Pyar Diwana {HD} Hindi Full Movie – Kishore Kumar, Mumtaz – 70’s Comedy Movie- (With Eng Subtitles)

Now the gathering has come to life. Buck up. Buck up. Buck up. Buck up. Buck up. Sunil. – Yes, sir? What’s happening?
– I was trying to catch a girl… I mean I was trying fishing. Silence. – Yes, sir. Sunil, if you don’t mend your ways, I’ll
have to think of a way of fixing you. Yes, sir. – My wig, sir. Oh God! Whom should
I love and whom I shouldn’t? “Whom should I love
and whom I shouldn’t?” “Every face here is worth loving.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “Whom should I love
and whom I shouldn’t?” “Every face here is worth loving.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “She is beautiful.
And she’s young.” “Who do I look at?” “I’ll love the one
my heart falls for.” “My heart has made it harder.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “Whom should I love
and whom I shouldn’t?” “Every face here is worth loving.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “There’s everything in them.
But not my love.” “The beautiful face my eyes are
looking for is not amongst them.” “Everyone here is worthy.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “Whom should I love
and whom I shouldn’t?” “Every face here is worth loving.” “My heart doesn’t beat for anyone.” “I wonder where my destination is.” “I’m waiting for someone.” “I’m waiting for someone.” Hello. Yes. Who is this? Hello. Is it Dolly?
Didn’t you recognise me? It’s me. Your boyfriend. What? Boyfriend? What’s your name? Pittalji Bandookji Jhaduwala. What? Jhaduwala. – Sorry. Sorry. Daruwala. I had offered you
ice-cream at Nariman Point. And you had refused.
You forgot? – Nonsense. What are you doing? Listen.
Dolly. Listen to me, Dolly. Dolly. She hung up. Hello. – Hello.
Is it Bhagwanti Jethmalani? You didn’t care about me.
My beloved. Who the heck are you? It’s me. Arjun’s son. Abhimanyu Hingorani.
Didn’t you recognise me? Where are you speaking from? I’m standing outside
Sterling theatre with tickets. I’m sweating.
Wear a garland and come to me. You didn’t care about me.
My beloved. Devil. What is it?
– Disgusting. What is all this? My dear. The twinkle
of Rai Bahadur’s eyes. People are cursing you everywhere. But uncle is discussed
even more than me. If this carries on, Rai Bahadur
will also get ruined along with you. Who is it?
Seems like some new trouble. Not trouble. These are complainants.
You see. I’ll hide. Go. Go. Who is it? Hold on, will you? Who are you? What brings you here?
Who do you want to meet? Is Sunil home? – This trouble
was outside the house till now. Now it has come inside the house. No. There’s no one
called Suraj here. Leave. Who says I’m not there? I’m there. Oh. Meena. Sit.
Sit. I thought it’s someone else. Sit. – What is all this?
Have some shame. If I didn’t I have any shame
why I come here to welcome them? Uncle, those who have guests
like these are so fortunate. But… – No ifs and buts. Go arrange some refreshments.
Go. Go. Tell me. – We’re here for donation. Really? – For the temple. Really? There’s a
temple in my heart too. But we’re talking about a temple
where people in pain find peace. Peace(Shanti) – Did
you say anything to me? Oh. So you’re Shanti. Okay, tell me. Why do woman make
you restless than give you peace? That’s the luck of the draw. Luck. That reminds me.
Meena, show me your hand. So you know palmistry too? Yes. I can tell you everything
from your fate, your stars.. ..your enemy to wealth and love. Really? Then read my hand first. Do you really eager
to know your fortune? Her name is Shanti(peace). But her
love story is in full of unrest. What do you mean? I mean her boyfriend is a
little upset with her these days. Come on. – I have the remedy to it. That’s enough.
I’ve understood my future. Now read her palm. Yes. So this line… Sunil, enough the palmistry.
Where is the donation? Keep quiet. Let me read her hand.
I’ll make donation as well. Come. So where were we? Here. So this line here… I’ve understood
why you guys are here. What have you understood? We respect Rai Bahadur.
Otherwise we would’ve taught.. ..Sunil a lesson
he would never forget. Yes. I understood even that.
– What have you understood? He teases girls on the streets. My daughter was about to
get married? Sunil spoke to her. Now how is she
going to get married? Hello. – Hello.
Is it Jenson And Nicolson etc. etc? Yes. – You?
Pamela Tiffin. Having your tiffin? No. I’m Rita D’Souza. Impossible.
Such a fine and beautiful voice. You’re Pamela Tiffin.
And not Rita D’Souza. – Shut up. You shut up. Can’t you
sit peacefully for a while? What news have you got, uncle? Here’s a letter.
– Letter? Is it some girl’s? Good news. Good news. Good news. His Highness uncle is coming. Now I’ll
have to go on an exile for a few days. Why do you need to do all that?
Live here properly. Ram is off to the jungle.
Ram is off to the jungle. Ram is off to the jungle. I’m tired.
– Master, you’re now old. Traveling long distances at this
age is not right. Rest for a few days. You’re right. But there
should be someone else who can.. ..handle my forefather’s business? Of course. Young master is
an adult now. Ask him to join you. Let him finish his studies first. Studies? I suggest
you ask him to join you. I’m afraid he might
disgrace our family. What do you mean? I don’t need to explain.
Go see for yourself. See for myself? What? What is this? – Complaints. Complaints?
– Yes. There are two more sacks. The entire city has sent complaints
against him. Look at this. You read my nephew’s misdoings. If he had been my son,
I would’ve shot him dead. He’s the only remembrance of my late
brother. The last heir of the family. I don’t understand
what I should do. With you permission,
may I say something? Sure. That is why
I have called all of you. There’s only one way of
bringing Sunil on the right track. What is that? – Rein him in. What? – Rein him in.
I mean get him married. Get him married? – Yes. He’ll get back to
his senses as soon as he gets married. He’ll be her slave.
– You’ve gone nuts. Who is going to
marry a boy like him? Don’t worry about it.
I know of a girl. Girl? No. I don’t want to ruin any girl’s
life by hiding the boy’s shortcomings. Look, Sunil is naughty for sure.
But he’s not errant. If you concur with
me come and see the girl. Shekhar is right.
– Shekhar is spot on. Yes. Shekhar is spot on. Here. Have tea. And you get up. You’ve
spent the entire day in this. You’ve changed or had food. Get up. Go. – Go and rest. Go and rest. If this is what everyone’s
advice is then so be it. Why this formality? These are the customs.
Tell me. Did you like the girl? Girl is very good. There’s
no question of disliking her. The boy is the problem.
Think long and hard about him. Why would I have any objection
since Shekhar has recommended him? In matters of marriage
everything should be clear. This is the question
of your daughter’s life. I’ve told you everything about the
boy. I don’t want to marry him.. hiding his shortcomings. You get worried for no reason. I’ve already told you that
the boy has no shortcomings. He’s a little naīve. Everything’s
going to be alright after marriage. And we would never find
such a high class family. The rest will be our daughter’s
luck. – Think hard once again. We approve. – Then the wedding
should happen in this week. Make arrangements to call the boy. And well make rest
of the arrangements. Thank you. Thief. Thief. Thief. Not the thief. The master. You? – Yes me. Where is uncle? He’s gone.
– Gone? Then what will be of me? Who’s going to pay for my expenses? I mean he has gone to Palampur.
Here’s a letter. From a girl?
– All you can think of are girls. Uncle is ill. – He’s ill. Now what? I’ll have to go.
Make arrangements for my journey. Come on. He has still not come.
– I’ve written to him. Uncle. Uncle.
– He is here. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. How are you?
How are you? You were ill. But… – You’re the
reason of my illness. Me? How is that?
