PowerPoint Magic: Playing Embedded Video With A Remote

PowerPoint Magic: Playing Embedded Video With A Remote

Hi This is Stefan Drew and today I’m going to
show you some PowerPoint Magic …. how to start embedded video with a remote control This is very useful when you can’t get back
to the laptop to click on the video you’ve embedded in PowerPoint, especially if you
are like me and like to wander around the room when you are delivering presentations. The secret of being able to start the embedded
video with a remote lies in correctly installing the video and the instructions you give for
it to play. Do it incorrectly and either the video will
not play or will only play if you click on to the embedded video. The really cool way
to do this is to have it play when you click on the remote without having to point at the
video first. The first thing you must do is to ensure the
PowerPoint presentation and video are both in the same folder. If you embed the video
and then take the presentation to another laptop, on say a memory stick, but don’t have
the video on the same stick the two cannot connect and play. So ensure both are in the same folder and
then play the presentation right off the memory stick. The exact way you embed the video will depend
on the version of PowerPoint you use. In my version I use the following commands Insert / Movies & Sounds / Movies from File But your version may have slightly different
wording. I’ve now tried it on other versions and although the commands are worded slightly
differently the principle is the same As you will see I’m inserting a video file
called Playful Leopard Once you have added the video you get this
screen that asks “How do you want the movie to start” Click the button that says “When clicked” Now if you look at the right hand side of
the screen you’ll see a box labelled “Custom Animation”. Most people don’t realise it but to get a
video to play on a click you use the Animation controls in PowerPoint. You’ll see the word “Trigger” followed by
“Play” and the name of your video. Below this is the name of your video. Right Click here and down comes dropdown box
where you can determine the action that will “trigger” your video. In this case I’ve actioned
the “One Click” button So now when I make my presentation and move
to the slide with the embedded video it will show as a black box. To get it to play all
I need to do is to click my remote (or mouse if preferred) and the video plays. There are some other magic things you can
do here including starting with a blank screen without the black box showing and use the
remote to display the video on a click … and even set it up to play automatically as soon
as it appears. You can also programme the video to play full size rather than as a thumbnail
as in my embedded video. I’ll perhaps demonstrate this in a future
video. In the meantime enjoy PowerPoint Magic with
your audience. And if you’ve enjoyed this video please like
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  1. Thanks. Life saver… I just needed to make it advance after 1 second to move on after the video ends. 🙂

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