Puli – Tamil Full Movie – Vijay | Sridevi | Sudeep | Shruti Haasan | Chimbu Deven | Devi Sri Prasad

Puli – Tamil Full Movie – Vijay | Sridevi | Sudeep | Shruti Haasan | Chimbu Deven | Devi Sri Prasad

www.moviesubtitles.org‘At that time, from the Aghori
islands…’ ‘…migrated a Demon clan called
‘Vethal’ invading this land’ ‘They occupied this entire region and
started ruling the land’ ‘This Demon clan is multiple times more
powerful than the human race’ ‘Their eyes are a vivid blue’ ‘When they get angry…’ ‘…their fangs emerge’ ‘The land they ruled came to be known as
‘Vethala Desam’…!’ ‘Amongst them one section travelled
northwards…’ ‘…captured that region and settled
over there’ ‘That land is called Kangini Desam’ ‘One of the 56 villages under Vethala
regime’ ‘…is Vairanallur’ ‘Though this land looks lush and
green…’ ‘…ruled by the ruthless Vethala race’ ‘…people here had no peace of mind’ ‘They were submerged in sorrow’ ‘To relieve them from the clutches of
the Vethala race’ ‘…and to give them back the joy they
had forsaken’ ‘…is Vembunathan’s dearest dream’ ‘At that time…’ ‘…out of the blue a baby along with an
egg floated down the river’ ‘Vembunathan took this baby under his
wings’ This baby is suffering from an unusual
congenital problem Feed the baby a leaf from this herbal
plant daily If you skip even a single day… …it might be fatal Be careful I feel thirsty Please give me water Haiii! A talking bird? I’m father of 3 children from today
onwards ‘He named the baby Marudheera’ ‘And the talking bird as Soora’ ‘He raised them both himself’ Forgive me, medicine man Entire village is scared of demons Has no one opposed the demons bravely
till now? You are a big boy now You were scared all these days Aware of your surroundings… …you’re asking questions? I’ll tell you ‘No outsider can enter this Vethala
Desam’s fort’ ‘Only if they themselves take you in,
you can enter’ ‘Led by Vembunathan the leaders of the
56 villages…’ ‘…entered the fort with prior
permission to meet queen Yavana’ Salutations Your Majesty Your soldiers often hit us and grab the
little money and grains we have We are sure… …this wouldn’t have come to your
notice Instigating from behind and torturing
our people… …is your General Jaladharanga Isn’t it your duty to look after the
welfare of us poor people? -Voice your opinion
-Yes…of course I am Jaladharanga! I execute only our queen’s orders ‘Reason why Vembunathan alone was
allowed to survive is…’ ‘…seeing him with one hand only’ ‘…no one else will dare oppose the
demons’ ‘Once when the people of Vairanallur
delayed paying their taxes…’ ‘…Vethala soldiers entered the village
all of a sudden’ Forgive us for the delay Here is our tax We won’t delay hereafter My daughter Please let go of my daughter Pavalamalli I was the one who threw the stone I was scared you might harm Pavalamalli So I hurled the stone at you My daughter…oh god! ‘The demons murdered Marudheera’s sister
ruthlessly’ ‘She sacrificed her life and saved her
brother’ ‘Village head Chinna Varma sent his
daughter Pavalamalli…’ ‘…to study in her uncle’s place in the
neighboring village’ ‘The Tiger’ ‘Few years later’ Load those fruits too Let’s go It’s getting late Chief, demons have entered our village Call Marudheera He’s the only one who can oppose the
demons Leave me Let go of me Sir…sir Please forgive us We are worlds apart You are a Vethal We are a bottomless hole! You’ll be large-hearted enough to
forgive us this one time I hope Next time we’ll queue up And pay our taxes promptly Marudheera, our tax that’s due Marudheera is the only reason… …you escape every time holding on to
my legs forcefully If you delay payment the next time… …you’ll all be entombed! Bro, what’s your name? Pidari ‘This is our brother Pidari’ ‘He hacks with his hatchet happily’ Our brother- Sing your praises Long live…long live…! ‘Pidari is our brother clever He chops
people with his cleaver’ Long live! Long live!! ‘This is our brother Pidari He slashes
with his sickle sturdily’ Long live ‘This is our brother Pidari He kills
with his club constantly’ Pidari is our brother cleve- He pardoned us and left long ago Oh! Has he gone? Marudheera…! Looks like the entire village is
awestruck by your act To crouch now is to pounce later You held his leg today Tomorrow you’ll hold him by the scruff
of his neck That is time’s decree Remember that Your blessings, sir Need a small favor Whoever visits our town… …you bring them home safe and sound Tomorrow is ‘Uthira pooja’ My daughter Pavalamalli is finishing her
studies on this auspicious day And she’s coming back home Tomorrow can you go in the morning… …to the riverbank and bring her? This is also- This is also- He’s trying to say this is also his duty Isn’t that so? Marudheera, will Pavalamalli be dusky,
dark or fair? She’ll be green complexioned How do I find Pavalamalli? ‘Can’t find my Tharagamangala’ ‘Neither on land nor in the water’ ‘She will jump down from the sky maybe’ My dearest? ‘She has landed’ ‘Who is this work of art layered with
make up?’ I’m your cousin Tharagamangala You’re not an ordinary star You’re a pure white lotus -My mother told me
-What did she say? That you sport a dual moustache Who else in this whole world will be so
daringly different? From the moment I set eyes on you… …I have fallen flat He has become as bald as a coot Hey! Scoot Angamuthu…? I’ll be right back How is your business? Marudheera, I’m so happy… …you’re riding us home He is ‘guiding’ us sounds better! Marudheera, you’ve grown beyond
recognition, moustache and all now You don’t sport a moustache But does that mean you haven’t changed? You look like ‘poetry in motion’ I must say, you look like a chiselled
work of art Your sari drapes that layer You’re turning me into a slayer Alright Forget it So what else is happening? Very eventful indeed Even yesterday Marudheera fell at the
demon’s feet Pleaded and saved our village from a
fate worse than death You fell at his feet to save our
village? ‘Blabbermouth!’ I’m ashamed to say I belong to
Vairanallur Kodangi…? All this cannot be understood Why not? Doesn’t our village boast of daredevil
men at all? Marudheera, turn the carriage to the
left We can all escape If you aim for the man in the middle and
fall at his feet, we can escape Don’t think Let us escape and then think Pat on the back! Bravo! Well done! In the ‘Goat and tiger’ game… …you have proved you are the tiger You are beyond compare You are unbeatable Then why did you fall at his feet
yesterday? For Pavalamalli’s sake I’ll fight the
mightiest army And powder them to dust But if innocent people are dependent on
me… …I have to yield a little bit Patience is another quality along with
bravery If that patience is mistaken for
cowardice, what can I do? Other than that- No one needs to be ashamed for being a
Vairanallur maiden Courageous men live in Vairanallur too! Fly like the wind! Tharagai, I can’t wait any longer Let us plan our wedding and finish it
