Quickie: Suicide Squad

Quickie: Suicide Squad

So I just saw “Suicide Squad,” and like the title suggests, it made me want to drink bleach. Now, it’s come to my attention that people are wondering why there’s such a disagreement between film critics and fans. The answer is actually pretty simple: film critics showed up to this movie to see a film, not validate their obsession with a fucking action figure. Do you guys not understand how obnoxious it is to spam IMDB with 10 star ratings before you’ve even seen the movie? Do you guys not understand how obnoxious it is that you can’t even just watch the movie and enjoy the movie? You are so desperate for validation that you can’t even handle when somebody else doesn’t like it. “Everybody who doesn’t like this movie is just a Marvel fanboy, am I right?” “I mean, they’ll just downvote anything that’s DC regardless of what the quality of the actual film–” Oh, wait. Alright, so let me get this straight: you identify as a fan, and your argument is that anybody who doesn’t like the movie only doesn’t like it, because they are set out to dislike it independently of what the actual quality of the film is. Do you know what “projection” is? Because it seems to me like the people who are rating the movie before it’s out are giving it a 10 out of 10 rating, and then when people are actually seeing the film, the rating is brought significantly down. It seems to me like you’re the one with an emotional investment over what other people think of your fucking superhero movies. Is this real life? Now, obviously, you can enjoy this film without being one of those crazy, emotionally-insecure, fragile fanboys, so if you found this film entertaining, then I’m glad you enjoyed it. I, however, found the film to be 25% cringeworthy and 75% boring. First of all, the movie was needlessly dark. And when I say that, I am not referencing tone, I mean, literally, “dark.” I mean, there are scenes that take place literally in the daytime, but it’s as if they added a 25% opacity filter to the entire fucking movie. There’s a scene where a gigantic fire takes up half the fucking room, and the room is still dark. From a visual standpoint, the entire film is a fucking eyesore. This movie barely even has scenes. Instead, most of the movie just feels like one, really long, drawn-out scene. It’s no surprise that extensive rewrites and reshoots took place before the film’s release. You’d think that if they were going to spend millions of dollars changing the movie anyway, that they might have added more scenes with the Joker? That would have been a good idea, because he’s in the movie for like 12 fucking minutes. Jared Leto’s version of the Joker was honestly the best part of the movie. In the same way that Eddie Redmayne was the best part of “Jupiter Ascending.” (The Joker) [wheezing laughter] (Adam) Jared Leto was so embarrassing that I was having a fucking blast every time he showed up on-screen. So I guess, in his mind, playing a “crazy” character just means acting really eccentric? I am not even kidding, his performance in this movie reminds me of the witch lady in “Troll 2.” (Witch lady) This is my house! (Adam) Will Smith played Will Smith. Jai Courtney played Discount Tom Hardy. Margot Robbie played Useless Liability and Punchline Dispenser. It’s like her character only exists to deliver punchlines at the end of each scene. And these punchlines are some of the cringiest attempts at humor I’ve ever seen. (Rick Flag) Her sword traps the souls of its victims. (Useless Liability and Punchline Dispenser) Harley Quinn. Nice to meetcha. Love your perfume. What is that, the stench of death? (Adam) I shit you not, one of her lines is, “Now that’s a killer app!” I swear I wouldn’t even be surprised to find out David Ayer’s writing for Hillary Clinton. (Hillary Clinton) I don’t know who created Pokémon GO– –but I’m trying to figure out how we get them to have Pokémon GO-to-the polls. (Adam) This is one of the most try-hard movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There isn’t a single thing in this film that I can think of that doesn’t feel incredibly forced. Many of the music choices feel as though they were thrown in at the last minute over top of scenes that did not anticipate for that type of tone at all. Each line of dialogue felt so inorganic that it feels as though it might as well have been written by Cleverbot. The editing in this film is the equivalent of a 40-year-old Hot Topic manager screaming “Please think I’m cool!” (The Joker) What do we have here? [growl] (Useless Liability and Punchline Dispenser) What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me, Mr. J? (The Joker) What? [echoes and laughter] Oh, I’m not gonna kill you. (Adam) If the entire movie was nothing but Joker and Harley Quinn, then I might have been able to enjoy it as a so-bad-that-it’s-good cringefest, but unfortunately the majority of the movie is stale and uneventful. Yeah, poorly-lit and unimpressively-shot action scenes where they sloppily fight a bunch of Putty Patrollers. Great! Like I said, if you liked this film, then I’m glad you did, and don’t let me stop you from enjoying it, but if you found it as painfully boring as I did, then we might at least be able to get some enjoyment by reading through the comment section of this video, where I’m sure we’ll be able to find plenty of reasonable, well-spoken, and mature arguments coming from both sides. This movie was a boring, embarrassing, try-hard mess that had no redeemable qualities whatsoever, and I’m giving this one a 2 out of 10. (AdumPlaze video) Omikron trilogy? Remember this from the last game? Check mark! (Mark) Holy shit! (Adam) [laughter] We found one! Bingo! (Mark) Oh my God!

