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– Paul! Come on man, we gotta roll. I’m already running late,
we gotta make this festival. – All right man. – Get everybody up. – Oh my God! Oh shit man, I can’t believe I fucked up. – Don’t be too hard on yaself, I woulda did it myself. Want some coffee? – Coffee won’t help this mess. Ah, man, how the hell we sleep so late? – Stone, Stone, wake up man! – Aight, I’m up, I’m up, all right. – Wake up Guru man. – Hurry up, we gotta go. – Gu, get up nigga. – Am up. – Aye, one of y’all fools been in my shit! – Man nobody smoked
that shit but you and G. – [Stone] Well I’m short, G,
you been pinching in my shit? – Nigga please, I got my own loud. Anybody seen my headphones? – Actually, I think the
last time I seen ’em, you had ’em around your neck bro. – Damn, this dry ass country
got my skin ashy as hell. – That’s all that week you smoke Stone. – Nigga, weed don’t cause eczema. – Nevermind that man, look, we gotta roll. We got about a hour
before that first seminar. – Can I get my 5-hour Energy first? Damn, don’t nobody wanna see that shit. – [Guru] I do, and soon I’ll
cover some ground breaking editing software and we need that. – G’s right, it’s
important that we keep up with industry standards. – [Guru] Where are my damn headphones at? – Look, let’s roll fellas. – Look, I’m just gone tell y’all, if y’all not gonna wanna get right, I’ma smoke in the ride. – Hey, no smoking in my car man. Stoney man, you know my dad
just bought me that ride. – Stone I swear man, when
you get into Hollywood you gotta quit smoking that shit. – Yeah man, you really gotta
stop smoking that shit. – Yeah man, you really gotta
stop smoking that shit. – I’m smoking around a lil’ pussy. – You serious man? – Niggas in Hollywood already smoke weed, we gone fit right in, ain’t that right G? – [Guru] He got a point. – Yo, yo, yo, anybody see the car keys? Anybody see the car key? – Nah, I ain’t seen ’em. – Y’all niggas can’t find shit. – Let me go try to find these keys. – [Guru] Hey, see if you find
my headphones while you at it. – Stone, you got 10
minutes, then we bouncing. – Whatever. – Yo, Monique! Monique! Monique! Damn G! – Hey I’m sorry dude. – Don’t sneaking up on me man! – My bad dude, I was just
looking for my headphones. You find the keys? – Nah, no luck man. – I ain’t even know I had
it, come on man, we gotta go. Boss! I had the keys the whole time man, it was in my jacket pocket man, I ain’t even know I had ’em. – Were my headphones in there too? – Real funny. What’s wrong? – [Stone] G, man look out man. Fuckin’ with my high. – It’s nothing man. – Look out man, I’m
looking for my headphone. – Listen, nevermind the headphones, we’ll comeback and get ’em later. – Come back and get ’em later? Them is $500 headphones. – Hey man we’ll come back
and get ’em later, G. Hey, what happened to you pendant? – Man, what the fuck I’m supposed to– – All right, freeze!
– Yo, whoa, whoa, whoa! – Everybody get your hands up!
– Get down! (cross talking) (suspenseful music) – Why were you and your buddies
at this house last night? – We were there for a party. – Yeah, a party. The woman said she left the
key under the flower pot, in the back porch.
– I mean, it was there. The screen door was locked though. – I made a lil’ tear in the screen, come on man, that’s a lil’ $2 patch job. – Look officer, we were
house guests, not intruders. – I mean, fucking haul us
down here for a torn screen? Kinda southern hospitality is that? – It’s an honest mistake. Now if you contact Monique
she’ll clear this up. – You got her number? Where is she? Well? – I don’t know, I mean, I didn’t see her. – Yeah I mean, Hawk said, she told Hawk that
she was going outta town. – And that she’ll be
back later that evening. – I mean, I just came for the free liquor. – Free liquor huh? You know what, I’m about fed up to here with you and your friends, telling me this long line of bullshit, that you and your friends keep giving me! Where is she? Did she come back? If she didn’t, where is she now? – I don’t know! – You got fucking amnesia all of a sudden? – I don’t know. – Where is she? – I don’t know. – [Hawk] Unbelievable. – I’d like to speak with a lawyer. – Look, look, look, look, we
had a lot to drink, all right? I’m having trouble
putting it all together. – Must’ve been a great night,
’cause I don’t remember shit. – Alabama, Arizona, Alaska. – Back up! Get on in there. – Bullshit! – You all right Stone? – Man, I’m straight. Fuckers can’t fuck with Stone Cold. It smell like a fucking brewery in here. Y’all need to light a
incense in this bitch! – Hey, we’re entitled to a phone call! We do have rights. – These pilgrims ain’t tryna hear you G. – Can we get a phone call please? – Denver. – Nigga, do not start
with that 50 states shit! (cross talking) – Have a seat man, relax. – Yeah. – Relax man, we’ll be
outta here in no time. – Yeah, instead of counting 50 states, you need to follow Guru’s
lead and call your people. – Look Stoney, I can’t call my parents every time one of us gets in a bind, man. I can’t do that. – But, you might wanna reconsider. It’s not like we’re in here
for filming without a permit. – Yeah, and I hear they handle
more serious matters too, ain’t that right Hawk? – Look man, it’s no
reason to call anybody. Sooner or later these
little cops will realize that they’re making a big mistake. – Yeah, well something better give, ’cause I ain’t tryna miss
that female director showcase. – Nah man, man, nevermind them. We gotta make this meeting
with the studio exec, man. We got too much riding on this man. – Relax man, once they contact Monique, she’ll clear this right up, we won’t miss anything important. – Man that bitch ain’t
gone clear up a damn thing. She the reason why we here. – Yeah, but that bitch is
the key to our freedom. – You sure about that, huh? Why the hell we here in the first place? Why we locked up? – Did you forget you cut the screen door? – Wrong answer, bro! I’ll tell you why we here! She set us up! (chuckles) – Nah, you know what, for real Stone. I’m serious man, you need to
quit smoking all that weed man. It’s making you paranoid as hell. Why would some random
honey wanna set us up? – Well where she at? Why we locked up? Y’all better think. – I mean Hawk, he does have a point. – G, come on man! Don’t let the conspiracy
theorist corrupt yo mind too. – Where was she when we got arrested? – Yeah, where was she when
we was getting brutalized by Mayberry’s finest? – Look, I don’t know man! Maybe she went for breakfast or something. I’m sure whatever reason man,
she had a good explanation. – Fucking incredible. Even the good ole Hawk, always tryna protect the hoes. – [Sheriff Barnes]
Darren Hawkins, let’s go. – [Sheriff Barnes] I’m Sheriff Barnes, why don’t you tell me what happened son? – Look Sheriff, it’s a big mistake. If you allow me to get my phone, I can contact Monique to
clear it right up for you. – We tried calling her all morning. I cut my vacation short for this. So, start from the beginning. Take your time. Talk real slow. I don’t want you to
leave not one detail out. – Like I been tryna explain
to your Deputy’s all morning, we’re in town for the festival. When we arrived at the hotel, we went to a nearby bar,
had a couple of drinks. – [Lita] This is Lita Hawkins, I am unavailable at this time, but if you please leave me a message– – Damn, here’s your coke, come on Gu. – Damn.
– Gotta stop losing shit. – What’s up bro, everything all right bro? – Man, you look disturbed. – Hey now, listen up fellas, I just wanna say something real quick. I just wanna say, man that you know, our hard work
is finally paying off. You know, and, this
moment right here today, it wouldn’t be possible without you guys. – Yes sir. – [Darren] Total team nothing. I’m really proud of you guys.
– Proud of you too man. – So let’s get it man.
– I appreciate that. – Wait a minute, hold
on, hold on, hold on. I got something to day before we toast. – [Guru] Damn, nigga, hurry up and say it. – Hawk, this wouldn’t
be possible without you. – I appreciate it. – You the sole reason, so thank you. – All right, let’s get it man. – Let’s do it.
