aww shit [Inaudible] Aww nigga. [Indistinct talking] Yeah Alright. You better find another sucker I quit! [Music] Do what you got to do with those cards bro. Yeah. Then we moving on. Man say no more. I got you. For real. [Music] [Phone chime] [Music continues] Man, Twin was supposed to be my friend. not only did he go against the code by
messing with my ex this fool scammed the bitch! Cold game. But that’s why Kira in
the position she in now. [Music] [Phone rings] Damn, about time you call the real nigga back. Nick? Is this Nick? Yeah. So it’s been your bitch ass texting me this whole time? I shouldn’t known. Do you take pride in being a fuck nigga? What you mean? What’s the point in all this? I just don’t understand… Mrs. Phllips! Hey! What do you think of the place? I love it. What’s the listing price? hundred and eighty four thousand dollars
and if you have good credit I can get you in here with no down payment at all. Well about that. My credit might be a little off. I had a little identity theft thing going on. it’s okay if we deal with this all the
time even with a low credit I can get you in here. Would you like me to check
for you? Please. Ok. I’m going to have you see yourself out. Wait what? Do you really expect to get a house with this type of credit? Okay, but I thought that you said you help people with low credit?
credit We do, but not the low low credit. Next! [Phone ringing] [Music and phone vibrating] Cuz! What’s up cuz I’m headed to the A. I need a place to crash. Man come on Nicholas! Yeah you know you’re good. Look, I got some weed to you feel me? I got some shit around here boy. You feel me? [Indistinct talking] that’s my cousin C-Redd. The finesse
King. He put me in the game with his credit fraud shit that’s my blood cousin
my mama’s sister son. He’s in ATL living good right now. I’ll hit the line as soon as I land cuz. Yep. Hey you! Sumbry, phone time! [Phone vibrating and music] Yeah. This is a prepaid collect call from an
inmate at correctional institution. To accept charges press 1. No! [Music] [Indistinct talking] [Inaudible] Yeah. Yeah I did that. I can’t stop, man. I ain’t going to stop. You know the little trick. I can’t stop, man. Fuck it. [Music] [Phone vibrating] Hello. This is a prepaid collect call from an
inmate at Correctional Institution. To accept charges press one. To refuse
charges.. Hello? Kira, look I know I’m the last person you want to hear from. Man, this nigga Twin is a savage! He really gonna call his bitch after he
scammed her? Too cold. Look, my lawyer said I can post bail after this court appearance. I promise I’ll make everything right when I get home. I don’t know what you’re… After all the things Twin put her through she could go off and blow up, but you catch more flies with honey. Bitch ass nigga Nick snitched on me. [Laughs] I can’t with ya’ll niggas! You knew the type of nigga he was, but you hung around him. that’s what your ass get. Look, fuck all that! Can you three-way somebody for me real quick? Really nigga? I promise I got you when I get home. Come on shorty! This better be quick, what’s the number?