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  1. I got a digital copy of this movie and using video editing software I brightened it up.
    After words it was alright.

  2. This movie made me cringe so hard…..the intro sequences looked like were a highschool fanboys class project. "This is Katana, her sword traps the souls of those it kills, she's got my back, now don't you guys try anything" EYEROLL SO HARD THEY BRUISED UPON RE-ENTRY. Slipknot deciding to bail after 5 mins and having his head blown off…..WTF?! They should have included a laugh track, would have made it way more enjoyable.

  3. I actually liked Suicide Squad…

    's characters. The more I think about it, the more I just don't remember anything about it except the 'anti-heroes'. If a movie, or any type of media for that matter, is forgettable or boring or mediocre in my opinion that is actually worse then being bad.

  4. U didnt like the movie cus ur a marvel fanboy, dick, fascist, homophobic, poopoo head, penis breath ass mother flipping ass, guy who just gets payed off by disney. This is the worst channel on youtube(after ralphthebadvideomaker and that guy who hates everything) this is a flawless masterpiece that makes citizen kane and synecdoche new york look like some sily marvel shlock. So id give it a 6/10. Too much water, not enough story

  5. People didn't like this movie? But it has a titty witch!? And two bimbos get punched in the face by dudes! 11/10! Joker has fuck boi tattoos!

    It's really quite good!

    Don't even get me started on the way Amanda sucks up that steak! Hot damn!

    I'll put that appetite to work!….

    On my loins! Oh! Ayo!

  6. 0:12 what a asshole thing to say
    Film critics actually showed up to see a movie what doup you mean by that
    What you mean is that some fans think there always right
    Your literally doing the same thing by saying film critics are always right

  7. I remember watching this movie the first time thinking it wasn't as bad but going back to it again makes me S I C K

  8. I've purposely not watched this movie, and after seeing this video, I dont want to, but feel like I have to see this now..

  9. 2:05 it felt like a really long, drawn out recovery from anesthesia. That’s what it felt like for me, anyway.

  10. One of those films I had to turn off…nothing is good…nothing.

    And I hate what they did to Joker and Harley…all wrong.

  11. The movie was such a mess. I really wanted to like this movie but after watching it I was sooo disappointed.

  12. I really wish it had more joker without the cheap edits, I wish Harley wasn't so cringey, and I wish the songs put into the movie didn't transition so badly that it sounded like someone changing radio stations, but it did have all that, making it into a movie I liked and hated.