phat-a-phut! Mother Come, dear How are you? I’m good, mother Pavalamalli, bless you, my child Mother, on our way back we were in great
danger Marudheera saved us Thank you, Marudheera That is my duty Come What? What happened? I just cannot believe it Why? The demons you had arranged… …surpassed the real Vethals! Fantastic! What an act What agility! What grace and poise! Marudheera Seeing you fight nimble-footed… …won’t Pavalamalli fall in love with
you? I should think so She had better, otherwise I’ll arrange
for another duel What next? What? ‘Uthira pooja’ the sacred ritual “Our clan, our kinsmen Come out, men and
women” “If our people get together enemies will
flee forever” “Our friends from far and near Come out,
kith and kin here” “United if our people stand bid bye-bye
to enemies at hand” “No time to wait leisurely” “Can wind singing a folk ditty be
handcuffed, don’t be silly!” “Hand and glove, weapon and wisdom” “My dear brothers, trust me and come” “Atrocities to weed Slaves to be freed” “In the early morning rays, with
blood-red eyes, stalks its preys” “Tiger, bagha, bhiru, huli chui milia,
vagha, puli” “To the sky leaping from ground the
tiger prowls, noses around” “Tiger, bagh, kai, puli vyala, sih,
karvara, huli” “Without fear, it supersedes The brave
tiger succeeds” “Hey! Look who is here King of the
jungle dear” “Dear me! In this maiden’s soul he
churns love heart-whole” “Can a seed ever grow if the soil
doesn’t know?” “Can a thread be woven without a loom in
action?” “Our beloved prince Our quintessence” “Will deceit conquer our motherland
ever?” “Can a rat wag its tail even in a
tiger’s tall grassy den?” “Toil by trusting in yourself A village
won’t change by itself” “Let change begin with you, brother” “When we wake up however our dream
should come true forever” “Cheetto, vag, harimau, tier tigre,
shabeel, kaduva, tiger” “Our clan, our kinsmen Come out, men and
women” “If our people get together enemies will
flee forever” “The untamed mind boils over Blood
simmers to smolder” “Welcome, wage a war War cry echoes from
afar” “Our man of action Saving us from
subjugation” “Plan is priority Success is surety” “Till now whatever I planned never
slipped out of my hand” “Will the sky ever dissipate? Confidence
will never abate” “Tomorrow will be our day of victory” “With your right foot step ahead be true
to your name, young friend” “Ingwe, Kaplan, seua, huli piling,
lodaya, tasha, puli” “To the sky leaping from ground the
tiger prowls, noses around” “Tigru, tiger, tygr, teigr tigri,
tigear, tygrys, tiger” Come, Marudheera Greetings, chief How are you? I’m good, son Whatever it may be… …there’s a nip in the air when the
cold season starts Of course That’s why I thought the nip in the
air… …can be enjoyed ‘Enjoyed’ means? I just thought I could take your
daughter for a ride Are you playing the fool? Why? Isn’t this the right time to play? When you were kids you might have played
together Even now? Malli…coming? We can go for a walk? Get inside You can leave now Don’t waste your time Without my permission… …my daughter won’t cross our doorstep Look over there, dear How could you? Is this how much you respect your
father? When have I ever disobeyed him, ma? That’s why I used the rear entrance
instead! See you, ma Pavala…? How did you recognize me yesterday? Your eyes When my sister died when we were
young… …the same eyes shed tears for me You are… …a poem That means? You know how poetry should be? How? Like the ‘mundu’ worn by the women of
Kerala Fully draped and not revealing Like the attire of the women of
Maharashtra Covering and not concealing Like the sari-clad women of Tamil Nadu Revealing and yet concealing Covered and still opened This is the metre for poetry In that way you are… …’poetry in motion’ I think with your poem you’ll make a
girl surrender We indulge in so many acts Won’t we excel in this? My father is intent on getting me
married to my betrothed Even when you went to the neighboring
land to study… …I took good care of you in my heart Will I let go of you now? I want to share this happy news with you I can’t believe my luck Tharagai and I are getting married
tomorrow Why all of a sudden? You got the glow of a new groom now! If you had waited a little longer you
could’ve got married… …when you’re 60 as a milestone ritual Don’t make fun There’s more You should be in the forefront and
perform my wedding We’ll rock it Then for my wedding night- That’s too indecent if you made out in
front of me Don’t be impulsive You are full of youthful vigor You’ll know how to satiate your future
wife Your fertile imagination will be working
overtime If you give me just 3 tips… …I’ll follow it to a T And mesmerize Tharagai completely You won’t tell me? Then shall I ask you a general doubt? Shoot For the wedding night… …milk and fruits are essential, right? Why are you laughing? Milk and fruits are necessary First of all you should have enough
strength in your body Bless the couple I have wedded my beloved Tharagamangala My dear sweetheart For so long I was waiting for this day Tharagai…give- ‘What is he looking for?’ Is your father a flower vendor? What a silly question! He has decorated our cot with all the
flowers in the world This doesn’t feel like a bedroom More like a flower market! Is this research very important, now? Akka? How is the nuptial decoration? You have an overload of conceit How often I’ve told you not to call her
‘akka’? You call her sister once more I’ll
pickle you to pieces Come out Till my 3rd baby is born don’t cross my
path After the 4th baby? Don’t act smart with me How can you be so rigid? What happened? He barged in An innocent kid has entered my bedroom What if he gets scared? Who will be answerable to his parents? See you, akka Don’t ‘see us’ Just scoot You take your wife and go that side I’ll take my wife and- Aiyaiyo! After all it’s only a cat You’re yelling as if it’s an elephant This is a terrible omen on such an
auspicious night This shouldn’t be ignored Tharaga, come with me Hope nothing bad happens All because of a cat, they won’t make me
strum the love-guitar God help me! The time when the cat crossed… …Venus occupied the 4th house And Mars which should have been in the
4th house is in the 7th house Whichever way you see it… …for another 3 days you cannot
initiate your wedding vows Did I hear this right? Good Lord! Father…mother, help Astrologer sir, is there any loophole? My son is in a tearing hurry How else do you expect me to be? You’re behaving like a cat on a hot tin
roof here! Then I dread to think what you will do- I will make a deep impact! Every mishap has a redemption Tell me how I should atone I’ll do it in
the blink of an eye And start my job Redemption, right? None indeed Son-in-law, let us postpone your wedding
night for 3 days No one will walk away with the water
from the well Can I just fill 1 pail of well water for
