Projection de film en 35mm – 35mm film projection

Projection de film en 35mm – 35mm film projection

Projection on film Projection method in way to disappear completely because of digital projectors… So actually I am glueing trailer for a projection this morning So in fact, when you are doing a glueing The end of the film must be joined to the other part of the film The blue line over there is the soundtrack What have just happened there is that the film reel while I was rewinding it for putting it back into the projector has just broken so I must do a glueing Once it happened to me during a public projection And so When that happens to you during the projection You’re scared beacause it makes a really weird noise coming from the projector And then when you are realizing the problem is shown to the public it’s very scary The break has disappeared ! Ok we’re gonna install that What I am doing right now is For many people it may be disgusting but it is by putting the film on your lip if your down lip sticks to it it means that’s the good side of the film Beacause if it sticks to your top lip it means that your film it’s upside down Ahah, in the trailer they’re spoiling the end of the movie ! There is no decadration for the moment !

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  1. For me no matter how advance the digital film projectors are there in the market but i will always miss the mechanical projector and the engineering associated with it… which is actually called a motion picture and is the GOD FATHER……

  2. Bravo, il faut venir voir les miens, plus anciens, deux philips 35mm, ils sont sur youtube, un Charlin 35 etc….

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