– Shamed me all over the city. Shamed you? Who has? You have. – I have. How is that? What nonsense.
– Shut up. Sir, don’t get angry.
Let me handle this. Look, Sunil. You’re an adult now. – Yes. And quite sensible too. – Yes. You shouldn’t do such things.
– As in what? You’re doing things. You wasted my
time by sending me a fake letter. I have sent the letter
because I’ve fixed the marriage. You fixed the marriage?
You fixed the marriage? Congrats.
Congrats. This is great news. I’ll get an aunt.
– Shut up. You idiot. No. No. Let me explain. Sunil, sir has fixed
your marriage with doctor… I mean doctor’s sister.
– That’s not possible. I don’t want to be a patient by marrying
a doctor or compounder’s sister. You have no choice. Got it? I have the choice of leaving.
– Where are you going? Help. – What are you doing?
Leave me. Get him. – Get him. Take him. – Not him. Him. What are you doing?
– Go and lock him up. What are you doing?
– I’ll see how he doesn’t marry. This is not good. Hey…Leave me I say. Oh God! What are you doing? Why are you hell
bent on dishonouring me? We can’t help it.
– It’s sir’s order. Door closed. You laugh. You uncouth girl.
Get this straight. Listen careful, we have no connection. I performed all the rituals
of the wedding wrongly. This is not marriage.
It’s eyewash by uncle. Got it? Cry. Cry some more. Cry a lot. You think your tears are going to
melt me. I’ll appease you. Never. Cry. Cry all you want. Now these tears are
your life companion. Enough. Stop crying.
I’m dying of thirst. Quench my thirst. Your
life might be become worthwhile. Hurry up. This is nowhere enough.
Get some more. Get some more. She’s gone. Let’s go. The coast is clear. Run. Here. What the heck? I’m drinking
glass after glass of water. But I’m still thirsty.
A glass more. Quick. Hurry up. What are you looking at?
Pull him. Pull him up. I’ll shoot him. Pull. Darn it. I will shoot that rascal. Don’t do that for God’s sake.
My daughter’s life will be ruined. It was ruined the minute this poor
girl was married to that rascal. I told you to million
times not to be reckless. But looked at the boy’s family. Mr. Shekhar is the root
cause of this problem. But what’s going to happen now?
– Ask Mr. Shekhar. The marriage is done.
What’s the point in worrying now? What’s the point?
– This is the madness of youth. Everything’s going to be alright
once he comes to his senses. That boy is never going to change. Look, I got them married. Now leave
it to me to bring him to his senses. Go and rest. Let me think. Think long and hard. But
it’s not going to be of any use. Dear, I sympathize with you
totally. But I can’t help matters. Don’t cry. Forgive me if possible. Who is it? Open the door. Who is this woman early morning? Open the door. – Hold on. Go. Go out.
Don’t barge in like that. Oh God! I get to see beggars
early morning. Go. Go out. She’s pushing me.
Where are you going? Hello. Go out. She’s not budging.
Come on. Go out. Where do I go? – Oh God!
What’s this new fashion for? Uncle wanted me to go through the
grind of married life by tricking me. I didn’t even see the bride’s face.
I tricked everyone and came here. So how was that?
– Disgusting. That’s so bad. This is how you’ve repaid
uncle’s love and affection? Never love and affection.
Make some food for me. I haven’t eaten since last night.
I’m starving. Hurry up. Go. Come on. – Bihari. Uncle. – Bihari. Bihari. Has that rascal come here?
But where on earth can he go? Who are you? – I’m your niece. You? Bihari, get my gun.
– Gun? Yes. You’ve shamed me in public.
– Shamed? Yes. – What nonsense.
Someone has misled you completely. Misled me?
– You still have shame in you. Really?- Really. Do you want mirror?
– No. Let me deal with you first. You ran away leaving
your newly wedding wife. If even I get hanged for it,
I’m going to kill you. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Bihari uncle, what have you done?
You’ve killed uncle. I’m alive.
– You are alive. – Here’s your food. And here’s your gun. Here. Eat, uncle. You eat. Give me the gun.
And get ready to die. Eat to your heart’s content. Hold on, uncle. Hold on. Here. If I have to die,
I’ll die like a man. Not as a woman.
– Okay. But you’ll have to die. I will die. For sure. – Get ready. Hey… – It’s me, Bihari. Bihari. He ran away? – Yes. But he can’t escape from me. Hold on. Hold on.
– Okay. Little down. Rekha, the treatment of the patients
should be such that our hospital shines. And our mission is also complete.
– Of course. Understood, would be doctor? Look, she is teasing me. If she teases
me again, I’ll quit from this job. Here’s your… – Excuse me.
Excuse me, doctor. Doctor again?
What’s going on? – I’m sorry. Let’s go, Rekha.
– Wait. Lady first. Come. Eat. Eat, my dear. Have the banana. Very good. – Very good, my uncle.
Enjoy. My uncle. You seem to be in
high spirits today. Uncle, now I can have
all the fun I want. Uncle’s gone. I can relax
for a couple of months now. Of course he had to go. He is not
useless and good for nothing like you. Uncle, ready a nice
suit for me. – Why? I have to go to college. You’ve been going to college
for years. But what have you done? You fail every year. I’m intelligent, that’s why.. I’m intelligent.
That is why I keep on failing. I keep on failing. If I was stupid I would’ve passed. I’ve heard something
so incorrect for the first time. It’s correct. Not incorrect.
Let me reveal the secret. Sit. Just as seasons change.
Calenders change. Similarly the college mates also change.
And they’re replaced by new ones. Beautiful faces replace them. Beautiful faces. Understood? Got it? – Understood. – Have you?
So now give me the clothes. So that I can go to college. And if
possible also give me some appreciation. Very good. Only you’re
going to make your family proud. 26. – Yes, sir. 27. – Yes, sir. 28. – Yes, sir. 29. 29. 29. Strange girl. It’s her
first day here at the art school. And she has still not come. A single girl’s absence shouldn’t
make much of a difference. Silence. 30. – Yes, sir. 31. – Yes, sir. You’ll get blown away
the moment you see her. We’ll see. I’m sorry, sir. I’m a little late.
– That’s alright. Take care in the future.
– Where’s my seat? Thank you. Today I’m going to explain
to you something about art. What is art? You must have heard that
life is short. But art is long. Art is silent music. It is a fine way of conveying
one’s inner feelings. Take any sort of art. Say music,
painting, drama or writing. Are you beautiful. Are you trouble or a damsel? I’m a waiting for you. Idiot. – Thank you. Thank you. You see. She called me an idiot.
– And you’re happy? Of course. These modern
girls fall for idiots more. I’m sorry. I don’t think
she’s going to entertain you. If she doesn’t.
I will entertain her. Okay. We shall see. – Sure. Sunil is saying
something about you. Greetings. – Idiot. “It’s my habit.
It’s my habit to salute everyone.” “Of conversing with
pretty people with a smile.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “It’s my habit.
It’s my habit to salute everyone.” “Of conversing with
pretty people with a smile.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “My, my.
Pretty face. With dark hair.” “Oh my Lord!” “Pretty eyes. Fiery look.
Your blow can never go wasted.” “Look at me with a smile.
Come close to me and talk.” “It’s my habit.
It’s my habit to salute everyone.” “Of conversing with
pretty people with a smile.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “You’re fire one moment.
And lightning the other.” “How can anyone not fall for you?” “You’re fire one moment.” “Your gait is such a killer.” “This torture is new.
You can kill anyone you want.” “It’s my habit.
It’s my habit to salute everyone.” “Of conversing with
pretty people with a smile.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “What’s the use of such rudeness.
Just imagine.” “What’s the use?” “There would be no one
better than me. Try to love me.” “Your beauty will blossom.
Life will be beautiful.” “It’s my habit.
