Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show

Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show

Earlier this week, Donald Trump
proposed a bold new program to manage immigration
into the United States. We should only admit
into this country those who share our values
and respect our people. I call it extreme vetting. I call it
extreme, extreme vetting. It’s like he really thinks the
more “extremes” he puts on it the more votes he’ll get,
you know? “We’re down six points in Ohio,
so extreme vetting. “Extreme, extreme. “Check again.
How many? How many? Seven. Extreme, extreme.” The big question is, uh,
how widely shared are the values that Trump speaks
of amongst Trump supporters? Well, we sent Jordan Klepper
to find out. KLEPPER:Donald Trump’s new
ideological screening test
will weed out extremists
Extreme views
about religion such as… It’s oppression of women,
gays and non-believers. KLEPPER:That’s right. Trump
wants prospective Americans
to embrace religious freedom,
gender equality and gay rights.
At a recent rally in Wisconsin,
his fans were on board.
I am for extreme vetting. I am. I think it is a good idea. Extreme vetting. Think that’s a good idea? Of course.
He forgot one thing. Just make ’em eat some bacon. KLEPPER:
These guys were pumped about
America’s values
of tolerance so
I knew they’d pass Trump’s test
with flying colors.
Fill in the blank for me. Two men getting married is…
blank. Disgusting. I should answer
it’s legal in the United States. Oh, it’s legal,
but I don’t like it. It’s important
to believe in our… you know, to have respect
for everyone’s religion. -So you respect Christianity?
-I do. -Judaism.
-Yes. -Islam.
-No. Can a woman be president? The presidency is a man’s job. I have womenarequalified
to be president. No. A female
has more hormones. She could start a war
in ten seconds if she has hot flashes,
whatever– boom! Haven’t all wars
been started by men? Mm… yes. Do you think a gay couple
should have the same rights -as a het…?
-No, I don’t. I really don’t.
I don’t think it’s fair. To the gay couple? Well, no, but, the regular couple–
they work so hard, you know. And the gay couple–
they want more. Do you…? When you say more,
do you mean equal? Yeah, they want equal in that. -And that’s just too much?
-Yeah. -No, that’s the wrong answer.
Sorry. Hold on. -Ah.Turns out Trump’s ideology testwas going
to be harder than I thought.
Whenever I hear “president,”
I think of man. It’s a man’s job. What’s the r…?
I may be… Uh, closed-minded. No. Yeah, well, no. -Um…
-Misogynistic? (laughs)
No. You’re voting
against your own interests. That’s it. Thank you very much. These extreme nations– they
don’t treat women with respect. We treat women
with respect here. Yes, we do, be… -That’s an American ideal.
-Yup. Tell me about your shirt. -What’s it say?
-It says… (laughs) “Hillary sucks.” (laughs)
But not like Monica. Hilarious. So we were talking about
treating women with respect. It’s an American ideal that we treat women
with respect, so… You got to give me the back
of that shirt one more time. That’s too much fun. Trump that bitch! (laughs) We don’t even see
the irony in it. I love it, right?As passionate
as these guys were,
they just weren’t passing
Trump’s ideological test.
there was still time to study.
This will just help you
prep for the test so if you take it again,
you’ll be more welcome here. Uh, this is a DVD of the third
season ofWill & Grace.-Okay. -It’s really likable
and not too gay, gay people. This one is gonna be good
for you. Gloria Steinem. This really like, uh,
humanizes women. -Okay?
-(laughs) ‘Cause us feminists– -we have so much work
to be done. -(Klepper laughs) -You know?
-You a feminist? -No. -KLEPPER:Obviously,
extreme vetting was necessary
to weed out extremists,but until the plan was
in place, were any of us safe?
Are you afraid the extremists
are already here right now? They could be anywhere. They could be right here. -They could be.
-Yeah. -Like that guy or that guy.
-They could be over there. -They could be that guy,
or this guy. -Anybody.

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  1. Did they extreme vett melancholia,goldigging whore,who lied to get a green card,chain migration? Liar , hypocrite, traitor,con man criminal

  2. At first i thought this was a joke but these are real people. WTH / however it was sadly funny. wars started over hot flashes. WOW, just WOW

  3. These dumb motherfuckers couldn’t even get their own asses back into their own country w/ their FatDonnieTheWannbeMobDon’s test! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. i am really happy i dont live in this pitiful country where there is sooo much idiocy going on

    America i am praying for u

    and pls try vote someone better next time

  5. Ok, but can Fox news go to an antifa rally and do the same? NO. Thats the difference between dumb liberals and dumb conservatives.