– Hold on, whoa, pause! What the fuck man? This occasion’s way too special to be sticking his non alcohol senses. – Stone I’m cool man, let’s
just toast, all right? – Damn that, man.
– Pause, pause, pause. – [Guru] It is a special occasion. – [Stone] Damn, it can be like old times. – [Guru] Yeah, like middle school. – [Stone] Come on man, hold on, hold on. – Lay off Stoney! He ain’t got to take the
drink if he don’t want to. – Man, what the fuck is
wrong with you Deuce? Every fucking time nigga, do you be on this nigga’s
dick when he piss too? – [Deuce] Everything gotta be about you? – I’m not tryna hear that bullshit, man! – [Deuce] Everything gotta be about you? – I’m not tryna hear that! – All right man, look,
look, look, forget it! Yo, Deuce, Deuce, Deuce, forget it! All right, look, look,
let’s toast, all right? – Fucking ass, fruity ass man! – [Deuce] Damn! – Look man, hey! To many more movies! (cross talking) – [Guru] I love this nigga, but you ain’t making it no better neither. I be wanting to knock
fucking lights out, B. – [Deuce] The only thing
that separate us from them, is our dedication and
commitment to this craft. – And that could never change. No shortcuts, never have and we– – Never will. – Hey, what’s good, baby? – Don’t put your hands
on me, you don’t know me! – What the fuck?
– Come on, come on! – Go ahead, hit me, I
ain’t scared of your ass! – [Hawk] Come on Stoney, think man! – Hey, you better take this nonsense out before I call the Sheriff! – [Guru] Come on dude, let’s go smoke. – (mumbles) – Oh, I’m so sorry.
– Don’t worry about it. – No, I don’t tend to fly
off the handle like that, but I’m having a very rough day. – Really, don’t worry about it. Bartender, get the lady another drink. (moaning) – Dude, no man, I love you but– – Well, it’s always a black
motherfucking man in a bar. – I don’t know. – ‘Cause he got a drink
thrown in his face. (laughs) – Oh you motherfuckers got jokes huh? – [Guru] Come on, Stoney man,
– Fuck y’all. you can’t say that shit wasn’t funny. – We gone have to start
calling you spazz, man. – Come on man, you can’t say
that shit wasn’t funny, Stoney! (laughs) But look, hold on, hold on, hold on, but look, the industry meet and greet is tomorrow night man. – Yeah, Deuce is right man, industry meet and greet tomorrow night. – Fuck you been? – Where the fuck you ain’t been. (laughs) – Okay, I don’t even run with nobody. – All right look, man look,
like I was saying earlier, our focus have to continue to be. – [Man] Wow. – Mm, I wish that was a lil’ souvenir. – I’m having a get together
tonight at my home, I’d like for y’all to attend. – Nah, it’s not good, we
have a team meeting tonight before the festival begins tomorrow. – My bar is stocked, I have plenty of food and girlfriends. – Girlfriends? – Dude, we don’t turn down girlfriends, we dick down girlfriends. – I guess that’s a yes. – Hell yeah. – What time should we be there? – Well, I’m going to a
photoshoot at a nearby county, but I’ll be back tonight. You guys are more than welcome to keep my girlfriend
company until I return. And I apologize for the drink, you’re more than welcome to come too. – Whatever. – Nah, it’s cool, he’s used to it. – Yeah. – So, but, tell us about your girlfriends. – In other words, he’s asking if they are as easy as you are. – We don’t see too many of
our kind around these parts. My girlfriends will show
you guys a great time. We’ll make it a night
that you’ll never forget. – Shit, we in the country, we drunk, she got girlfriends, and
if they look like her, oh, they coming back home with me. – That’s cute, I have a spare key on my porch under the flower pot. – [Hawk] Right where she said it would be. – [Deuce] Man it’s hot. – [Hawk] Screen door locked. – [Deuce] What, it’s locked? – [Hawk] Screen door locked. – Y’all niggas, I swear
to God, I got this. All you got to do is tear this
motherfucker right here and– Yeah, it’s still set. – [Deuce] It feels great in here! – [Hawk] Yeah. – [Guru] Niggas is country boy. – Partay. – I’ll tell you what,
bitch got good taste. – [Guru] Is that tequila? – Well, hell I guess if you gone get a drink thrown on yo face, it might as well be top shelf, huh? (laughs) – [Stone] He got jokes. – [Deuce] Nah, he got facts. – Whatever, let’s get it in fellas. – Sounds good to me. – Yeah, so great. – [Stone] Fuck is y’all waiting on? – [Guru] Waiting on you old man. (cross talking) – Stone, I’m cool man,
don’t worry about me. – [Stone] No, no, no. – Man!
– Come on brother! Can’t go out like that. The celebration continues. – I agree. I know you ain’t gone leave us hanging. – [Hawk] What the hell man, let’s go. – [Deuce] Let’s do this. Hey, to success. – [Guru] To success baby! – [All] To success! – Let’s do this, knock it back. Yeah! Where the bitches? – We got to her house, we had a few more drinks
and next thing I know, the Deputy’s busting through the door, cuffing us and hauling us down here. – You had sex in the shitter, and she gave you the keys to her house? What are you, some kinda gigolo boy? – Look Sheriff, all right, look, I know it sound far fetched, but that’s exactly what happened. – Maybe, but there seems to be a few important details missing. – Look Sheriff, that’s all I remember. Now if you would just
let me get my cellphone, we can contact her and she’ll– – I called her already this
morning, several times. I called her folks, they haven’t see or heard
from her in two days. – That’s all– – Start by telling me where she is. – I don’t know! – I’ll tell you what I do know, you have sex with with this
woman and now she’s missing. You better remember something boy ‘fore I have Charlie here jog
your memory, that’s right! – Stop playing games and
tell us where she is! – I don’t know man!
– Let’s go boy! – All right, so I’m a man
at home, with a mask on, waiting on another man
to come home, what am I? – What, nigga you sound like a fag. – What kind of childhood did you have that you can’t get one joke right? – Yo fuck them jokes G, I’m tryna get one of them
female directors tonight, baby. – I thought you ain’t like jokes. Won’t you guess at it Deuce? – I’m at home, waiting
on another man to come– Hey, how long before
we get outta here Boss? You okay? What they do to you? – No, I’m cool, that Sheriff
tried to prove a point. – Looks like he proved it. – I mean what, for what? – Apparently I didn’t tell
’em what they wanted to hear. – Hawk, you didn’t
answer Deuce’s question. When we getting the hell outta here? – No time soon, G. – Why the hell not? – [Hawk] Because they
still can’t find her. – Goddamn. – Hell no! – Deuce, kill that shit! This ain’t the time man. So, you telling me, we
stuck in this shit hole till this bitch turn up? – It looks that way man. – Hey, didn’t she say she
was coming home last night? – Yeah, she said that, but do
you remember seeing her man? – Man I don’t remember anything after the first couple drinks. – [Hawk] What about you Deuce? – [Deuce] Mississippi, Montana– – Snap the fuck out of it nigga! – All right, look, listen, chill
out man, listen, all right? we gone help ourselves man. Somehow, someway, we need to
piece together last night. So let’s just relax and
see what we can remember. – Relax? Relax! Nigga have you looked around? We in jail! – Getting all worked up Stone, not gone help us get outta here. – Yeah, chill the fuck out Stone. – Man fuck that. – Look guys, all I remember is
having drinks in that kitchen and that’s it, nothing else. – Don’t look at me! I don’t remember shit. – I’m drawing a blank too, man. Now how in the hell can
none of us remember nothing? (pensive music) Knew I shoulda stayed sober. – Nigga don’t blame me,
’cause you fell off the wagon! – You can’t toast with that
lame ass fruity drink Hawk, can’t toast with that
lame ass fruity drink! – Don’t blame me, don’t blame the liquor. You the motherfucker that chose to go out to this bitch’s crib. And that my friend, is why we here. – Just, okay, look, relax man. – There you go again! I tell you what, this the last time! Next time I’m talking
to this motherfucker, you get in there, we
gone tear this bitch up! – Look, all I’m saying–
– I’m not talkin to you nigga! – All I’m saying, it doesn’t look like anybody woulda had a problem
if she woulda chose you. – Nigga ain’t nobody want that bitch! – Come on Stone.
