PUBG Killer Mom | पब जी किलर माँ  | Goofy Works | Comedy specials

PUBG Killer Mom | पब जी किलर माँ | Goofy Works | Comedy specials

Here there Come on lets go, we have to start the video Want to play PUBG 50 Rupees Oh, there is no mobile here Whats this!! O ho ho ho, hooo… New technology Cool… It will be fun. Hello.. Suraj, I told you to bring ‘cheese’. where are you? Mom, i am playing Pubg. I will come in few time. Bring cheese n bring milk. Why your microphone is not on? I would have killed you. Your are in pubg and your mom was searching you there. Yes i know. Look someone is there Lets kill him. Yea lets go. what place is this, no one is here. Ahh, who is it come on, why the pan is here! its too much Bastered, no care for elders he is wearing sari. is it a new update? Don’t know, put the scope and see Oh, she is mom. she also killed a guy. Killer mom come Mom, what are you doing in Pubg i told you to bring cheese come here, let me warm your ears. no no no mom, dont come near me you are not in our team What!!! he is saying that he will kill you What!! you will kill me? you will kill your mom? what i say is kill her you will get a ‘kill’ hey man, what are you saying i will open your skull by hitting this pan mom, sit down where is he?? where is mom? that’s all you have to do, right ??? Killer mom mom, zone is near. lets go what’s the zone? zone kill us wait wait!! one minute lets go how to get out of this place? i mean, do we have to catch bus or train something? there are two ways either die or kill everyone if this is it, then you should have told me earlier i would have kill him by this pan mom, there are 2 people left then we will win & zone is also near Yea!!! then we will have chicken dinner CHICKEN DINNER yes. winner gets the chicken dinner now i understand why you guys play pubg so you can have chicken behind me you have broken the holy laws Mom are you alright? where is the cheese? run CHEEESE!!!! bringing now Press the button

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  1. दोस्तों वीडियो कैसा लगा जरूर बताए।
    वीडियो animated है, तो इसे gameplay से तुलना ना करें। Animated video बनाने में बहुत मेहनत लगती है। पब जी का लुक देने के लिए मुझे कई दिन लग गए। आशा करता हूं सभी को वीडियो अच्छा लगा होगा।

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