the time being? You are in for trouble even if you fill
a cup! Get lost, man Why is your hand full of blisters? Nothing War I am getting ready for war To drive away the demons Not just me I am preparing my 3 children too What? What happened? Do you have children? Not as yet But if you… …co-operate it can happ- What? Our next baby won’t be a figment of my
imagination What a novel way to profess your love Do I take this smile as a sign of
acceptance or- What? Are you worried I’ll let you down? I’ll agree even if I am losing myself If you are the one who will let me down “Rainbow becomes a circled entity” “Cerulean sky in close proximity” “On earth, cottony clouds gather to robe
this peacock-feather” “Night turns to noon And sun into the
moon” “Seasons disguise to swoon” “Girl, my beloved lady why do you change
me?” “With your eyes, lovely lassie why do
you mesmerize me?” “Why do you, girl so fair make my heart
beat faster?” “Why do you, lovable maiden push me into
love’s ocean?” “Golden girl of 24 carat purity Come
hither and hug me” “Shower a million stars on me Then I
will hug you willingly” “Hey! Pretty deer so dear” “Lie on my lap here” “Spotted deer in the tiger’s lair
Besotted, fair and square” “How can she flee unaware?” “My adorable alter ego why do you alter
me so?” “With your eyes, lassie why do you
bewitch me?” “Why do you, girl-child make my heart go
wild?” “Why do you, angel from above push me
into this sea of love?” “Your words like a baby chattering flow
as raga Thodi so endearing” “You kiss me and when I exhale scent of
roses within me sail” “Nectar and gold merge to flow” “Your petite feet like lotus glow” “Your claim on my lips you staked
Hoisting a flag my fever you slaked” “After this wonderful wooing where are
you going?” “My enchanting lady why do you change
me?” “With your eyes, enticing lassie why do
you enslave me?” “Why do you, my soul mate raise my pulse
to escalate?” “Why do you, my Pavalamalli shove me
into love’s sea?” ‘With the moon and stars as witness
forever…’ ‘…bowing in reverence to our sacred
river’ ‘…that symbolizes our mother’ ‘…I unite you both’ Marudheera What is this? Out of the blue you stand before me as
husband and wife I am very happy for you Let us announce this evening and get
Malli’s father’s permission formally -What, my dear?
-Your blessings, sir Marudheera, by anointing our family
deity with 9 flowers… …we must fulfil our long overdue vow Definitely, sir Then… …tell us what you want You were the 1st person who wanted us to
be together Get me a shawl With fond memories of you I will wrap it
around me ‘Over-enthusiastic’ ‘They’ve come in disguise’ Demons Don’t worry, Malli These boys will come to show off now and
then A few pats and they will be on their way You carry on, dear I’ll have my fun and catch up with you It’s been a long time My limbs are
tingling Why this frenzy? You know she has fallen in love with me Then why disguise yourselves and torture
me like this? Did anyone call you? Go now, I’ll see you in the evening I’ll make sure you get your wages Looks like they won’t let me complete
the sacred vow Is someone else dressing up like us? Oh! It’s you On my way I saw 4 or 5 demons So what? They are real Vethals Sir already warned everyone not to dress
up like demons They are original demons? Marudheera…Marudheera The demons are destroying our entire
village Come quick Marudheera, those fiends have set our
village ablaze Can someone save her? Sir…sir! They showed no concern even for the
elderly Talk to me Marudheera…? The demons have taken Pavalamalli to
their palace They went this way Marudheera Sir…sir- Marudheera, I tried my best But I couldn’t save my daughter-in-law Don’t spare those demons Drink water Marudheera…Marudheera I want to share a secret with you Drink this water first You…you are- I was an orphaned baby You rescued me And raised me as your own child As a son, I haven’t done anything for- I couldn’t even wrap you in the shawl
you asked Before ‘aiyah’ died, he wanted to share
something with me Does anyone know what it is? Don’t know, Marudheera You must take his place and look after
our welfare There is a rumor about sacrifice and
full moon night Pavalamalli was also born on a full moon
night You must only save our land that’s
enslaved And rescue my daughter from those
barbaric monsters We can win them over only through
trickery Your father was very skilled in the art
of disguise In the same way you should also disguise
yourself like a demon Then enter the Vethal palace and bring
my daughter back I have the necessary self confidence But how can I handle them with mere
human power? I can remedy it This is no ordinary medicine Where footprints of humans have not made
any mark… …this is a juice extracted from rare
cave plants If you drink this… …blood circulation will speed up
multiple times The body gets firm and strong to combat
the force of gravity Due to this brain stimulation… …you can receive powers on par with
the demons We can also fly in mid-air like them And fight with aggression But there’s a small hiccup If consumed at this stage of my
research… …you can stay a demon only for 8
minutes After that you will get back your human
form Try drinking it Stop…don’t go near him Move away Get back You are not Marudheera now Think you are a demon and try You can do it You can fly in mid-air Get up He flew without any wings If you ask what is impossible in this
world? It is…not making an effort You have found this strong medicine And proved it Marudheera, it is not that easy to enter
their fort Before that you must find a
super-centenarian Machakoodan Only he knows all the secrets about the
Vethala palace It seems he is 180 years old 180? One important news Kangini Desam in the north is another
kingdom of demons Once in 5 years medical supplies are
brought from there to this fort They suffer from rapid decrease of blood
cells That is the cure it seems Don’t know why But I believe the last supplies were
delivered 8 years ago So you can pretend to be the demon from
Kangini Desam delivering supplies And enter their fort easily You can take anyone with you for
assistance Let Kodangi and Sama come with me By all means By promising to free the people… …he is shutting the door to my wedding
night plans! All of you eat and go to bed early Must wake up early tomorrow My marriage won’t be consummated How does it matter if I wake up or not? What is it, Marudheera? My horse isn’t moving It’s scared of something What did it see? What happened? Remember what our chief told us We’ve entered Yazhi mountain region
where invisible humans reside Invisible humans? Don’t know which direction they are in Let’s greet them in every direction
possible Greetings -I have a doubt
-What? Will these invisible people be clothed
or not? They might think they are anyway
