PUMPUM ( Best children short film@JIFFAWARDS- 2018)

PUMPUM ( Best children short [email protected] 2018)

They say, “Time teaches everything” Sometimes it takes a lifetime to correct our mistakes.. but at times just one evening is enough to bring
you back to your senses. Just a few more days were left for the school
summer vacation to get over. I remember.. ..all the kids had incredible fun, that particular year. But I used to be mostly at home. It was scorching outside.. ..and there was no fun going out without my two friends. Of course, I did spend some time on the mango tree
at the backyard. Helped my father a little bit in the garden, Did spring cleaning of the house together, and learned to make the oval shaped ‘Roti’. It wasn’t easy but I did it finally. Bidhan and Vikram were my closest buddies entire vacation I was very eager for their return. Bidhan was the funniest among the three of us But he was very smart at academics He loved cream rolls to the core When we got in a tussle with the seniors,
he used to meet our expectations. However, he used to bring very tasty ladies fingers for lunch
and we always waited restlessly to eat it. Vikram was a mad fellow. May be thats why he was our PT Teachers favorite!. “How about that ?” “Trying to act smart in the class?.” “How dare you stare at me ? show me your hand.” He had to repeat an academic year as punishment and
that’s how he became our classmate.. ..and gradually, our best friend too. Every evening without fail we met at our fixed spot. We used to have a lot of fun and occasionally flew kites as well. Only a few days for the holidays to get over and
something was bothering me a lot.. My school shoes had gotten into a very bad shape. Actually the thing that bothered me more than my torn shoes
was my crazy PT Teacher. “Hey! You guys .. Stop.” “..stop. Bidhan, you get lost.” “How many times have I asked you..how many?” “Where are your new shoes?” “Sir, I will definitely wear one and come next time.” “You said the same thing last time right? prick.” “Sorry, please spare me sir.” “Do you want to become a thief?.”
“Sorry sir, please spare me.” “Have you got any discipline?.” “School parade is happening in August. I wont
take any excuse again..? “..will thrash you badly.Got it ?.”
“yes sir.” “I will see you after vacations, ok son ? Go now.”
“Thank you sir” “And wait!” “be careful with me. got it?.” I felt like hurling those shoes at him. ..but I did not want to end up like Vikram and
repeat an year. I had never told dad about my shoes. Due to cancer my mother had died just a few years ago.. Dad got her treated everywhere possible but could not save her Expenses were high so he had to sell a lot of household stuff. ..in-spite of that he gave me 20 bucks for my vacation.. ..but I gave it away the very next day. Because every time he paid for mending my shoes. My shoe problem had now engulfed my friends as well.. “When you ask for something and don’t get it, you just need to snatch it!.” “Pum Pum, he has gone crazy.” “Shut up” “What do you mean ’Snatch it’? You will be roughed up so bad
that your summer vacations will get extended.” Shoes were necessary so I was okay with listening to his crazy plan. “Ok, Tell us your plan please!.” “Now thats like man! Now listen up,on the main road..”
“Pum Pum, Please brother. Don’t fall for his words.” “Let me make myself clear, I wont support you guys.
Don’t say later ’bugger ran away’.”
“Bugger.” “Lets just hear him out. later we can always
decide if we may go ahead with him.” “No Need.”.. “Look Pum Pum
There is a shoe store on the main road..” “Lets go there. Try a pair of new shoes and
just run away when you sight an opportunity..” “Shopkeeper is a fat bugger. He wont be able to even
chase us down. What say?.” “Told you ! he is going to get us in trouble someday.” “Alright son! then why don’t ‘you’ suggest another idea?..” “Want to beg at the railway station? you wont fetch a single
penny even there. Coward!.” “Look Pum Pum. Just Tell your Dad to get you the
new shoes and he will get it done.” “No my friend. I don’t want to bother him anymore.” “Mom’s treatment took most of his money away.” “I don’t mind going to the school barefooted.” Both my brothers got pretty sad after what I said..
We all simply sat under the tree quietly. “Darn, It’s almost evening..” “..I still got 10 bucks on me. Want to have some gol-gappas?.”
“Ya.” “Yes.” We appreciated Vikram’s words. There was still some time
left for the school to re-open..why not live a little more!. “Sir, give me some more.”
“Your portion is over. They still got two each.” “Im very hungry. Brother Vicky, get me another round.” “Have some more brother, I will pay.” “come, Lets go!.” “You saw that lady ? We just got to snatch that
bag she was carrying.” “Money in it will be enough for your new shoes.” “He has gone nuts. Lets go! Im getting late.” “If you want Anupum to get whipped by the PT teacher
tomorrow at school, then you may go.” “Look Pum Pum, don’t listen to him. Lets go home.” “This task is not as difficult as it seems.” “ee..” “Let it go, my friend ! I will ask Dad for
the new shoes.” “Dude ! You dad is slogging to clear his debt.
Is this the best you can do?” “What if you get caught ? My dad for sure will kill me!” “If you come with me now, Tomorrow I am going to
get two Lunch boxes.” “Cut that” “Nobody knows us in this lane..” “and we don’t have to come here again.
School is reopening tomorrow.Think again. Come join me” “Come come, lets go home!” That evening, Vikram was pretty adamant.. Possibly because he felt bad about my earlier comment
