Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Krishna, Rupa Manjari

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Krishna, Rupa Manjari

Did he go into coma
on being thrashed? Chop him off in four
pieces and put it in a sack. I will manage whatever that happens. Do what I have asked you to do. Early morning they start fighting. Sir, there seems to be some problem. Save me. I am dead. I swear on Ahmadabad.
Why are you killing me? Hey. I will tell you. You are trying to be smart.
Turn on the TV. Great! Isn’t it nice? My capsule could
do wonders but those.. ..who were jealous
got my company sealed. I am dead. You idiot. You made my
son model in your medicine ad. Because of that my
son’s engagement broke. And he made me eat that
medicine by doing cheating. Since then I am not getting excited. Hey, who is he? Do you have a younger brother? Hey Gotia, make me stand. I swear on Ahmadabad, I know no one. Try to understand. Now I understood
what the problem is. Of course. I am not worried. I have had lots of fun. But what about him.
He is so lean and thin. I still have some power, father. Before he becomes useless.. ..find a simple girl for him. So why are you delaying?
Shall I start the production? You will find the product for him. And that too before your medicine
has its effect on him completely. Otherwise I will get my son married
to that girl.. ..what is her name? Don’t say Sunny. I will get him married to Sunny and
you will not be able to do anything. Get lost. I got thrashed. You start wooing as soon
as you see a beautiful girl. Do you think you are beautiful? Get lost. Do you think you are
a goon by adorning this moustache? Ugly looking idiot. What did you say? I am
smart and my name is also Sunder. – You are an idiot.
– Himesh. You’ve entered like a hero. What is this Himesh? How many times have I told you.. ..not to tear your own clothes
after thrashing the goons? Did you see Mucharan?
My Himesh is very short tempered. Everyday his shirt gets torned. And in karate he is black belt. – Karate?
– He will thrash you hard. I am just joking and scaring him.
Do not get scared. What discussion is
going on between you two? Hey Himesh,
he is irritating me a lot. Just give a demo
of your dangerous punch. Do you thrash someone
so much on showing snake dance? I have still not
thrashed you completely. If you do not return my money then.. ..I will thrash you
hard and will not spare you. Give him a dose of power strong. My bad luck. What happened, Himesh?
Were you hurt badly? Are you in pain? What can I do?
Anyone comes and thrashes me. Who thrashed you today? The famous don of
city Kaka Lungi has.. ..threatened me to find
a bride for his son in a week. Otherwise he will kidnap you. What did you say? No, no I will not
let this situation come. But if I don’t find any
girl then adjust a little Sunny. Idiot. Am I an online store. Where a sale is always on? If you release your movie in between
mine then all your scenes will be cut. Listen to me.
has anyone else come to thrash me? Yes. Madam, there is parcel
for Himesh Thakkar. Sign it. Parcel for Himesh Thakkar? Yes, madam. Nowadays people sent
alms through courier as well. Who must have sent this? Sweetmeat. It is stinking. If a dead body
smells this then he will become alive. Rotten flowers. Fused bulb and a
letter is also there. Who can it be? The receiver is also Himesh
and the sender is also Himesh. What happened? Did you get confused? Mother had Himesh
with the name Himesh. Son Himesh your
real father Himesh. * Real father. Since childhood I thought that I am
so smart boy so cannot be his son. Sorry. Read further. 25 years ago. ..when my wife was
getting wild grass.. ..jungle by swaying her waist. – Look, she is coming.
– Give it to me. Hey, come with me. I am sending you proof
to make you believe. What? Proof? When I met your mother
for the first time.. ..I made her eat sweetmeat
and gave her flowers. And under the dim light of
this bulb you came into this world. Come, my dears. Take this. After that day I got a habit of it. Very night I had
a desire of a new woman. Your mother cursed me and I was
incapable to become a father again. Before you get this
letter I would have died. No one else except I know
that we have a ancestral palace. You are my only son so I want to
transfer that palace in your name. You will get further
information from this man. Reshamiya Khote. Shamshan Nagar.
Bhootiya lane. Shaitanwadi. Behind the graveyard. Will you go alone? I don’t have money
to buy your ticket. What is this? Will you not show new house
to the one whom who want to marry? Five minutes ago you were
planning to get separated from me.. ..and now you are talking
of staying with me. You even slapped me. Did it hit you hard?