  13. I like how at the beginning of the film when the car chase happens between the Joker with Harley Quinn and Batman they drive into a body of water, and when Batman swims down to retrive them he only takes Harley Quinn. Why didn't he grab the joker as well? Was there a detail I missed? Did he escape in time? I can think of three explanations for this: The first explanation I have is that the car went down so deep Batman had to swim a super long distance to get to it that took a very long time, meanwhile the Joker escaped while he left Harley Quinn in the car, who eventually fell into a unconscious state in the water for a while. But this wouldn't make sense, because she would immidiatley drown. It also doesn't make sense to me that she would be unconsciouss because she would be aware of the car diving into the water with the amount of force that would put on them, unless so much force bulit up that it forced her into a unconsciouss state. It also doesn't make sense that the Joker would abandon and leave her, since they develop a clear attachment between the two in the film, so he would definetley want her with him. My second explanation is that Batman forgot to grab Joker, or he purposely did not. But I can't see any reason for why he wouldn't want to apprehed the Joker, and even if I was Batman I think it would be pretty hard to forget him, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO APPREHEND HIM A MINUTE AFTER YOU'RE CHASING HIM DOWN. Not to mention that there would also be the Harley Quinn unconsciouss problem I mentioned earlier. My third and final explanation is that the Joker was able to free himself in time from the car, but didn't have enough time to take Harley Quinn with him. Although this makes the most sense to me I still think this has issues. I fell like Batman would be able to see the Joker swimming away before he can successfully escape. There's also the Harley Quinn being unconsciouss problem. Mabye he did see the Joker swimming away but wanted to retrive Harley Quinn first? Because Harley Quinn is TOTALLY a much more important priority than the Joker, who has much more power and influence than her. This is just one of the problems I see in a barrage of problems that make no sense, but I haven't seen anybody mention it so I decided to bring awareness to it. Mabye I did miss something that explained it. Anyways sorry for the huge paragraph rant and probably a million spelling errors.

  14. When i saw this movie, that "stench of death" line harley delivers made me so uncomfortable that i started using again.

  15. I want to say that I liked suicide squad, but by looking how the haters bash people who disagree with them, I would just say that this movie is complete garbage

  16. I can’t believe this review has 11K dislikes just because some Hot Topic fat bitches loved Jared Leto acting like a weirdo crackhead and Will Smith looking like he wants to die for 2 hours.

  17. I absolutely despised the Joker in this movie. While I did find some enjoyment in the movie, I hated the scenes with the Joker. I don't necessarily think Jared Leto is a bad actor, I just think the director gave him bad lines and scenes. Then again, even IF you use that excuse, it doesn't excuse his cringy performance. I wouldn't have given it a 2/10 though. A 3/10 maybe.

  18. I have this movie on my Cable Decoder's HDD. I didn't have time to watch it when it got "aired live" and probably I won't have spare time to watch it in the near (or far) future.

  19. There are rumours that there are like some 6 or 7 different cuts of this movie not counting the one we got. Realistically people within the production say more like 4 or 5. Eitherway, I wonder if there was a good movie somewhere in all that footage.

  20. Are there actually people who liked this movie? The like to dislike ratio says yes, but it's hard to believe moviegoers could be that fucking stupid and undiscerning.

  21. Things about Suicide Squad I liked:
    – Cringe-tastic dialogue
    – Slipknot's head exploding
    – Batman punching Margot Robbie in the head
    – Memes
    – Funny movie reviews

  22. This movie was legit trash. I tried man, I genuinely tried. I went in wihh an open mind and feel like my brain got shit on. From start to finish it was just bad.

  23. The reason why the jokers sense are so short is because most of what was shot was complete shit and most of it had to get scrapped

  24. I'm curious why do people blackout the user name of people who write dumb stuff online? I feel like if you say something stupid on the internet you intend of everyone on the internet seeing that stupid comment. So, I feel like people should show who the person is. I'm not really sure why they don't. I see it all the time. I was just thinking of that does anyone else think that way or am I the only one?

  25. I'm DC fanboy, I disliked most of the MCEU movices, but boy… I hate this movie! No seriously, I even stopped having a crush on one girl, just because I couldn't comprehent that she her taste is so bad that she actually loved that. A funny thing is that today I saw a video Heath Ledger's Joker vs Jared Leto's Joker and the guy who played Jared Leto's Joker was way more intimidating and believable than Jared Leto! And I don't have anything against him as an actor, but he didn't do a good job on this one. but with a script and production like that, is it really a suprise?

  26. The comment section is so cringy now that the dust has settled and everyone agrees this movie should not exist lol

  27. I feel like the writers completely failed to make there be emotional stakes to the characters making even the action scenes bland and boring.

  28. I read somewhere that the director’s inspiration for Joker’s look was drug dealers on Instagram. You can’t make this shit up.


  30. Who the fuck you r even talking?
    Nobody is supporting it..
    It's their own people rating it..
    Just see in real life or comment section you will see what was going on..

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