Profile Picture and Banner Contest (Contest Closed)

Profile Picture and Banner Contest (Contest Closed)

Before I start this video, I want to thank
you guys for getting Fact Free to 100,000 subscribers. My goal was to get to 100,000
by June, but you guys completely destroyed that goal, which shows that you guys are an
awesome fanbase. Anyway, for this video I want to hold a little contest over who can
design the best profile picture and/or banner for the Fact Free channel. As you can see,
the ones I have now aren’t really that great or appealing. I would make them myself, but
I unfortunately do not have the time at the moment to invest teaching myself how to make
them look professional. I posted a comment on one of my videos asking
if you guys wanted me to do this, and judging from the comments and the amount of likes
it got, I decided to go through with it. The winner or winners of this contest will
be voted by you guys, the audience. The winner or winners will be fully credited for their
submissions, and will have links to their channels and other websites of choice linked
on the Fact Free channel. There are a few things I would like to appear
on both the profile picture and banner. For the profile picture, it should either have
the words “Fact Free” or the letters FF on it. And for the channel banner, it should
have at least something from Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics. It is fully up to you how you
decide to make these. You can use pictures from the movies, art from google images, or
you can draw them yourself. Whatever you feel would look the best. To submit your submission, you can post it
on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, links to them will be in the description of this
video. You can also submit it to our email, [email protected] or through a private
message on Youtube. I’m thinking about having this contest close on March 5th. However,
if you guys want more time, let me know in the comments and if enough of you ask, then
I’ll extend the time and add the new close date in the description. After the close date,
I will make another video and show off all of the submissions, and then you guys will
vote on which ones you like the most. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys
can make, and as always may the force be with you!

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  1. I am a mitten an idea it should be a banner with famous marvel dc and star wars heros reading books with fact free written on it

  2. Can you extend the time just a tad bit longer? Not too much though, maybe like one or two days would be nice. Thanks! 🙂

  3. only found out about this today, but i should still have enough time to make a submission to this contest.
    also you've propebly answered this question a lot already but how should we send the final pieces?

  4. i got an idea but like you i dont have time to teach myself XD
    but the banner could be the orignal new hope poster with all the bad guys DC and all good marvel

  5. Wiah woah woah, it's already March 20th, and nothing changed?

    And yeah, sadly I wasn't able to do much as I've been very busy recently, so sorry about that. But I'm still shocked that no one has changed anything with them yet…

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