– I’m just saying! This motherfucker always
running around chasing pussy, taking me a G down with ’em. See you don’t know, we coulda
had a deal back in school. But this motherfucker
wanna go get married. – Leave my marriage out your mouth Stone. – [Stone] What’s left of it. – Nobody told you to come but you did. So is pointing fingers gone
change our predicament? No, all we need to do is
hope they find this woman. And when they do nigga, you never have to worry about
following me anywhere else. – Man you ain’t saying nothing! Don’t worry, I won’t! – Man, chill, all this arguing shit ain’t gone solve nothing! – Y’all chill. Don’t worry about Stone man,
this dude just being him. – Man, you know, that’s Stoney. – I know man, don’t worry about, but look, if we don’t get outta here by Tuesday, man I’ma miss that court date and I know that judge not gone
grant me another continuance. – My bad man, it’s my fault. – Nah, it’s cool. – I shouldn’t have had you come, I knew you couldn’t leave the state, but I took a chance man, I gambled it. – Nah, man, I don’t blame you. Look, this was an
opportunity of a lifetime man and you brought it to us, you know? It’s a chance to redeem ourself, plus them other two wouldn’t
have let me live it down if I wouldn’t have came,
so, you did good man. I appreciate it. But on the real man, you
think it’s anything else your parents can do for us? – They wrote me off. No more of their hard earned money for my childish dreams man. I mean plus, they’re
outta the country man. – But look, you gone lose that bail money, I just want you to know that. – Ah, man, I ain’t worried
about that damn bail money. You was worth every penny man. – All right, come on man,
that’s real, let’s have a seat. We’ll get out of here in no time. – Well, I mean now that I think about it, I guess they’ll evaluate their decision once the movie does blow up some. – You all right G? – Monique is the only friend
I have in this whole world. I’m begging you please,
tell me where she is! – We don’t know where she– – Don’t do that, don’t you shut him up! I need to know where she is! What did you do to her? Please, please, tell me where she is! Don’t do this to our families, please! What kind of monsters are you? – Kelly, Kelly, don’t do this to yourlsef. – Please find her Sheriff Barnes. My life won’t be the same without her. – Who let her back here? – She said she was going
to the bathroom, chow time! – It seems that Ms. Cisco
did find her way home. Her vehicle, pocket book, and other belongings
were found at her home. You all fucked now! You hear me? You fucked! All four of you. I’ma fry yo black asses. – [Deuce] Shit, this isn’t good. – [Guru] Man that was crazy. – I don’t understand, I
mean when did she get there? – I don’t know. – Well you heard the man, we’re fucked. – If they don’t have a body, they can’t hold you
for more than 24 hours. – Yo, what’d you say man? – If there is no body, the
Sheriff can’t detain you. – How the hell would you know? – Arthur Robins Esquire, Attorney at Law. – You don’t look like
no practicing attorney. – No I’m not, but the laws have changed. – So you’re telling me
there’s a way we can make it out of here by tomorrow? – Yes, but this Sheriff will
do everything to keep you. Ever since he got this job, there hasn’t been much
crime in this county, thanks to his ability
to secure confessions. Yeah, anybody who’s brave
enough to break the law, won’t do it in this county. – That’s some foul shit. – Well you gentlemen just picked a woman in the wrong county. (laughs) – You think that shit is funny? – [Deputy] Darren Hawkins, come with me. – Shit, here we go again. (intense music) – [Charlie] He’s all yours boss. – [Sheriff Barnes] Thank you Charlie. Well son, I got some good news. – You found her? – Yeah, we found her. – Now we can get out of
here, when are we leaving? – Did I forget to let you
know we got some bad news too? We did find her, under the basement over her house, dead! She was shoved in the goddamn crawl space. – I didn’t kill that woman man! – Sit yo ass down!
– Sit your black ass down. – I got him Charlie. – [Hawk] I didn’t kill that woman! – I don’t know what to believe son. First you say she wasn’t there, now you say you didn’t kill her. – I don’t remember her coming back. I told you I didn’t remember anything. – Well hell if you don’t remember, how do you know you didn’t kill her? I had no reason to kill that woman. – Which one of you monsters would? Which one of you monsters would, huh? I never, in all my fucking tenure, had a goddamn murder on my watch! Confess ya black ass,
somebody gone fry for this! – [Deuce] Man you all right, Boss? – She’s dead man. – She what? – Monique is dead. – Hold on, hold on, hold
on, hold up, who killed her? – She was found dead in her basement, and they think we did it. – No, hold up, nah, that can’t be right. We didn’t kill her, we didn’t kill her! – You hear that, there’s
a damn body Matlock! – [Deuce] (mumbles) – [Stone] Don’t start Deuce, don’t start. – [Hawk] Look man (mumbles) Deuce. – Why the hell you asking this drunk? – I prefer the term alcohol dependent. – [Stone] This ain’t no
time for games white boy. – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to– – Look, look, look, just
tell us what our options are. – I’ll tell you what
your goddamn options are, you boys suit yourselves better, put the needle in your arm now. – Sheriff.
– Art. I see your vacation didn’t
fix your lil’ problem. – You don’t have to be bothered
with me anymore, Sheriff, I’m cleaning myself up. – Sober enough to leave my jail? – Not quite yet, Sheriff, no. – You caged with some real live killers. – We didn’t kill anybody! – Tough guy, let’s have a chat. – Look Sheriff, I’ma save you some time. – [Sheriff Barnes] Please. – I might not remember what happened, but I know I ain’t kill that chick. – Hell, son, I’d bet the farmer was you. You look like one of those woman beaters. (chuckles) I bet you’d shake like
sissy if a man wanted to tussle with you, wouldn’t you boy? The real you would come out, wouldn’t it? – What’s that for, I get
to make a phone call? – [Sheriff Barnes] What is it for? – Look, if you think you gone
beat a confession outta me, you better bring some real cops. – [Charlie] Got a real cop, back up here, stop sassing the Sheriff! Give the straight answer! – [Sheriff Barnes] Oh, he good Charlie. – Give me some answers!
– All right man, all right! All right. You know Sheriff, I been
hit harder by a lil’ sissy named Chino used to live
up the street from me. Like I said, you better
bring some real cops. – Better get yourself
in fucking check, boy! – It’s okay Charlie, let ’em laugh! I say we could have enough evidence to lock his black ass away for life. – Really?
– That’s right. According to your friends,
you had a motive son. – That’s bullshit. – Your answers are fucking bullshit! It can go one or two
ways, it’s all up to you. – [Sheriff Barnes] No
son, no, it’s the truth. – Is that all you got? – [Sheriff Barnes] Your friends
said you had the motive. Now, what you gone say about that son? – I’ll tell you this–
– Who did it? Who killed this goddamn woman?