  6. If men didn't want to play their war games they would get smart and send women to any country they wanted to take over. We would have the country wrangled in in two weeks flat.

  7. It's time to get rid of these smart fones, computers, tablets. Not because they're spying on us. No because they're brainwashing us. I'm going to start getting my pics printed out and find an old flip fone that is not a computer, or just a home fone. I'm not letting them have access to my brain for much longer. It's clean enough. It doesn't need to be washed kind these people's have. Wow. This is like watching the zombie apocalypse come to life right before my eyes. This is the zombie apocalypse.

  8. At least President Trump supporters rally peacefully but the Democratic Party supporters are violences and crazy. Look at Antifa groups

  9. It is petty to belittle Trump supporters about minor issues while America is falling over HUGE mistakes that democrats are guilty of.Will you also ask liberals questions along the same line?Why they have senseless hate for someone like Trump?It is nice to hide behind microphone , Trevor.Will your mouth be so big if you met President Trump?By the way liberal Americans it is PRESIDENT Trump to you!

  10. I know every side has its dummies and they are usually the loudest but holy shit these people are next level. Glad they can vote, but not really lol.

  11. I can't believe I am just stumbling on this video now, this is pure gold. It is the most accurate depiction of the sheer ignorance among far-right leaning folks in the US. It would be a lot more funny if this wasn't the sad reality of what we are living through right now. Maybe someday I can look back at this as the way it used to be here. When we actually have some semblance of sanity restored.

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    and help me stand up to white supremacist, Christian Terrorist, white nationalists, so that Don the Con, and Don the Con's enablers and supporters, who embody and spread the false ideologies found in the radicalized terrorist cult groups known as the: Nazis, and the KKK, and the Confederates, are eradicated from the human species, according to the word of GOD, spoken thousands of years ago.

    Facebook is an excellent tool for standing up to SATAN'S lying, prejudiced, racially superior religious terrorists, who refuse to treat other people equally, according to GOD'S sovereign law. The issue is that so many people are LIARS these days. LIARS are ashamed and guilty for telling LIES, so LIARS make fake names and hide behind fake pictures on the internet, in an attempt to make themselves feel better about the LIES that the LIARS tell. Spiritual warfare is fought upon the invisible field behind the eyeballs and between the ears and SATAN wants to make LIARS out of all the people in the human species because LIARS TREAT OTHER PEOPLE UNEQUALLY, which is why LYING is a CRIME however LIARS HATE to admit that LYING is a CRIME.

  13. What Gma meant was gay ppl want MORE sympathy…..they wana touch each at family restaurants….its nasty …..shes right they alway want more an more…..there never happy …but yet Gay…. Ironic

  14. Lot of these answers are tricked … Yea men started wars….women wouldve ended the world already…
    But atlease they know that…

  15. "It's an American ideal that we treat women with respect."
    "…You gotta give me the back of that shirt one more time, it's too much fun." Lol… Jordan was having a lot of fun here.

  16. Ohio goes with Trump! Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo are moral and intellectual vacuums that are not welcomed by the other 65% of us. Why did Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida vote for Trump? He wasn't afraid to speak to the people. Not racists, not bigots, not homophobes. Real people that wanted someone to shake up the current Status Quo of identity politics and represent EVERY AMERICAN!

  17. Most of theses folks are old and bitter. They are scared to learn about the good nature of any other religion or race and the truth about they are being brainwashed that we are under attack and it's entering our borders. SMH

  18. Jordan Klepper is so great at this kind of schtick. Going out among people, leading them on, baiting them to make asses of themselves and expose their many contradictory, hypocritical beliefs. Awesome~

  19. There’s vids of “interviewing libtards” and you watch those and you think “Damn those leftist liberals are dumb.” Then you can watch these videos and think “Damn..Trump supporters and conservatives are dumb.” CAUSE…maybe the problem isn’t that one side is right and one side is wrong. MAYBE it’s we’re a society pinned against each other, with the media and the corporate-owned politicians, and the social media bubbles dictating the narrative and people have become so lazy and complacent that the idea of THINKING FOR YOURSELF..well..goes right out the fucking window.