It’s my habit to salute everyone.” “Of conversing with
pretty people with a smile.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “Never knew that you would mind.” “It’s my habit…” Are you blind? Can’t you walk properly?
– I’m sorry. I’m blind. But what was wrong with your eyes?
– Nothing. Idiot. She is feisty. – Yes. Sure she is. Mamta called him an idiot. Stop dancing. Fool. Sunder. Sunder. Good evening, doctor.
– Hello, doctor. Hello, doctor. – Sir. Sir. Who are you guys? Doctor. – What did you say? Doctor? Say it once again. – Doctor. Actually… – Doctor. Doctor. I wish that was the case.
I wish that was the case. But I’m not the doctor.
Relax. Doctor is on the way. Why are you guys
staring at my face? Dad… Idiot. Why do you butt in? Doctor, can’t help it.
I need treatment at any cost. You’re going to treat me? You’re compelling me.
How do I say it? There is no other option.
I swear. Do this, doctor. Wear the cap. – I should? Yes. – You love wearing it.
Don’t you? I won’t. Don’t beat me.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m the doctor. My grandfather
is a doctor. My father’s doctor. Now you’ve come on
the right track. – Yes. It is right said that a kick up
the back side.. ..does the trick than
a pat on the back. Here. One bottle for you.
And one bottle for you. Both of you will be silent for
good instantly if you have a pill. Now stop harassing me.
Leave me alone. Doctor, you didn’t
understand my meeting. You made a mistake again.
– What mistake have I made now? Not a mistake.
I’m not the patient. Or my son. Actually my daughter is ill.
– What happened? Her mouth has closed.
She is unable to talk. She has gone dumb. – Yes. Dumb. What’s her age? Around 19 or 20. – 19 or 20? Come. Doctor, wait.
How can you go just like that? Where’s your instrument? This. And that. Moonlight. Take it. What are you looking at? Come on. Let’s go. The girl is young, isn’t she?
– She is. Come on. Hurry up, doctor. I’m going. I’m going. Where’s the patient? Right in front.
– Doctor, come here. This is my daughter. Jyoti Lakshmi. –
Jyoti Lakshmi. One girl and two names. Do you have two ration cards? What are you saying?
Do you want to send me to jail? Moonlight. – Sorry, sir. You’re insulting me. I’ll check. – Please. Hold on. I’ll check. – Sit. Sit. Yes. Yes. – Examine her.
She is in great deal of pain. What’s wrong with you, Jyoti? What are you saying? Didn’t I tell you at the hospital
that my daughter has gone dumb? Yes. – Oh, I see. I’ll check her. Show me your tongue. Got scared by the tongue?
– No. This seems serious. Okay. You guys go out.
I’ll treat this patient in private. What did you say? – I’ll
treat this patient in private. Moonlight, the doctor wants us to go
out. – He’s a good doctor. He’s right. Is it? – Yes. Doctor, treat her.
She’s my only daughter. I swear. I’ll die if anything
happens to her. – Don’t worry. I’ll treat her in such a
way that Jyoti will be with you. And Lakshmi will be with me. Oh God! What kind of a man are you?
Doctor, treat her. – Out. Moonlight. – Salute, sir. Let’s go. – Go out fast. Yes. Yes. Doctor…- Get out. Jyoti. Jyoti. I feel I’ll have to treat Jyoti
with something good. Very well. Show me your tongue.
Show your tongue. What’s the matter? Both of you are together.
Are you alright? Bhairoprasad, God has been
really kind. I was waiting for you. Who’s going to wait for me? Moonlight, don’t just stand here.
Get coffee for the guest. – Yes. Idiot. He’s just standing
there watching us. Look, my son. This is the
fourth instalment I’ve given. Don’t fool me anymore. Send Jyoti for a
movie with me just once. My heart beats for
her all the time. I understood. Even I would feel
the same at times. But don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright. Go now. Go. There’s someone inside. What? There’s someone inside?
– Why don’t you understand? I told you so many times. My daughter
is not well. The doctor is treating her. Yes. – She spoke. She spoke. The blow went a begging this time.
But it won’t this time. Oh God! – Speak. Oh God! – Speak. I can talk, doctor.
I can talk. Save me. Doctor? You see. This is my USP. People either zip their
mouths or they start talking. Go on. – My father… Quiet. Idiot.
Your father will listen. My father wants to
marry me to an old man. That’s it.
And you dragged it so much. I was forced to.
He already has so many children. I don’t have a single child.
– That old man is grumpy. I am also sweet 53 years old.
I forgot. I’m 35 years young. You’re so nice, doctor. I’m nice.
I wish I was a doctor too. – What? Nothing. Nothing. Listen. Do this. Let this drama carry on
till I tell you. Okay. What’s the name of the grumpy old man? Bhairoprasad. – Bhairoprasad. I shall not call myself Dr. Sundar
if I don’t teach Bhairoprasad.. ..a lesson he never forgets.
– Gosh. Your name is Sundar. Very nice. – Really? Oh my. Oh my. Thank you, Sunlight.
Thank you. God bless.
God bless. – Please come, saint. All hail the saint. – Quiet. You sit over there. Look here. Today you’ve to make his sketch.
And please make quick sketches. I’m just coming.
And please just keep silence. You understand, Sunil. – Yes, sir. Saint, please open your eyes. Look in front. At least hold the pencil properly. Hold it. Hold it. Very good. Art school is one strange place. What’s the point in making the sketch of
a person who has no color in his life? You’re looking at the point. And
I’m looking at this fraud saint.. ..who has these beautiful
ladies looking at him. Do you understand?
He’s referring to you. One day I’ll teach him
a lesson he never forgets. Why delay a good deed?
– He’s so persistent. All thanks to you.
Otherwise I’m useless. Whether you entertain him or
not he still keeps talking to you. You won’t find such a beast in the whole
world even if you go looking for one. Only you know where you’re
the beauty and he’s the beast. Wow. – Get lost. Shameless fellow. Sir is here. Time is up. Saint, now you may go. Come again tomorrow
at the same time. All hail the Lord.
– Please. Silence. Here’s 10 rupees.
You’ll get 10 more tomorrow. All hail the Lord. All
hail the Lord. All hail the Lord. All hail the Lord. All
hail the Lord. All hail the Lord. Saint. Saint. I have a
request.- What is it, my child? Don’t come here tomorrow? – Why? I’ll
get ten rupees more if I come tomorrow. You’ll get 10 if you
come and 20 if you don’t. Tell me. What do you want? 10 for coming and
20 for not coming. 20. All hail the Lord.
All hail the Lord. All hail the Lord. The fun begins now.
The fun begins now. What’s wrong with the saint today?
He’s winking. Dirt must have entered his eyes. Hello, sir. Here you are. – Hello. Here are your bulls. What’s the matter? Today you’ve
turned the saint into a model. Wow. Superb. You’re the
one I’ve been looking for. You have been looking for me. Actually I’m making
the statue of Shakuntala. Excuse me.
Will you please stand up? Wow. I can never get a better
model for Shakuntala than this. I will be Shakuntala. – Absolutely. There can be no better
Shakuntala than you. Saint, I’m talking to her.
Why are you going? Child, when there is injustice
all around in this world.. ..meows come out of my heart. Okay, sir. I’ll take your leave.
– Thank you very much. This is my card. Do come
to the studio tomorrow. – Yes. No. It’s not working. A little to
this side. That’s it. Look there. No. Stand up. Just a minute. Now that’s more like it.
Just look here. Assume that you’re Shakuntala.
Think you’re Shakuntala. And assume that Khushwant loves you.
And he is saying to you that I’m yours. I’ll take you far away
from this world. Become mine. Don’t be sad, my love.