– If you see me fighting the bear– – I wanna know how killed this woman! – Well handle yo– – I wanna know who killed this woman! Goddamn it, I wanna know! – I’m certainly most concerned about your inability to recall anything. – You’re concerned? – [Charlie] Get your ass in there. – You sorry motherfucker, how the fuck you gone
blame this murder on me? – Man I don’t know what you talking about, I ain’t said shit. – You told him that that bitch
threw that drink in my face. That’s motive motherfucker! – I told that man exactly
what happened man, I didn’t blame you for shit! – Look, you fucked that bitch! – That don’t mean I killed her! – Man that’s some ole Kobe shit. – I ain’t no snitch, you
hear me talking to you man? I ain’t no snitch! – Come and get what you want! – That’s exactly what she
Sheriff wants from you guys, please don’t give him the satisfaction. – [Deuce] I’m done man, fucked up. – You better believe
I let the Sheriff know about that kinky sex shit. – Look, I know you men are not obligated to any of my advice, but it would do you well to hear me out. The Sheriff is ruthless. His objective is you
turning on each other. – Look, he’s right,
you dudes are too close to be fighting like this. – Yeah, what’s happening to us man? (sentimental music) We’re brothers, all of us. – That’s some foul shit Deuce. You promised me you wouldn’t
tell anybody about my case. – Wait, I swear I didn’t say anything. – Man that’s the second
thing Stoney’s said today that says otherwise. – Man you know me, if
I promised I wouldn’t– – No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
he knows about the incident, apparently he knows about
your parents bailing me out, so nah man, all signs point to you. – Man those signs are pointing
in the wrong direction! – [Sheriff Barnes] Lover
boy, get your ass up! – [Charlie] Here’s what you
asked for from evidence. – [Sheriff Barnes] Thank you Charlie. Tell me about the panties, the pair Ms. Cisco put in your pocket. – They were red, typical panties. – Where are they now? – Look, she put ’em in my pocket, that’s the last time I seen ’em, why, what’s up with the panties? – Are these the panties? – I don’t know, look like ’em. – I was just wondering, if
she put them in your pocket, how in the hell did they
wind up in here son? – [Charlie] Answer the damn question boy! – I told you, I don’t know. – How did the damn panties get here? – I swear I don’t know. – [Charlie] Look at the picture! – Man that’s not her! That’s not Monique! – I don’t know what kinda
game you playin’ boy, but that dead woman is Monique Cisco! – That’s not the woman that
invited me back to that house! – I don’t know what you
gang bangers are up to, but one of you all killed that woman! – I never seen this woman before! – That’s a damn lie! She was found dead in
the basement of her home, the same home my men found
you and your friends in! And just as soon as I get a report from the coroners on my desk, I’ll have everything I
need to fry your asses. – You following us! – I’ma fry y’all goddamn asses, I’ma fry y’all goddamn asses, I’m fry you! You going to hell! – We don’t got nothing to worry about. – I was just telling the guys that– – Hey, you need to stay
the hell away from us man! I don’t know if you’re in
cahoots with these people or not! – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – Hey, hey, what’s going on? – I can assure you I’m
not in cahoots with them. – [Hawk] Get the hell away from us man! – Hey, Hawk! What the hell is going on man? – Look man, the dead woman is
not the woman from the bar! – [Deuce] What? – That’s great news, right? – No, G, they fucking with us man! – Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, Hawk, can you please tell us
what the hell is going on? – The dead woman is the real
Monique, whose crib we were in. – I told y’all, I told y’all
that bitch was settin’ us up. – I mean, but, exactly who
is the woman at the bar? – Man, I don’t know! All I know is that she and
whoever else is framing us. – Yeah, but why though? – If they have the wrong woman, they won’t find your DNA on her. Just because they have a body,
doesn’t prove your guilt. You guys have to exercise
your Fifth Amendment rights and not say anything until
they have concrete evidence pointing to you. They have no murder weapon. (suspenseful music) – You really think it’ll help? – It will at least buy you some time, until you guys can remember
something to exonerate you. – Man are you sure? – Very sure, they do not have the DNA, nor do they have the murder weapon. – All right, look man, we wait it out. I’m telling you man, If I find
out you involved with this, you won’t fucking make
it outta here alive. – Hope you know what you doing. – Sounds like a plan to me. – I mean hell, hopefully
they’ll realize we’re innocent before we miss our meeting. I just hate to blow this opportunity man, we worked our asses off for this man. – We facing the fucking death penalty and you talking about
missed opportunities? – Hey, chill out Stoney, you can’t blame Deuce
for having some hope. – Hope, nigga leave it to
this drunken ass Sheriff and the only hope we gone have is that they give us life
instead of the lethal injection. Better yet, let’s hope they parole us by the time we’re fucking 80, instead of the electric chair. Is that gone be enough hope for y’all? – Look Stoney, let’s not
pretend like I was the only one who was looking forward to this deal. I’m pretty sure that you were
praying a little bit harder than all of us on this, right? So you can start your
own production company? Ain’t that what you told Guru off set? Forgot who does your sound? – Yeah I said it, so what! See I ain’t like yo ass, I got big plans! You gone be Hawk’s
flunky you’re whole life. – That’s cool Deuce, he’ll be back, Stoney always comes back. – What, nigga pump yo brakes, this ain’t junior high flag football. – Like I said you’ll be back. Shit man, you got the
organizational skills of a fifth grader and the
focus of a Alzheimer patient. Just a disaster waiting to happen. – You didn’t finish film school, aight? We the ones holding down
this funky little company! Guru do the editing and tape work! I’m the DP and camera man! Even this fucking retard do the sound! Outside of taking credit, what do you do? – He’s the brains behind it all. – Nigga, get off this motherfucker’s dick! That’s all you do is defend him! That’s why we call your ass Deuce, not ’cause you got two first names, it’s ’cause you always up under
this motherfucker somewhere. Let me ask you this Deuce, when he gone do something for you, huh? You bankroll everything
this motherfucker do! When he gone produce one of them stories you got in that lil’ black
binder you carry around, huh? Look at ’em, in his eyes you
ain’t never gone be ready, and that’s crazy as hell dog. Shit, you even set up this meeting with the movie executives. – Man, you know what, you
can chill with all that. Look, Deuce know I’m grooming him man. He just got a little bit more to learn, and unlike you, I won’t
set him up for failure. Look, Deuce, I got you man, aight? I got you. Your time is coming. – Yo time is coming, ain’t we
heard that all before, huh? It’s all about Hawk and
Hawk Eye Productions. (chuckles) ♪ Don’t let him fool ya, oh no ♪ ♪ Oh, even try to school ya ♪ ♪ Oh no ♪ Man, enough of this waiting around shit! Why the hell were we
listening to this drunk? What kind of fucking attorney can he be if he in here with us? – Look, Stoney, I think it’s a good idea. I mean, we should wait until they have some evidence against us. – And wait till this bitch is long gone? – Man, chill out man. – Wait till she get away with murder, and framing it on us? Fuck a bunch of that man, hell no! – I mean, maybe Stoney’s right. The least we can do is
give description of her. – You damn right I’m right! Yo! – Look, man, they don’t
want a description of her, they want us to go down for it! – Yo Sheriff, we need to see you! – [Hawk] Yo, G! – Aye G, G you all right? – I need my medicine.
– Come on man, lie down. – [Stone] Yeah, let’s go, we got you. – Well get your medicine. Hey, someone help us! – Hey, hey, hey, what in
the hell is going on here? What’s with all the noise? – No, no, no, it’s our friend! He’s sick, look, he needs his medicine! – [Stone] You gone be good G. – Look, I’ll tell the Sheriff. – Hey, Charlie, you know
it really wouldn’t be smart if something awful happened here, especially since the ongoing
investigation’s happening. – Like I said, I’ll tell the Sheriff and see what he wants to do. And, Art, in leu of
your current situation, I really don’t think you’re in a position to make idle threats
towards the department. – He’ll get us the medicine soon. – All right, thanks. – [Sheriff Barnes] What’s
all the damn commotion about? – Sheriff look, he’s
needs the medicine man, he’s sick in here, he needs his medicine. Do you have his medicine? – Where’s the sick fella at? – Over here! – [Sheriff Barnes] Well
goddamn, get ’em up! – Come on G, come on, Sheriff– – [Arthur] Sheriff, you gotta help us man, you gotta help ’em. – [Stone] He gone give you
your medicine man, let’s go. – Come with me son. – I got this man. Sheriff– – I heard ya, goddamn it, I heard you! My Deputy’s looking or your medicine. – Thanks. – You like a soda, glass of water? – No, I’m good. – I can see that you’re a sick fella. I can have you outta here in a few ticks if I can just get a little cooperation. – I don’t know what you
want me to tell you. I didn’t kill that woman
and neither did my friends. – Mm-kay, well son, coincidentally, your cooperation determines
how long it take my Deputy to find that medicine. – Do you believe in the law? – You know I do.
