Prego – Award Winning Short Comedy Film (Usher Morgan)

Prego – Award Winning Short Comedy Film (Usher Morgan)

I’m pregnant Oh yeah, it’s pretty pleasant… Fancy. can I get you anything else? No. We’re good. Thank you. She’s cute. I wonder what her deal is. what? I’m pregnant Hey! Wow! Congratulations! Who’s the lucky dad? You are. [laughs] No… seriously Pregnant? Yes. Pregnant. What do you mean pregnant? How are you pregnant? You’re kidding, right? [sipping loudly] hmmm… mmm… this is good coffee Hey! Do you… do you get what’s going on here? What? I’m pregnant! So? So? So, it’s yours what do you mean so? Mine… Yeah! What’s mine? The baby Hey dad! I’m gonna burn your fucking house down! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! You’re pregnant Yes! And… it’s… mine… It’s yours alright… Are you sure? Can you double check? Oh my God! Oh! How could I let this happen? [music] I think I’m ready to settle down… with someone else… I’m breaking up with you You know what? Fuck em’ Woo! Girl… Power [moaning] Oh my God! Shut up! Ah! Oh! When will death take me? Say… How the hell are we going to raise a baby? hmmm…. Give it breast milk… …and plenty of sunlight, I’m sure it will be fine It’s not a fucking plant You give your plants breast milk? Okay, you know what? You’re a real asshole Why? You’re not taking this shit seriously! You and I are about to have a baby, my friend. A real life fucking baby. Now I need you to man up and take some responsibility because I am not raising a kid by myself Now I need to know, right now! Are you in? or are you out? Hey dad! Let’s smoke this shit! I’m in! Count me in! Okay… You’re in… That’s… It’s good. So how much money do you have? Why? You want money now? How much do you want? I was hoping that you… …was going to pay for lunch No, asshole! How much money do you make? What do you do for a living? I used to be a food tester, but that didn’t pan out Food tester? Really? Yeah, I did quality control for a food company What company did you work for? Petco Petco? As in the dog food company? No, this one didn’t have a license Oh, but you were eating dog food for a living? Dog food… Cat food, Fish food, bird food, all kinds That is disgusting on so many levels! Well, it’s irrelevant. They had to shut us down Apparently some dogs died of food poisoning… PETA labeled our food as a form of “animal abuse” I don’t know… I liked it. Look lady! 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first year We had a good month [music] [inaudible] Hold it! Did you just call me “lady”? What’s my name? [playful music] Question mark? Oh… Oh! I’m go… I’m gonna… I’m gonna kill him I’m gonna… I’m gonna kill him, I’m gonna… Dude! Calm down! What’s your problem? My problem? You really don’t get my problem? You’re broke You have no income, no future, no prospects no fucking sense of reality And I? am pregnant! with a baby! Your baby! Your fucking baby! Babies cost money… Babies need care, they need a mom and a dad and you are weird as hell! and… and… we’re dealing with a human fucking life here, what the fuck is the matter with you! goddammit! I knew it… I knew that this was going to happen… I’m going to have to raise this baby all alone and… …and I can’t… I can’t… I… Okay, okay, okay! hey, hey, hey… Don’t cry… You’re right… I’m sorry… I’m just a little freaked out, is all This is a lot to handle on a Sunday morning it’s Wednesday! Whatever… Look… You won’t have to raise this baby alone I’ll… help you with whatever… And… I’ll be there for you… every step of the way You have my word You take care of the bills… and the money… …and all that stuff and I’ll have… an unlimited …tainted, dog food supply we’re in this together… I’m Mark by the way Emily It’s a pleasure So… Are you okay? mm? Yeah! Sure! Okay! Look… I’m going to take a piss… and when I come back we’re going to sit down and talk details I want to know… everything! Do you have a bathroom here? Down the hall, to your left Oh! That dick!

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  1. 9 minutes in and I'm wondering why abortion was never brought up as an option. She's not mature enough to handle the situation she helped create, she expects a one-night stand guy whose name she didn't even know to step up and solve the problem. He's emotionally unavailable and young enough that he doesn't want to throw his life away on a kid that might not actually be his, as far as he knows. Religious undertones weren't there, so there's no reason to assume she is.

  2. Well sad story, but not representative of all stories. Most men are responsable for it's actions but not for the actions of idiots like this.

    And that's what this video tries to depict, sorry but I have no compassion for cunts like men and woman like this.

  3. Quite educative. However, this is poorly directed and longer than necessary. A few concerns on scripting and change of scenes.

