Promo: CW’s New Show Cult – First Trailer

Promo: CW’s New Show Cult – First Trailer

Hey you! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. It’s a TV show. It’s called “Cult”.
People say I’m dangerous. But it’s not just a TV show. It goes beyond that – way beyond that. Me? I’m completely harmless. You came to me at seventeen. You were obsessed with me then; you’re obsessed with me now.
Because I know what you’re capable of! As for my followers… can’t always vouch for them.
Where’s my sister – where did they take her? It was Billy Grimm’s people wasn’t it?! They believe there are messages coded in the show. There’s this whole other level of mystery that the fans love. You have no idea how many followers are out there. That’s the clue I needed!
You can reach them? I made contact with them last night. I think they’re after me now. I’m telling you there is a connection between this show and what just happened.
Do not try to find me!
If I don’t try to find him, nobody will. Look. You’re next.

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  1. If you look at the shape above in 1:21, it's actually the letters C, U, L and T wrapped into each other. That's one of the coolest logos I've ever seen.

  2. It makes me think of the saw movies. In the sense that you have to think fast before the next killing. Seems a little sketchy to me!

  3. OMG it's that crazy guy from prison break that always scared the shit out of me! this looks good for the CW that is lol

  4. no that is not why.They called him on a Friday and told him he was being killed of and he called his agent and on Saturday his agent and his told him about this show .

  5. Sometime in January. The CW hasn't given an exact date yet, but it's supposed to run 13 episodes from January to May, without too many breaks.

  6. Alaric AND Jo… if the cult has any vampires/monsters in it, they'd better run because a bunch of supernatural hunters are coming for their asses! 🙂

  7. If Alaric dies he will just come back to life because he still has his VAMPIRE DIARIES RING (well…that's what am thinking of anyway) in the show, imagine that would be AWSOME and if Jo and Alaric would get together it will be a Hunter Couple, can't wait!!!

  8. If this isn't the dumbest tv show idea ever, its close. The fans of the show are committing real crimes, but not for profit? People don't break the law because they love a tv show. Its a good trailer, but its the dumbest idea ever!

  9. Despite the fact that all the actors have been in CW shows or none at all? If it was really a show that would appeal to people other then CW watchers who simply like hype and violence good actors would probably be interested in the script. I keep waiting for the CW to do a good show that an adult can watch…but not yet. Someday.

  10. @lollipopfop Matt Davis is an amazing actor and Thr antagonist was from the show prison break(non CW) And this show is a huge risk for the CW, i cant see how this appeals to there usual demographic 14-38 year old females. If you think this is just hype and violence then your wrong. The premise alone is confusing for tweens and targets adults. The director for critically aclaimed "V" the tv show is d

  11. @lollipopfop directing the show, look at the traliers for the fall line this year and you'll see a distict difference in shows look. I only watch Vampire Diaries and Arrow on the CW. TVD is amazing and Arrow is OK so far.

  12. So stupid that this show is replacing Emily Owens, M.D. That show is actually GOOD, its seriously retared how much stupid shows we have on air instead of good ones like Emily Owens.

  13. I'll give it a try bc it has Matt Davis but mad they canceled Emily Owens. I hope this show is good n that Matt didnt leave The Vampire Diaries for nothing.

  14. I was so upset when I found the secret circle but knowing that Matt Davis is going to be in it makes me happy. Although he'll always be alaric to me.

  15. Oh that girl was also in Melrose Place. And OMG Matt DAVIS. HELLO!!!!! 😉 This show looks a bit confusing I don't know why I think the traler is like that a bit but looking forward to the show when is it airing?

  16. I have a feeling two of the 'new' shows on CW will be cancelled by summer. I think I even know which one's…

  17. Now that they WON an award…yeaa I don't think so either…Arrow has had such high ratings so doubt it. The Carrie Diaries looks a bit retarted….like it looks alright :-S ppl will watch it though coz GG creators made the show but the cast is nothing too big. 90210 was close to being cancelled but then it didn't happen.

  18. This looks good , Diferent & creepy like AHS a show that I LOVE so I will watch the pilot . Love you Matt /Alaric & I miss you in TVD 😉

  19. I agree with EllisTrueBlood519
    Beauty and the Beast has a surprisingly large fan following. They've already won an award after just 10 episodes. I have a feeling the show will go on. Alhtough I'm curious which ones you this will get canceled?

  20. That reminds me a lot of the plot from "The Follwing" that just started to air. Hope it isnt a bad thing for this show…

  21. You know the way Robert is filmed for the on TV shots, he looks very very much like Anothony Hopkins in certain shots for his portrayal of Hannibal.

  22. I only watched this show because of the dude who played Alaric on the Vampire Diaries. I say he should have stayed on the Vampire Diaries. This show confused the hell of me. However this is only the first show so I will watch the next one.

  23. This show looks awesome! Can't wait! Robert Knepper is extremely talented, looking forward to seeing him in a series again. I really hope this show does well!

  24. This show is sooo werid and confusing, it didnt make any sense, i didnt follow it at all, i watched it for matt davis mostly, he is amazing, i love him

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