[ HEAVY BREATHING ] [ EXPLOSIONS ] – When two empires
delcare war… neither side is innocent. – You’re still a traitor,
you worthless- – We were children,
asked to fight an intergalactic war against
an enemy we’d never met. Let’s stop pretending “our” side
stood on some moral high ground. – What do you want, Rocky? – Where’s Tommy? – Tommy Oliver is a ghost.
You’ll never find him. – I don’t even know
where he- – Bullshit is an ugly color
on you. – I prefer pink. – If dying is what you choose
to do here today… I would prefer you did it
with your dignity intact. – How soon after the truce did
you turn? Did you even wait until
we were disbanded? – Once the Machine Empire
integrated their technology into our society, I knew what
we’d bled for was gone. – So you stabbed us
in the back. – I followed the only rule worth
following in this fuck storm, I made sure I was on
the winning side… Which is why I’m sitting here
and you’re chained to a chair. Comfortable? – You were never really
one of us. – Thank you. Who would’ve thought weaponizing
youth and training them to kill would
have turned out so ugly for so many? – We were a team.
We fought for each other… You never understood that. – Let’s talk about Jason… – What about him? – You were married to him,
weren’t you? – For eight hours. – You know why they did it? – Got a little tired of being
made fun of by you cunts. – You sold us out. – Machine Empire
had better meth. That was all it took. – You know what happens to a dog
that chases cars and finally catches one? – It doesn’t end well
for the dog. – Let’s move on to Zack,
shall we? – Good kid. Fit.
Little hyperactive. You know where
he ended up? – About those Hip Hop
Kido tapes… – Hip Hop–Let’s go. Heals.
Abs. Abs. Bring ’em up. Work it! Punch!
Work it! Let’s go! – He knew it was bullshit,
but the public ate it up. But it was never about
the money for him. He was addicted to the action.
That was his outlet. – And you think peddling
false hope to fat kids is enough to scratch that itch? Y’know he joined
the Machine Empire? Didn’t even have to
recruit him. He was so hungry
for a battlefield, he volunteered to help sweep up
what ever resistance was left. [ SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE ] – Morphin time. [ MUSIC ] – Most people play the odds. But then there are those rare
few who just don’t feel alive unless the odds are stacked
completely against them. – I knew you’d get me. It’s all good. Get on with it. – It’s tough, seeing your
friends murdered, one by one… Especially by one
of your own… – What the fuck are you
talking about? – Think about it. Rita made Tommy
to fight against us. Then he betrayed her,
switched sides, and when she try to kill him,
he lost his power, gained it back– only to see a fucking treaty
signed? I’m glad I’m not his shrink. Say what you like
about the machines, at least they’re consistent. – What does this have to do
with me? – Tommy’s always been
hung up on you. – Yesterday Tommy paid a visit
to Billy Cranston. But don’t worry, I think
we all know it’s unlikely you fucked him too. – …our alliance with the
Machine Empire will bring a new level
of synergy within Cranston-Lockheed Martin. We will be mass producing our
signature Blade Blaster weapons within inital order of 1.6
trillion euros from Soviet Europe. – Dammit, Billy. What did you do? – You’re out of your mind… Tommy didn’t kill any of us.
He’s a Ranger. You just forgot what that means. – Why do you think they gave
these powers to kids? Hmmmmm? – Because we were the only ones
who could defeat Rita and her- – You are NOT that stupid! For fucks sake, pull your shit
together and start thinking for yourself. For once in your life! You’re not a little girl
anymore. Now where’s Tommy? – Go fuck yourself. – You think you’re defending
something worthwhile… I get that. – But technology?
The Machines? They always win… – I told you, I haven’t seen
Tommy since the last time- – One last warning. Every move we make leaves a
footprint. – Trina’s funeral. – While the government
was negotiating the treaty, we were burying our own. I saw him for a moment,
and then he was gone. It’s been years. – You’re telling the truth. The machines are never wrong. Told us exactly
what you would know. – So… you lose. – Oh Kimmy…you really just
don’t get it, do you? We never needed you as a
witness. You, my dear…are bait. [ GUNFIRE ] [ MUSIC ] – Who are you? – I’m Kimberly. – No.
You’re not. – I held Kimberly
in my arms when she died. So I’m going to ask
one more time. Who are you? – Kill. Stick. Drown. Sleep. Shoot. Don’t you remember me darling? I’m the one who turned you a
Power Ranger in the first place? I’ve killed them all
and now the world is ours. [ SCREAM ] – Rita… [ SCREAMS ]

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  1. What a shitshow. So much blood and cussing destroyed whatever this could have been. Shame. No wonder Jason David Frank (Green/White Ranger) disliked this. Kids series turned into a lame adult fan-film.