So shall I apologize? Shall I apologize to you? If not me then will
someone else hit you? Tell me. Hey inspector, thrash me slowly. Why are you beating me? How dare you call police a.. Today I will not spare you. Don’t hit me with such a hard stick. Promise me that you will not
say this to a police officer again. The urge to do urine.. ..must be very strong but.. ..but whenever I will
do I will do it in a toilet. If I see anyone doing it
in open then I will inform police. Even if I have to steal a
phone to call police I will do that. I will always fulfill my duty. We have to save nature.
Sign it. I am sorry for doing it today. Wear a diaper and move around.
Get lost. Go home now. – Get lost.
– How dare he thrash me? This house is locked. He is showing me stick.. Hey, who are you?
Whom do you want to meet? Mr. Reshamiya. Yes, I am the one. Hi. I am Himesh. I got father’s letter
and I want property’s information. Why are you doing over acting? Your father has done
many favors on my father. You have come at the right time.
Like father like son. – Okay.
– Come, come make an entry. Let her also make an entry. Do you have the property documents? Right. We will go to court some
day and transfer it in your name. Who is fluttering inside? No one is fluttering but my
wife is having bath will cold water. There is no geyser in our house. I wanted to ask a question. You.. I know that you wanted
to ask about your loafer father. No. Why should I waste my time on
asking about my characterless father? – I want to ask something about you.
– About me? I feel I have seen you somewhere
but I cannot recollect where. You are right.
Even I am having the same feeling. – Come out.
– Okay fine. What is this? I swear there are
better huts in Ahmadabad than these. Your father did not touch
it to convert it into a hotel. He just ate rice
with clarified butter. Before he could eat lentil he died. You will have to open a hotel
so that he gets good food in heaven. I want some time to think. Think about it. What kind of father is he? He had fun with
women and I am cursed. Himesh, I saw that you
were staring at that woman. If she woos you and traps you in her
love then what will happen of me. On seeing her I was praying
that her towel should not fall. You are better than her. Come on. What is this? The door is open. What is this? Who are you all? Get lost. Himesh. Hey doctor.
Where were you for last two days? Were you running away from me? Can anyone run away from you? I was joking. Food is served
and only sweetmeat is left. I had given you seven days time. Out
of that you have wasted two days. If in next five days you
do not find a girl for my son.. ..then she will become his bride. And my daughter-in-law. – She is so beautiful.
– Get me married to her. Himesh, what the hell is this? Who are these wild pigs?
Send them out immediately. Poen:Jhony Jhony No papa.
Eating Sugar yes Papa. My son also know the Alphabet. Follow me. My heart dances for you. She has brought the
child too to threaten. Who was that fool?
Why was he threatening you? Lakhan Lungi.
I had told you about him. If we get your father’s property
then we both will settle there. Idea is good but where will
we get money for painting it. A heroine is old now
is finding a young husband. Himesh Thakkar will do something. Do you have any idea? Just like father the
idea is also characterless. You are looking
beautiful in this one.. ..sexy in this one and
mind blowing in this one. And on zooming it.. If I stand next to her
then I will look like a fool. Will she marry me? Will she sit with me on the horse? Don’t take tension. I am there.
I will go and do the setting. Go and do it. If I had given her four tablets extra
then he would not be capable to stand. Hello. I am not making any
religious movie. What is this? Not this one but smaller. Two piece. – Don’t you understand?
– Okay. There will be a problem if I take
someone else so I will take Khan. I am taking director as that of
Three Idiots and heroine is Sonia. – Hey, what is it?
– Hello, do you know who I am? Your Sonia was first my Champa. People like you come here every day.
Get lost from here. Kumar, didn’t you recognize me? We were together in Kathiyawad gym. I had smelt your towel
full of perspiration. Since then I was in coma. You did not come to
met me once in hospital. Hey, your muscles are great.
Did you eat iron in lunch? What are you doing? Whom are you signaling? Enough of your drama.
Get lost from here or.. Sister, I want a help from you. What kind of help?
First tell me who you are. I am Himesh.
Not me but that poor boy needs help. He is in great trouble. What has happened to him? Many fans of yours are close to your
heart but this one is close to death. Oh my God. Many parts of his
body are not working. His last wish is that
you attend his wedding. Will he marry?
Will he able to manage? He will do it.
His bride is very co-operative. Really. It is his fourth marriage and
greed for insurance is also there. If you come then he will
be able to die peacefully. Will you attend the marriage? I will do item number.