invisible and not wear anything at all Then even the girls- What are you looking for? Hey demon! You fell into our trap Trying your tricks with our king? Shoot Shoot some more My turn in the center Why am I king? To twiddle my thumbs? Will it reach? That was a deliberate shot Clap-clap! He has fainted, right? Useless chameleon, faster Let us not wait any longer The 3 demons who came to destroy the
land of the Villiputs And the talking bird I hereby order the spider with its
poisonous tentacles to kill them Father, stop If you look at the demon’s eyes, he
doesn’t seem evil Why don’t we inquire first and then
punish them? Stop winding Untie that demon’s gag alone King of all the ‘Villiputs’ We are not demons But normal humans disguised like them We are from Vairanallur The demons have kidnapped my wife
Pavalamalli How cruel is that! To save her and to free our land from
captivity… …we are heading towards Vethala Desam Is that right? Soldier, remove his fangs Thank God! We would have killed these innocent men First untie them Well done, dear Your brain and brawn match! So minuuute and yet so mischievous I’m the king of the Villiputs Korkai Newton This is my wife Fleming Sundari She’s my only darling daughter Einstein Kamakshi The demon clan is our enemy too When they drink Soma, they pierce us
with a toothpick Dip us in chutney and gobble us whole Born to a grinding stone! They are the reason for the decline in
our population Let’s first welcome you according to our
clan Who is there? Blow your bugle “Jingiliya jingiliya Miss Teeny-weeny
dazzling hey” “Jingiliya jingiliya Mr Teeny-weeny
sizzling hey” “Hey! Jingiliya jingiliya This girl is
epitome of femininity” “Jingiliya jingiliya This boy
personifies masculinity” “She captured me She made me dizzy” “With her eyes sparkling starry” “This sole soul mate of mine kindled in
me a spark divine” “With eyes lit by a matchstick, sublime” “God willing, my little 6-inches It’s
only you on my mattress” “Jingiliya jingiliya Miss Itsy-bitsy
mesmerizes hey” “Hey! Jingiliya jingiliya This
Villiputian knows how to play” “Last night…ahem!” “What happened? Unburden…open” “She came in person” “Goodness gracious Gone for a toss” “Her sari she undraped” “Breath hopped Words stopped” “She kept me blindfolded” “All in vain Down the drain” “With skin as fair as lemon
Mangoes-endowed woman” “Without you in my forest flowers don’t
bloom in earnest” “Without you next to me I don’t feel
hungry or thirsty” “Without you to dote koel can’t sing a
single note” “With buds concealed in a basket don’t
make this man go berserk” “Jingiliya jingiliya Pint sized,
delicate darling” “Jingiliya jingiliya Isn’t he quite
something?” “In the master’s chamber” “What happened there? Come on, share” “He tugged and hugged” “God forbid! Gone with the wind” “Cheek-ily he gave a hickey” “Encore Tell me more” “I woke up…alas!” “Goodness gracious Gone for a toss” “Good Samaritan no doubt In bed a
Casanova out and out” “She’s a sweet piece of candy Tuck her
in your cheek handy” “During the day of no use is she At
night turns me on to a T” “Don’t be scared, my Villiputi Cuddle me
under your arms neatly” “My life is a dry and barren land
Irrigate me with your magic wand” “Jingiliya jingiliya Miss Villiput is so
lovely” “Jingiliya jingiliya Mr Villiput is
lover-ly” ‘Humongous!’ Friends, how can we be of help to you? To find the way to Vethala fort- What’s his name? Mochakottai Machakoodan I must meet Machakoodan first We know him very well Know him? He prophesies the future No one else can tell clearly the
entrance and exit to the fort Yes, the same We have good ties with him I’ll send with you Albert My flying
squad head And Peter, my army commander Thank you very much, Your Majesty Pa, because I am a girl… …till now you’ve never taken me to the
war field I want to go on this brave mission Please permit me to go My daughter Kamakshi will accompany you,
okay? Thank you, Your Majesty Alpha, Beta, Kama Come back with good news Yes, Your Majesty Finally we have reached Sangumalai
region This is the super centenarian
Machakoodan’s house Sir…sir ‘Aiyah’ ‘Ai-yah’ Strange…this jungle-house is swaying,
shaking, swaggering? Machakoodan is a turtle? We were looking for an old man and here
sits a turtle He’s really huuuuge! Greetings Sir, I am Kama Korkai Newton’s daughter This is Marudheera He has a problem If you could help- Marudheera? You alone step forward Roll the boulder Path will unfold Roll the boulder Path will unfold Change your name Strength you will gain Note it down please, quick Write it down Give it to me In Yavana’s bed Key to our fort Fort is ours If squashed, go and pee Looks like he’ll add ‘if queasy, go and
crap’ Break the scepter when the sun eclipses Break the wand when the sun conceals If you do all of this properly there is
a chance you will win Win…or whatever! The door has been shut This Mock turtle could have kept his
mouth shut Kodangi, foolish people speak nonstop Most of it will be sheer nonsense The wise will speak less But his words will make a lot of sense Take your hands off! Can talk less But like this weirdo, to talk half baked
rubbish- That’s a lot of slippery saliva He shoved his feet into his mouth! You’ve got yourself a place in history I’ve heard of bears spitting But this is the 1st time a turtle has
spat on a man I’m so proud of you Here, please eat Thank you Just a small bit will do Last a whole
day Alpha and Beta are here But where is Kama? Kama is right there by Sama Did you eat? I did, what about you? What is the buffalo flirting with the
mouse for? I have never seen any girl in this
world… …with eyes as beautiful as yours Only if you look close enough you can
actually see her! He’s reeling out poetry about her
dot-sized eyes! Oh no! Why are you crying? The moment I saw you my heart broke into
two Kama, I love you whole heartedly This is the last straw! Now they are
kissing each other You aren’t even capable of that Zip your lips and go to bed Good heavens! I take a detour when I see a canal back
home How will I cross this stream? This looks like it leads to hell How do we cross this? You’re right in lamenting To complete this bridge and then cross
will take years What if Soora can just lift us across? Idiot! We can But who will carry them? If we fall, even our bones can’t be
cremated! Right on time to scare the hell out of
us! Roll the boulder Path will unfold Is he looking for some rabbit or what? Roll the boulder Path will unfold He’s going around like the 9 planets? Our heads spin watching him move If my calculation is right… …I need to drop this boulder in that
pit You can do it…lift That’s right He has lifted it Bravo! You can do it Hold tight He has dropped it in Really heavy Why does it sound like the earth is
rumbling? It has come out now I don’t know which direction to take That’s a ‘chengaluthi’ leaf This is a magic leaf that shows the way! Pick it up Kama, get the book Look here, it is written If you make a leaf-whistle and blow… -Wind will flow!