– Are you the Sheriff? – I sure am. – Then you should know what the
fuck you’re doing is illegal and it won’t stand up in the court of law! – Court of law? Let me tell you something
son, court of law, I’m the damn court of
law around here, okay? I’m the judge, jury and executioner! – Sheriff, I’m being
honest with you, please. I need my medicine, I don’t think I might
last too much longer. – Charlie, you got this fella’s medicine? – Nope, not yet, and Otis
wanted me to let you know that the evidence he has so far, clearly points to the fact that Ms. Cisco, she definitely had
intercourse with somebody before she was killed. All this preliminary tests,
all show signs of semen. – Signs of semen, really? Well son, looks like
your chances of leaving just got shut boy. – What if I can give you the
description of the other woman? – Son, ain’t no woman gone
put no semen in another woman. Look at this goddamn picture and tell me. Son!
– Look at the picture. – How you gone help me if
you too squeamish to look? – [Charlie] Look at the picture. – That’s not the woman. This is not the woman that was with us. – What to do with you
fucking city slickers, you all sound the same, like
a fucking broken record! That’s all right son,
you going down for this! Sick or no sick! I wanna know who killed this woman! Give it right now! – Yo G, you all right? Let’s get this, come on man, I got you. Todd, come on, I got you, lay down. You get your medicine? – No. – Why not? – He said somebody had sex with her. – He said what? – That’s right, she was murdered
around one this morning. (keys jingling) All I need from you city
slickers, is some DNA. You, I haven’t heard anything
from you yet, let’s check. – Young man, you do not
have to submit a DNA sample without a search warrant. – All right, you go on,
compromise your citizenship in this fine county for
a gang of murderers. – What’s right is right, Sheriff. These men have rights, even
if they’re out-of-towners. – Art, you don’t even
practice law anymore, can’t stay dry long enough. I like to think I had a little
something to do with that. You, come talk, get your ass up! – Damn, I can’t stand his black ass! Ugh, I just wanna, ugh, punch him! – Why risk your neck for us man? – Right is right. – So what do we do now? – Obtain a search warrant,
would give you some time, in this town, not long,
but it’s time all the same. – He won’t touch you man, I’ma get your medicine, all right? Just hold tight. – I’m gonna tell you what
I don’t wanna hear first, after I’m done, you tell
me what I wanna hear. I don’t wanna hear what you don’t know, I don’t wanna hear that
you don’t know Ms. Cisco, now, you fill in the blanks. – I mean, I just– – [Sheriff Barnes] Just what I thought. – You’re gonna find
that we might do things a little differently around here. – Man what the fuck are y’all doing? – [Sheriff Barnes] Take
your damn clothes off. – What? – You heard what I said! – Do I have to do it for you? – [Charlie] You know what, I
am tired of you motherfuckers! If you don’t take your clothes
off, like the Sheriff said! – [Charlie] Let’s go. – Deuce, what’d that
Sheriff do to you man? Deuce, what’d that Sheriff do to you? – They showed you the
full photo of a woman. – What photo? – Of the dead woman. – [Art] That’s horrific. – What photo? – Her eyes were wide open, and– – [Stone] And what? – And she had some red panties
shoved down her throat. – Red panties? What happened to them red
panties that bitch gave you? – What you tryna say Stone? – I’m just sayin’ it’s fucking ironic that dead woman got red
panties in her mouth, and that bitch gave you red panties. – That don’t mean shit man, you know how many women got red panties? – Many. – I don’t believe this, man y’all know me! – Thought I did, bro. – [Hawk] What you mean by that Stone? – I’m just sayin’, you changed bro. – Did you do it Stoney? – Fuck you say lil’ nigga? Did you kill her? – What did you say motherfucker? Yeah, well that’s how you defend your boy? Look, that bitch gave him the red panties, not me Deuce. – Look at me Stoney, look,
he strip searched me man! – Deuce, I ain’t know. But that don’t give you
the right to accuse me. – They were looking for signs of eczema. They said they found your eczema cream on that dead woman’s body. – Aw that’s bullshit! These motherfuckers is tryna set me up. Please! – This is not my life. I made a vow to my mother, I would never see the
inside of a jail cell, like my father, like my grandfather. And here I am. – G, it’s not your life
man and you won’t– – Then get me outta here! – I don’t know what else to tell you G. – That’s not what I wanna hear Hawk. I guess the apple doesn’t
fall that far from the tree. – Now Deuce, I realize man, that you and your parents on the outs, but you gotta make that call. Look I’m sure they don’t
want their only son to spend the rest of his life in prison. – Look Hawk man, I can’t
go back out there man. – Nigga what, fucking phone is out there! – Man chill out Stoney,
he’s had a rough day. – Aye, man, he ain’t had it no
rougher than the rest of us. – Look I got this man. Deuce, man look, you’re
our only hope for freedom. I mean, look, you’re our only hope for that meeting with that movie exec. Man, you’re G’s only hope. So I guess man, you fix yourself up and you go out there and
you let that Sheriff know that what he did to you didn’t affect you, and you get that phone call, you get that phone call. Yo Sheriff, can we get
that phone call please? – No what, they not gone help us? – Sheriff disconnected the call man. – That’s another of your Constitutional Rights they violated! – Damn, this nigga’s a asshole. – Look man, we can’t
wait around any longer. Arthur, we need help man. Look, is there a attorney
you can refer us? – I’ve stated before, I’m the
last attorney in this county. What about nearby county? (laughs) – Trust me, no lawyer
wants a piece of this case. – What kinda hick town is this, where the lawyers are
scared of a fucking Sheriff? – Or maybe you can represent us? – Oh hell no! – I don’t practice law. – You did, but you also
said the law never changed. – This is bullshit Hawk, I’m not putting my life
in this drunk’s hands. – What other choice do we have Stoney? – I haven’t won a case
since Barnes moved here. – Man we need help, all right? – You know I’ve supported you in any and every decision
that you’ve ever made, but my gut is telling me that this probably isn’t the best idea. I mean look at ’em, he even said his self, he hasn’t won a case in
a long time, so I mean– – So what else do we do Deuce? Huh, answer that. What else do we do? – I mean, look, even you
have your own doubts man. – Gotta get outta here before
they realize I left the state. Come on man look, you said it yourself, what’s right is right. And you of all people that
this Sheriff would take our every right, to find us guilty. So come on man. – What do you recall? – Hold up, that’s crazy! This motherfucker is locked up with us, how he gone help us? – I have the luxury to be
released whenever I’m ready! – Hey Stone, he’s a lawyer man. – I’m not gone lie man,
Stoney’s gotta point. – What you doing Deuce? Man we at the mercy of
this psychotic Sheriff in this God forsaken place, and you two wanna fuck around! – Look, all I’m saying is, there’s gotta be a better way! – There is no other way Deuce! Have you forgotten your
parents not gone help us? None of us got legal aid on speed dial. – What the hell, that was
your idea in the first place that we should wait. – Look at me man, we have no time left. – I honestly don’t see
any harm in his attempt. – See there Stone, G is down for it. – Man, whatever the
fuck y’all decide to do, leave me the hell out of it. I’m not depending on this
drunk ass with my freedom. – He needs your help too. – Nigga you don’t speak for me! – Man, your hysterics gone cause you to die in this place Stone. – Whatever dog, listen, I’ll take my chances with a
public defender on Tuesday. – Nevermind him man, let’s