Call him here. You call him lovingly. – What is his name?
– Chirkoot. Chirkoot.. I.. I am calling you. Come here. He should not make any mistake. Madam, he must have told everything. – Then what about marriage?
– Marriage is okay. Touch me and promise that if someone
is marrying you having pity.. ..on you then you
also keep her happy. Madam, I will agree
to whatever you say. I just want your photo and number. Hey, just call me Sonia. I will give you all my numbers. Come
on let’s get a photograph clicked. You are really great master. Come on click our photograph. Take a close up. Come closer. Now look at me. Look at me. Okay, I will leave now.
The camera is ready. Inform me once the
date of marriage is fixed. Miss me. Hey buddy, she touched me.
You are so nice. My father is a fool to trouble you. You have set my life. Did you hear what sister-in-law
said? Call me Sonia. Shall I go to Nepal for honeymoon? Is there some problem? There is one problem.
Date would be a problem. Will it be fine if she
does acting after marriage? No buddy.
You know well how heroes are. You cannot have faith on heroes. Actually Sonia had taken
1 crore as advance from producers. She wasted it on
weight reducing cream. She will return the money.. – ..but it will take 2 years.
– 2 years? What if her mood changes in 2 years? My father has looted the
entire city. I will get it from him. Will you tell your father? No father will give
heroine to his son. Go. You remain happy
with her wall paper. What is this, buddy?
Why are you getting angry? I will not tell my father.
Will it be fine if I steal? Just for a heroine you have become
ready to do robbery in the house. Sonia’s song. I will make this hot
heroine my girlfriend. She has killing style. I will make her my wife. She knows how to take bath. I will take her to
Kathmandu for honeymoon. Basketball is my favorite game. Father, why are you staring
at your future daughter-in-law? You fool, what are you talking? If I am a fool then so is you. Look, she is my wife
and your daughter-in-law. I have had my connection with her. – Connection? Which one?
– That of love. Himesh whom you called idiot, fool
and fraud turned out be God for me. What nonsense are you talking? He arranged
daughter-in-law for 1crore. What? Did you give her 1crore? Why are you shouting?
What if money gets rusted? He has gone to the priest
to find an auspicious day. By taking 1crore he made you a fool. Son of a fool. Idiot. No.. Suresh. Yes, sir. Go and find Himesh. Look there. Look at the way her
girlfriend is clinging to him. Instead of her will
you cling to him. I want the keys of his treasure
should hang on your waist. How are you? She is my sister.
She cooks well and will serve hot. What nonsense are you talking?
That too in front of her. Are you mad? She is a great cook. You will
need her in hotel keep her on work. Okay, fine. Hotel Raj Mahal. Isn’t it a solid name? It is absolutely a great name. Just write chicken free
with fried rice on Friday. Then public will pounce here. Why only chicken? Add alcohol too. Alcohol. That means
water responsible for death. My friend’s girlfriend
cheated on him so he wants Rum. The girl cheated him.
So madam will set it right. – Madam, come on.
– Yes. What is the problem? Kiss my friend so that he forgets
the slap given by his girlfriend. What? Go. What are you thinking? – What happened.
– Go. This is bound to happen
when you drink for free. Madam, if you would
have kissed her.. ..then your boyfriend’s t
shirt would not have become a rag. It will not be sold anywhere now. Enough now.
Do the rest on another’s t-shirt. Let’s go from here.
I will ride the bike. Don’t vomit on my back. Why do you drink
if you cannot digest? Couldn’t you tell him
that we do not keep alcohol? What? I had taken this
t shirt from my friend. Now who will buy new one for him?
Will your father buy? He seems to be poor.
I will go and get some water. When friend is near don’t fear. I don’t know from
where he had Chinese. Stomach clear. Put water. This smell will not go with water.
You will have to take bath with CIF. Next time if any drunkard
comes then let him not enter. Don’t even talk to him. Don’t say anything about drunkard.
My father was a drunkard. Why are you standing and staring?
Come and help me. Shall I give you acid water? Are you mad? Don’t you have soap? I have paper soap for emergency.
Shall I give you? Just put water. If you agree then shall
I rub your body with polish paper? At least give me perfume. I have kewra perfume.