-Cuss words galore!! If you whistle, a frog called ‘Pachai
vaayan’ will guide us I thought only a leader shows the way Even a frog can, huh? If it’s the right path, frog or leader,
does it really matter? Try blowing it once more Look! A green frog Appeared out of the blue as soon as you
blew Help me up, please Marudheera, without hesitating ask the
frog to show us the way Can you tell us the way to the Vethala
fort? Don’t blow the frog away Let’s look up what’s written again ‘Pachai vaayan’ will appear If a man who is married but not
consummated his marriage… …asks for directions and licks the
back of the frog God help me! …it will show you the way ‘Why is he blowing the conch my way?’ Instead of making out with Tharagai I’m
stuck here… …between this rock and a hard place Don’t worry so much Just lick the frog Shut up, you turkey berry Yes, lick it Fast, just lick it! Stop it Is this a sweet offering from a temple
to lick and relish? It’s a frog that swallows a snake for
breakfast The snake won’t mind Just do it Go ahead, bro…lick My dear wife! Goddamn green frog! Tell me Where are
the Vethala hills? Why is he pointing this side? Oh! So that’s the way The green frog has given us the green
signal (scream) The wonder drug is in this Where is he running off to without
taking it? May I ask who you are? Who are you? What are you doing to our princess? Princess- Answer me Who the hell are you? When your princess was being chased by a
leopard… …were you out picking tamarind pods,
huh? He is our commander He is the one who saved me from being
killed by the leopard I am Jaladharanga General of the Vethala
Desam Yes, my job is to pluck tamarind pods What about you? We are Kangini demons from the Himalayas Take a look at our eyes I am the prince of medicine in Kangini
land I prepare the medicine from tigers
usually Not tamarind pods From tiger’s milk You have brought medicine for me? Not just you but for all the people of
your land Hereafter see how this tiger’s medicine
works In that case, only I will take you there Don’t worry, I am sure I can find my way
there I’ve checked their belongings The bags only contain herbal roots and
seeds Why should a doctor carry a weapon? Take it away Marudheera, they have taken away our
biggest strength We are like snakes without fangs now We have entered the arena Let’s see one way or the other Whoa! Magnificent! Marudheera Don’t show your fear What did he say? Even if death turns you upside down
flat… …shouldn’t show fear it seems Who are they? They look pathetic ‘She won’t eat us up!’ ‘Is she a queen or a magician?’ Where are they from? You heard the queen, didn’t you? We have brought herbal supplies from
Kangini Desam I’m Marudheera The prince of healing Low blood cell count causes Neutropenia 3 people die every month You took your own sweet time to come
here Shall we say we had ‘the loosies’ on the
way Where- This royal lady suddenly flits place to
place to show us her palace Tell me, prince of Kangini When I was coming back with the
princess… …I saw them near Vulture hill So he is the prince who saved my
daughter from the black leopard I heard about it I am glad indeed What happened? Tell me Why the delay? Your Majesty, a violent storm battered
our Kangini land All the herbal plants were uprooted That’s why we were delayed How long does it take for you to prepare
the medicine? Cook up something First we need to boil and strain the
‘koruku’ seeds Then we need to crush special herbal
leaves by hand I don’t care about all that When will I get the medicine? It can be done in… …3 days When it is ready you will prove it can
cure the disease, right? Why don’t I hear an answer? De…de…definitely… …we will prove the disease can be
cured, Your Majesty Good Get some rest And then start your work Thank you…very much, Your Majesty This Turkey berry fellow! Who is he targeting and rolling the
dice? To close our chapter of course What is your Oracle saying, Beta? It says good news will fly in from the
west Good news it seems! It’s our Soora and riding on him is
Alpha The wonder drug We found the capsule Only after seeing this in your hand… …my heart started beating again Soora Alpha Don’t…I feel ticklish For God’s sake switch the drug to
another place Let’s transfer it into the capsule in
our bag And fill this with water Marudheera…Marudheera Soora and Alpha while collecting this
medicine got wind of some news What? The girl kidnapped from Vairanallur… …will be sacrificed in a royal ritual
it seems Pavalamalli? Where could she be? The sceptre burns red hot like a ball of
fire This is no ordinary magic wand In has trapped within, the souls of 17
lives Only 2 days left What we will get is… …treasure of all treasures! That mountain must be the prison The way my stomach is somersaulting the
entire fort seems like prison to me Help me stop my ‘loosies’ please The queen has 4 daughters, anna? 1 is the princess The other 3 come free Marudheera drink the medicine Wonder drug Save us! Was he born an adult? Yes, anna Why is he just walking instead of
flying? Don’t know, anna He’s heading towards us -He’s here
-GO Turn around and go He has just 1 eye Where is the other
one? When Marudheera put out his hand… …why did Mamuzhiya stop? Even I am puzzled How did you combat such an ogre of a
demon? When I’m next to a beautiful girl like
you… …danger is like eating a donut! ‘He lays it really thick!’ Mother What did I tell you? The medicine is underneath The capsule just has water! When you saw that Cyclops I repeatedly
asked you to drink it You drank the water instead and with
