Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)

I could never find the right way to tell you Have you noticed I’ve been gone Cause I left behind the home that you made me But I will carry it along And It’s a long way forward So trust in me I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me And I know I’m not alone You’ll be watching over us Until you’re gone When I’m older I’ll be silent beside you I know that words won’t be enough And they won’t need to know our names or our faces But they will carry on for us And It’s a long way forward So trust in me I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me And I know I’m not alone You’ll be watching over us Until you’re gone And It’s a long way forward So trust in me I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me And I know I’m not alone You’ll be watching over us Until

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  1. Honestly this is the most beautiful, saddest song and video ever. I cry all the times I play it yet it gives me a good feeling about life, happiness. Its like Porter and Madeon made this song for me. I wish I meet the girl in my Virtual world.

  2. Poor girl when I first watched this I cried still cried no mom no dad to want to live there she is lonely 😩 I’m sad hope she feels better at least she is free

  3. I remember the first time I saw the video in 2016 and I cry, I look the video in this past years too, and even now, I still cry, is just so beatiful, thanks for creating this, is going to be in my heart forever.

  4. the ending really gave me goosebumps, so she still floating in space…all alone for eternity…really wanna give her a hug

  5. I still remember that day, 18th October 2016 the day when i watch this for the first time and i cry and now 14th October 2019 i watch this again and what I feel that day still feels today.

  6. If it became a movie:

    At first the girl wake ups in her normal old bedroom that she sees as normal. the little girl, always looks at her mailbox on her tablet to see if anyone has messaged her, but as always there was nothing. she likes drawing and whatever she draws on the tablet, it becomes real!
    Soon she becomes lonely, but not too much. The little girl thought she would make her own personal friend from her tablet, so she starts to draw. After she finishes making her friend, the friend becomes real and she plays with she, but she still felt that something was empty.. so she deleted her friend. as the friend was being deleted, the friend says
    "I'll be watching you from a far"
    As the friend smiles kindly while hugging the little girl as she gets deleted…
    The little girl thought it was wierd she said that, but she shrugged it off.
    As time passes by, the little girl plays with her tablet again and plays outside. As she does so, she notices a swing connected to a tree, so she goes closer to the swing, thinking of riding on it. But as her hand goes closer, she gets flooded with memories, she sees this man caring for her, spending every last moment of his life making her Happy, she realizes that it's her father. Her father haves her gifts For example giving gifts, visiting different places with her. But the little girl realizes from the news in her memories, that Pluto (or some kind of planet) will hit earth, destroying every last bit with it including humanity. But before that happens she sees her father doing some wierd ass technology shit, making her confused, as well as the writer.
    She sees her and her father seeing the planet up close, and next seeing her father opening a space kind of thing, that's big almost the size of an adult elephant. And she sees her.. umm excuse me, ahem stripping her (come on guys PG 13?) And putting her in the space thingy looking like a shelter. (hehe)
    The little girl flies off into space while being in coma and never seeing her father again…
    The little girl notices that, she was never always lonely, and had amazing father that obviously deserves an "best-father-of-the-year" Award, and cared for her so dearly, to the point of making her send off to space in a space ship being lonely for the rest of her life, that may cause her to have a crippling depression.
    Anyways the little girl loves her father very much and misses him so dearly and wanting to see him once again talking to him… But, she couldn't because her father didn't existed anymore.. so she was left alone in a space ship crying and missing her father.

    But in the end she'll just die anyway, one way or another.

  7. Me: "I'm not going to cry."
    My eyes: ಥ_ಥ
    Me: "Oh no you don't!"
    Punches tears back into eyes
    Tomorrow everyone will be asking why I have two black eyes.
    I will make up a story about fighting a water demon.

  8. First time here, can't believe i missed this jem, I found out about this on angel voices in the comments talking about this on beat saber.

  9. Extraño :vv a mi ex de hace 1 año xd auq ahora tengo 2 novios xd :vv la cancion mw recuerda a el… :c … no puedo ser feliz.. sin ti.. xdxd

  10. I can only listen alone because I don't know how many people will listen to this song, they will laugh at me :(( Best song ever ( 14/10/19 )

  11. October 2019, anyone still listening, watching and having felt like someone is cutting onion and yur heart got hit by a feel train??

  12. 2019 ยังฟังอยู่นะเเละยังฟังทุกวันเลยครับ ไม่พลาดเเน่นอน จะผ่านไปกี่ปีก้อยังฟังอยู่นะ

  13. Gruesome…the home, the family, the friends. It is all gone&past in this video… Everything the girl lived&loved is a lie… ;(

  14. I wonder if there is anyone who questions the fathers morals. Yes he saved her from death, relieving his sense of parenthood; but at the same time it seems selfish to get that satisfaction by subjecting your daughter to a lifetime of loneliness.