Do you want it? Can we get a room? Yes, you can even get two. Welcome to hotel Raj Mahal. First customer. Whose? That of hotel. Okay. Yes.. Yes.. Come in. Please come in. You have spent quite a lot. Yes, I am a businessman
so no compromise. What is your name? I am Ratan Singh and
she is my wife Padma. Okay. Write your address here. Do you want corner
room or in the center. – Top floor. Jungle facing window.
– Okay, wild choice. Take it. So the first customer has arrived. We did not ask about food.
I will go and serve them fried rice. Go. The bell has rung.
It means they want food. Raj Mahal is super hit. Fried rice is ready.
Here, I bring fried rice. The first customer has arrived and
now slowly customers will keep coming. This is the perfect
time for electricity to go. What is it, boss? I think
you did not sleep the whole night. The whole night the
dreams of witch troubled me. – Here, have some fried bread.
– Give. Wait! Don’t eat that. I have made hot fried bread for you. You served heart in plate. Now that you have given heart
so you will get the pain also. Oh God, you did a hole in the heart. My heart is fluttering
because of pain. No problem.
I will make this pain a sweet one. Now I can feel the sweet tickling. Control it. Reshamiya,
go and see if guest need anything. – Okay.
– Hurry up and go. Get lost. I will surely snatch
away your boyfriend. You pierced my dress. Sister,
your brother-in-law is crazy. Sir, room service. Sir, are you really sleeping? Let me see first. Padmini. what all happened after wedding? Who won and who lost? I will find it out now. Tell me one thing. You are acting
smart. You do not talk properly to me. And you were trying
to show love to her. Hey, decide whether you
want to live with her or me. Boss. What happened? I think he must be wearing
underwear inside the bottoms. And wanted to wash
because of perspiration. Then he must have
thought where to dry it. He put it on lamp and
because of cleanliness he died. Hey, fool. If you had to die the at
least you should have paid the bill. Open their belongings
and see who they are. Couldn’t the light
when the lamp fell? They do not have any
belongings or mobile phone. – Mummy.
– Hey, what are you doing? He is in tension so
I am giving her massage. Because of this act of yours raid will
take place here. Aren’t you ashamed? What is there to eb ashamed
of in serving master? Himesh is only mine.
We are going to get married soon. – Stay away from him.
– How dare you push me? Today I will color
my lips with your blood. I will dry clothes
after cutting your hair. Himesh will belong
to one who wins today. Let them fight.
Let the wild cats fight. Hey both of you stop fighting. Leave my hair. – Nice waist.
– Why did you hold her waist? Stop it. I held whatever
that cme in my hand. You go and get the register. I will call the police. Have you gone mad? Then what should I do? If police asks how did they die? Then what will you say that
they were washing underwear.. ..and then they put it for drying on lamp
and it fell on them and they died. Will police believe? What is lies in this? We are not scared to tell the truth. You should be scared. Every police officer needs
a criminal to get promotion. – What are you saying?
– I am saying right. – And law.
– Forget about it. Only guests would have given
the witness that you are innocent. They have died then who
is left to give the witness. Go from here by the morning train. How will the police prove? You do not know. Here,
police can do anything for money. They will trap you in such a way that
you will not be able to get out of it. Then imagine that you
are in jail and hotel on sale. Himesh, Reshamiya is right.
Do not get involved with police. What if you go to jail? But what should I do now? Boss, shall I give you an idea
by which the work will be done.. ..and no one will
come to know about it. What do you mean? Bury them. Shall I bury them? Will you make me dig
the entire burial place? God, forgive my
boss for this murder. It is not my crime.
It was your idea to bury the body. Hotel is yours.
The customer that comes is yours. If he dies then also it is yours. Police will also enquire from you. Boss, today is the salary day. Are you deaf? I said salary and not fire. Sorry Reshamiya.
I am in great tension. First time in life I
have buried the dead bodies. Don’t worry. I am sorry.
I am there with you, boss. – Is anyone there? So you are making
a plan. – I will not move back. At last you killed.
Who is the owner of this hotel? We are gone. I am the owner.
Tell me what has happened. Why did you do this?
You are big people. What did we do? If you dig a trench and spit betel
leaves then it cannot be hidden. Shall I tell you something, sir? They two.. If you keep digging like.. ..this then one
day everyone will die. Hey, tell clearly. Sir, my name is Khadda
Singh and I dig trenches. Call me whenever you
want to dig a trench. You should let poor
people do their work. My rate card. You take it. Even you take it. Thank you sir. Go now. Call me whenever you
want to dig the trench. Okay, we will call. Reshamiya, everyone has
come to know that we dug a trench. We will have to
level the land. Come. If this matter of dead bodies spread then
our business will have to shut down. It is okay if he comes to know.
