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Welcome to Cinema Summary, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I’ll be taking you through Polaroid
by Lars Klevberg, a movie about a young girl who gets an old polaroid camera with a dark
secret and darker past. Now just so you know I’ll be first be going
through the movie’s plot before talking about the movie’s monster, Harvey Weinstein,
the #MeToo movement, ghosts, and sort of how you could beat the monster because
believe it or not all these things tie together. Just so you know: Spoilers ahead, and without
Further ado: This is Polaroid (2019) Now as I said before its all about this young
girl named Bird Fincher, who for whatever reason has 2 bird names who one day gets
this inscribed old polaroid camera from her friend, Tyler, along with a case and some film.
They work in this old antique shop in somewhere like Nova Scotia or something, anyways She tries it on Tyler who comes on to her
but she runs home to prepare for a costume party because her friend, Kasey, that’s
her by the way, is all like “You know Connor? Y’know, Connor’s gonna be there, right?” and Bird’s all
like “….You know I’m usually awkward, a loner, and not really social but I’ll
come just this once…” and so she does. Going with her 2 other friends, Devin and
Mina, but as they get ready to leave, she sees the photo of Tyler she took from earlier
suddenly gain this shadow in it. So at this party, hosted by this nice…ish
girl named Avery, Bird runs into Connor, they talk, particularly about a creeper shot Bird
took of Connor who shrugs it off as no big deal. He’s ‘nice’ like that And then they get to talking about the camera
and Bird takes a photo of her friends and Connor but as she takes it, she feels this
sense of foreboding, like something’s wrong even though the photo is perfectly
fine and this feeling only gets worse after Avery grabs the camera and takes
an unimpressed selfie with it. And Avery’s got this real attitude problem which only
gets exacerbated by the fact the police are here and they want to talk to Bird Because as Bird finds out, Tyler has died
in the shop, all alone and there are no suspects that the police can finger. Which I think brings me to a good place to
talk about the actual beginning of the film. Y’see the first characters we see and actually meet
are these two teenagers whose only purpose in the flim is to introduce the camera, the
weird shadow in the photos, and the fact that after taking a photo, you can get killed by
a something. This girl’s camera had been sold off at
a yard sale where Tyler bought it, and brought it to the antique shop where he and Bird hang
out before ultimately giving her the camera. we actually see how Tyler died as he was at the antique shop testing out this projector only to get
killed by a bed sheet — well a something under the bed sheet, a something that was trying to
spook him in the photos that he was projecting These details themselves are actually a big
hint towards what this movie’s monster is and how it works though I’ll elaborate on
that later. So back home, Bird looks at the photos she
took to find the dark shadow is in the background of Avery’s selfie and she almost calls
Avery to tell her about it but doesn’t. And unfortunately for Avery, she’s next
and we see how this monster terrorizes her in her own house before it gets to her. The next day, Bird hears that Avery died falling
down some stairs, in a freak accident but Bird knows better. When she checks the photos again, she finds
the shadow has moved to the group photo taken at the party and she throws the camera against
the wall which doesn’t break it and instead unleashes this shockwave that knocks her to
the ground. And she tells her friends and Connor who kinda
just shows up at their lunch room table, about her idea: showing them the photos, pointing
out the shadow and theorizes that the shadow moving from photo to photo means that everyone
here at this lunchroom table is in danger. All because of this camera, which Bird believes
will kill whoever is in a photo taken with it And of course they don’t believe her, because 1) That’s a crazy idea, 2) This is just how these kinds of movies go down, and 3) Bird is a weirdo in general so whatever she says just doesn’t vibe well with anyone
except for Connor whose just a sweetheart. So Devin decides to burn the photos, thinking
that if they’re burnt then the shadow will be gone, they won’t die, and everyone lives
happily ever after. Which honestly is a great idea but as the
flames reach deeper into the photo, Mina’s arm catches on fire as if by magic along with
Kasey who begins to smoke up like a bonfire and to make matters worse: not even
a fire extinguisher can put out the flames. But with some quick thinking, Bird slaps the
fire on the photo away which causes the magical fire to stop and the photo heals itself. After dropping off Mina at the hospital to
get her burns checked up and leaving behind Devin and Kasey. Bird and Connor head to the antique shop where
the camera’s film and case were left with Bird sneaking inside as Connor waits in the car
with the camera which begins to emit this loud ringing noise and after shutting the
camera, he looks at the group photo and realizes somethings wrong just in time as Bird manages
to get the case and the film from the shop but runs into the shadow from the photo. Who for some reason is attacking her and once