bravado faced him eye to eye! That’s right I forgot too So what I drank was water? Then what did you think? When I held up my hand… …why did Cyclops stop in his tracks? You should ask Cyclops himself Greetings, Royal Highness Greetings, Brave heart Goodness! Not a single girl in our clan
can match her beauty What are you looking at? Do you like my dress? To tell you the truth, I can’t even see
any dress What did you say? Finito! They can serve us gruel in the prison Don’t misunderstand what I said, Royal
Highness I meant, your beauty hid everything else Alright, step in for the feast I am glad you are at the table of Yavana
‘rani’ …in the royal abode of the valorous
Vethals Let the feast begin Looks like if the gravy there has to be
passed on to us… …we’ll need a horse to bring it Forget that Look over there What a huge crocodile barbecued on its
belly Being gluttonous, don’t end up with
‘loosies’ again To our flights of fancy! Should we also drink to our flights of
fancy? What on earth is this? It is our tradition for us to clink our
glasses with those of our guests Clink all you want To our flights of fancy Why should we bathe because of your
flights of fancy? We take great pride in having met queen
Yavana To rule 56 villages is not child’s play Yes They are my people I live for them Very heartening, Your Majesty You thought I would say so, huh? Only those who belong to my Vethal clan
are my people Alright Cat got your tongue, faith healer? It’s the same in our land The demons
rule Ordinary people are our captives Very true “Ruler of fantasia, emperor Lord of
love, enchanter” “South Indian, chivalrous Crossing seas
treacherous” “Expert, brainy and brilliant As strong
as an elephant” “He shoots an arrow deftly with a
rainbow” “Without a knife or bloodshed you will
kill with your eyes instead” “Princess Mandakini Future queen is she” “Do you need a golden mountain Or a
chiselled statue of a woman?” “Ruler of fantasia, medicine man Cupid
from the enchanted land” “South Indian, chivalrous Crossing seas
traitorous” “Well accomplished, valiant Strong as an
elephant” “He shoots a sharp arrow deftly with a
rainbow” “My sword and spear victorious Piercing
the skies adventurous” “I’m a winged tiger carnivorous” “To cross my sky with wings you’re not a
phoenix” “A tiger can never go free without a nod
from me” “I am a star in the sky you see Most
sought after fish in the sea” “But both can never be in your
captivity” “Sky is my bangle box treasure Sea is my
swimming pool at leisure” “Fishes are toe rings on my feet Like
Narnia here many a magical feat” “Ruler of fantasia…custodian Lord of
love and magician” “Crossing Indian ocean, Indian A
dar(l)ing Dravidian” “The ruler and the ruled Laws by the
Lord scheduled” “Hierarchy in society Sanctioned by fate
as decree” “The ruler and the ruled theory Not laws
but plans elementary” “Using God’s name conveniently it is a
man-made controversy” “We rule this kingdom with autocracy You
are just a butterfly flitting fancy” “Don’t try to gain supremacy” “To relish the nectar from a flower I
don’t need to be an emperor” “A matchstick will do, in turn your land
to cinders will burn” “This queen is a man’s equal Ruler with
powers supernatural” “Never lost to a male, she’s
exceptional” “Even the moon robed by the sky can wane
and bid goodbye” “But the crown I wear will remain
forever” ‘Path and boulder’ We are done with 2nd is ‘change your name strength you
will gain’ Kama isn’t a toy for you to play in your
pocket, Sama Don’t bring up that topic -Listen to me
-I won’t In Yavana’s bed is the key to our fort After queen Yavana has slept the fort
belongs to us Sounds right All the demi gods I know How atrocious this is! I might as well have been stuck in the
jaws of a demon Think of it as mint ‘chutney’ and lick
it quick, anna Yuck! Green frog Where is Pavalamalli? Why is he pointing up? Has Pavalamalli gone to Heaven? You half-wit! Who? She is in the top storey Good lord! Alright, see you soon Malli? Pavalamalli? Your life is with me If I have to kill you, they have to
snuff my life out I promise I will save you 8 minutes have passed Still no sign of
our Marudheera Is he in some sort of danger? The priest blessed us with love,
laughter and children Looks like Tharagai won’t become a
mother at all Hey Kodangi, only if she dies she can’t
become a mother Even if you die, she can give birth to
children -You jinxed-mouth fellow
-Alright…alright From the beginning your actions are
topsy-turvy Tell me honestly who are you? Why have you come into our kingdom? Answer Nothing…nothing I hit you playfully ‘Is it 8 minutes already since I drank
the medicine?’ Did Marudheera faint with just 1 punch? I have my doubts if he is really part of
the Vethal clan Tomorrow morning Bring him to the sacrificial altar Let the people assemble Gave the wonder drug, right? Once the drug starts working, watch
Marudheera in action Prince of physicians, Marudheera I have my own doubts if you’re a demon
at all! You won’t know by interrogating You can find out only if you see me in
action Send your demons to fight with me You are just a dewdrop that melts He’s the malefic Saturn who will stop
your pulse I melt like a dewdrop only for the sake
of love When it comes to enmity… …I am a tiger The medicine is working Bravo! Brother, it’s important to know if
strength is through force or skill When you lost the fight you are as good
as dead Queen doesn’t suspect me But the middle men are the ones who are
suspicious Tell me who else should I prove to? Shall I prove it to you? Or you…? Enough Who else is in doubt? To you…? You…? Why is he playing the drums for a
concert that’s over? Can you prove it to me? I’m sure it isn’t wrong Certainly, Your Majesty -My God!