I’ll make you mine very soon. Lay off. Lay off, you lustful man. Why are you harassing
my delicate Shakuntala? Who are you? – Who am I? Who am I? – Who? Look at me through your mind. I’m Shakuntal’s love… Oh. So it’s you? – Yes. Why did you have
to put on this farce? To save my dear Shakuntala
from beasts like you. Don’t worry about me. Save
yourself. – Insult. Bad insult. Look, I’m busy with work.
You’re disturbing me. Go away. Else I’ll have
to call someone to throw you out. Impossible – Possible. Bhima. Raghu. Be it Bhima or Vasco Da Gamma.
I’m not going to budge. I’ll not leave
without my Shakuntala. I’ll not come with you.
– What did you say? I’ll not come with you.
– You’ll not come? No. No. – Okay. Then I’ll go away. But before I go,
I’ll take this pot with me. So that this pot drama ends.
– Take your moustache. Stick it on your face. 3. 4. 5. Would be doctor,
are you learning maths? No. I’m keeping account. What do you mean? – Hold
on a minute. You’ll come to know. There. He’s back. – That’s Sunil. That he is. He starts going up and
down as soon as the clock strikes 5.30. This is what he has been
doing for quite a few days now. Seems like he has lost something. What do you mean? – I mean this
gentleman has lost something precious. What precious thing? Heart. Whose? – His. Of course. There. He’s back. Number 7. He goes up and
down a hundred times every day. I know. He’s following
me like my shadow. And you don’t even talk to him.
– Why should I? If he wants to be on guard duty
without salary then good luck to him. Off I go. Love is very cruel.
He’s done for. He’s back. 12. The heart’s forgotten.
The heart’s forgotten. The heart’s forgotten.
In your world… 100 rupee note.
Who are you? – I’m Sunil. Where are you from? – From here. But your clothes resemble
those who live in Himachal Pradesh. Are you ill? – Spot on. I’m a patient of love. I want medication. – But
I treat girls. Young girls at that. You’re a player.
That’s why I have to you. – But I… Take it. Take it. – Great. Strange. Someone else will do the treatment.
And I get the fees. Very well.
Make yourself comfortable here. I’ll send the doctor right away.
– Very good. Wait. – Very good.
That’s more like it. Listen. Give the fees to me only.
Not to sir. He’ll treat you.
I’ll brief him. – Absolutely. Look. Do you more like these? Should I take that back?
– No. This is good enough. Don’t go. I’ll make arrangements.
– Very good. May I come in, madam? Come, would be doctor. Here. – What’s this? Bribe. – Bribe? These days nothing
happens without bribe. Be it buying a house or marriage. Even if you want to
fall in love with someone. And this is the bribe for love.
Take it. Or I’ll get defamed. Why should I take it? Should I keep it? No. No. Sunil has paid this bribe.
Understand why he has. Sunil has paid a bribe. To me. Why? Not to you. To me. It means he… Keep it. – Why is he bribing me? You don’t understand. There is a slight difference between
your understanding and my meaning. You keep your understanding and meaning
to yourself. And spare me. Got it? Yes. Absolutely. So go explain someone with
your understanding. Understand? Understood. Bribe. Meaning. Understand and pardon. All my sins have been washed away.
Bye, madam. – Bye. The patient became critical… What’s your problem? – That’s why
I’m asking you. Do you have a problem? What do you mean?
– You’re a strange man. You didn’t recognise me. Actually my uncle Mr. Rai had told
me to take care of the new tenants. So are you Mr.
Rai’s nephew Mr. Sunil. – Yes. I heard your name long ago.
But I’m seeing you today. Thank you. Doctor, you look somewhat familiar. Probably. – Of course. Lots of people look similar
in this house. – Yes, you’re right. We are busy right now.
I’ll see you again. – It’s okay. Do this. You sit. I’ll send tea. No. No. It’s okay.
I’ll come some other time. So shall we go check the
patient now? – Yes. Let’s go. Let’s go for a picnic this time.
– Where? Powai Lake.
– Sure. It will be great fun. It will be great. Very good. Picnic at Powai Lake. Wait. Good. I’m coming. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got another one. Got another one. Got it. Got another one. Uncle. Uncle. – What? Who are you? – My name.
Bandookji Pistalji Zhaduwala. Oh. Come here. – Coming. Uncle, you caught so
many fishes in no time. I’m sure there’s
magic in your hands. This is not magic. This is talent. Let me teach you as well. Got it. – Uncle, leave me. Uncle, leave me. What the heck? You fool around with girls
at this age. Shame on you. Let’s go, girls. Dear, come. I’ll teach you fishing. “Wait up. Listen.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “Just wait.” “Just listen.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “Don’t walk away from me angrily. Your
admirer is following you. He says this.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “Don’t walk away from me angrily. Your
admirer is following you. He says this.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “You showed anger. But
I found your anger to be sweet.” “You showed anger. But
I found your anger to be sweet.” “Come back. Please yield.” “Don’t make any excuses today.
The wealth is so pleasant.” “Says this.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “Don’t walk away from me angrily. Your
admirer is following you. He says this.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “My target is right before me.
Learn to fall in love.” “My target is right before me.
Learn to fall in love.” “Think about it.
Don’t be stubborn.” “This matter is new. But the
companionship is old. And every scene.” “This tale says this.” “Just wait. Just listen.” “Just…Just…Just stop.
Just listen. Just…Wait. Listen.” Wait. Wait. I said stop. Listen. Hey…Stop.
Stop. Stop. I said stop. Listen. Wait. Hey…Stop. Stop. Stop. I said stop. Listen. Where are you going, my dear?
– Behave. Let go of my hand.
Let go. Help. Help. – Help. Help. Stop! I will show you now. Wait. Turn around. Take that. 1…2…3…4…5. Take that. Sunil. Take that. Take that. Sunil. Stop. You saved my life. I can never forget this favour.
I always misunderstood you. Forgive me if possible. Let’s go. – No. I’ll go on my own. I’ll not go leaving you here.
Please come. Okay. Let’s go. “The pleasant sights.” Rekha. Oh Rekha.
– Have you gone crazy? Yes. I’ve gone crazy.
I’ve gone crazy. Don’t you see a change in me today? Let me look carefully. – See. I don’t see anything special. But your eyes tell a different
story. Did you lock with someone? That happened long ago. But
today two hearts have become one. Locked eyes with someone.
Two hearts have become one. What mathematics is this? Mathematics of love. Of geography.
And the history of two hearts. Just listen. Did you hear anything?
– Nothing at all. Then you’ll never be
able to become a doctor. You don’t even
understand heartbeat. Madam, when your eyes
convey your emotions.. ..then what’s the point
in listening to the heartbeat? I’ve understood that
madam is in love. – My foot. Don’t worry about the foot.
I’m afraid you might go crazy. I’ve heard that even
the best go crazy in love. I’m giving advice as a doctor.
Take it or leave it. Your wish. Bye. – Bye-bye. What news have you got? – We did… Exactly as you said, boss. But… – But what? Never mind what happened this time. Henceforth don’t try to hide
your cowardice by making excuses. Otherwise I’ll thrash you.
You may go. Yes. Samsung speaking. Tell me. Everything happened
as per the plan, right? Yes. The planned has worked
beautifully. Barring today. I get news of my defeat while
a smart man like you is around.. ..that’s really shameful. I’m sorry for this time. Such a
mistake will not be repeated, boss. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Can I come in? What’s wrong with you today?
– Neena, you? I thought it’s him. – Him who? The naughty chap. Of course. Don’t talk in riddles.
Tell clearly. Him who? You’re so dumb.
Don’t you understand a hint? Okay. But you understand
hints very well, right? That’s why you’re torturing Sunil. Silly. This is about him. I see. Why? The war is over.
