PREY Trailer (2016) Dutch Lion Horror Movie

PREY Trailer (2016) Dutch Lion Horror Movie

Four victims They were poor? Maybe on the same spot as the head of his wife? This is impossible Bred Rottweilers Pittbuls That does not even come close to What happened here? They are anxious That’s how the are the whole day They don’t wanna go outside Look at that! That’s not dogshit! Has anybody see that Lion? We cannot confirm that Yuck! What is that? How can one lion disorder a city? This is not a normal Lion… The Vondelparc has cleared and locked down cause there will be a clearing-up operation. I know someone that killed a lot of lions He’s the one! He has one leg!? Let that Lion come to us! Let that lion know, that’s he playing with the wrong country! I don’t want to make Amsterdam a
hunting ground Come to daddy! PREY Hero… What? You stand behind me I put down your bag down! Yes, to run away dude! Yeah…

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  1. Damn man, hopefully they make a CD version for this. I have to add to my collection. I will place this film next to "Shark in a Swimming Pool."

  2. The best place to shoot such kind of movies is in remote places in Africa, i wouldn't waste my time and money watching this.

  3. what a bullshit… Male Lions dont hunt so… Male lions cant run very fast and have not enough stamina…they need many time to rest .

  4. Dick Maas and Johan Nijenhuis probably the worst filmmakers in history of motion picture. awful awful awful and the soundtracks of dick maas movies are ear torturing.

  5. I think it is one of the worst film ever. The acting is really really bad. Story line. Bad. Special effects. Bad too. Do not spend your time on it!

  6. Hmmm…a movie of ALL white people ( leperous heathens ) being murdered by a lion ( the REAL JUDAH)…looks like someone knows what's about to happen

  7. This was a debacle in the Netherlands. Didn’t sell at all. However, in China it was a big blockbuster, partially because the movie featured Amsterdam.

  8. I don’t get why animal horror movies aren’t more popular or common. You could really make an animal scary

  9. شو اسم الفلم ماموجود على اليوتيوب رجا

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