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  1. Just what we need…another billionaire with NO experience in public service to extort the American people, destroy the environment, benefit financially from foreign powers and destroy what the Founders established…NOT!

  2. The Loyal Order of Billionaires are rushing to join the race because they are terrified that Sanders or Warren will win and destroy their piles of money with tax reform. Don't let them con you with other Noble Reasons.

  3. That was actually, really funny. I was kinda mad at first, that they were picking on them, bc I'm trying to find an actual REAL debate, nothing funny or immature, but I kept watching it & it ended up being really funny, especially the virtual reality part !!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. WHY can't all of the people joining the running get behind someone and raise money for them instead??? Hopefully Bernie, but anything is better than more idiots running. We are too divided, but that's what THEY, the owners wanted.

  5. Everyone in this country want the same thing. Food and personal and financial security and a good future for our children.
    We don't need to be rich just not terribly uncomfortable or needing the basics. If the right could understand this, maybe we could work together. They don't listen to what their Jesus said. I'm atheist and am more christian than they are.

  6. More Moderates. Bloomberg is coming too. Maybe Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos can team up. The history books will have to devote a volume for this. The powers of the DARKSIDE are in full gear. Obe Won, you're our only hope.

  7. It's very entertaining watching a generation of old white men take their last breaths gasping. I'm an old white man, but not one of them.

  8. I want Bloomberg to run. He'll attract votes from Biden, and Pete. Making them loose votes. Giving Bernie and Warren a bigger lead.

  9. Bloomberg wants to be President, that is just what America needs- another billionaire megalomaniac in the White House. America needs Bloomberg as President as much as it needs Richard Nixon to be resurrected and made President for life!

  10. #BernieSanders2020
    A third party run is definitely a DICK move๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ก. We do not need our votes against the Idiot-In-Chief divided!

  11. Few newbie politicians after entering politics come out the other end with a shred of their credibility intact.

    For Trump he didnโ€™t have any to begin with…..

  12. "…proving that a third-party run is a dick move." Wrong, Stephen. A run by a billionaire may be a dick move but a run outside the duopoly is not. The ruling class had no trouble buying both major parties but if we had a few more viable parties they probably couldn't control them all. As long as there's a duopoly the ruling class can keep campaign laws in place that make corruption legal.

  13. For profit Healthcare.
    For profit Prisons.
    For profit Education.
    For profit Politicians.
    For profit Presidency.

    America is DOOMED!

  14. All of the rich people are seeing the profit you can make by flaunting the law and lining your own pockets. And if you're not as horrendously stupid as trump, you'll probably get away with it too! 'murica.

  15. This was great and so spot on. That phony I'm a man for the people light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Sad to see so many still fall for that schtick.

  16. 1:33 Virtually anyone is more qualified to be president than donald dump. This includes, but is not limited to, Marky Mark!

  17. Becoming a billionaire by selling americans sports equipment is like selling cigarettes in france or bread in germany…officially TOO EASY

  18. Stephen Colbert is all like hard core democracy on one hand, and then flips on the other hand to slam democracy, when people actually try to run en masse so that US citizens have more than a choice between a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich. There are 18 million US citizens, how is picking from like 2 dozen "too many"? If anything, it's not enough… you should be able to chose from… and hear from… thousands and thousands.

  19. Is Obama still available for another stint at the WH ???
    Sure the country would'nt mind if he threw his hat into the ring this late in the game.
    One could only hope ๐Ÿคž

  20. People like Steven Colbert and bobby dinero, are ignorant schmucks, thier opinions and commentt are as bad as thier jokes time for you to retire

  21. No matter which representatives you support, it is absolute fact that the corporations control our political system, and have done so since the 1980s. They keep our democracy in check, buying politicians in both parties and undermining legislation on issues the majority of the American people support. The ONLY thing that gives them that power is the Electoral College. If the Popular Vote determined general elections, this country would follow the mandate of the middle class, instead of a corporate faction. This is a very compromised democracy, a JOKE to call itself "leader of the free world", as long as oligarchs have first and last say in our elections. Get RID of the Electoral College or reassign its role, and let the Popular Vote run the show. Guarantee, gov't corruption would be better held in check, foreign hackers would have a much harder time messing with our elections, since margins in races would be wider, and we'd be capable of getting a 3rd party candidate with a better chance of winning an election (as it is, it only hands a race to one of the 2 main parties). So much more would get done for the nation! Until we can actually eliminate the EC with an amendment, the best option right now is for states to sidestep the EC and pledge its electoral support to whoever wins the Popular Vote. Everyone should scream at their representatives to do precisely that in 2020. It's time to have a real democracy, and screw Putin!