What if police comes to know? Let’s hide somewhere. The news of our digging
has reached the police. Disappeared. Even I will get
disappeared on the day of salary. Where should I hide? Boss. Who called? Here, behind the curtain. Behind. Oh no, I am dead. – Come closer as I am feeling cold.
– Excuse me, madam. – Yes.
– Who is the owner of this hotel? Tell me. Very soon I am going
to be the owner of this Raj Mahal. Excuse me, who are you? I am the inspector of this area.
I want to meet the owner. Tell me. I am the owner. She is saying lies. She is
the full time maid of this place. Do I look like a maid? You look like a maid
from looks and brains. Don’t pay attention to this fool.
You talk to me. You look like the
one who does massage. Did you call me the
one who does massage? If I could do it then I would
make you wash utensils of customers. Will you make me wash utensils? That day you were giving him
massage and now you are boasting. I could not see his tension. If it was possible then I would
have given him sandwich massage. Give massage to inspector. Do one thing.
Give massage to everyone on road. Have I taken up the job
of giving massage to everyone? – Stop the fighting, madam.
– Then you give massage. Stop them before they
break each other’s head. Stop fighting you both. When will you ladies fight get over? Sir, I am the owner of this hotel.
I am Himesh Thakkar. Because of these
fighter cock wives you.. ..are not able to pay
attention to business. I have heard that you painted the old
ruins and converted into a Raj Mahal. How many people work here? There is still not much
work but four of us work here. Those two girls and I. Where is the fourth one? Behind the satin curtain. – Hey, come quickly.
– He broke the curtain. He is the one,. Sir. Our manager. I have seen him somewhere. This is not possible. It seems you used to work
earlier in C grade movies. Even you felt it. I also felt the same
when I saw him for the first time. How much business
have you done till now? Raj Mahal is vacant.
I have not earned anything yet. Didn’t you find anyone else
to make a fool of since morning? The thing is that.. Tell me how many
customers have you hidden. Say something Reshamiya. It must be a rumor sir. I was joking.
How will customers come? First finish the fight of two wives. I very well understand
the pain of two wives. I will send some customers to you.
Give me the commission for that. That is great. Won’t you serve
me something to drink? – I will serve juice.
– Are you mad? If you give by left hand then
right hand should not come to know. – Understood.
– Okay, I will take it back. It is okay for now.
Remember from next time. Okay, understood. I have seen him somewhere. But cannot remember in which
C grade movie I have seen him. He was characterless in that movie. No sir. Nowhere sir.
My character is fine. I will come to know soon. I will have to set them right. Boss, we will have to do
publicity to attract customers. Then do it. For that we need to print mor
pamphlets. Hey, stop. Where are you running? Stop. Do you need room for night? Welcome. I am Himesh and he is
Reshamiya. Jai Hind. She is not smiling on seeing him.
She is like this by birth. Listen, there are two dead bodies
in this hotel. They will kill you also. What is he saying? Did you see her smile? – Now you give a try.
– I don’t want to say anything. – Say something.
– No, sir. Say. Come and hug me. See, we got a
different reaction. That is because she felt you are
having a bath. What was the need to sing a song? How mean?
How could you do this to her? Give some respect to your daughter. Who is she? Have you hired her for
interfering? What is she saying? Madam, speak in Hindi and leave
English. You will not give
her respect because.. ..she has been born
and brought up in China. She is your daughter. Hey madam, she is my wife. Did you see the proof? Shall I
give you also? It was fun. You took revenge from
China. I was asking as to what type of room
you wanted. We got married yesterday so give us
room with a bed. For them without bed would be okay. Great. I shall lay
down mat for them. Have ice cream. What a foolish child I have given
birth to? The cat crossed the counter. Bring
some water. Why water? We will serve
you colorful fried rice. Get some hot. – 2 minutes.
– Come fast. Look at that hungry fellow.
How much he is enjoying? Leave it. We do not want. This place is not suspicious
and we do not want to stay here. Something inauspicious will happen. Nothing happens if the cat crosses. If I say that the fan will
fall on you then will it fall? Oh no. Sir, are you still alive or dead? Daddy. Father.