– Yes. Now there is peace. So that fine young man
has finally won you over. Get out of here. Naughty girl. “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” “Flowers from various
branches make a garland.” “Slowly anger turned into love.” “The enemy of your heart.” “How did the enemy of
your heart become your love?” “What do I say?” “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” “He fights with
me and also loves me.” “He meets me.
And he is also afraid to meet me.” “Is he…Is he this crazy for you?” “Get out of here.” “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” “Today he kissed my hands and said.
His heart looks for me during nights.” “How would you know? How would
you know the things of the heart?” “Whatever.” “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” “My beloved is really unique.
My love is a handsome man.” “You must have never seen
such a handsome man, my friend.” “What’s going to happen, my friend?
Such a handsome man.” What are you doing? – Come on.
How long is this going to continue? What if someone finds out?
– How would anyone know? You are dumb.
And I’ll not tell anyone. I’m afraid.
What if you stop coming? How is that possible? Listen.
Slowly start smiling from today. They’ll think that you’re
slowly getting better. So how can I coming here stop? Smile. Smile. I liked it. What if Bhairoprasad comes?
– Him again? If he comes, stare at him like
that and bare your teeth at him. Show. No entry. – Cruel man. How long are you going to
make me suffer by making excuses? Let me have some fun for once. You saw the move have some fun.
Do you know Nimmi? I know Jyotilakshmi only. Doctor. Doctor, how much
longer will I have to work? Bhairoprasad,
it’s a really horrific disease. You’ll die but this
disease will not go away. But do something, doctor. – Bye. Oh God! – What happened?
He is alive. Oh. Jyoti Lakshmi. How long do I yearn for you? So mister, what do you think? I look good, don’t you? It’s okay. He’ll tell. And don’t tell anyone. Or people will think that
Mamta is really in love. It’s a secret. Let it remain a secret. Bye. Are you writing love letter? Of course. Why would someone whose lover doesn’t
shut up about her write love letters? Did Sunil meet you?
Did Sunil meet? – Of course. He was waiting for
me with bated breath. And he came to live
as soon as he saw me. Amazing. – Who? You. Of course. Okay darling,
what happened after that? We chatted a lot. About love. About
complaints. But he had to accept defeat. Very good.
What happened after that? Then? Then we had coffee at Gazebo. You had coffee as well.
Excellent. Then? Then? Do you have any doubt? We had coffee as well
as saw a movie. – Movie? A movie is 2 to 3 hours long.
How come you returned so soon? Actually that movie
was so disgusting.. disgusting that
we left it halfway. Oh. I guess Sunil met with an
accident after the movie. – Accident? It’s okay. There’s no need to panic.
It’s a minor injury. I’ve dressed it. But only you can
heal his bleeding heart. Where is he?
– Downstairs. Where are you off to? Sunil needs rest very badly. I have
given him a sleeping pill. Got it? Yes. You didn’t tell me.
How was the movie? Romantic.
Comedy. Tragedy. – My foot. Come. Let’s go see him.
Come on. Please. Please. Brother is a very good person. Just
muster some courage and tell him. I should tell him? What?
– Will I have to tell even that? Really. You’re such a coward.
– Coward. Look, Mamta. Actually I’m not scared
of talking to your brother. I’m scared of uncle only. Yes.
Your brother might even consent. But uncle… – Will not consent. So why did you fake to love me? Fake to love you? I never did that.
Listen to me. Listen to me. Actually… – What is it? Actually there is something.
But there’s something. But there’s something I’ve
been trying to tell you since long. Now say it. What is it? Should I? Should I? – Yes. Mamta, you wanted to come home,
isn’t it? – Yes. Alright then. Come home tomorrow.
Decision will be made there. The decision will be made, right? Yes. Absolutely. No one
can come in between our love. No one at all. – Really? Then it will be you, me.
We’ll have a small house. Yes. – You will go to
the art school every day. You’ll become a very big artist.
– Art school? Studies. Restrictions again. So won’t you become an artist? Then I
don’t think our marriage will happen. I will. For sure.
You’re already started bossing me. Now you’ll boss me.
I’ll worship my God. I’ll deck you up.
– But I don’t know to do my hair. We’ll do this. We’ll hire a hair
dresser. She’ll solve our hair problems. Okay. I’ll go now. You’re
coming to my house tomorrow, right? Not your house. To my house. Yes. Your house.
Your house. Your house. Hello, Dr.
Prakash. No. Not like that. Since I’ve to make
him my brother-in-law.. ..I’ll have to butter
him up slightly. Hello, Dr. Prakash. Are you very busy?
Please look at me. What is it? I’ll have a
heart attack if you shout at me. The matter is nothing.
It’s the matter of love. Listen to it with love. Oh. So you are Sunil. Did you come running?
What’s the matter? Actually if I don’t
tell you I’ll sweat. And if I tell you I’m afraid
you might start to sweat. That’s why you have chilled
water first. Chilled water. So now tell me. What is it? I guess you should have
another glass of water. Because upon hearing what I say you’ll
need a couple of glasses of water more. Here. Here. Chilled water. Thanks you know. I needed a
glass of chilled water very badly. Okay, tell me. Does a person live
longer or shorter after marriage? I can tell you that only after
marrying. – Then marry immediately. Doctor. – Yes. Get married. I should get married. To anyone. To Mamta? – To Mamta Dutt. She is willing. So am I. Mamta is willing. You’re willing.
So who am I to stop you? Mamta. Mamta. Sunil, come to your senses.
– I have. I have come to my senses. Mamta. My Mamta.
– What will people say if they see? I don’t care. Your brother
has given me the thumbs up. You’re mine.
You’re mine. You’re mine. You’re very happy.
– Very happy. What did brother say?
– Ask what I said. What? – I said.
Dr. Prakash, I want to marry Mamta. You said so. – Exactly. Brother must have kicked you out.
Then you must have cried. Or begged him. What happened? The surprising thing is
that nothing happened. No drama. I said. Dr.
Prakash, I want to marry Mamta. He said. Is Mamta willing? I said. Mamta is willing. So am I. To that he said.
Then who am I to stop you? Really? – Really. I’m waiting for someone. Great. Deck up with the
entire house with flowers. Like a bride. My beloved is coming. What do you mean? Beloved? Who? You spoilt the fun. She’s coming.
With a veil over her head. Shy. Dressed up like a bride. She came long ago.
– She has? But where is she? Mamta. Mamta, you’re here
dressed as a bride. I’m so lucky. Better late than never. Now I’ll be able to live
in Palampur with my head held high. I was dying to see this day.
– But who are you? Me? I’m your father-in-law.
Her father. Father-in-law. Father-in-law,
go away for God’s sake. But I haven’t come here to go.
– Uncle, come here. How could you let
them in the house? She is this family’s
daughter-in-law. She is the lady of the house.
How can I stop them? Father-in-law, have mercy.
I’ll be ruined. I’ll be ruined. We were ruined the day you ran away from
the room of your first wedding night. We can talk it out. Have mercy on me.
I beg you. Understand my feelings. Go from here.
– I’ll go meet the artist Shekhar. But my daughter will stay here. I’m doomed. She must be on the way.
Now what do I do? What do I do? Bihari, don’t just stand there.
She must be tired. Arrange some snacks for her.
– Oh Lord. You’re so kind. That takes care of him. Now her. Listen. How was the drama?
Actually I played out this drama.. drive these old timers away. Come with me. Let’s go
to that room. Sit and chat. Get up. Come. Come on. Very good. Don’t be shy.
Come with me. Very good. Two lovers will have
a really good time. Thank God. Drove him away. – Who? I mean where uncle is. – Uncle?
Uncle will come after two days. But why are you so nervous? I am not nervous.
I was waiting for you. Really? – Listen.
Let’s go outdoors and talk. Are you alright? I’ve come
to your house for the first time. No welcome or reception.