  20. This guy is just another ugly looking crazy leftists. Its very easy to go and talk to idiots on any side. The right doesnt care about what you go home and f*ck. You type of people are just attention driven.

  21. My question is to know: Why getting offended when called Deplorable?
    Majority of Trump ‘s supporters are more then deplorable. They are retarded simple minded people. People i can not even leave with my dog.

  22. Andrew Yang is making sense. Last night’s debate demonstrated to this voter why Yang deserves our full attention. Two main Andrew Yang policy positions resonate with me, Universal Income and how the Robot Apocalypse can bring our divided nation together. The dark side of automation is a looming issue creating deep chasms in our already divided nation. Consider how well our current Executive in chief exploited this group’s legitimate feelings of economic loss. We are in the midst of a major transition to artificial intelligence (see automation). The President has blamed immigrants when the clear nemesis is Artificial intelligence-the advance of technology. Imagine how farmers felt during the genesis of the industrial age.

    Consider truck drivers. There are 3.5 million truck drivers on the road today (robot trucks will be here within 3-5 years and quickly replacing drivers). The savings are considerable ( replacing human drivers with self-driving trucks that can run all of the time) will save an estimated $168 Billion a year. Artificial intelligence is replacing thousands of call center jobs right now. About 8% of American jobs are in the STEM field, 92% are not. The 5 most common jobs in the U.S. right now are 1) Administrative and clerical 2) Retail and Sales 3) food service 4) Truck Driving 5) Manufacturing. Right now all aforementioned jobs are in the midst of a change to Artificial intelligence (automation). 32% of Americans graduated from college, 68% with a high school diploma or below. 68% of Americans are working in the at-risk to automation industries. We need an interim solution for the margins to keep the most at risk from going off the rails-into much more expensive societal concerns (incarceration, homelessness, drug addiction, emergency room healthcare). Remember an extra $1000.00 for the average working American, living paycheck to paycheck, would largely end up right back into the economy in the form of retail, deferred car repair payments, dining out, out of pocket healthcare costs. This purchase activity would result in revenue back to the states/Fed. We would see the revenue back and save on societal shared marginal costs. Easy to take the jaded view and consider these payments a form of welfare. Remember that we practice corporate welfare every year by allowing companies to pay the equivalent of ZERO income taxes. Why not ask these companies benefiting from automation to provide a dividend back to all of us and especially those displaced by automation?

    “The monthly stipend, which Yang dubs the “Freedom Dividend” is intended to ameliorate economic insecurity, wealth inequality, and the other symptoms of social malaise stemming from capitalism”.

    Honda Wang, Jacobin

    Automation is more efficient than – human labor. Automation is more efficient by any metric. Robots, not immigrants are causing economic dislocations. Just consider how loyal any company is to your interests when it comes to their bottom line. Do we protest the inevitable accelerating transition towards greater efficiency or address this problem with a practical solution- see Universal income? Practical solutions or protesting the inevitable? Time to manage the transition. Time to take a look at Andrew Yang.

    Review Andrew Andrew Yang’s 2020 Policy positions by clicking here.

    Trump supporters, disillusioned with the current real economy, tariffs, and twitter communication, should pay attention to Andrew Yang. Consider the details below of Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend.

    Important Caveat: During any new technological or industrial shift there are those who win and those who “lose” In this case, as in the Industrial Revolution, Americans displaced outnumber winners by significant margins. What to do? Firstly back political candidates that address these critical challenges with viable solutions, then learn more about the technology that is currently changing your job outlook, lastly, prepare by learning new skills. Andrew Yang’s Freedom dividend provides a household safety net for so many Americans who have no savings. The Freedom Dividend gives every American a dividend to use as they deem appropriate. $12,000 a year is a start in the right direction.

    Andrew would implement the Freedom Dividend, a universal basic income of $1,000/month, $12,000 a year, for every American adult over the age of 18. This is independent of one’s work status or any other factor. This would enable all Americans to pay their bills, educate themselves, start businesses, be more creative, stay healthy, relocate for work, spend time with their children, take care of loved ones, and have a real stake in the future.