– Is he dead? Hey Reshamiya, what you said turned
out to be true. He has died. – Why did I brush with coal?
– Father. What a tragedy? He did not get me
married yet. Keep quiet. Your father is sleeping. Father died because of you. The girl
from China is not auspicious. Why are you shouting? Did
you used to sell ice cream earlier? You will get heart attack, stupid. No one should brush teeth with coal. Has he also died? Hey fool, get up. You killed him too. Don’t brush with black coal. Vivo. Oppo. Xiaomi. Himesh, stop them otherwise they
will get the police. Don’t run. Indians and Chinese are
brothers. Get set go. Hey Chinese, brother. – Hey Chinese Bhel, stop.
– Stop. Don’t make me run so much otherwise
I will become thin. Stop, don’t be scared. Made in China.
As it is your guarantee is less. Hey, stop. Hey wake up! Wake up! Hey..Stop Chinchpokli. Stop Chincholi. Do not go to police station. We didn’t do anything to them? Why are you making us to run? Everyone says lies. People say
that Chinese things are not strong.. ..but look at her.
How fast is she running? Stop running. If you run for some time
more then we will reach China border. Mother.. Madam.. Madam.. Madam, don’t worry. That was an accident.
We did not do anything. Their time of death had come. We
will not let anything happen to you. Please, come with us. – Yes madam. It is late at night.
– Nothing will happen you. What if a log of wood falls on a
girl who is alone? Reshamiya. I do not know about Raj Mahal
but will surely make a burial place. Himesh, everything has happened
because of Reshamiya’s black words. You, you have killed all of them. Everything that happened
was a coincidence. If I say now that it
would rain then will it rain? Oh God, rain is falling. It is all because of
that black tooth powder. No, everything has happened because
of you. Come here. Oh no, it was a bad
dream in the morning. Reshamiya, what are you doing? I am doing shaving. Then do it in front of mirror.
Why are you doing it here? I can see in the glass of the
spectacles. You will get a cut on your face. No problem. If I get a cut
I will put cello tape. You go. Hey, I will hold the mirror for you. Don’t intervene in my shaving. Your face is not that bad. Didn’t you hear what I said? Have you put some kind of oil in
your ears? What has happened to him? School bus. Children,
don run otherwise you will get hurt. I cannot understand whether I should
be happy or sad on seeing them. – So many children.
– Come. Get down from the sofa. Please come. Welcome. How many days and how many rooms? We will stay for one night and check
out in the morning. I cannot handle this. Quiet. Why are you talking nonsense? Boss, why don’t you understand? Anyone who comes here does not go
back. And this is matter of children. What if something happens? Nothing will happen. This time
I will keep a watch. Understood. Come. No problem. We were just discussing as to
how we will handle so many children. What happned to you? Please look her. What happened, madam? Is there
good news? Oh man, since long I wanted to burp. He supported me so well that I was
able to burp. 25 children and
I will share one room. Take it. Thank you. Don’t ring the bell. Don’t you want to
study or become a peon? Shall I hit you? Go to your room. Get lost. What is it?
Why did you hit that child? Boss, he was going to ring the bell. You should have let him do it. Why did it bother you?
As if it belonged to your father. Don’t talk about my father. We have to eat here. And there is no place
where we have to go. Just be careful it is Raj Mahal 4 There is a road in life.. ..where if we stop then
there is nothing ahead. We will never get separated. Sometimes happiness and sometimes
sufferings. Great. Why don’t you write for
Bollywood? Are you lyrics teacher? I am a teacher but that of PT. I hope you will not share the room. Do it if it is possible. Don’t share. Children would keep
troubling you. I will give you a room that is
far away from the sound of children. Okay fine, give. Leaving aside your height and weight
write all other information about you. Okay. Jai Hind. Jai Hind. The bell rang and now we are in
trouble. Hey, why do you always
make fried rice? Don’t you know how
to make anything else? Seeing your stupid face I have
forgotten everything. If I get a chance
then I shall add poison.. ..instead of salt and make you eat. Himesh, ask her to drink leftover
milk of cat in breakfast. Himesh, if you get crocodile’s
egg then get it for me. I want to make this ghost eat that. Hey, whom are you calling a ghost?
You witch? Of course you.
Whom else would I call? Please stop ladies. You can fight
later with broom. Now it is time for food so please
go and serve food. – Please.