on going to the school barefoot. Surprisingly, Bidhan followed us too! May be, finally he was too tired giving up on us at
the last moment as usual. It was pretty scary. On the bicycle, I was planning to simply cross the lady
quietly without snatching her bag. Later, I could convince Vikram that in-spite of my best efforts,
my hands could not reach her bag. Meanwhile.. “Grab it..Grab!.” “Pick my bag up. Pick it!.” “Now, tell me. Are you not ashamed..haan?.” “Why were you snatching my bag..tell me?.” “Tell me! If I leave your shirt will you run away?.” “Yes Aunty.” “Definitely I will not leave you now then. How dare you
try to snatch my bag? Tell me.” “Tell me why is your face so dirty?.” “Don’t you wash your face? Does nobody at home
tells you to clean it?.” “No Aunty.” “Then I am going to get it cleaned now. Lets go.” “If you were my son,I would have taught you the difference
between right and wrong! At least let me get your face cleaned.” “Please set me free. I made a mistake and I wont repeat.” “When I was taking that turn did I bother you?.” “No Aunty” “But you bothered me right?.” “If you think your problem is going to settle easily
then your highly mistaken. Understood?.” “You will always remember my name after this evening.
Mrs. Kumkum Gaur.” “What is your name?.” “Anupum Desouza.” “Then Anupum go switch those lights on and wash your face
at the sink.” “Let it flow for a while until you get the
warm water, then wash your face.” “Here, take the towel.” “Are you going to take me to the prison after this?.” “No way! at least not with that dirty face of yours.” “I was coming home hungry, eager to have my food.” “..was dying out of hunger all my way!.” “And you! you were all set to snatch my bag!.” “By the way, did you eat?” “No Aunty, there is nobody home.” “I am going to eat now, anyway.” “Are you hungry too or were just
hungry for my bag?.” “Why did you resort to such cheap behavior?.” “Had to get new school shoes.” “So you are going to snatch a bag for it?.” “you could have asked me rather!.” “When I was a kid..” “..I did not get many things I needed.” “..Those things that I wanted very badly..” “But..” “What did you think I was going to say? But what???..” “I did not do anything wrong??..” “Noway ! I was not going to say anything like that!.” “I have done things that I cannot share with you..” “..not even with God.” “That is if he doesn’t already know!.” “Now you go and sit at the table.” Aunty wasn’t bothered anymore.. ..that I may escape from there any moment. I did not want to loose her trust again.. ..So I changed my spot and sat at a place from where
she could see me.. ..and be certain that I wasn’t going to run away. “Aunty, if you want me to get anything from the shop. Like Milk,
Curd or Sugar etc. then I will get it for you.” “No nothing for me , If you want something then go get it.” “Go and sit at the table. Food will be served now.” “Keep this, and buy your new school shoes.” “Don’t you snatch anybody’s bag next time.” “You will burn your feet if you wear shoes
bought by unfair means.” “Now I need to rest, Go on.” “Be a good human being son. Go home now!” I wanted to say ‘thank you’ with all my heart.. ..more than just a thank you. But before I could even say a ‘Thank you’.. Out of shame I didn’t have the face to knock her door again. I felt, some bitter punishment could have made me feel better.. At least I could have forgiven myself.. There was a feeling of incompleteness in my heart. I came to think of mother and missed her a lot. I was deeply disappointed with myself that evening. I now had no courage left to face my Father
and answer all the questions he would ask. “Anupum!” “What took you so long son?.” “Sorry papa, I am late.” “Had your food, son?” Dad never asked me anything else that night. I fell asleep in his lap after crying my heart out. ‘An emotional wound on your heart is never forgotten.’ If I would have been roughed up for the mistake I had made.. ..then even ‘time’ could not have taught me any lesson. Next day the school reopened!. For reasons unknown PT teacher was expelled by the Principal!!. Vikram and Bidhan apologized during the lunch hour
so I simply hugged them. Later in the evening, we all went to Aunty’s house.. I returned her money and with all my heart I said.. ‘Thank you’

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  1. PumPum!! ♥♥ Amazing work Rahul &Co. This ws so heart touching..
    Long way to Go
    Best wishes ! 🙂 🙂

  2. Oye teri! Maza aa gaya. Satish! Tigga! Anand I bose! Rula ditta tussiLike u said Satish! From where you guys go to go!, this is a humble beginning. Wish you all the very best may you bring out many more grasping scripts from your nut

  3. The simple tale of unconditional love that teaches you a lesson in integrity. Well thought of story line. Beautiful narrative. Enjoyed it. Hope all those who view it will love it too… Many miles to go before we sleep my friends, many miles to go…

  4. This is great Satish Pai !! You are really getting better at this & closer to ur goal. Way to go !! I really like the storytelling part of ur short movie. Also, could resonate with so many aspects of the movie. Bravo !!

  5. Such a beautiful film with such a beautiful message. In a world that often seems cynical and brutal, this story seems to say that the world can do better – it can respond with kindness and sensitivity to impulsiveness and stupidity. One of the better films I have seen. Wish the best to the Scriptnut team!

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