Railway on Film – Oscars 2020

(mellow acoustic music) – I’m Felicity Jump, the Senior Commercial
Filming and Events Manager for Network Rail Property. Our team is tasked with
facilitating all of the filming and television projects that approach us to film on our network
and in our properties. And every single penny
that we earn is reinvested into the running of the railway. I’m a graduate of the
history of architecture. And I really wanted to use my experience working with the film
and television industries to help create a global
recognition of our iconic stations. (upbeat bright music) I think one of my proudest moments was working with the Scottish Route to turn around a six week residency for Marvel “Avengers: Infinity War.” It’s the longest period of
time a production’s ever been in one of our stations, and
everyone was extremely proud. Everyone pulled together,
it was very ambitious, and a real achievement. I’m really excited about the future of filming with Network Rail. We are looking to expand our business. And we are speaking to people
up and down the country across the network, trying to
find those little hidden gems.

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  1. Perhaps you could do a film about the railways in the UK and the projects you have achieved and completed in recent years and decades.

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