What is this? You didn’t get me. I meant
let’s go out and talk at leisure. We’ll sit outside and talk about love.
Is this why you called me here? Come on. Your house is lovely. I feel like checking
it out thoroughly. Some other time. – Some other time?
I have come to see. I won’t go without seeing it.
What’s in that room? Nothing.
There’s a room in the room. You’re definitely
hiding something from me. No. – I’ll check
it out at any cost. Listen. Mamta. I see. So this is why. Rascal. You cheat.
Is this why you were taking me out? Who’s the girl inside? – Girl? Yes. Come and see. – Listen. Come. Who is this? What the heck? – What? I’m sorry. God knows
what rubbish I spoke in anger. I’m sorry. – Okay.
I forgive you. Come with me. Sit. – So much? This is nothing. I couldn’t
do anything because of the problem. What problem?
– Because uncle hasn’t come. Oh. – Here. Have biscuit. Very good. – You too. Would you like some tea? – Yes. Stop. You’ll spill it. Thank you. “Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Can’t help it.
– Listen.” “No. I’m going.” “I have something to tell you.
– Tell me.” “Sit close to me for
a couple of minutes.” “Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Can’t help it.
– Listen.” “No. I’m going.” “Listen. Listen. I have
something to tell you. – Tell me.” “Sit close to me for
a couple of minutes.” “Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Can’t help it. – Listen.” “No. I’m going.” “Before you go tell me. How are
we going to meet again, my love?” “Don’t break my heart.” “I’ll come secretly to
the beach tomorrow night.” “Come on.
Leave my hand. Leave. – No. No.” “So many things
are still incomplete.” “We can complete them tomorrow.” “Now may I go? Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Can’t help it.
– Listen.” “No. I’m going.” “You promise to come the next day every
time. And I wait for you every time.” “You’re helpless. So am I.” “You’ll have to bear the
disappointments time and again.” “Okay. Okay. But how much longer
will this helplessness last?” ‘”Till we get married.” “Now may I go? Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Can’t help it.
– Listen.” “No. I’m going.” “Since our hearts have met.
Why should we be afraid of anyone?” “It’s a really bad thing
to make someone yearn.” “Control your heart. Be strong.” “This separation will last
for a few days. Then we’ll be one.” “That’s enough. I wonder
when this problem will get solved.” “When I become your wife.” “Now may I go? Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Now may I go?” “But why? Now? So soon?” “Now may I go? Bye. – See you.” “Bye. – See you.” “Bye. – See you.” Surajmukhi. – Sunlight. Sunlight. I forgot to ask you.
What brings you here? Your girl. The 19 year
old… – You mean my daughter. My daughter is fine. First class. Very good. – My son. Moonlight.
Who came with me the other day. Moonlight. – He is ill. Ill? What disease
is he suffering from? Diphtheria. Hysteria. Pneumonia. –
Doctor, it’s not history or geography. He’s suffering from filmonia. He wants to be a movie star.
– He wants to be a movie star. You have the cure in your hand.
– In my hand? Yes. Look. Hit him heard on the
head with it. He’ll have diphtheria. It will shut him up for good. He’ll
never talk of joining movies again. Doctor, you’re my God. Doctor. You go. The next patient is coming. Where is the doctor? – I feel
there’s something wrong with his eyes. Doctor is right before him.
And he is asking about the doctor. I say. Where is the doctor?
Keep quiet. I say. Where is the doctor?
– What’s your problem? What nonsense. Where is the doctor? Doctor. – I feel you’ve gone crazy. I say. Where is the doctor? There is something wrong
with your eyes. Count the fingers. What nonsense.
Tell me. Where is the doctor? Tell me. Where is the doctor?
– Sir. I’m not the doctor. What’s the commotion about?
Mr. Rai, sit. Sunder.
– Yes? Go give this cigarette
to number 25. – Okay. So tell me. Why did you
take the trouble to come here? Doctor, this fool was calling
himself the doctor in your absence. Never mind him.
He’s not quite right these days. I’ll make minced meat of him.
Tell me. Where is the ward boy? No. He’s not here, papa. Moonlight, check everywhere.
Where is he? He’s not here, papa.
– No. I know he’s here. I’ll break his neck.
– Daddy, there he is. In that box. Get him out quickly.
How can the doctor be in the box? You idiot. – No. Tell me. Where is he?
Otherwise I’ll break your leg. Useless children. Useless children. I’ll straighten out both of you.
– Don’t. Who is it? Where is he?
– Don’t know, dad. Where are you going? Come here. Where are you going?
– Him. Oh God! So you’re here, you idiot. Rascal. – Father. Move. Come out.
– Sir. Hello. Hello. – Bye. Where are you going?
– No. No. Come. He’s the sculptor about
whom I would always talk about. And I got injured in his studio. I have been thinking of
meeting you for a while now. Have a seat. – Okay.
You guys sit and talk. I’m going. Where are you off to? Brother,
actually it’s nothing…But I mean… Never mind.
Get some coffee for him first. So Mr… – People call me Shekhar. Mr. Shekhar, so you’re a sculptor. Yes. I try to fall in love with stones.
I want to fall in love with a stone. So that if I’m scared I
can either bump into it or die. Mamta, you’re still here.
– Brother, I was wondering. Can’t Rekha get the coffee? Mamta, today even I wish
to have coffee made by you. And with it if you can… Brother, it’s 6.
– It’s 6? Yes. It’s 6.
– It’s 6. Sir, it’s 6. Tea. Rekha, do something. He must have
turned into a statue waiting for me. And here this sculptor has
become the roadblock in my way. I can even lay my life for you. Save your life for brother.
Just get me out of this problem. That’s it? Right away. Actually someone’s waiting
for Mamta. – Who’s waiting? Let us also. Who’s that lucky guy?
– No one. Who is it? Nonsense. Don’t overact.
Get out of here. Run. – Okay. Bye. Bye. Actually we’re organising
a dance drama for the youth. And Mamta is busy
rehearsing for it. The rehearsal starts at 5.
And it’s 6 now. So does Mamta dance?
– Yes. She dances really well. Our show is on the tenth.
Please do come. Sure. – The show will start at 7pm. It’s my good fortune. I’ll take your leave. – What?
You didn’t have the biscuit. Okay. Have tea then. – No. No Mr. Shekhar, I want you
to make a sculpture of Rekha too. Because if this hospital
is a body then Rekha is its heart. Sculpture of the heart. Great. You
want to put the heart into stone. It’s okay.
I’ll even become a sinner for you. Okay. I’ll take your leave now. Do come to the studio. – Certainly. Let’s have a sitting of yours too. Listen. Don’t mind what Mamta said. I’ll tell you everything
at the right time. I’ve started to
understand her a little. I’ve already had
four sittings with her. Oh I see.
– Okay, doctor. See you. Do come to the studio. – Certainly. Bye. “Oh my Lord, what’s happening?” “I’m restless ever since
I’ve fallen in love with him.” “Oh my Lord, what’s happening?” “I’m restless ever since
I’ve fallen in love with him.” “Oh my Lord.” “Whenever I go before him
I lose control of my heart.” “My eyes get cast low.” “With my face covered.
And quivering lips.” “I have lost sense of
whether it’s night or day.” “Ever since I’ve fallen
in love with him.” “Oh my Lord, what’s happening?” “I’m restless ever since
I’ve fallen in love with him.” “I want to express my feelings.” “I want to become his.” “When I start to talk
my heart starts to pound.” “I swear. I’m unsteady.