just, help the rest of us. – All right, what you’re gonna have to do as far as this case is concerned– – Count me out too. – What you doing man? – Yeah, wise up lil’ nigga! – Look, I’ll just, I’ll take my chances and just wait it out. – No, I’m not gone let you go that. – Look, you have no choice. Look, it’ll work itself out, somehow. – Oh, so you think that
you can make it to Tuesday without that Sheriff beating
a confession out of you. – Look, I don’t know about you, but he can’t beat out what’s not in me. – Oh, what about you, huh? You ready for that onslaught? You just about shit yourself
when he ripped yo clothes off. – Hey, chill that shit! Got this lil’ nigga’s back. – [Hawk] You not cut out for this man, you not cut out for this. – I’m in. – Let me know what you can recall, it doesn’t matter what it is, anything is potentially beneficial. We can start with this morning
and work out ways backward until things become cloudy. as far as the case goes. We just have to think this out carefully. Remember everything that you can. – Lipstick, hey man, there was
different shades of lipstick on several wine glasses this morning. I mean if nothing else that proves that it was other women there last night. – Great, that is something
that we can work from. – You know, I saw the same thing when I was looking for my headphones. – Charlie, I’m ready to leave! I will investigate who her friends are, and we’ll see if she was
really there last night. Now, just sit tight and
don’t say anything more. I will be back as soon
as soon as I can find something that could be of value. (keys jingling) – How you holding up man? – It’s crucial dude. – Just hang on, man. Let’s hope Arthur can come through for us. – You know that’s a long shot right? – Yeah, but it’s a shot nonetheless. Just hang on to that hope boy. I really hope you know
what you’re doing man. – Des Moines, Indiana, Iowa. Ohio, Oklahoma. We got problems. – [Stone] No shit Sherlock. – No, you’re not understanding
what I’m saying, like. – What are you talking about? – The dead woman, the dead woman was at
the house last night. – How do you know man? – I mean it’s coming to me,
but it’s like in pieces. I mean, I’m starting to– – Shh. – I’m finally starting to remember. – We don’t need that Sheriff to hear you. All right, when did you see her? – She was having drink at the
house with a couple of women. I mean, they were laughing. Here he goes, here he go again, here he go with his stories. (jazz music) (people chattering) I mean, she was having drinks
with those other women. I mean, but it was, it was
her man, she was there. – Is that it? – Come on Deuce, it gotta
be something else man, you need to think hard! – Shit. – Come on man. – That’s all I got. I mean hell, even that
shit’s a little fuzzy. – Hey Hawk, we should
still tell Arthur this when he gets back to the cell. – [Hawk] All right man. – All right tough guy, come
on, you’re back on deck. Let’s go, come on, let’s go. Come on sunshine, step to it. Move it. – Just hold on, G, man. – We gotta get outta here. Sooner or later, that Sheriff’s
gone get what he want. – You gotta keep the hope Hawk. – I’m not giving up home man, all I’m saying is that
time is running out, if Arthur don’t come back with something, man, we gone have to give
that Sheriff something to at least get your medicine. – Damn, man, just hold on G man, we gone get the hell outta here. Okay, look, G’s got a temperature, and from the way it looks man,
it’s not getting no better. Like, the man needs his medicine. – All right. – [Deuce] We got to get his medicine. – All right, all right. We got to do something. – All right Deuce. That 50 state things worked for you man. (laughs) – Ah man, a cool cat like yourself, you ain’t got no use for that man, it’s just, you know how I be. – Feels so cool right now man. – Okay look, there’s
something I gotta tell you, and I don’t know exactly how to say it. – Man just spit it out. – Look, I’m not even sure if it means anything for real, but– – [Hawk] Deuce stop beating
around the bust and talk to me. – All right look man, you was with that dead woman last night. She had your hand leading
you to her bedroom. – Man I thought you said
things were fuzzy man! – [Deuce] That doesn’t
mean you killed her! Boss! – Top dog, man I don’t believe this. – [Stone] Oh you a lil’ slick nigga Deuce. – What the hell are you talking– – Man cut that fucking
innocent scared bullshit! – Really Stoney? I ain’t got no idea what the
hell you’re rambling about. – [Hawk] Stone, what’s going on man? – Tell him, tell your boss. – Man I don’t have any idea
of what you’re talking about. – [Stone] That’s a lie! – Stone, would you tell me
what the hell is going on? – You gone accuse me of
murdering that woman, and you know you did it. – Look, that shit right
there is not funny. – [Deuce] Man I didn’t kill anyone! – [Hawk] Look, I know you didn’t kill, no, we know you kill her, okay? – Well then what the
hell is wrong with him? – That’s bullshit, ask ’em where his grandfather’s pendant is. – Stone, what does that pendant
have to do with any of this? – Deuce, what’s going on? – [Deuce] I don’t know
what happened to it! – I know exactly what happened to it, it’s right where you left
it, next to the dead body. – I don’t know how it got there! – Look, come on Stone, none of us can remember anything, all
right, I mean that could– – Hell no, hell no bro! He wanna know about my eczema cream, let’s ask him about that pendant. – [Sheriff Barnes] Yeah,
how did it get there, boy? – Man, don’t let him take me, man. – Well son, speak up! – Come on Hawk, please
man, don’t let him– – What you got to say for yourself? – Hawk, please man!
– Sheriff! – I can’t hear you boy! – Hawk, please!
– Is that a confession I hear? – Sheriff! Look, I need to talk to you,
I need to tell you something. – [Sheriff Barnes] Talk, I’m listening! – I will but not here. – [Sheriff Barnes] Are you confessing? A waste of tape is a
waste of taxpayer dollars. – Look, I know this doesn’t
look good for any of us, but one thing I can confess is that Thomas is not capable of this. Come on Sheriff, he’s
afraid of his own shadow. (chuckles) – Afraid of his own shadow, this ain’t the confession
that I was waiting on boy! – Just hear me out a second. I’m willing to trade in my
freedom on two conditions. – Son, I don’t negotiate with murderers. No need to bet what I’m gone take. – No need to waste anymore
taxpayer dollars, right? – All right, what you got? – Just get my friend his medicine, and get Thomas a pass
on this pendant, man, and I’ll give you what you want. – Give me what I want? Don’t you bullshit me boy. When yo friend get his medicine, I want a written confession. Then I can return the modification. Charlie! (key jingling) – Okay so, so the Sheriff, he’s
not gone come get me is he? – Nah, nah, just relax man. – Okay. Man, Jesus. – How you holding up man? – I’m okay for now. – You’ll have your medicine soon. – I hope so. – Stone, look man, don’t
worry about Deuce’s pendant, I took care of everything. – What do you mean you
took care of everything? – Wait, hold up, what’d you do? – Look man, I got you
guys in this predicament, I’m just getting you out of it. – I don’t even like the way that sounds, so exactly what did you do? – Deuce, I got you cleared
and I’m getting G’s medicine, that’s what I did! – But at what cost? – [Deuce] Yeah. – I told that Sheriff I’d confess. – You told him what? Man are you out your mind? – Hawk, we know you
didn’t kill that woman. – What were you–
– I know I didn’t kill anyone. – So, hey, hey, so that means
we getting out this shit hole? – Stone, did you just hear the man? He’s gonna confess to a murder rap! – Yeah, I heard ’em, that means the rest of us get the hell outta here. – Stoney man, listen
to what you’re saying! That’s your fucking friend, man! Just fuck it, huh? Just ’em go down for a
murder rap, long you get– – Look I ain’t tryna give a fuck! – That’s the problem!
– It’s his idea, not mine! – Deuce, I’m doing it for you and G. – Man I can’t let you do that!