    Other than regular increases to keep up the cost of living, any change to the Freedom Dividend would require a constitutional amendment.

    It will be illegal to lend or borrow against one’s Dividend.

    A Universal Basic Income at this level would permanently grow the economy by 12.56 to 13.10 percent—or about $2.5 trillion by 2025—and it would increase the labor force by 4.5 to 4.7 million people. Putting money into people’s hands and keeping it there would be a perpetual boost and support to job growth and the economy.


  23. I'm a black trump supporter. I started supporting him because Kanye West did and trump reformed the laws for black men prison sentences with the.help of Kanye West who is black.y cousin is mexican.and he supports trump because his family came here.legally to get away from those criminals.on the other side. My best friend is Tariq he's Muslim and he's great! My older cousins and their parents are Muslim. Nbill and Khalifa are the best and are really close.with my dad. My family is full of black,hispani,white,Christian,Muslim,Jewish, independent women, and gay people ( my grandpa.amd my sisters and some uncles) yet we are all Republicans. Trump may have a big mouth and act like an asshole, but that's not why we coted for him. We voted for him because he's qualified. We don't want a president who acts like a softie and knocks on your door with cookies, that won't support you your whole life.and be best friends for life, we need a strong willed, not afraid, and express strong enotion, leader like person and we believe that is trump. I hate it when woman call me a disgrace to my gender because I supper trump. I hate it when people assume I'm racist yet I'm black, and I have Hispanic lovely family members. I hate it when people shove me out of things because of my opinion. You guys say we should love and not hate and point to us like we are the bad guys, but it doesn't seem like that in my eyes
    You guys are saying we're the racist ones,yet you call Kanye West "Trump's token black man" that's racist and if you want people to be treated equally, DONT baby us and put us on a pedastool that's reverse racism we don't need special treatment I just want equality. President trump actually did something for me and my family. My dad has lived in poverty his whole life, but when trump came to be a presodent. He was able to get a good job because president trump created jobs and my family need those, so we are not longer in poverty. Thanks president trump for everything, even though he has a very straightforward and big mouth.

    Sorry I made alot of mistakes, I type too fast, and autocorrect sucks I have big fingers.

  24. We get to see examples of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias in real time. Awesome.
    These people need the bad things they are scared of to happen to them.

  25. hopefully their inbreeding will irradictate them from the gene pool… fuck it, can we just sterilize them already? Natural selection is too slow

  26. white christian people that own guns count: 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  27. America wasnt founded by americans it was founded by Norse people or somewhat. So we shouldbt ban people out of america

  28. I know, I'll go to a Trump rally and question Americans who are born in the USA. Rather go to an Islamic country and question a bunch of extremists who want to bring their ideology of hate with them into the USA. Making fun of Republicans is easier than confronting the truth.

  29. I used to rate American education system very high. i also used to think that the IQ level of the masses must be higher in the 1st world. Now, i regret watching this video

  30. The sad part is that this kind of people is the majority and they can and have elected a president. This kind of behaviour only proves that the educational system failed in creating more human and sensitive people, and instead, it has provided society with a group that can be easily influenced.

  31. This video was made to make us laugh – it definitely accomplished that! It was not to be taken seriously non what so ever! 🤣

  32. really? asking questions to the absolute dumbest 5 people, over and over. What a wonderfully intellectual and talented man you are Mr.Klepper. …doucshbag.

  33. This is definitely not the thoughts of the majority of Trump supporters. Try asking these questions to more educated people and not the most backwoods looking people you can find..funny us Trump supporters make even the smartest Democrats look stupid…who founded the KKK who fought to try to keep slavery and who fought against it who fought for African Americans to be able to vote why are the cities run by democratic policies are the ones with the highest crime rates why democratic policies tore apart families why Democrats want to take away your right to protect yourself because ooooh black guns are soooo scary why did a leftist news outlet release a video of a watermelon being shot with a fucking 12 gauge shot gun and tell you it was an ar 15. Why they continue to tell you AR stands for assault rifle when it actually stands for armalite rifle or how they keep saying "fully" semi automatic when there is no such fucking thing.. truth is you leftist are dumb as fuck and continue to swallow the Kool aid they dick feed you

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