This is a weird kind of a high.” “Ever since I’ve fallen
in love with him.” “Oh my Lord, what’s happening?” “I’m restless ever since
I’ve fallen in love with him.” “At first,
I couldn’t behold him enough.” “But then I lost my heart to him.” “He gives me goosebumps
whenever he touches me.” “And then I found
him wherever I looked.” “Ever since I’ve fallen
in love with him.” “Oh my Lord, what’s happening?| “I’m restless ever since
I’ve fallen in love with him.” “Oh my Lord.” I expect loyalty from her
who doesn’t know what loyalty is. My, my. Simple in style. Shame in her eyes. Innocent face. I wonder why people
still consider her a killer. So you’re here.
– Not willingly. I had to come. I know that you’ve
managed to fool Mamta. And you’ll even marry
her sooner or later. Don’t forget to attend our wedding.
– How can I forget? I attended your first wedding too. Oh. The pretence of wedding. You still remember. Amazing. I see. So it was pretence. What if I tell this to Mamta? Please that’s not funny, uncle.
– Uncle? Don’t you dare call me uncle. Have I grown that old? – Old and you.
Never. You’re still very young. Thank you. What would you know
how much I yearn for Mamta? Mr. Shekhar. – Come, Rekha. Hello.
– Hello. You just forgot that
I have to go home. I’ve been waiting
for you since so long. Oh. I’m so sorry. Do this.
I’m a little busy. Go with Sunil. Sunil, don’t mind.
– It’s okay. Come. Thank you. Did you hear our conversation? By the way, I don’t believe
my ears. I believe my eyes. That’s good. Rekha, Shekhar is mad. – Why? He talks rubbish all the time. Rekha, don’t tell
Mamta what Shekhar said. What did he say? Of course. Come. – Okay. I don’t believe my ears.
I believe my eyes. What do you mean? I didn’t get you.
– I saw everything. What on earth did you
see that has got you fuming? Both of you coming
home shamelessly. What nonsense. – Before
rebuking me look your misdeeds. And shame on you.
– How dare you. So won’t listen? I’ll show you. Don’t you dare touch me.
You’ll see the worst in me. What are you doing?
– Get out of the way. Move. – Stop. Stop. For you.
And this is for you. Start. What the hell is going on here? She created this drama
to hide her misdeeds. You see. Your tongue
has such a sharp tongue. So what if Mamta says something? She is still naīve. You keep quiet. She is naīve. I know you’ll
side for your sister only. But I’m no one’s slave
to tolerate people’s rebuke. Arrange some other place
for me to live. I’ll not live here. Why would you go from here? You
rule in this house. I’ll go away. Rekha. – Rekha. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that my joke
would create this situation. No. I have nothing against you.
This had to happen one day. Now I can’t live here even for
a second. – Where are you going? Wherever I fate takes me.
I’m fed up of this life. Don’t act so immature.
Come with me. No. Let me go.
– Listen to me. Come with me. Such things happen. Don’t worry. Sit. I’ll just be back. Here. Excuse me. Hello. Yes.
It’s me Sunil. Yes, doctor? Has Rekha come there?
– Rekha? No. No. No. You’ve some misunderstanding. Then where is she now?
– How would I know? Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes. “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” “The cries are lifeless
just like the mellowed breath ” “The storm is picking up.
And the winds are strong.” “The lamp is burning.” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” “Living in these times
is difficult in any way.” “A man’s plight is
for the sake of a man.” “I wish for my death.” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” Rekha. Poison. Rekha. Rekha. What happened? Sunil. – Yes? I…am leaving this world. – But why? Rekha. Rekha. She is dead. Oh God! What have I gotten
myself into? Oh God! I’m afraid uncle will…Police. Oh my God! Before that let me
take her away from here. Otherwise… Stay here. Careful. Careful. Where are you off to? Mr. Sharma, this is Sunil.
Inspector Sharma. Met you at the right time. He wants to sneak away.
– Don’t worry. Sit him in the office. I’ll inspect
the studio in the meanwhile. Sure. Sure. Come. Mr. Shekhar,
I had heard a lot about your art. But today I’ve come to know.
That sculpture in particular. Which one?
– The one you made recently. Yes. – Where did that chap go? I had told you that
he’s eager to sneak away. You went there and he sneaked away. Have a smoke. – Thanks. Hello. Police station. Yes. The nephew of Mr. Rai Sunil has been
missing from the house for two days now. If you could find him.
Yes. Okay. Okay. Darling. I’m coming.
– Fresh trouble. Fresh trouble. Darling,
you’ve come back so early. – Yes. Have you brought
all my things? – Yes. My make-up. My gown. – Yes. And my sandals. – Yes. Hey…What have you done with
your hair? Had your hair set? Yes. – Where? At Africa Habakuba.
– Oh. Don’t be naughty now. You’re always joking. Do you still love me? – Yes. How much? – Very much. You know I love you. Yes. I know.
– What’s wrong with your voice? Don’t be naughty now. Snake. Who are you? – Who are you? Help. Help. Police. Police. So you’re hiding here? Get him. Come on. Help. Help. Mr. Rai,
why are you worrying so much? Sunil has been caught.
He’ll be here any minute. Leave me. I said leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Snake. – Snake. What nonsense. – It’s fake. You thought you can
give the police a slip. We search even jungles in search
of criminals. Let alone the city. But officer,
who is this African magician? Didn’t you recognise him?
This is Sunil. – What Sunil? I’m Sunil. I’m innocent. Believe
me. I haven’t done anything. Lay off. You haven’t done anything? He doesn’t live peacefully
nor does he let me live peacefully. Pull his ears. – Yes. Yes, uncle. Back up. You found this
moron so fast. Amazing. We don’t leave any stone unturned
in order to fulfil our duty. But people think we’re useless. I’ll shoot such people.
Why are you crying? You see, inspector. What he has
made of himself in just two days? I feel I’ll die before my
time due to his mischiefs. Rascal. But you are the witness. If I die first.. Then I will.. Like nephew like uncle. May I come in? – Come in. You? How was that? You thought a
beautiful girl has come for treatment. You replied so quickly.
Come in. I have come in. Sit. I want to discuss
something important. My case is also very serious. Very
serious. This disease is incurable. It’s answer from life. Do
something before it gets too late. Stop fooling around. Do you see this letter?
– Is it my wedding invite? Who all are you inviting? Rekha’s aunt has sent his letter.
Rekha is not there. You went missing since
the day Rekha went missing. Prakash. I didn’t get you.
Me and Rekha. I know nothing. Sunil, I know everything. Stop
meeting Mamta till Rekha is found. Now this marriage cannot happen.
– Prakash, listen to me. Prakash. It’s nothing.
But still it’s something. The same thing. It’s nothing then… Mamta. Mamta.
– Why have you come here? To meet you.
– Didn’t brother tell you? His decision is my decision. Mamta. – Nothing doing.
Aren’t you married? Oh. Now I understand the problem. I’ll fix Shekhar real good. Right. At the place where
you have disposed Rekha. What are you saying?
– This is true. I don’t want to see your face.
Go away. – Mamta. “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” “Till yesterday,
I had my love in my arms.” “But today I’m all lonely.” “My heart is saying this.” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” “Every dream of a wishful
heart is unfulfilled.” “Whom do I ask the path
to my lost destination?” “Who knows?” “This life seems like a punishment
for a long forgotten sin.” “This life seems like…” Rekha. – What nonsense. There he is. Please leave, uncle.
You’ve been dusting since long now. You’ve dusted enough. Go. – Go now. No way. I can’t do this. What’s there to be so afraid? –
Of course. It could cause my death. Gosh! Why are you
guys talking about death? Idiot. – I step out of the house. And if I bump into Sunlight
or Moonlight I’ll be finished. Don’t worry. I’ll be with you.
I mean behind you. Please get that information. – No. For my sake. – Never. For your sake.
– Never. Never. Never. For Jyotilakshmi’s sake.