  2. I didn't like that movie any way first of all zordon and Rita repulsa were not ever friends those who watched every episode of the mighty morphin power rangers knows this they basically ruined my childhood that movie is an abortion

  3. Q: Any last words?
    A: project ____ inject me..
    And the computer does it was nice as hell check it out 414 Milwaukee Wisconsin

    3 6 1989 fan film or something

  4. Is there a soundtrack for this film somewhere? The final fight music between Tommy and Rocky is badass and I want to listen to it without the sound effects!

  5. As cool as this is, I understand why Saban wants this down. It’s a raw take on the series that doesn’t look good for the brand, especially when you consider the target audience for those shows. Not saying I don’t like it, but it just feels like the Power Rangers are being slapped onto a whole different world. Power Rangers is iconic because it’s cheesy fun.

  6. This is way better than the movie, it had its own potential in my opinion. It really did but the suits, zords, ruined it for me it geared towards kids of today, these millennials ruined something that was not for them. We actually need a rated R version and this would gear to fans 30-40 and really like that they kept costumes original too. I thought the movie was garbage and an overrated trailer. These costumes should have been in the movie, and not by kids, they should have used grown adults that were around 6"6 to look bigger.

  7. sigh….
    man such a fucking shame the "official" movie is a bad joke and so bad I've read ingredient lists with better writing

  8. I wouldn't categorize this as a "fan made" movie. Adi has a budget and a pretty damn good vfx team. He is also a producer of some big movies and shows.

  9. Soo the machine empire gave us massive amounts of unnecessary screens everywhere and better meth. Yeah, I'm certain we'll get there on our own.

  10. I think I saw this for the first time 2 ta 4 years ago, and I really wish they could of made a full length movie out of this! Best power ranger any thing iv ever seen!!

  11. I don't understand why fan films from copyrighted material has to always be excessively violent.
    It is so gritty it falls of the idea of the original, way too much. Instead of being mature it is just silly.

  12. The only part I hate about this was when the megazord was destroyed. It could've put up more of a fight against that robot.

  13. the tone of this movie really sums up players of Battle for the Grid, savage, dominating, purging humanity from the face of the earth, rot in hell where you all belong

  14. Not gonna lie, I've been a big fan of this. It feels like they're trying too hard to make this for older fans. I think the comics did the best job of keeping the essence of Rangers but making it for an older audience.

  15. Has great potential to be a really bad ass Power Ranger movie because it’s not so kid friendly that’s one of the things I like about this Short film but they really could’ve done without the guns just killing all the Rangers that part to me was just pointless and stupid This still could’ve been a really bad ass short Power Ranger film without the guns and killing off the other Rangers

  16. Everyone in the comment section seems to miss the point of this film. The point is that this is a parody of griddy reboots. The director said this himself on reddit. This film is edgy to the point where it almost loses it’s identity of Power Rangers all together. Everyone keeps saying that it’s a good idea to have the black ranger snort cocaine, this is supposed to be enjoyed ironically, not unironically. Why would anyone think that this would be a good idea? My point is that this movie is a supposed to be parody of those edgy Hollywood reboots, but everyone seems to miss the point and instead praise it for being edgy.

  17. Power rangers was meant to attract a younger audience, this was good yes, but their target market is for kids not us adults.

  18. This is what you show those fans who want power rangers to be mature like hardcore mature and it shows here that it's kinda of a stupid idea. Im not shitting on this because the cinematography and action was amazing but the concept was stupid and i felt the write and directors knew that and i love them for that

  19. Top10 favorite fan films
    Dragon ball light of hope
    Never nike alone
    Batman dead end
    Pokemon apokelipze
    Spider-Man eclipse
    Justice league dawn of apokolips
    Vader shards of the past

  20. Ok first off wow and how was this not the movie they made they other one is like a 4 compared to this one this one is a hands down better and It came out four years ago before the one that came to theaters how do u not try to top this

  21. I can imagine David Ayer directing this as an actual movie, if you are curious just watch Sabotage and Bright to know what i'm talking about.

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