-What? 8 minutes of magic time is over That means the malefic effects of Saturn
has started now You fought and defeated a demon But according to our tradition you have
to take part in the climax Single Vethal duel This madam’s livelihood seems to be
conducting fights If you win this, I’ll accept you as a
demon beyond doubt This is the single Vethal-hoop Soora, quick Give him the capsule Demons can enter on one side And exit on the other The demon’s body can take this heat But a human body will burn to cinders Please don’t…don’t, sir Please let go of him -Save me, sir
-Spare him Anna, I can hear the sound of the
funeral conch -I don’t hear it
-Why? Because I’m already dead! Kaput! No one can fool our queen Yavana My daughter princess Mandakini… …will marry the brave Marudheera I shall announce the wedding date soon “Like a baby calf playful and sprightly
this beautiful girl captivates me” “He’s like a two-tailed sparrow To this
handsome hulk, a big hello” “On your forehead vermilion red dot
adorned” “On my cheeks, lassie kiss me
repeatedly” “Man of intellect, my dear” “I am a bud about to flower Tendril in
your hand tender” “You are a challenge for me” “On your forehead I want to kiss you
Tickle you pink is what I want to do” “Deer, honey, peacock, koel All these
blended is you, damsel” “My precious princess, sweet jaggery
Come to me, my river Mandakini” “Like a baby calf playful and sprightly
this beautiful girl captivates me” “He’s like a two-tailed sparrow To this
mischievous imp, a big hello” “Your Imperial Majesty, dear I’m your
lucky mascot deer” “You are a man, one and only Don’t kiss
my honey layered body” “Hey maiden so beautiful You’re a
mermaid graceful” “Your legs are pillars of art Nectar
that you are, don’t part” “With eyes that thieve don’t make me
conceive” “Cheek to cheek, don’t take what I
cannot partake” “Deer, honey, peacock, koel All these
fused is you, damsel” “My precious princess, sweet jaggery
Come to me, my princess Mandakini” “My dear wish-fulfilling jewel Slender
like a palm tree, archangel” “I will make you mine, dearie Kiss me,
don’t leave me” “Brave warrior marvelled You’re like
teak wood chiselled” “You are my betel leaf’s areca nut my
taste buds yearn, don’t walk out” “With a bouquet of roses red don’t tempt
my heart that’s innocent” “Deer, honey, peacock, koel All these
mixed is you, damsel” “My precious prince, sweet jaggery I am
yours forever, Mandakini” “Like a baby calf playful and sprightly
this beautiful girl captivates me” “He’s like a two-tailed sparrow To this
naughty fellow, a big hello” Marudheera passed even the Vethal test! First and foremost, without anyone
knowing about it… …close Marudheera’s chapter Call for that Pei-azhagu kuruvi? They seem so distressed He has got up…finally My favorite demi god! I’m very confused myself Why didn’t I die in the Vethal single
hoop test? Don’t know Marudheera The palace washerman wanted to meet you
secretly I saw this leaf in your bedspread I’ve been eating this from when I was
young Do you know what it does? To control the demonic power within
you… …and show you as an ordinary man …is the extraordinary nature of this
herb Then am I… …a Vethal? Yes Yes, you are a demon Do you know who your father is? With his single intense glare like a
volcano… …Pulivendha has the ability to set
ablaze 10 men First see if he rushes to your aid Oh God! Ask your Pulivendha to come now Ask him to come You dare laugh at me? Can’t you hear the sound? Our prince has come to our rescue Our savior with immense power The knife which will take your life ‘The people were overjoyed by your
father Pulivendha’s timely arrival’ ‘Your mother Pushpa radha bearing you
also arrived’ ‘Pulivendha had left his home 18 years
ago to learn all the arts’ ‘He returned because his people of
Vagainallur called him to save them’ Why are they tying up our brave men and
killing them? Who is to blame? You or the king? The new General Jaladharanga ‘Your grandfather Karunthelnandha…’ ‘…has done a lot of good for all the
villages here’ ‘His only blunder was his choice of
General’ ‘From that day onwards, he made everyone
dance to his tunes’ ‘But he hid it very well from the king
and the princess’ Through generations in all the
villages… …2 sacred rituals take place as part
of our tradition One is when the seeds are sown called
the ‘Uthira pooja’ The 2nd is during harvesting called
‘Paadha pooja’ After this wretched Jaladharanga came
into our lives… …we haven’t performed ‘Paadha pooja’
at all This thanksgiving to God should be
performed day after tomorrow But it won’t It will, ma Day after tomorrow Thanksgiving to God will be performed in
Vagainallur I’ll be here till then I haven’t been born to rule as king But to ensure my people don’t lack
anything ‘The king and princess were waiting for
the arrival of Pulivendha’ ‘But they received only a message from
him…’ ‘…in which he had conveyed everything,
the whole truth as it is’ ‘For many years ‘Paadha pooja’ has not
been performed in Vagainallur’ ‘The Vethals are looting the innocent
people’ ‘He promised to come with details of the
mastermind behind this’ ‘Reading his scroll…’ ‘…the king and the princess were right
royally confused’ ‘Jaladharanga was shocked’ ‘He met a cruel sage called Koduvari
immediately’ ‘The sage gave him a powerful voodoo
ring’ ‘To draw the princess into a black magic
spell’ With the hair you gave me from the head
of the princess… …I have cast a spell I have made a sacrificial ritual in the
cemetery And made this ring with witchcraft ‘If the leg of the spider in that ring
is pressed…’ ‘…the green smoke emanating from it
will fly through the air’ ‘Despite the number of people present it
will attack only princess Yavana’ Your Highness? I told you to leave ‘If the ring is broken…’ ‘…she will become a woman possessed’ ‘To imprison the king, Jaladharanga used
the king’s daughter as a scapegoat’ ‘The entire control fell into the hands
of Jaladharanga’ So Yavana ‘rani’ now is a mere puppet on
a string Along with his savagery, Fate also
joined hands to play an evil game ‘On that specified day, ‘Paadha pooja’
in Vagainallur started on a happy note’ ‘Jaladharanga resorted to nabbing
Pulivendha the crooked way’ Pulivendha…? God! Our children…oh dear! You look just like a tiger Not only to look at Don’t worry They are not your children But mine I will definitely save them One more step forward and your children
will be corpses Children are the Heavens bestowed to us
even when we are alive After butchering them which hell will
you rule? I’ll stoop to any level to get the reins
to reign It will not happen till we are alive -YES!