1 5 6 bo 3 Shit. 2-1-5-6-4-3-7-4…. [Phone vibrating] Who the fuck is this? [Indistinct talking] Twin! What’s up boy? Ain’t no time for small talk nigga. Tell him that Nick snitched and you want to see did he call. No man! You for real bro? [Indistinct talking] I’m going to keep it real with you. He’s on his way to the airport right now. Right got damn now! [Indistinct] Get on it then. I’ll talk to you later my nigga. Alright! This nigga Nick snitching man! Bad news number one for Twin, I dipped on his ass. I’m gone! Bad news number two, his baby mama
dipped to. He got some good news though. He got a bond. You know that nigga didn’t waste no time he called Kira as soon as he got to a phone charger. And not for what y’all thinking. He had to make sure Kira wasn’t gonna talk to 12. That was gonna put more charges on him. He gotta try to smooth things out. [Music] [Knocking] [Music] Come on in. First of all where is your baby’s mom? I don’t have time for none of that today! [Inaudible] You ain’t got to worry about that. She’s not even here. Hmm. [Music] So can I get you anything? Look, I’m not gonna be here long. I just want what you owe me. Look, I’m sorry about what happened. I know I was dead-ass wrong. For real, but it was only business I promise! I just didn’t know I was going to catch feelings for you for real. You really expect me to believe that bullshit coming out your mouth? You feelings for me but you still robbed me? [Music] Then you tried to smash my cousin
or did you already? [Gagging] Man, it was just a job I told you! And the Ela thing… Fuck Ela! You fucked everything up! I told you I’ll make everything right. First thing tomorrow I’ll call me home girl. She does credit repair. Everything is going to be good, I’m telling you! I don’t trust you Twin! How do I know you’re serious? You know what, I don’t even bring police into my business but you brought this on yourself. Look, I just bonded out! If you call it’ll be extra charges. That’s bullshit! Whose fault is that? You were thinking about yourself, I got to think about me! Man, give me that phone! Get away from me, Twin. I can’t let you do that, man! Give me the damn phone Kira! [Music] Hey cuz! I just landed bro, I just landed
in the city. Soon as I hop off the plane I’m going to be knocking at your door. Be looking for me cuz. Have something rolled up for me to for real I got to smoke. [Music] Give me my phone! Chill out! Chill out Kira, come back to the house! [Thud] [Music] [Suspenseful music] [Gunshot] [Police siren] [Footsteps] [Police radio] He’s got a weapon! You’re going to get shot! Get down! Ugh! [Music] Ms. Phillips Do I know you? I’m the one that tried to contact you the other day. Shit, it’s this police chick that’s been calling me. Here we go. [Music] Listen, I’m not giving up no
statements I just want my life back to normal. I understand. No you don’t understand! Do you know what it feels like to be
labeled a snitch in your own hood? Kira snitched on Twin and she got Nick killed. I heard she’s selling pussy to. Nobody likes me! Everybody wants to fight me or kill me! I can’t even go to church! My pastor won’t let me in. To make
matters worse I’m not even a snitch! Well we know who the informant is . The informants Nick Shaw! Okay so why don’t you go get him? Because he’s dead! [Music and gunshot] Wait, what happened? They found him in Georgia with a big hole in his face! [Scoffs] Now you see why I’m not saying shit? [Scoffs] You told the police he tried to take your phone because you tried to call 9-1-1! No. I was going to file a police report to get my credit and finances back in order. I didn’t call 9-1-1 they came on their own. Really? Yes really. The lady or our neighbor saw me running. She called the police, they got him, he had a gun on him. Nothing to do with me. All I want… No, no. Bottom line is I’m not gonna be attached to nobody’s paperwork, okay. Do you know what it’s like to have a snitch jacket around here? Uh Uh I have to still live here. What if I say you can go to jail and your name’s already attached to the paperwork. Fraud is a serious offense. I’m the victim ma’am you sound stupid,
get out! don’t make a wrong decision. Get out! [Music] Man, I hate Twin, but I hate myself even
more for letting him in my life. It’s no secret I was using Twin, but what girl
doesn’t like to be spoiled? especially by your ex’s best friend. (laughs) No, no, okay let’s be serious. if you think Twin’s week was bad wait until you see mine. It started when I thought I got my old job back. [Music] Hey Donna. Look I’m sorry I’m running a
