Hey what’s up guys, I’m Ryan Welcome to this video! Today we’re going to have a look at the Vivibright GP 90 Android
projector (Auto-generated subtitles, incorrect words or sentences may appear) OK, let’s have a look on what’s inside Remember guys this is real size LED
projector with a native resolution of 1280 x 800 so it’s a real HD 720p came with the owners manual in
English, also cleaning cloth, AV adapter cable, remote control, power cable and
the a VGA cable to plug to your laptop and this is it this is the project itself.
Massive one! there’s some vents on the side, infrared on the front, you have your
focus and the Keystone adjustment, in the back you have the headphone jack, AV
plug, another infrared controller, 2 USBs 2 HDMIs, Ethernet and a VGA port. On the
sides more vents, on the top you have the the controllers the usual menu up-down
left-right okay back and the power button Lens cover Spec wise this is a very powerful unit
with 3200 lumens, 30,000 hours of LED lamp life, 1080p ready, it can project up
to 180 inches screen size. Yeap, for a budget projector these specs are not so
bad! Okay let’s test this! Vivibright logo when you turn it on. This particular
one is the Android version so you are presented with a menu. I’m
going to speed the video up a bit Quick look at the settings; screen
resolution, screen position, HDR Sorry if this is a bit boring… and this is the
version let me show you the quality of the image the brightness is amazing! Remember this
is a budget projector and yeah the image is very sharp. I’m impressed! Um, let’s have a look at the Netflix
let’s play something. Let me pick this one and kill the background music now you can control the volume from your remote. Yeah not bad, not bad at all! Screen size at the moment is around 80 inches as you
can hear the fan from the projector it it does make a bit of noise
that’s my only complaint so far, the sound is coming from the internal
speaker. Okay, let’s stop this let’s pick another title I read they improve then the noise of
the fans in the GP 100 which is the next model up. I never tried so don’t take my
word for it. I will leave a link in the description for that model as well This model brings the HappyCast, which is a mirroring system for the Android and iOS. For some reason it didn’t work with
my iPhone but to be honest with you I didn’t spend too much time with it This was recorded the day after. I’m
sorry if the video is a bit shaky because I put the camera on top of the
projector which is vibrating a bit, so sorry for that. Quick look at the
settings of the projector itself. You have the picture menu, where you can set
the contrast brightness colour sharpness etc colour temperature aspect ratio, and noise reduction. Next to
that we have the sound l Language settings, rotation settings blending. Next menu is for software update. Of course you can play anything from a flash drive or
portable hard drive from the USB I couldn’t play some of some of these
files for some reason, could be the codec but this one I can play, this is a 1080p again the sound is coming from the
internal speaker of the projector now let’s try the Xbox using HDMI
connection This is
amazing if you bring friends over play some games my skills though…. yeah really really nice
to play on the big screen! Look at this!! Wow Moving on to another game, Forza 6. Need to try the 7. Yeah again really really good. I’m impressed with
this projector! and that’s it’s!! Thank you very much for
watching there is a link in the description for
this projector. This is my first video with voiceover, I’m not a native
English speaker so don’t be too harsh on me.
Subscribe to my channel, stay tuned for more videos like this. This is part of
the Home Tech series, normally I do car stuff. If you liked this video please give
it a thumbs up! Took me a while to do it and again Thank you for watching!

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  1. Hello! Could you play content through Netflix app on the projector using only the remote. thanks

  2. Hey ryan i got the android version and im waiting for it to come in, and i was wondering if you know if the software can be updated im assuming it can since its listed as 4.4 and yours is 6.0??

  3. Have a look at this one, sometimes it’s cheaper!!! VIVIBRIGHT GP100 Projector – ANDROID VERSION https://goo.gl/t6vDyF

  4. como está este projetor hoje ?? Dizem que ele pifa ou aparecem manchas na tela bem antes de 10.000 horas … Então pelo custo/benefício se torna caríssimo comparado a um projetor Epson que dura mais de 10 anos trocando apenas a lâmpada

  5. Não comprem na gearbest, recentemente comprei um projetor gp100, o mesmo foi entregue quebrado… até hoje, nao consegui resolver o problema, o gearbest fica protelando, colocando dificuldade… infelizmente, fiquei no prejuizo… Gearbest nunca mais!

  6. passei todas as informaçoes, as fotos e video comprovando que o produto chegou danificado, e mesmo assim, nao consegui resolver
    Prezado Vanderlei, Segue informações solicitadas:
    Número do pedido:
    Nº de pedido: 18091400954415425797
    Forma de Pagamento: boleto R$ 763,39 documento Número de Identificação: 10490.01918 18138.700002 02001.816764 8 00000000000000 código bancário 0000016
    Taxa alfandegaria: Número da DIR (Declaração de Importação de Remessa) 180003937721 Imposto de Importação
    Imposto sobre circulação de mercadorias e serviços R$ 267,76
    Serviços Postais R$ 15,00
    Total R$ 282,76
    Nome do destinatário:ÉRICO LIMA SOBRINHO
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Erico Sobrinho Please help me…

  7. is the brightness adjustable? can we still see the words (for presentation) in a room with a minimum light ? any difference between GP 90 & GP 100? i heard GP 100's fan is very noisy.

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