-Of course After your arrival their fear has
evaporated But it has entered you The wrongdoer may have a 1000 weapons But a good soul has only 1 People That’s why I’ll destroy you with your own weapon If even 1 drop of blood is shed from
their fragile bodies- If you do not wish to witness even 1
drop of blood here… …you must drink this poison …to the last drop Not just these children Even if you kill all of us… …we are not prepared to lose our
prince We will not let that happen This love is enough, ma I’ll forsake my life for you how many
ever births I take I thought as much when you did not
combat face to face with me Will you show us your bravery
aggressively? Or end your life submissively? If I drink that poison will you let them
go? I promise I trust you Don’t do it You are our heir We are willing to lose our lives You should live Please don’t do this Don’t…don’t Listen to us Do not sacrifice your life It is a leader’s duty to protect every
single life in his clan Don’t drink it It’s your duty to obey my order For the sake of the people… …I will embrace even death with joy Don’t do it If you die, who will protect this land? YOU If all of you love your motherland
bravely… …a king is not needed This land will soon belong to me You will be dust to dust ashes to ashes Jaladharanga I am a seed In the place where my seed is sown
another liberator will blossom General, his wife has given birth to a
boy baby He has bloomed just as you predicted Where is he? My baby Oh God! Pushpa…! Kill this baby Along with the people set the whole
village on fire ‘Men cursed by sage Koduvari who had
been turned into birds…’ ‘…were living in the mountain side’ ‘They saved you from the jaws of death’ ‘Nestled you in a nest with an egg by
your side…’ ‘…they sent you to safety by nudging
you into the river’ Is Soora one among the cursed men? Yes No wonder he talks Jaladharanga enacted a drama as if a
black leopard killed your parents ‘Princess Yavana got married and a girl
baby was born’ ‘Jaladharanga killed her husband and as
usual blamed it on a leopard’ ‘And convinced everyone’ ‘The queen had no idea what was
happening’ ‘She believed everything’ ‘The princess crowned herself queen’ ‘But from that day onwards Jaladharanga
was the mastermind’ ‘The cruel sage asked Jaladharanga to
perform…’ ‘…a ritual that would bestow
immortality to him’ ‘Only a girl with royal lineage can
perform this ritual’ ‘On every solar eclipse day…’ ‘…he made the innocent queen sacrifice
a maiden born on Full moon day’ ‘If this was performed for 18
consecutive years…’ ‘…the queen will get immortal powers’ ‘And if Jaladharanga being a bachelor
had physical relationship with the queen’ ‘…he would become immortal too’ ‘In the end he intends killing the queen
too’ ‘This is his plan’ They have sacrificed innocent victims
for 17 years without any hindrance This is the 18th year Tomorrow is the solar eclipse The last sacrifice Marudheera, somehow stop that ritual
please Otherwise mankind will be in his
clutches And rot along with the dust to ashes Only you can stop it Where is Marudheera? He didn’t tell me where he was going Take your hand off my shoulder We are caught, huh? Then what? I am Pei-azhagu kuruvi We are just actors You must ask the one who asked us to
transform like this That is only fair You are begging bloody slaves who fall
at our feet Are you trying to play games with us? If you come with love we know to wag our
tails If you come to fight we also know… …with our swords to make you wail I’ve understood almost ¾ of this Change your name Strength you will gain You are Marudheera When you knew you’re a demon you got
your strength If squashed, go and pee Goes above my head We got that wrong, it means take the
‘single vethal hoop’ test I walked on fire and won That’s true, right? Break the sceptre when the sun conceals What does this mean? Let us think Alpha, Beta, Kama You must now go to the royal altar of
sacrifice Ready Kodangi and Sama you should enter the
jail Somehow save my grandfather Soora, you have to keep an eye on the
various parts of the palace Certainly, Marudheera Let tomorrow dawn favorably to the
people Marudheera has met the washerman I’ve ripped him apart and made him
confess What is the truth? The assailant from Kangini Desam who has
come to destroy you… …is none other than Marudheera Marudheera You intend destroying me? You start the sacrifice I will have the pleasure of destroying
Marudheera You have come in search of death,
Marudheera Generally everyone will run at the sight
of death But Death will flee for its life when
confronted by a brave heart Won’t that Cyclops also be inside? I can already hear the funeral conch in
my stomach You don’t beat the drums too Don’t be too happy, Marudheera I am the General of this kingdom General!! You are the General of ONLY this land I have come here to rewrite your destiny Hey ‘Pachai vaayan’? Front or rear? Front, huh? Let’s go Marudheera! Don’t kill me Please wait Take all this wealth, riches, throne,
everything Spare me Let me go Don’t kill me Listen to me Think about it, Marudheera Think about it Only brave hearts blossom in our
motherland This is no place for betrayers to bloom Marudheera…! If I break this mystical ring… …the queen will lose her mind She will erupt with a fury multiple
times more than frenzy You cannot escape at all, Marudheera Marudheera Here’s our king Grandfather I thought he will pounce and strike us
down He has spread himself flat on the ground My Cyclops-eye has the power to realize
one’s previous birth You’re my king’s bloodline I am his diligent defender That’s why they had imprisoned me also What should I do for us to win? Beta, I think the girl who is tied over
there is Pavalamalli Let us rescue her Mother! Ma…stop it This is your brother’s son Marudheera Jaladharanga has cast a black magic
spell on you You are unaware of what you are doing Marudheera You can outsmart my daughter But your tricks won’t work with me Ma…? I am Yavana ‘rani’ Queen of Yama, the Lord of death Don’t, Your Majesty Hey! Cyclops friend Whomever I point to, as per Marudheera’s
orders… …smash them to pieces Your wish is my command, friend They have ambushed us Kodangi Our flock is here Well done, Soora Peck everyone and kill them Lend me a hand and lift me up Don’t be scared We have been sent by Marudheera Quick Hurry up, bro Pull Don’t Give it Give it to me, Marudheera Otherwise I will pierce you to pieces ‘Break the spectre when the sun is
concealed’ When the moon eclipses the sun… …break this magic wand Hand it over to me, Marudheera Forgive me If I should save you… …I must break this Give it Hey! Kodangi Soora…? Your curse has been dispelled You are a
man now I have to be punished for the way I have
treated my people Ma…? Don’t…leave it Your spell has been dispelled Mother, don’t jump Don’t Hereafter you can rule for the welfare
of your subjects Let the curse bestowed on my family
because of me… …be destroyed along with me You should- Don’t be impulsive…wait You should all live happily ever after Aunt, a grave injustice happened through
you But you are not the offender All of us need your blessing We have decided to go back to our Aghori
islands My daughter Mandakini will rule our
kingdom there I hand over this Vethala Desam along
with the 56 villages I ruled …back to you Even though Marudheera by birth is a
Vethal… …we will adopt him as part of our clan Certainly That is why I coronate Marudheera as the
rightful ruler of your kingdom King Marudheera Long live! King Marudheera Long live! I am born in this soil Even if I am empowered to rule… …I will always be a part of you The 1st voice to echo the welfare of the
people… …will be mine always My dream is for everyone to have their
wishes fulfilled Only your happiness is my joy forever King Marudheera Long live King Marudheera Long live! Subtitles by rekhs assisted by harini How did you shrink, Sama? You think we made only Sama a Villiput? We shrunk his garments also That is what he means Total 11 seeds and 1 root Beyond that, the secret should be under
wraps Happy, Sama? Congratulations, Sama Invite us for the baby shower I will come with my wife and children Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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