Prada Nylon Farm – The Film

Prada Nylon Farm – The Film

Nylon Protocol, control number 22. New anomaly detected in the Farm. I’m going there now. Access granted. Admin access granted. Open DOT5 parameters. Anomaly identified. It looks like a GPY script error. I’ll need to reset the scripts manually. I am heading to the stable. Good morning. Good morning. P-06 restored. I’m returning to the base. Nylon Protocol, control number 23. New anomaly detected in the Farm. Admin access granted. The anomaly appears to be coming from the shearing sector. Admin access granted. Good morning. Good morning. Could you keep the system locked while I reset? UD321 is locked. Restarting in 3… 2…1 Launch diagnostic. Thanks. Failure resolved, return to base. The W32 – machine is not functioning and has stalled the entire process. I am heading to the threading sector. Good morning. I’m getting used to having you here. Let’s hope it’s the last time. I’d like to ask you some questions later for the report. I am at your disposal. Thanks. Proceeding with the master reboot. Rebooting all systems in 10… 9… 8… 7… Operation successful. System restored. Good evening. On April 23rd there was a 0.03 power outage, did you notice it? Yes, I knew what the problem was when I saw the roots. I am not sure why the system reported it the way that it did. Could it have caused the malfunction? It’s hard to say with the information in my possession. Though you may want to manually check the S342? The security system? We checked this in remote, there are no anomalies detected. I’t’s impossible that…
– Incoming call from headquarters. Thanks for your co-operation. I have to go. Nylon Protocol, control number 25 under way. There is an anomaly in the finishing section. I am heading there now. HK33 restored. Admin access required. Show files for 03/07. Show recordings for 02/06. Displays the personal recordings of operator F84-C1. Possible cause of anomalies found. False alarm. No causes detected. Just a glitch in the system.

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