  4. God he reminds me so much of a cousin of mine it's plain frightening, but he is an 'older' millennial and I'm middle aged. He even has the same facial expressions..

  5. I'm thinking women are getting want they want. I mean, look at the new murder, I mean, 9th month abortion laws in NY. VA. just tried pulling a stunt to make it ok to kill, er, abort a baby, er, cell grouping as late as during birth. Fathers have no say in whether or not a woman keeps a baby. Ironically, fathers have no say whether or not they have to pay for that baby after its born. Women don't want equal rights. They want superiority. Kind of like a lot of the minorities in this country. The guy in this video wouldn't even have had a choice if abortion were the girl's go to here. Sure, he didn't want any art if it but that's not always the case. This video has a lot going and I'm glad it was made.

  6. I hope the reaction of "running away from responsibility" doesn't happen in real life. Looks like the young lady is on her own which is better than having a partner consistently resistant to owning up and helping. The viewers are left at the end imagining where Emily's life went from there. How many babies come into the world under adverse conditions, without prospective parents having adequate support? Financial resources are only one piece of the puzzle. Who's going to care for the child? What a dilemma. All high schoolers should see this short film to be aware of the possible consequences of their actions BEFORE they entangle themselves sexually with another person. This movie would make a start of a great group discussion. ☮️

  7. Whatever happened here is not good in reality. But it's just a story no worry. Take it as a story of two funny people. you will get all jokes in this story. 😂 😂

  8. The script seems fine. Not funny, not interesting, nothing new. But it's a clear A to B story. But the editing is terrible. All jokes fall completely flat because the camera lingers on everything. A comedy is supposed to be fast and interesting. This editing makes all scenes so boring instead. At least add energy to it. An editor needs to take this and cut 2 minutes away from it without removing anything. That way it will be much more interesting to watch.

  9. Dude is a Usain Bolt, Master Jedi, 10th degree Jeet kune do black belt at defusing chick drama. Surely there must be some badass Nordic or Egyptian god named after this guy.

  10. If they give me 1 million dollars i dont sleep with this guy coz he is so ugly and she is pregnant from him

  11. Im sorry but this is the worst short film ive ever seen. The joke is so repetitive and soooo unfunny its cringy and ironic. The acting is so bad that even if i tried hard to understand this, i would just assume the guy is high and the other girl is retarded

  12. Oh my god. This is actually very. very. irritating. Okay I chuckled at the weed part. The rest is just sad because it's so true.

  13. She is so beautiful I would have married her at the drop of a hat and happily lived on dog food for the rest of my life.

  14. She is so beautiful I would have married her at the drop of a hat and happily lived on dog food for the rest of my life.

  15. What the crap load of shit did I just watch?

    But yeah, this is an accurate representation of what the cock carousel produces: narcissistic single mothers. Gross.

  16. 7:58
    What's my name????
    – qUeStIoN mArK !!!!
    I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Emily dodged a bullet when he cut and ran – maybe she'll have better luck with the DNA test. Hope the child is not as stupid and self-absorbed as the "father." Not a comedy – this is just another episode of the "They Walk Among Us" Series sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not and the "Why Did I Do It With Him?" Collective.

  18. Something totally wrong with this, they are millennial's and she has no phone in her hand? What! She should have taken selfies of the two of them, grabbed his cup for fingerprints and maybe take his phone. LOL The end was predictable and the take is good — don't get drunk and do one night stands. That was a 2 am pickup and only the dogs were left. She got a real looser and he might have done her a favor by running, she deserves better. The other take from doing 2 am pickups, You deserve better.

  19. He's not coming back. She's eating the… Yup he's running. She should have killed him when she had a chance.

  20. Very funny. I liked the character of Mark – his cluelessness was disarming somehow. Well-delivered script. Loved this. The ending kind of predictable but funny nevertheless.

  21. If she were OK with older men, I would take care of her and his kid too. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one. Jerkhead did her a favor.

  22. They were great. What did she expect when he went to the john…… He certainly wasn't man enough to deal with the situation.

  23. I thought the guy was going to turn out to be a little bit simple, and he WAS being serious, he just didn't have the faculties to grasp the situation. It's not like she checked his school record, or held any meaningful conversation beforehand.
    That could have actually turned out to be funny if they handled it in a positive way, but no, he was just playing dumb till he could do a runner.
    So now, the only thing that makes this movie even remotely worth watching, is how cute she is.

  24. Please. Does any one know the name of the song that plays in the end of video??? If any one does, please share

  25. I don't like too much arguing.
    It's suposta be a comedy?
    Arguing is not funny to me, it just makes me nervous. 😰🤕🕴

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