she and Connor get away, she freaks out trying to understand why she’s being attacked if
she’s not in the photo. She wasn’t in the photo, right? Well actually, she was! Y’see her reflection was reflected
in a window in the group photo. So now much like highschool
musical they are now all in this together and, when Bird and Connor come back to the hospital they find out that Mina was killed and
her death is supposedly a suicide But the group knows better and don’t take
the news well, especially Devin who lashes out against Bird who is
already blaming herself for everything. And like in a way, yeah everything is her
fault but she didn’t know something like this would happen so she’s sort of innocent
which is basically what Connor tells her. It’s not your fault, you didn’t mean to do this. Which gets Bird opening up about her dad who
was a reporter before he died in a car accident that she had survived. So she
has survivor’s guilt which sucks! but thankfully they have their next clue:
An evidence locker tag dated back to October 1974. So the duo head to a library and
bring back some boxes from that date where they find old newspaper articles dated back then about 3 teens who were abducted and murdered by Roland Joseph Sable, a local photography teacher and who has the initials
RJS just like the camera. The same camera they now have which
Roland used to take photos of his victims before he killed them in a
local school’s darkroom. What a guy. So the kids meet up and talk about the Thing
that attacked Bird who proposes that since it was blurry and only encountered in the
darkness, it may be linked to the camera and the photos in a more literal sense: that is
to say it might be weak to light and fire much like polaroid photographs are. This would explain why it hasn’t shown up
yet to kill them in this well lit restaurant and Kasey proposes that ghosts showing up
in photos has been a thing for a long time and that things become cursed after being
near bad things like murderers for example. So maybe this Thing is the ghost of Roland
which actually has some historical or at least alleged basis. Now to go on a tangent, what I mean by that there are allegedly things that are haunted or cursed in reality One that might come to your mind is the infamous Annabelle doll that you might know of from the movie series which is based off an actual doll that’s
kept in a display case at the Occult Museum Another cursed item that’s actually associated
with a murderer, is the Busby Stoop Chair. It traces its history back to father-killer named
Thomas Busby who supposedly cursed the chair to kill whomever would sit in it. Since then, it’s had a history of killing
those who had sat in there as it was kept in a pub though its since been hung at the
Thirsk museum since 1978. As for why, well Mostly to stop people from sitting on it although
supposedly it was inspected by a furniture historian who said that the chair was made
138 years after Busby was hung. So the story is pretty full of it, but its
fun to think about. Though one final thing I want to talk about
is ghost photography. Historically, this has been a thing for a
while now wherein people spot wisps of an outline or a shadowy spectre in the background
of a photo and the one defining image of a ghost being captured on film that comes to
my mind is that of the Brown Lady of of Raynham Hall that haunts the eponymous building in
Norfolk, England who is said to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy Wadpole, the Sister of Robert
Wadpole, who died in the house due to smallpox. Though usually in older photos they look a
bit different, looking more wispy than shadowy. But if Roland is haunting the camera, the
question is why? Devin throws a hissy fit and gets photographed
which causes him to be the next victim and later he does get killed, and shortly after gets arrested by the local sheriff, who Connor and Bird try to tell him about the whole Sable thing but the Sheriff
tells them to drop the case which doesn’t work and the duo head to the house of Roland’s
widow, Leena Sable who tells them that the camera belonged to their daughter: Rebekah
Jane Sable, who was a victim of bullying and was traumatized and humiliated by 4 teenagers
at school who took photos of the deed which led to her taking her own life. So Roland went on a killing spree and killed
3 out of 4 teens who tortured Rebekah but he was discovered by the police and killed
in the dark room of the local school, with the camera in hand. So it’s all coming together: Roland is haunting
the camera and trying to find the last surviving teenager who tortured his child. So, Bird and Connor go to school to find a match for the face in the photo that was given to them by Leena Sable and discover that Sheriff Pembroke was the teenager who
got away. But they’re discovered by Sheriff Pembroke
with Kasey in cuffs. So to finally put Roland to rest and avenge
Rebekeh they take a photo of the last survivor who plot twist reveals that he and the teens
didn’t take those photos of Rebekah. Roland did, he had been abusing her for years,
and the 4 teens were trying to get her away from him but Roland snapped and came after
them which lead to Rebekah taking her life as she couldn’t’ deal with the guilt of
what happened to her friends. So Leena was lying which isn’t surprising
