The following short film might disturb some viewers. We advise children under 14 years of age to watch in the presence of an adult. Use headphones for the best experience! Mayla! You were not there Everything seemed so simple This was the only way, everything else didn’t matter I didn’t listen, Mayla. For the first time I did not listen Me. There was only me. Nothing else. I’m so sorry! For what? That I left… But… You had to leave Mayla I didn’t see it and you couldn’t either Not without me! That’s what I was there for Mayla! I’m sorry, I failed! Wait… Mayla! Mayla, your drawing! You have to see the drawing of you! Mayla… I… No! Why? Are you okay? Got big plans today? I hope so You got a second? Not really… It’s important. Sure Can you tell me what’s going on with you lately? You haven’t talked that much. Did anything happen? No… It’s alright Maybe I can help you out. If you have a problem, you can tell me. That’s what I’m here for, you know that? It’s just too much for me I cannot do this anymore… waiting any longer It’s all so meaningless… Hey, I understand. Maybe… It’s all just a little overwhelming right now I want to finish my portfolio today I want to finally submit it tomorrow Hey, great news! You have been putting a lot of work into it… I’m not sure Sometimes I feel like it just took too long Hey, are you listening? Am I right? Yes, of course… There you go… Don’t worry! You can do it. Yes! I’m gonna finish my porfolio today and then… Are you going to use the bike? Probably Your brother used it yesterday Why did he use my bike? There was no other way… Why didn’t he use yours? The red one? Because I had taken it Anyway, you can use it too But I have my own bike, don’t I? He made it sound like something happened to it So if it’s broken… You should talk to him yourself… Where is he? Upstairs? Doing nothing… Hey, he’s just having a hard time, he’ll get over it soon, it’s fine… You don’t have to sugarcoat it! Like you always do, fuck that! Isn’t it sad that violence can be so meaningless… I’m just having fun. Of course that’s not enough for such a respectable artist like you… Ha… having fun What do you want? Did you use my bike yesterday? Maybe Did you? It. May. Be. Like I said. What happened? Did you break it again? Get out Man! It’s my bike! What did you do to it? Nothing! Nothing? Then why are you so angry, if it’s nothing? Nothing’s broken. You either tell me what you did… Hey man the chain came off, but I put it right back I just don’t know if it will stay on… And now get out! Why you’re like this? You can’t take any responsibility, can you? Just take mom’s bike, the red one, simple as that! I’m not taking her bike… Alright then, what’s the problem? Huh? Get lost, will you? Do you know what bothers me most…? Shut the door! You obviously need so much time alone so you can fucking waste it all! Wake up Man! Hey guys, whats up, y’all need something? Fucking loser! What do you want with this shit? Dude! Look at you, you are wasting your fucking time! Wake up! What’s gotten into you? What do you do all day? You are wasting your time! Mayla! You’re here I’m here I didn’t know even such a place like this existed here What do you mean by that? I don’t know, this place is just… Perfect. It is perfect, don’t you see that? Maybe… I just think, you shouldn’t use that word too much Why not? May there not be anything perfect? No, it’s just dangerous to think that way. What is perfection anyways? Water Lilies. Water Lilies? Yes, you didn’t know that? No, I don’t think so. Hm… This is odd. You know… Sometimes you look at something really closely, but you just can’t find any flaws at all… Regardless of the time spent searching. Do you ever think about the future? All the time… Do you think you are ever going to change something? I’m not like you, Mayla! I could never be… And what exactly makes you so different to me? Everything seems meaningless to me, Mayla We are wasting our time, we are putting ourselves ahead of others, we are taking everything away from each other But is it all actually pointless? What about your family? Your mom, your brother Luk… This is the reason… That is why I could never be like you… Don’t you see? No I want to draw you Sorry? Yes, that’s why we are here I have to finish my portfolio The last picture shall be a portrait A portrait? A portrait of you. Right here, by the water. Is it fine like this? This is… perfect. How is it turning out? Did you say something? Is it turning out well? My portrait? I think so… I think, it’s gonna be a masterpiece I have to leave now I know Will you come back? Take care! Hey you, you look familiar Hold on… I know you! I’m quite sure I see you passing by here everyday Always the same route, always the same bike And I’m asking myself, where are you going? What does someone like you do with his precious time? Hey, I asked you a question… Answer me! Who are you? Fucking Loser! YOU FUCKING LOSER! Mayla… You weren’t there… I’m so sorry… You weren’t able to see… Mayla… Not without me, that’s what I was here for… I didn’t listen anymore… In the end I knew nothing… You had to leave… You weren’t there… Mayla… For the first time… Wait! Mayla! Mayla! Your drawing! You have to see your drawing! Me… there was me… Nothing else… Fucking Loser… What happened? Tell me! What’s going on? Why won’t you answer, Mailo? I’m so scared! Because of what? Mailo? What is it!? Hey Mailo! Mailo! OST A film by The characters and events depicted in this film are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely conincidental.

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  1. Ach du Kacke! Der Kurzfilm war mal wieder einfach nur genial. Die düstere Atmospäre ist euch phänomenal gelungen! Ich bin zwar noch nicht hinter Alles in der Geschichte gekommen, aber den Teil den ich verstanden habe finde ich richtig richtig geil. Das wiederkehrende Motiv ist echt nice "verpackt" 🙂 Ich hoffe ihr macht weiter so!

  2. richtig atmosphärisch- grandios für einen Amateurfilm, kann schon kaum auf das nächste Projekt warten ^^

  3. endlich den dude gefunden, der so kacke in counter strike ist, dass man denkt er spielt mit controller haha; der kurzfilm war echt klasse, props an alle die mitgewirkt haben

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