President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders: The Daily Show

President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders: The Daily Show

Let’s move on and talk about
some global news. You know, it’s been so chaotic
here in America dealing with Trump’s
bull (bleep) that you forget there’s a whole world out there also dealing
with Trump’s bull (bleep). -(laughter)
-You can’t escape the man. And it’s not like the world doesn’t have problems
of its own. For instance, in Germany,
they’re worried about Russians interfering
with their elections now, but instead of focusing on that, poor Angela Merkel had
to spend her precious time explaining to Trump that he
couldn’t refuse refugees in need because of a thing called
the “Geneva Convention.” Yeah, she had to explain that
to apresident,which is a waste of her time. And that’s German time,
so you know it’s extra precious. -(laughter) -Yeah. No, it is.
It’s super precious. Like, in terms of value,
it goes Swiss time, -German time, Hammer time.
That’s… that’s it. -(laughter) And Hammer time
is extremely valuable -because there’s not any left.
-(audience groaning) It’s just one of those things. But it’s happening
all over the world. In Britain,
Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling with Brexit, but because of Trump,
who wants to meet the queen, she has to spend time schooling
him on royal protocols, teaching Trump
on how to meet the queen. (with English accent):
“Rule one, Donald– it’s not okay
to grab the queen’s pussy.” (laughter, groaning, applause) Or as the queen calls it,
“The Grey Corgi.” (laughter) Now, now, as irritating
as those Trump problems may be, at least they’re side issues. For some countries,
Trump is problemnumero uno.NEWSMAN:
Fighting with friends.
President Trump escalating
his fight with Mexico… President Trump threatened
to use U.S. military force to halt Mexico’s drug trade. He reportedly said he’s ready
to send U.S. troops to stop what he calls, quote,
“bad hombres down there.” -(laughter)
-Hey, hey. Look on the bright side–
Trump’s learning Spanish. (laughter) You know, this story
is why you have to appreciate every now moment. Remember a week ago?
We were freaking out because Trump was starting
a trade war? And now we’re freaking out
because he’s starting a war war? Now we’re like, “Oh, man,
I miss the old Trump.” -(laughter)
-Although, although to be fair, this is not, like,
exactly an escalation, uh, you know,
this whole invasion. Because, let’s be honest,
America already invades Mexico -every spring break.
-(laughter) Yeah, and these people,
by the way, who go down to Mexico,
they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,
they’re rapists… and some, I assume,
are good people. (laughter) -I’ve heard. I assume.
-(whooping, applause) And-and-and don’t get me wrong,
don’t get me wrong. Of course,
Trump and his administration aren’t just making new enemies,
they’re also rebooting old ones. The White House is raising
the stakes with Iran. National Security Advisor
Michael Flynnlashing out at the Iraniansfor conducting
a recent missile test.
President Trump
has severely criticized the various agreements reached
between Iran and the Obama administration. Instead of being thankful
to the United States in these agreements,
Iran is now feeling emboldened. As of today, we are officially
putting Iran on notice. Holy (bleep). Iran is officially on notice. Do you know what that means? -Actually, nobody knows
what it means. -(laughter) Yeah. But it’s provocative.
It gets the people going. (singing melody) There’s no such thing
as “officially being on notice.” That’s the opposite
of “official.” Like, you can’t just say,
“You’re on notice.” Flynn sounds less like a general and more like
an Atlanta housewife. You know? Iran caused a scene
at my dinner party, so she officially on notice. Bloop! (laughter) That’s not a thing. But let’s-let’s be honest,
though. None of this is
really a surprise. If you were guessing who Trump
would be heading to war with two weeks into his presidency, we would have probably
picked Mexico, uh, and we probably
would have had Iran. But who would you have had
as a third? Think about it. No, no, try again, try again. No, no, another country.
Try again. A-Anoth… Like, you want
to gowaydown on your list. The president is also taking
a hard line with Australia, reportedly slamming
the prime minister during a phone call… NEWSMAN:…a shouting match
between him
and Australia’s
prime minister…
NEWSWOMAN:…accusing him
of trying to send the U.S.
the next Boston Bombers,
referring to an agreement
to send 1,250 refugees here.Mr. Trump hanging up
after just 25 minutes…
Who picks a fight
with Koala Island? (laughter) It’s one of America’s closest
and chillest allies, people. Their catchphrase is literally,
“No worries.” But Trump picked a fight
with them. And an hour after the fight,
he tweeted… -(laughter, applause)
-Now… (audience whooping) Can I just say…
can I just say… you have to be
some kind of genius to pack so much wrong
into just 140 characters. First of all, how do you know
it’s a dumb deal if you haven’t studied it yet? Like, maybe next time
you want to study the deal before you get on the phone
with a foreign leader and (bleep) on him. And also,
they’re not illegal immigrants. They’re refugees.
They’re refugees that the U.S. made
a legal agreement to accept. In Trump’s mind, everyone in the
world is an illegal immigrant. Everyone. Yeah, they
just haven’t come over yet. (like Trump): People in Africa,
illegal immigrants. People in Austra… everyone’s
an illegal immigrant! -It’s happening.
-(laughter) So, the question is,
how’d this all happen? I talked to one
administration official who said, look at the context
of his schedule, of his day. He talked to five world leaders
on Saturday, last Saturday, at the end of a long week
in the White House, and they said simply, by the time he got to the
Australian phone call, he was a little fatigued. (laughter) So Trump damaged relations with a key strategic ally because he missed nap time? That is the cutest,
most terrifying excuse I have ever heard. And it makes sense
because toddlers are tyrants and now you understand Trump. I mean, it all makes sense. I thought Trump was supposed
to be the high-energy candidate. Stamina was his thing, remember? That’s what he said. Yeah, you think Jeb Bush
gets cranky on phone calls? No, because no one calls him. No one. But my point stands. When you’ve got Australia
thinking that you’re an asshole, then maybe it’s time for you
to ask the question, is Trump really going
to make America first, or is he just going
to make America alone? The signs aren’t good, especially if Trump’s leaked
Australia phone call is anything to go by. (man imitating Turnbull): (man imitating Trump): (man imitating Turnbull): (man imitating Trump): (dial tone)

