PS4 Pro Picture Tutorials

PS4 Pro Picture Tutorials

Hey, looks like you have PS4 Pro. Congrats. Before we jump in, let’s make sure that
you’re getting the best picture possible. First, check out your TV’s user manual
to understand your TV’s capabilities. Great. Now fire up PS4 Pro… …and head into
your video-output settings. You’ll want to make sure that
your resolution, HDR… …and deep-color output settings
are set to “automatic.” If you have an HDR-compatible TV,
they should be set that way already. But if not,
you’ll probably want to change them. PS4 Pro can automatically detect
your TV’s capabilities. You can see these capabilities in
the video-output information screen. Check it out. The first time you turn on
an HDR application… …you might see a screen
similar to this one. This tells you how
your HDR will be displayed… …depending on whether or not
your TV is HDR-compatible. Remember the TV user manual
you just read? Well, if you want HDR
to be displayed differently… …you might be able to change it
through your TV settings. All right. Now that you’ve got
everything set up correctly… …it’s time to play some games
in beautiful HDR. Have fun. PlayStation.

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  1. Waited years for a final fantasy ps4 and when I was just set on getting the FFXV one, they announced PS4 PRO. Now which one should I get? I hope they make a FF ps4 pro

  2. It's all about money , why they didn't release this ps4 as the original one? Same with mobile phones they can make the perfect mobile phone but they won't because they have to make more and more money by releasing slowly slowly a improved version of the last one so people will run to buy the new and upgraded version… But in reality they can make a PS that can last for 10 years with the technology that it will have on it with very less money but they wont do it if they can't earn billions from it 🙂

  3. Mine is in sleep downloading all my games. The annoying thing is my XBOX ONE S recognises HDR and Gears 4 looks amazing, but my Pro, says I don't have HDR. I'm hoping that when I get to launch a game (after they've downloaded) it just kicks in like Gears does. And just in case this is useful info for anyone at all, you can have PSVR connected and display in 4K. I mention this as I own a Triton Katana headset and it CAN'T display 4K when I use that. Because the Triton's little HDMI hub is not 4K compatible whereas the PSVR processor is.

  4. Should i buy ps4 pro? please help me im confused i dont know which should i buy xbox one s or ps4 pro i dont have gaming console yet any recommendations please? I need your help 😩

  5. I need help i have a sony 4k hdr 2016 model xbr-55x850d and my pro says its only 2k hdr how do i change it to 4k hdr i cant find it anywhere in the tv menu also the main menue is 4k hdr but as soon as i put the last of us it goes to 1080 p im confused help 😥

  6. Ugh…I want one but my PS4 cruelly died on me 4 months ago. Had to buy another straight away as I was in the middle of several games at the time. Must resist grabbing my life savings for this… >.<

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  8. Hey, looks like you have PS4 pro.
    Great, now fire up PS4 pro.
    Main screen turn on.
    Hello gentleman, all your base are belong to us.

  9. Stop laying and fix PS4 Pro screen flickering issues. If i leave my resolution to automatic, my screen and sound get screwed up because of the 2160p RGB settings. And im using Samsung KS9000 which supports almost everything.

  10. 1. Hallo habe gesehen das die neue ps4 controller leuchtet

    2. funktioniert der neue ps4 controller auch an der alten ps4

    3. funktioniert dan auch der alte ps4 controller an der neuen ps4

  11. …bought a sony bravia 4k tv in 2013 thinking they would eventually allow 4k on ps4, years later they say i need a 4k hdr tv -_-

    COME ON!!!!

  12. Question: my TV is 4K HDR Supported and my PS4 Pro video output settings are set to Automic 2160p – RGB Resolution is at 3840 x 2160 – 60 Hz Color Format RGB HDCP 2.2 am I getting the BEST picture? Reply back with a comment thank you.

  13. PlayStation, PS4 Pro should make a update that you could store pictures and music on the PlayStation that would be the best update ever

  14. Olá meu sonho é ter um console mas minha condições não deixa o preço tá muito fora do meu alcance e gostaria de sabe se vocês não consegue fazer um preço ou um modo de pagamento assesivel para eu ter o vídeo game do meu sonhos 😍😍

  15. i know that ps4 is best..
    and if i got the chance to enjoy this gaming experience.
    but unfortunately it is a dream for me to have a ps4 pro.
    so please can you give me a free console..

  16. Subject: Best TV options for playing video games?

    PS4 – Rise of the Tomb Raider – Options –

    “for the best visual experience, disable your TV’s dynamic contrast. Neutral settings will provide the most accurate color range”

    Hopefully TV’s will soon Automatically Detect when a video game system is in use & Automatically Adjust these things that may not be best for the gaming experience 😉

  17. This video is hilarious! Love how the guy throws the manual then the remote and the dog catches it. Haha!

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