Profile Pictures – Science of Attraction

Profile Pictures – Science of Attraction

We’re all attracted to people all the time.
What is it that attracts us to others? And what do others find attractive about you?
[music] These are some of the questions our team is
going to try and answer in this series of videos. With millions of people to choose
from, finding that perfect someone shouldn’t be that difficult. But the media, social pressures
and human nature itself have turned it into a mystery. We’re surrounded by manipulated
images, celebrity and glossy perfection. We’re given rules about dating through books, websites
and the press. They all pressure us to conform to an ideal of what is attractive. But what’s
the truth? It’s time for science to tackle the subject. Through a series of experiments,
our team are going to piece together some of the clues to this enormously complex phenomenon
and in these videos they will explore the science of attraction. Characteristics such as sincerity, intellect
and dependability are key attributes that we all seek in friendships or romantic partners.
We tend to make many assumptions on appearances but how reliable is our judgement?
A person, who we may see initially as friendly or honest could turn out to be completely
the opposite. Are we bad judges of character or do people try and mislead others? Maybe
the truth is somewhere in between. Today 700 million people are using social
networking websites, some specifically for dating and match making. And on these sites
we are presented in a very brief format, in many cases we are initially judged just by
a photograph. This way of presenting ourselves is becoming more and more prevalent. So how
important is the picture we choose to represent ourselves online?
In this video, the team will take the science of attraction to the Great British public
to find out what your profile picture says about you and what type of photos are best
at attracting attention? It may not be the ones you expect>>It’s a cat in afro, who doesn’t like a cat
in afro? People are naturally keen to show off their
most attractive qualities, particularly in their profile photo on social networking and
dating sites. Do flirtatious photos get the best response? Does the quality and context of the photo
matter? And is flashing flesh the way to go? We decided to find out. Profile pictures seem to fall into one of
a number of different categories: That’s self-taken camera phone or webcam shots, outdoors or
on holiday, in your own personal space, doing something interesting or an abstract photo,
to represent yourself. In order to test out some of the myths and
science about profile pictures we’ve set up a profile picture experiment at this shopping
centre. On our stand we have 10 sets of photos, five
of guys and five of girls. Each set has five photos in it, one for each of the most common
profile types. Which just to remind you are as follows: Number one, outside or on holiday. Number two, in your own personal space Number three, an abstract photo, which represents
you. Number four, a self-taken camera phone shot. And finally, number five, doing something
interesting. We asked members of the public to choose their
favourite profile picture for each of the 10 people displayed and then to pick an overall
favourite. According to the scientific research men in general are much more interested in
the physical attractiveness of their potential partners then women are. Women tend to put
more of an emphasis on personality traits and career prospects. Research also suggests
that men agree a lot more about who they find attractive and unattractive while women have
a much broader opinion. Over 170 people later, and it was time to check out the votes and
find out what people thought about the photos.>>I chose Mr C and photo five, he just looked
playful and more outgoing than the rest.>>I liked C and I liked photo one, I liked
the fact there was scenery, it was nice, rather than drunken, at a party like most profile
pictures seem to be these days>>I chose Miss C, number five, it showed her
as an interesting character>>I chose Mr A and the number three one where
he’s got I think it’s the Eiffel Tower behind him>>The photo I like the best was letter D,
number two I think because I’m a fan of short hair and she had short hair and a great body
as well>>I like Mr A, two, because you could see
his entire face but he also looked like he was having a good time>>Miss C and photo number three, I like that
photo because well it’s a cat in afro, who doesn’t like a cat in an afro? Our results match the science. With Miss C
being most popular, getting almost 50% of the guys votes the women voted Mr A, C and
E most frequently, each of them getting on average 25% of the votes, this shows that
women’s choices vary more than men’s when it comes to what they find attractive. What was clear in this experiment was that
people were drawn to photos that were representative of personality and showed that the subject
had the potential to be an interesting person to talk to.>>It just sort of drew me because he looked
quite active and it was in quite a natural surrounding environment>>She looked like cheery and happy basically>>I like that photo the most because he looks
like he’s into water sports and I quite like water sports, I’ve been scuba-diving and I
really enjoyed it.>>I like that photo because she’s just chilling
out, pretty much what I do at home.>>Thought it was a really arty photo, it’s
nice. Very nice picture. Looking at the results from every angle, it’s
clear that the most popular type of photo was the one which showed our subject doing
something interesting, a reflection of who they are and what they like. Overall this
type of photo got a third of all votes as favourite.
The Self shot coy photo and flashing flesh pictures are the ones which get the most messages
and attention according to research but are those the messages you want? Photos of people
doing something interesting generate much more meaningful messages.>>Based on that photograph, it would probably
be something like, oh so you’ve been travelling? And like how was France? Possibly talk about
photography skills and stuff like that because I’m really into that type of thing>>If I was I to send him a message, I would
have to ask him where he was because it looks really nice there>>If I was single I would probably say something
like, awesome afro and then just see where it goes from there, something simple.>>Hi, you look like a nice guy, want to meet
up some time? Winky face, tongue [laughter].>>When it comes to relationships and representation
on line your ability to show your best qualities can be a crucial factor. According to research,
if you initially show your personality and interests, then you’ll find more people drawn
to you. In our experiment people were genuinely looking
for what interested them about the people in the photographs rather than just sex appeal.
This goes along with much of the previous research out there, that while you may be
able to get a lot of attention by flashing flesh, ultimately people perceive you as more
interesting and worth engaging if you show you have a diverse and interesting personality. So there you have it. There are no tricks,
no magic methods for fooling people into liking you. It truly is as simple as being yourself.
And representing that, with your picture profile.>>To find out more and test out our chat up
line generator go to

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  4. While this is interesting, I don't think it deserves to be called science, and the results definitely don't deserve to be called "clear". The data pool is too small…

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  10. I got a genuine question, why do people follow these "dating rules" to people actually say "oh you gotta do this and that and then expect this and that" cos I dont get it, why not just be yourself, be friendly and kind, if that isnt enough then dont waste your time with them. Why is everyone a sheep and wants to follow these made up rules about how to "attract" someone, sounds so exhausting and fake, I cant stand a girl that I cant be myself around frankly. 

  11. Wow the one who said, "I'd have to ask him where he was cuz it looks really nice there". 
    It's Greenwich park GOD!!

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