  22. There All The Devils Minions Wolf In Sheeps Clothing โ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’™…………….

  23. hey how about we all enter the presidential race….million to choose from then….lol…instead of millions in the bank….

  24. I still have to wonder if this was not planned…to have so many candidates….to confuse the current potus and make it so much more expensive to try and find dirt on that many …lol…..

  25. and in other news…potus made an unscheduled trip to walter reed hospital…then claimed it was the first phase of his annual check up….yeah right your last one was feb of this year…and they don't do 'annual' physicals in 'phases'…he said he would complete the rest next year….gossip has it he was having chest pains….and that was the news for the day….

  26. The very fact that you can have this idea of too many candidates fragmenting the vote for side A and letting side B win is a sign that your โ€œdemocracyโ€ is in serious trouble.

  27. Dont believe what any of these fuckers up here, theyre all the same, looking for cash and power. Theyre all involved , and we are being controlled by criminals!

  28. Wow, Warren is really freaking out the Billionaire class. <3 Her best advertising… outside of all her plans <3

  29. The Corporate Machine is FREAKING out! Obummer made the call on behalf of the Establishment DEMs' Donors! Biden is a non-starter; Butt Mayor will get his ass kicked (he has a big racial scandal that eventually will break corporate news (although the Corp Media loves Butt mayor as he's a big dark money taker too!) #BernieOurLastHope #BerniePure #NoMoreNeoliberals

  30. I love Warren, but we need a person like Biden who can pass legislation. Obama was great but the GOP blocked every single thing he tried to pass no matter how good it was. We must get rid of Mitch Putin's Bitch.

  31. Bloomberg should note that America elected a billionaire (in his own mind) already. No prizes for the runner up!

    But seriously, the Democrats are doing far more damage to their party by allowing so many candidates to run campaigns. It makes a mockery of the system. Thin the numbers and be cohesive.

  32. Warren's got it guys . . .we don't need any more people. Run in local politics or rerun for senate/congress/ be in the cabinet when Warren wins (given this country gets over their misogynist mommy issues/ old man fetish)

  33. The good part about all of these Democrats running is that they are giving Trump a migraine. He doesn't know who to stalk and destroy and time's a wastin.

  34. Any democratic billionaire running for president is deluded. Why in the hell would any democrat ever vote for a billionaire??

  35. Trump has shown every rich white entitled manchild billionaire wannabe dictator that he too can be in the white house, he got everything he needs for the job…a big wallet, a small d!ck, and sycophants to tell him how great it is! Leading a nation requires a person who can be a servant to the people, not a person who thinks that people are servants.

  36. Actually I say YES to more candidates! I feel like the field was so bad from the start that most of the 'candidates' weren't even in it to win it, they all just wanted to be on state and gain some notoriety. Bernie sucks, Biden is an idiot, Buttigieg is relatively unknown but he's at least a solid maybe to win it from Trump, and then we have Elizabeth Warren the only realistic candidate.

    Now who knows, there could be a legit Obama type just waiting in the wings, there's still an entire year before the election, there is literally plenty of time; so I think new candidates are great, it's not like their gonna have any effect if they're bad, they'd only change the election if voters thought they were deserving of a real chance. So there's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

    Anyway, VOTE BLUE, no matter WHO!

  37. If you're still supporting one of the two major political parties, you're the reason this country sucks.
    Neither of them care about anything, or anyone, which doesn't consolidate their own power.

  38. The number of candidates doesn't matter. Truml beat 17 people in the primary himself with just 9% of the vote remember? If Michelle Obama announced a run would we be angry really?!

  39. Has any one see the Simpson's where Liza Simpson is the first president of the USA and she becomes president after trump

    Liza can be short for Elizabeth as well


  41. Who looks at 18 candidates running, and says "I think I'll fit right on in"? only a billionaire, disconnected from reality

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