– We can’t Deuce. – Hell, we can’t let ’em do that! – You can’t do this Hawk, it’s not right. – It’s too late. Man, the deal’s on the table. – Fellas, fellas, fellas,
listen very carefully, everything that you know, you have got to help
me, so I can help you. – Please tell us you found something. – Yeah, look, look, he’s
getting ready to confess and we know he didn’t do it. – Someone needs to say something. – But did you find
anything that’ll help us? – Listen to me! They found the murder weapon. – [Sheriff Barnes] Goddamn it. Goddamn it, who the
fuck do these belong to? – Sheriff, we had a deal. – Those are my headphones, Sheriff. – Well son, this is the murder weapon. Let’s talk! Get his ass out here. I want him out here now! – Sheriff we had a deal man! – [Stone] Aye man, ain’t
gotta be so rough man! – [Charlie] Sit down. – [Sheriff Barnes] Sit yo ass down! – It’s cool, those are my headphones. – Bring ’em on, bring ’em on outta here. – Have to answer for that. – It’s all right. – [Hawk] We had a deal man. Sheriff you making a mistake! Man we had a deal. – Deal’s off, I got a murder
weapon, motherfuckers! – Man we had a deal, we had a deal! – Why the fuck did you kill Ms. Cisco? – I didn’t kill her. I woke up this morning, I was
looking for my headphones, but I couldn’t find ’em, I
don’t know where they were. – Well that’s real strange boy, because I have a cell full of men, who were on the premises, the
time of Ms. Cisco’s murder, but can’t remember a thing! And this includes your fat ass! The difference between you and them, is that the murder weapon belongs to you! We could end this, for
all of us, right now, with your confession! – I didn’t do it. Thank you. – Would you like to rephrase that, son? – You’re fucking with my life! – You need your medicine,
I need a confession! Why don’t we work something out? – Just because those headphones are mine, doesn’t mean I killed that woman! I’m not confessing to that
shit, I didn’t do it, innocent. – [Sheriff Barnes] Parker, get ’em. – I ain’t do that– – [Sheriff Barnes] What you say now boy? – [Charlie] Yeah, how does that feel boy? – [Sheriff Barnes] What,
I can’t hear you man! – [Charlie] Do you wanna live? Give us a confession! – [Guru] Listen to me! – [Sheriff Barnes] Goddamn it,
I’m through fucking with you! The next thing that will
come outta your mouth, is a confession! Then, we can return them applications. – Fuck you. – [Charlie] Come on,
get your ass on in here. Come on, pick it up here. Hold ’em right there. [Parker] Yeah, I got ’em. – [Charlie] Come on, get in there. – Man this is bullshit! How the fuck y’all gone beat a sick man? – [Charlie] Shut the fuck up boy! Sit down. – [Deuce] I can’t see it. – [Stone] Cover ’em up, man. – [Hawk] I can’t sit his leg up. We got you G, we got you boy! – Ah, yeah, G, don’t worry about it, man, you’ll be just fine man. – No, I won’t, it’s too late Deuce. – Man don’t talk like that
G, you ain’t going nowhere. – Hawk? – [Hawk] Yeah, man? – I need you to promise me something Hawk. – [Hawk] Anything man. – You tell that Sheriff that I did it. – [Stone] What? – Nah, no, no, I can’t do that, G. We know you didn’t kill that woman. – So it’s okay for you to do it, not me? – We in different circumstances. – Tell the Sheriff that I did it. – G, you talkin’ crazy! He’s not telling that
Sheriff shit, man, fuck him! – Stone, chill out man. Y’all got a chance to
walk outta here alive. I’m not leaving here alive. – This some bullshit. Can we get a doctor back here? Aye, we need a doctor back here! What kinda sick fuck are you man? – I’m no sicker than that
sum’bitch that killed that woman! – Man we need a doctor, we need ’em now! – Oh you do, okay. (pills rattling) Give him his damn medicine. I need for ’em to die in
prison, not in my jail! – [Hawk] Deuce quick man, get a juice. I got your medicine. – It’s too late Hawk. – [Stone] G quit talking that dying shit! This medicine’s gone save yo life. – [Hawk] Sit ’em up Stone. Come on, come, open your mouth. Hey, open your mouth, open your mouth. All right, come on, come on, yeah, yeah. – [Deuce] Take a slow sip, slow. All right, okay. – Hawk. – [Hawk] Yeah G? – You gotta promise me. – [Hawk] Look man, look, it’s
no need to promise anything. Look, G, look, look, look, man. I just talked to that Sheriff man, he told me they found the real killer. We’ll be outta here in no time. – [Guru] That’s good news Hawk. – Yeah, it is man, so I ain’t
gotta make that promise. – I just wanna make sure y’all
taken care of well enough. – G I’m not bullshitting,
stop talking like that man! – [Hawk] G, don’t worry about us man, just get some rest. Hey, it’s a catcher man, the answer to your riddle is a catcher. (soft music) – G! G! Wake up man! Damn, G! G, wake up man! Don’t you fucking die on me! G! Fuck! Fuck! – [Deuce] Damn Gu. – If we wanna get outta here man, we gone have to take G’s advice. – Man, what are you talking about? – The promise he asked me to make. – What, wait, y’all not
talking about letting him take the rap for the murder? – It was his dying wish Stone. – Man, what kinda heartless
nigga are you Hawk? We gone dishonor this man’s memory by letting him go to
his grave as a murderer? – Look, Guru didn’t want
the same fate for us Stoney! That includes you! – That’s bullshit, Deuce! That was our friend! His family gone deal with
him being branded a murderer? Come on man! – So we save his name by dying
in prison ourselves, huh? Is that the answer Stone? – What happened to you
doing the honorable thing and confessing to it? – So let me get this straight, so the problem is not our getting out, it’s just about who
takes the fall to do it? – Because Hawk is capable
of that shit, not G! – What the hell you got against me bruh? – Come on man, that’s foul,
you guys are friends, man. – Man, we used to be friends. (chuckles) – What’s your problem?
– Something else. – Huh, how am I capable of this? – ‘Cause you the only nigga
that’s still out there choking bitches with that kinky shit. – You think just because
your parents helped me huh, you got the right to tell
my business to everybody? – No, wait, wait. – That’s third time!
– Hawk I didn’t say nothing! – Listen, that’s the shit I’m
talking about right there, that every since we was kids,
your business was my business and it was the same for me. So it don’t matter how I found out, I was your boy and you
couldn’t even tell me you was in trouble. Nigga, I was there when you
almost got kicked outta school with that kinky shit
with them white broads. But you gone tell this
motherfucker ’cause he got money! Man you let this lil’
nigga get between us. – Man he’s jealous, look at ’em Hawk, man he jealous!
– Man fuck you! I ain’t got nothing to be jealous of! – You always been jealous of ’em! – Man, fuck you man. – You always wanted
everything he’s had Stoney! – Whatever man.
– Admit it! You even want his wife. – The hell you just say man? – [Stone] Yeah, what the fuck you say? – What you just say? – You know exactly what I’m talking about. Stoney’s been seeing Maria. Yeah, I said it. – Motherfucker, how you gone
say some bullshit like that? – [Deuce] Stoney’s been seeing Maria. – Hawk, I’m not messing with your wife. – [Deuce] He’s been
over there every night! Stoney’s been seeing Maria. – [Stone] Motherfucker, I will kill you! – Fuck you, it’s always been about you! – [Stone] I went there for a few days! (grunting) – [Hawk] Come on! – Hawk, stop, stop! You’re killing ’em, stop! – [Charlie] Hey, break it up, hey! – [Sheriff Barnes] Get off of him! – [Charlie] Get off of him, keep going! – [Hawk] Kill you, I’ma kill you! – [Charlie] Get over there and sit down! – Jesus.