  15. It's been 3 years and Shelter is still beautiful.

    However am I the only one who think that his father is really cruel? He's basically giving his daughter fate worse than death

  16. 0:02
    kono sake ni, nani ga arundaro? Itsukara ga, kangai na kanata
    kangai kata
    soresurawa surete shimata no kamo
    kawara nai
    jibun dake no sekai ga mainichi ga tsuzuite iku
    demo, sabishiiku wanai
    totekoto nainda

    omoide ga kanashikoto datta toshite mo
    shinjite susundeikun da
    sabishiisawa shiteshimate
    kuziki sou ni na temo
    anata no okage de
    omoida shite
    tsuyoku narerunda
    hitori janai tte
    anata no okage de


  17. Can someone explain this short to me I don’t really get why ppl are so attached to this I get that it’s good and emotional but i wasn’t as sad as I was expecting to be

  18. How have I not been made aware of this apparently extremely popular music video until just now? 47 million views and I've never even heard of it. The fuck, youtube?

  19. Salut à tous …
    comment vous dire ce que je ressent en écoutant cette musique… c’est indescriptible, c’est un mélange de nostalgie et de bonheur je trouve que c’est un chef-d’œuvre de la musique électronique et qu’elle est parfaitement compatible avec ce mini film bref quand je l’écoute les larmes me viennent et je ne sais quoi dire … à part que j’adore ça ! Au revoir et passez tous une bonne journée, soirée semaine année

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  22. When the only thing you care about is about to vanish.. What would you do keep them…? Obsession and Love .. are one in the same only defined by others eyes.

  23. Everyone Notice That This music Video Complete 3 Yrs.
    Still Love This Song 💕 💕 beautiful Story Of Father & Daughter 😢💖✌🏼

  24. Happy 3rd birthday, Rin! May you continue to touch and inspire people with your story and innocence.

    A little over a year ago, I found this video and as much as I loved it, I couldn't bring myself to believe this was where it ended. I wanted to know what happened next. I wanted there to be a way Rin could find greater happiness. I wanted closure. Porter Robinson has yet to continue the story and, much to my dismay, I couldn't really find a good fanfic for Shelter. So, with great resolve, I began working on my own.

    The story I've been working on continues Rin's journey, based on my interpretation of the animation. Although I've extensively researched the animation, my story is nothing more than a single possibility for those of you who want to cling onto the hope that Rin can realize her destiny in the emptiness of her imaginary world. The story revolves around clues left behind in the animation, such as: Why does Rin wear that black dress that one time? Why is Shigeru's (her father) head cut out from the picture of his family? What is Rin listening to on her headset? What's in the book Shigeru is holding when he sees his daughter off? Where is Rin's shuttle headed? Why was Tokyo destroyed before the meteor was able to crash into Earth?

    If you're interested, please visit my modest DeviantArt page and read what I've been working on for the last year. Thank you for your time.


  25. Whoa, it's Oct 18, 2019, and I'm writing this comment exactly 3 years after the video's upload date… Noticed that just before I started writing this comment. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience watching this video. I stumbled upon it accidentally a few days ago on my YouTube Music app while I was browsing for stuff to listen to. The anime thumbnail made me curious, so it was just a random click. To be honest, I initially thought maybe it was a fan made music video for some anime I hadn't recognized. As I let the video play, I found the song was catchy, and visuals were beautiful. I listened to and watched the whole thing while being a bit distracted by other things, then went on to the next song. Didn't think too much of it, but I was moved enough to want to watch/listen again later in a private setting so I could understand it better.

    Few days passed, then last night it, again, popped up in my recommendations while I was browsing, so I clicked again. I listened on repeat the first 3 times last night (tho still in a somewhat distracting activity, as I was trying to cook lol). Then, this morning, I decided to watch it on YouTube because the song got stuck in my head. When I finally sat down and watched the video in full, being totally immersed and intently paying attention to what was going on, I was moved to tears. This is a beautiful video! Especially finding out this animation is made for the song itself! The story, which is both sad, yet optimistic, the beautiful animation and visuals, the lyrics, the song, it's all wonderful and blends together so well!

    I went on to see other YouTubers reacting to it, and realized how popular this became. So yeah, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't know anything of this song until 3 years later, but very happy to have discovered it now 🙂 Btw, it's made me cry more than once :') I don't usually like sad stories unless they have some inspiring message behind them. This story, though somewhat sad, feels hopeful and meaningful.

    The ending, initially, troubled me, but later I was more focused on the message of how our memories can make us stronger, and keep those we love with us. We carry on, not just with our lives, but with our hopes to arrive at a better place. The memories become our strength to move forward to new worlds, which I feel Rin will find, eventually. Even if that is not the case, her father, at the very least, gave her one last gift with his love. I'd like to hold on to the hope, however, that one day, Rin will awaken in a new world where she can live happily and have a family of her own. That is what the message is about, right? Keeping hope, love, and memories alive, and moving forward into the future. So yeah, the ending is left open for us to interpret in our own way, and therefore, I will remain hopeful for Rin.

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