– Jyoti’s sake. What have you said? That’s it. Now I’ll
smash the biggest mountains. Jyoti. Jyoti, if I return
alive then give me a tight hug. And if I die,
pay your tributes to me. Your wish will be met.
– Where are you sending my Lord? He’s so sad. – Jyoti.
My friend, take care of my Jyoti. Don’t worry. I’ll take
good care of your Jyoti Lakshmi. Stop. Back up.
Don’t take care from so close. Take care from a distance. At least walk a few steps
with this sacrificial lamb. Sure. Where is he? I’ll break his legs. See. Didn’t I tell you?
Run. Run. Run. Mamta. I have such wretched luck.
Mamta hates me now. There are other ways
of falling in love. Some other girl if not Mamta. There
is no dearth of girls. – Enough. Yes, loverboy.
– This is the matter of the heart. Replacements don’t work here.
– This has become more complicated. Listen. That fool Shekhar
has created this problem. You’re right. If he had come in between Mamta
wouldn’t have turned her back on me. There is only one way
of getting rid of Shekhar. What is that? Tell me. Quick. Finish him. – You mean. Spot on. – I can never do that. Wait. Or break his hands and legs.
– You mean hooliganism. I can never do that either.
– Wait. You can do one more thing. Either forget Mamta
or commit suicide. Impossible. Impossible. This is impossible. That is
impossible. What is possible then? What do you want? Possible.
Impossible. Impossible. Impossible. Possible. Possible. Cigarette. – For cigarette.
So do you want the change? We’ll see about that later.
– Oh. Thank you. Thank you. But first think of an idea.
– Idea? Wait. You drink this cheap cigarette?
I gave you money for proper cigarette. You don’t know what
this cheap cigarette can do. Watch. My brain has started to tick. Got any idea? – Got it. Got it. Got the idea to get rid of Shekhar. Got it. Then tell me
what that idea is. – I will. But we need to be careful.
I’ll whisper it in your ears. Please. But how is this going to help? It surely will help. Shekhar
will be exposed. He’ll be broke. And these modern day girls
don’t fall in love with paupers. Since you’ve shown me the way.
Please show me how it’s done. What do you mean?
– Go to Shekhar’s studio.. ..and check if
there’s anyone there. Loverboy, you always
make the sacrificial lamb. I’ll be done for if I bump
into Sunlight and Moonlight. I have a remedy to it as well. Give this to them.
– Why them? I’ll keep it. Oh Lord. One last move is what’s left.
The victory will be ours. Sunil will be blown away
when he comes to know of our idea. By the way,
he’s not in his senses even now. Hello. Samsung speaking. Sammy, I feel my scheme and
your blow both are going wasted. I’m not a rookie. Assume that now there’s
nothing blocking our way. Sammy, assume that whatever
you’re doing is not just for me. It’s for Mamta as well. I know. I know very well. Loverboy. – Compounder. What information have you got? There is no one at the studio. Both Mamta and Shekhar
have gone for a movie. Gone for a movie? No problem. We’ll clean up the
mess before they come. Let’s go. – Come on. Where are you planning to go? For a movie. Don’t stop us now. It’s half. Half. Run. Run. Run. May I know why you’re
troubling me at midnight? I’m sorry for the trouble. The legal procedure has compelled
us to trouble you like this. Legal action against me? – No. We’ve come to arrest
your nephew Sunil. Arrest Sunil? What has he done? He has set Shekhar’s studio ablaze.
And run away. What? Mr. Shekhar’s studio? Oh God! He’s my dear friend. Yes. I know.
It’s a really serious matter. With great regret I also wish
to inform you that Mr. Shekhar.. ..and Mamta who were in the studio
at that time couldn’t save themselves. Couldn’t save themselves?
– Yes. Because fire had
engulfed the place. There was no way out. There was no way out.
But Sunil can never do that. Even I wouldn’t have believed.
But concrete evidences.. ..has compelled me to arrest him. Concrete evidence. Yes. His car is still parked near
the studio. He left it there in panic. And his clothes and shoes
were also recovered from that car. But why on earth did he do that?
– Only he can answer that. Now allow me to arrest him. Arrest him immediately.
And produce that thug before me. He has reduced me to a joke. Uncle. Are you alright? So both of you are hiding here?
Bihari, give me my gun. Shoot me. But I would definitely
say this before I die. I haven’t murdered anyone. So are the police lying? No. The police are right. When I got the information that the
studio is empty I set it ablaze. Why did you set it ablaze?
Why did you go silent? Sir, let me tell you.
Listen. He was in love. Love? – Yes. He and Mamta
were in the same college. He got besotted by Mamta.
And Mamta got besotted by Shekhar. Mamta fell in love with Shekhar.
He couldn’t tolerate that. And he set the studio on fire.
That’s it. – Shut up. Your wife is crying over
her luck at her native place. And you’re in love? Uncle, love just happens. Mamta was my love. She was my life. Without her my world is lonely. As long as I’m in my senses,
I’ll think only about her. The police are here. Now both of you will
get rigorous imprisonment. Bihari, open the door.
Let the police come in. Very well, sir.
– Wait, uncle. I’ll open the door. Now I’m not afraid of death. It’s you. Please come. Hello, sir. – Hello. Police are on guard outside.
And you have a gun in your hand. What’s the matter? To arrest both these thugs. Yes. You’ll get to know in a bit. First tell me.
What brings you here so late? What do I say? My unfortunate
sister is in really bad state. She was hell bent
on committing suicide. I and my wife were
forced to bring her to you. She is your daughter-in-law.
You decide her fate. Get up. I don’t understand.
What blessings I should give you? If I could share your sorrow
by dying I would’ve done even that. What are you saying? Your brother-in-law is a murderer. Murderer? – Yes. He set someone’s house on
fire and burnt two people alive. Burnt them alive?
What’s going to happen now? He’ll get life term or
he’ll be hanged. He deserves it. Uncle, save my husband. You don’t know
who you’re defending. This rascal is not willing to accept
you as his wife even in this situation. Never. I have no
connection with this girl. Please agree. – No. I’m compelled.
Love happens only once in life. And it has happened. – But your
love has been reduced to ashes. Now why are you hell
bent on killing me? If your love is also true
then you also get ready to die. Don’t kill him. Okay then. Both of you get ready. I’m ready as ever. My name will go down in history
just like Romeo and Juliet. Mamta. Mamta.
Mamta. – Where are you going? You hid my daughter in your house and
gave us the directions to the station. You thug. – You’re right. What are you waiting for?
Stab him. Not here. He’s running away. We tried really hard
to stop and save him. But Sunil…We’ve still not
been able to find his dead body. No. That’s just not possible. Uncle, did he marry me for this?
– Be strong. Get up. Be strong. How cruel You are. You want to sit up there
and you with innocent hearts. Stupid. You want to make me cry. I will not cry.
I will not cry. I will not cry. Sir, be strong. Come on. Come on. Sunil. Sunil. Sunil. – My Lord. Sunil. – My Lord. Uncle, save me.
I haven’t committed any crime. I’m innocent. Why are you trying to escape
from the police if you’re innocent? And isn’t it a crime
that you married her.. ..but you’re madly
in love with someone else? Uncle, love happens only
once in life. And my love is Mamta. You fool.
Will you shut up about Mamta? Take a look at this beautiful face. Mamta. Mamta. So Sunil, did you like your bride? You? – How was my drama? Drama? What do you mean? You call this drama, Shekhar?
– Rekha, you’re alive? Yes. Exchange the garlands
or the auspicious time will pass. Don’t be shy, my sister-in-law.
Here. Hurry up. Here you are. Let’s go inside.
Let’s celebrate with some sweets. How was that?
– Come on. Come on. ‘I see. So all of
them together fooled me.’ I’m sorry for hitting you.
– Okay. I forgive you. Snake.

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