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  2. It kills trump to know that Obama was a better President on his worse day than trump will ever be on any one his short, narcissistic, sociopathic, paranoid, delusional, grandiose, illiterate, day in office. Sorry , You donny, you just don't measure up!

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    I am not sure if one can speak like that on a national television in UK. To be clear, I am not criticizing him, but just curious.

  16. Fuck refugees from shithole countries,the Australians are not allowed to come here to live and work ,but the uneducated idiots from shithole countries gonna be welcomed? How about letting more normal people in or legalizing the ones here which couldnโ€™t get visas because the immigration system is fucked up and lets only idiots who are uneducated ,never gonna even try learn English,state helps with free benefits .

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    But look at the US now… Shame… What would have Benjamin Franklin thought? George Washington? Abraham Lincoln?


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    Because this days people love hypocrite,
    According to the Bible
    The sin of the last day
    People's says GOOD IS EVIL

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    I know at least of 2 cases of suicide one of them set himself on fire, he was an Iranian, when Trump canceled the deal with Australia.

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  32. @Trevor Noah darling I just โค๏ธ u wanted u to know that 1st. So no offense just as enlightenment saying yes there is in law something call putting โ€œon notice- it is a mandatory step that u have to obey pursuant to RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE without which no public official, employee or entity can be sued. U wonโ€™t even be allowed to file a even an initial complaint against them/it unless u put them on notice and 2nd thing is if u do not give notice any or all filing that u may have worked so hard on or means a great deal to u that u properly filed and all as required but yet might never even gonna be seen or tossed out bottom line never been seen by a judge yet u wonโ€™t be able to hold anyone accountable for what happened to your filing coz courts r not mandated to do anything automatically until or unless u direct it what u want done by it. Giving notice is like poking the court with sharp end of a stick tell it hey look I filed something u must do something about it and can not just abandon it.โ€

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