Raising Dion Trailer REACTION

you would think that if you have a
Michael B Jordan produced and co-starring superhero show you would
advertise it more than like two weeks and advance but not Netflix maybe you
know they’re always just hoping these things become sensations and then they
start to advertise them I guess that business model kind of makes sense but
while there are tons of comic book shows right now none of them are particularly
diverse I guess the upcoming Watchmen is right but this is almost I believe
pretty much an entirely african-american cast so you would think that it has
Michael B Jordan from Black Panther so and and Creed so you would you know
movies would also very much play it up on representation so you wouldn’t think
that you and you don’t give it a little bit more of a push but let’s see let’s
see let’s see if how it looks it can’t stand on its own does it not need a
posture maybe it’s something that should be hidden here we go your dad was
traveling so much that year that he’d be in this video
how’s Dione doing I miss my little man I’m telling you Nicole that kid is
something special you have no idea she’s such a special kid you’re charming
smart very handsome that’s that you were asking about your
dad my mom won’t some will happen just as a little storm I think it’s happening with you we should figure out how to get it under
control how long do you think you can keep this up the government was cracking it’s a real
artist got super Baris I know a few things about Dion the storms are drawn to yourself where’s my son ma’am we’re in it sorry
Jordan it’s you and me you would be uh it
looked a little bit low-budget like more than I would want it to uh but you know
what that’s what it took to get this made that’s good because as I said
there’s not a lot of diversity in superhero shows and so I think that
makes this very important some of the VFX looks like they they are spending it
when they need to so as a fan of superhero stories I will definitely
watch this I’m curious you know did you even know that it was coming I mean I’ve
mentioned it I believe a few times but it doesn’t look quite as strong as one
would hope but I got a send boys TV trailers didn’t look that great either
and that show is amazing so here’s hoping that raising Dione is another win
first you know new superhero stories so what did you think write your thoughts
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