little late I’ll be there in 5. I just wanted to let you know that I really appre…. Hello? What the fuck? [Exhales] What the fuck! [Phone ringing] 9-1-1 what’s your emergency? Yes I’d like to report my car stolen. My name is Kira Phill… I’m so sorry, false alarm. [Indistinct] Okay, but what does that have to do with y’all taking my car? [Indistinct talking] I’m making the payments. I’m not even that far behind! [Indistinct talking] I was going to pay ya’ll! [Laughing] Hello? Hello? [Scoffs] [Exhales] It’s going to be okay Kira, everything is okay! [Phone ringing] Hello. Ela. Yeah. Ok I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. I really didn’t want to say nothing but you kind of owe me. I need a ride to work! [Indistinct talking] Really? It’s always an excuse with you, but you’re right. You’re absolutely right. [Exhales] Snitching and shit. Kira snitched on Twin and she got Nick killed. I heard she’s selling pussy to. [Indistinct chatter] Snitch. [Indistinct chatter] I’m so done with this. I need a vacation
and fast. [Music] But instead I’m rushing to a job I can’t stand. [Music] Shit, I forgot my work shoes, name tag and I forgot to put my jeans on. Man fuck this place it’s way too much going on. [Music] [Exhales] Something’s gotta give. I wish I could walk back in time and stop all this before it even happened. I’m the reason twin is here in the first place. I should have just told his ass no! Kira! What nigga? I need to ask you something real quick. My homeboy he going through something with his baby mama. He trying to get on his feet so I told him he can say with us for a little bit. That cool? What homeboy and for how long? My homeboy Twin. The one that does music. I told you about him before. But Just for a little bit. Maybe a couple weeks, a month, something. Just for a little bit. Don’t trip. Right, a little bit. That’s on you! [Music] [Rap music playing] Kira! Kira! Kira! [Music] What Nick didn’t tell y’all was I
was everything to him. I paid all the bills, bought all the food. [Music] Made wash his ass. Sex was lame so I always had to finish myself. So I had the right to say no. After he cheated with Ela that was my reason to cut him off for good. Nick needed me. I definitely did not need him. I just wish we didn’t live in the same
damn hood. [Music] [Music] damn it’s hot out here! [Music] Twin has the nerve to write me? I don’t
want to hear nothing that nigga got to say. It’s not going to change the fact
that I’m still in the debt he created. [Music] [Phone vibrating] Hello? Told your ass not to testify bitch! When Twin get out we’re coming to get your ass! [Laughs] Man, fuck you! Pull up! We’re going to get your ass bitch! [Music] [Eerie music] [Phone vibrating] Hello. Hello, this is a prepaid collect call
from an inmate at Correctional institution. This.. [Dial tone] [Classy music and chatter] [Phone ringing] [Phone vibrating] [Indistinct chatter] [Voicemail] Hello it’s Kira Phillips. You showed me a
house a couple years back. I actually found a house that I want to buy that’s under your care. I’m ready so I hope that you can give me a call back soon. Thank you! [Music] Took a couple years, but I finally
bounced back! got my finances back in order. No more drama. No more setbacks and I finally found a house I can afford. The only stress now is moving all these damn boxes! Hold up! Ya’ll the maybe daddy niggas, right? Yeah baby that’s us! Oh my gosh I watch your show all the time! For real? Mm Hmm! Damn you titty… I mean damn you’re pretty as hell. My bad baby. Mm hmm. What ya’ll niggas doing around here? We got a show tonight. We bringing maybe daddy to the city so we’re going to turn up tonight. Alright. Might well come out and fuck with us for real. Come out where? Shit, we’re going to be at the hotel. You feel me? We got a couple rooms at the hotel. At the spot. The hotel? Yeah! What about some food, out to eat and hit your blunt? What? Damn, don’t be pocket watching me man! Trippin’! [Indistinct talking] Fuck you niggas! One thing I never understood
about scammers. Why would fast money be worth your
freedom? The time you lose with your family, the stress you caused yourself and the victims isn’t worth it. Money means freedom, but if you’re making money that can take your freedom then what’s the point? I hope Twin feels like shit while he’s in prison I swear I better not ever see his face again. [Trunk closes] [Music] I’ve known you all my life. You’re not just gonna hang around a nigga you don’t like. You will when they pay for everything! Oh my gosh you are so wrong! [Laughs] [Music]

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  15. This is so relatable alot of ppl have dealt with certain situations throughout the movie similar thats why its so good

  16. fire it was hour long however too short cause this need to be a series . good production plots and breakdown taking over televison real life love in real senerios . so what misspell words i dont speck english but choclish

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