– We’re gonna need a doctor. – [Deuce] Rhode Island, South Carolina. – Why you didn’t tell me? – I just didn’t know how to approach you with something so delicate. – How’d you know? – I would drive by the house, just about every night
on my way to Starbucks. Car would be parked outside. – I always felt like karma
was gone pay me a visit sooner or later. I have a problem man. I had a beautiful woman in my life, and I messed up so bad I
drove her into the arms of my best friend. We were this close to
getting back together man. All she wanted was me
to just quit drinking. She didn’t know the drinking
wasn’t even a problem. I only did that man, to
handle my indiscretions. – What do you mean? – I don’t know what it is man, but I just can’t stop
having sex with other women. – I mean, I don’t mean
to be disrespectful boss, but, sounds like a dog to me. – Trust me man, it’s not that at all. When I say I have a problem, I mean I really do have a problem. Alcohol just helped me in
to enjoy my wrong doing. I mean, for that moment man, when that alcohol get in your system and that buzz just kills
that guilty conscious, man. Just killed my life. And all she wanted was just
six months of my best behavior. All I could do was give her five. – [Hawk] Hey. – Hey. – [Hawk] How you doing? – I’m good. – [Hawk] How’s DJ? – He’s good too. What’s going on? – [Hawk] Go inside? – No you can’t. – What’s wrong now? – Look, Darren, I think
it’s best that we move on. – So what you sayin’, you giving up on me? You giving up on us? – Look Darren, I don’t
think that you will ever follow through with what I need. – I’m on track. Look, I haven’t had a
drink in five months, look, what else do you
want me to do, I’ll do it. – Look, DJ and I, we need
stability right now, okay? What happens when you
repeat your behavior, huh? Are we gonna have to give
you what, another six months? No, we need stability right now. – Baby, look, think about
it, please, baby, please. Think about it, don’t do this to us. – No, Darren, look, it’s time to move on. – Maria, come on, Maria, Maria, Maria! But when Maria decided man, she wasn’t willing to
give us another chance, I just fell off the deep end. I just couldn’t handle
her not being in my life. – You know, since you’re
in the confessing mood, what really happened with you
and that woman at the motel? – Yeah, that night, I really
did overdo it with the alcohol. and dragging me outta there. – [Deuce] And Monique? – No Deuce, I can’t say for certain that I didn’t kill that woman. – Fellas, fellas, fellas, I
got some great news for you, just great news. I was able to locate the women there at the party with you guys. – Come on, look, did
they give you anything that gets us in the clear?
– Yeah, sure did. – Yeah! – Now, now, Deuce,
there’s just one problem, they’re only gonna release Thomas. – Hey, wait, wait, what about Hawk? – One of the women informed
us that you and her left Ms. Cisco’s residence and
returned to the hotel last night. – [Deuce] I don’t remember that. – She also stated that you returned to the residence this morning. (keys jingling) – You, you one lucky boy. Camera’s at that there hotel
confirmed her statement. – You know what, all right,
I’ma get us up outta here, just hold on man, trust me, I got you. – [Sheriff Barnes] Come on boy. – Please man, just get me outta here. – I’ll be back. – [Sheriff Barnes] Let’s go son. (somber music) (birds chirping) – Wow, this guy finally
gets what he deserves. – Yes, yes he does. – This is better than
the original treatment. – I made some significant
changes over the last few days. – I’m very interested, let’s talk money. – Great, you can work out the
details with my representation and if you gentlemen would excuse me, I have somewhere I must be. But, it was a pleasure doing
business with you, thank you. (suspenseful music) – [Man] Where do we start? – Deuce, thank God you’re here man! I’m glad to see you man. I’m getting outta here? – Stoney’s dead. – No man, no. It’s not why I’m here. – [Hawk] What you talking about man, you said you’d take care of everything. – Sorry, but that was a lie, being that I’m the reason you in here. – The hell you talking about Deuce? – I killed her. – I’ll kill you man! – Shh, shh, this is our lil’ secret. Gotta keep it down, baby. – I’m telling you man, I’ll go up there and I’ll let that Sheriff know man, that you killed that woman man. And when I get outta here man, I swear to God I’ma
fucking kill you Deuce, you hear me talking to you? I’ma fucking kill you! – You really think you
getting outta here, huh? Now let me get this, you’re
gonna tell the Sheriff that I did it? After you just convinced him
that I wasn’t capable of it? Hell, I’d like to see you try. – Why man, after all I did for you? – All you did for me? Man you ain’t done
nothing but hold me back and take from me! And no matter how repulsive
or idiotic Stoney was, he was right about one thing, you was never gonna give me my
shot, to show what I can do. So I had to do all this
motherfucking shit on my own! From pre production, to the
sit downs with the movie exec. Hell, I even hand picked the woman you had sex with at the bar fool! You know, I know your type real well. Yeah, and Ebony, she’s a real pro. Former escort who’s down for whatever. Ebony, I had a very lucrative business
idea that may interest you. – How lucrative are we talking? – It’s some real deviant shit though. – As long as deviance pays well, I’m in. – Oh, and by the way, they
will find your DNA in Monique. Yeah, I knew, I knew
about your little problem. You know they actually have
a clinical term for it, it’s, what is, sexual addition? That too, was part of my research. You know what? You were right. Research is required
for a great story man. – You sick, twisted fuck, man! (laughs) I’m not a pawn in your demented fantasies. – You know what I find amazing, is that even when a woman
is financially secure, there’s still crevices inside her being that longs for validation. – Mr. Thomas, I really want this role. I know I can do it, I know this character
like the back of my hand. – But I need very rare
talent to make this work. – I promise I can do it. I’ll do whatever the role requires. – Whatever is a real broad statement. – Whatever. – You know it took a little coaching to get her to take you with
her to her room that night, you know, sometimes you guys
are so fucking vulnerable. Which actually brings me to the reason why you and the guys couldn’t
remember nothing. You know, I had to ensure that each bottle had a proper amount of rohypnol. Hell man, I couldn’t risk poising yo ass. See, at least now you know I cared. – Hold on man, they said
you wasn’t even there at the time of her death. – All right look, let me
rephrase my earlier admission. Now, I didn’t kill her myself personally, let’s just say I kinda masterminded it. You know, one drunk and
one unemployed lawyer did me the honor. – Arthur? – You know, you’d be surprised
what 30 days in Betty Ford and my rich father could do. Let’s just say, Arthur
is no longer unemployed. – I can assure you, I’m
not in cahoots with them. – You set me up. – Hotel surveillance was accurate though. I mean, me and Ebony were at the hotel the night of the murder. Goddamn pendant, the shit must’ve fell off when I was shoving her fucking body in that goddamn crawl space. But you know–
– G, Stoney? – Ah, collateral damage. – [Hawk] That’s bullshit. – Ah, I don’t mean to be so callus. Well look, hey, if it
makes you feel any better, I was actually intending
on the three of you rotting in this motherfucker all together, but G’s sickness man, it
kind of through me in a loop, so I just kinda had to roll with it. Now Stoney on the other hand, Stoney’s unrestricted jealousy
drove me to make some changes to this script along the way. See I figured he’d fall for
the Maria needs support– – Hold on, hold on, so you tryna– – Oh don’t be so surprised, come on now! We both know he wanted to have your life! Man I seen the way he looked at her. Man, I gotta admit man, you killin’ ’em, you killin’ ’em added such a fucking, wow, such an element of suspense
to the fucking story, oh, man. You know it’s a damn shame, damn shame we had to come to this. But you know, every story that I did, that I presented to you, you shot it down, wasn’t enough, huh? I mean, even if the
fucking story was flawless, I just still couldn’t
live up to your standards. So guess what? Now, I’ma show you what I’m capable of. Don’t worry though, cheer up man. I’ll make sure he got you a nice lil’ cot, got you some blankets
man, couple food boxes, make sure you’re all laid
out and comfortable man, while you live out the rest of
your days in this hell hole. But yeah man, like I said at the bar, wouldn’t be possible without you baby. (chuckles) Oh yeah, you know what, I’ma do you one better, I may go ahead and take
care of Maria and DJ. You know, everybody needs stability right? – Look, DJ and I, we
need stability right now. – You stay the fuck away from my family. Deuce, you hear me? – That’s all.
– Deuce! Deuce, stay the fuck away from my family! Deuce, I’m gone kill you man! Deuce! (spooky music)

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