since she let Rebekah get abused but this means they got the wrong guy. And that’s when the Thing arrives looking
more like a human skeleton who brutally rips Sheriff Pembroke in half before chasing the
teens though Bird manages to come up with a solution to deal with the Thing. She runs downstairs into the school’s dark
room where she manages to get a photo of the thing and burns the photo, exorcising the
ghost at the cost of the two fingers that were in the photo and the film ends with Kasey,
Connor, and Bird surviving with our heroine tossing the camera into the drink. So before I begin to delve into explaining
what just happened and bouncing around some ideas I want to talk about the movie from
a more meta perspective very briefly. So hang on You see this movie was supposed to be released
in 2017 by Lars Klevberg, who based the movie off the short film of the same name
that was also directed by himself As for why it didn’t come, well it involves
the New York Times running their expose on Harvey Weinstein which made things difficult
for The Weinstein Company or TWC. You see, the Weinstein Company was releasing
the movie under their production company, Dimension Films, but they had to deal with
the whole MeToo movement which led to the film being removed from release schedules
and ending up in limbo as Weinstein’s company went bankrupt in 2018. So now, the film’s rights have been acquired
by Lantern Capital who entered an all-rights acquisition deal with Netflix which has finally
led to Polaroid seeing the light of day. With Polaroid theatrically releasing in Germany,
the UK, and the US in 2019. Now moving on to your more regular explained section:
The Thing in the Photographs or the Specter Or the ghost as you’ve probably figured out is heavily implied to be the ghost of Roland Sable. The murderous, psychotic, abusive, manipulative,
and all-around bad dad of the story. Who was haunting the polaroid camera due to
his spirit being linked to the gizmo as at the time of his death, Thereby cursing it with his evil spirit which
we think is out of a desire for vengeance but by the end its confirmed that he’s just
a murderous jerk who much like Krombopulous Michael from Rick and Morty:
Just love killing, and photography. Unfortunately, he gets killed before finishing
his business so he sticks around to get that one last kid who got away and, y’know later,
just killing people in general. As for why he takes on that form, it’s
linked to the way he died: in the darkroom chemical tub which affected his spirit as
we see: he develops much like a polaroid photo and he is weak to the same things that polaroid
photos are weak to: fire and light. And of course, we learn that there’s this
sympathetic bond, this physical connection with the subjects of a photograph and the
photograph itself kinda like how voodoo dolls can be used to hurt people as we see in the
lunchroom or the end. Now one last thing, I had some ideas someone
could use to try and deal with the monster. Not beat per say but use as a stop gap measure from dying or just protecting yourself long
enough for a permanent solution So the first idea goes like and it’s really simple: it’s just to go one of those places where the sun never sets such as Norway, Canada, Sweden, or Alaska. The logic being that if the monster can’t show
itself in the light, then during those times of the year when the sun doesn’t set, you
effectively have a way to protect yourself for 70 days give or take. Though it might not be financially possible
for Bird’s family as they are noted as being financially unstable. Another idea that’s kinda silly
but could work is to set up a bunch of night lights that all run on their own batteries
so that if the monster tries to knock out the power in the house, you still have those
other lights on, which should keep you guarded for a little while longer. This is especially true if you had a backup
generator of some sort or lit a bunch of candles. But that might, again, be a bit pricey to
employ or might not even work at all since Roland might be able to knock out power in
even a flashlight. I mean, if could knock out power in a
house, surely he could do it to a flashlight Then there’s this final idea that is completely
completely unethical but a bit more practical for BIrd and that is to take photos
of just people. Anyone. We saw that the ghost would attack people
in a group photo but would single out a target in a more recent photo so you could theoretically
take a group photo and just keep on doing that as the monster hunts everyone down one
by one until you can make it to Norway or Alaska. Though the obvious problem would be that sooner
or later you would run of film which could easily be solved by having new film delivered
to your house, though in Bird’s case the only thing stopping her there would probably be money although there are also other problems that
do make this rather impractical. But what do you guys think? Got any ideas for beating the monster? Think my ideas are stupid? What did you think of the movie? Let me know with a comment down below, and
with that said thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen. If you enjoyed the video leave a like down
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you when you’re doing it for the gram.

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