– Stupid. If she does not stop
talking nonsense then.. ..I shall chop her into
pieces and add it to Biryani. I will mince you. I will make a paste
of you with broom. Ladies, you can
decide the menu later. First go and serve
the order to the customer. Please. Go. If one murder was forgiven then
I would have killed her. During the day I sort out their fights
and at night I bury the dead bodies. That is all my work here. What were you doing inside?
Were you making him drink? He cannot digest imported so
got local one for him. Is he alive? Now he will remain alive. Come, let us check others. What kind of sound is this? Wait.. Who is there? Suddenly the voices vanished. I feel there is something wrong. All children are
sleeping comfortably. – Okay, there is no problem.
– Beat him. Children, leave me. Beat him.. Hey, leave him. The dhokla man
has come. What is this Reshamiya? Can’t you
handle children? Leave alone me even your father
cannot handle. Oh God, the children are so naughty. Did I teach you
to beat elder people? I will punish you for this. Leave it, madam. They are children
after all so they will be naughty. They are not children but monkeys. They beat me as if I was a drum. You are right.
Rocky, do you want gems? Why do you shake
your head like a dog? You are right.
Rocky, do you want gems? Who will tell me that how many gems
are there in this box? Whosoever will tell me the correct
answer will get the entire jar. – Can anyone dare to answer?
– No miss. No one knows. 247. Count and see. What is this? Just to eat gems of
children you are saying lies. Idiot I am not saying lies. Except
for truth I don’t say anything. Count and check. Okay I will count. 5, 6, 7, 8,.. ..15, 18, 50, 100, 125, I am having doubt on him. 200, 243, 245, 247. My God. You won the entire jar. How did you do this, man? How do you know
everything in advance? Is it necessary to tell everything?
Did I ask about you? No. It can be dangerous to ask
questions. Do you want to live or not? Reshamiya, is everything fine?
Is everything normal? I am asking you something.
Answer me. What happened to you? Lungi. Everything is revealed. Why don’t you roam in underwear? Pick it up. Please wait. Walk by wearing your
good luck, buddy. Otherwise my bad luck will start. Pick it up. Any child will see. He will start ringing the bell. Boss, aren’t you ashamed to remove
my clothes? You removed your lungi and showing
me late night show. Reshamiya, let’s go and see if
everything is fine or not? There is no one here. Himesh, now we will surely go
behind bars. Don’t just speak anything. Yesterday he troubled me and even
today he is playing the band. Did you all take your bags? Are you all ready? -Yes.
– Are all children fine? – Yes. One night is over.
– Okay. – Now we will leave. Thank you.
– That is great. – Come. We will see for ourselves.
– Hurry up. Don’t keep your things down.
Keep them up. 2*1=2, 2*2=4 Sir, I think I have
seen you somewhere. Driver, go and handle with care. He is strange. Himesh, for the first time
the customer is going back alive. What happened now? Ask the teacher to stay back for
two more days. Keep quiet and get down. Wagh Bakri tea. Come again, madam. Madam, where is PT sir? He must be in school. Okay, so he left in the morning. He did not come with us. Then who was he who came with
you yesterday? He must be PT sir
of some other school. Okay we will leave. Bye. Find him. Where has sir gone? – PT sir.
– Sir. – Where are you?
– Are you in toilet? Not to worry, boss. He is doing
yoga inside. Is he doing yoga on commode? This is extreme yoga. Just see for yourself. Reshamiya, he is not doing yoga. He
slipped and dived in the commode. Oh God. Oh Goddess. In what styles are people dying
after coming here? PT sir. Attention, stand at ease. Himesh, from the time we have come
here strange things are happening. Even I was thinking the same. Why is everyone dying after coming
to Raj Mahal? There is definitely some secret
behind it. I have doubt on Reshamiya as well. No doubt but he is responsible
for this. First the police inspector,
then that driver today morning.. ..and even we felt that
we have seen him somewhere. I think we have seen him in a
crime show. Shall I tell you one thing?
You don’t believe. I don’t find Reshamiya
a criminal from any angle. – Then what?
– He is a ghost. Hey sunny, if you talk like
this then I will marry Leone. Himesh, everything has happened in
front of us. Everything he says turns out to
be true. Without counting he told
how many gems are there in the jar. Most strange thing. When you tried to show him
the mirror he broke it in anger. Even I found that strange. But all this does
not mean he is a ghost. Please Himesh,
just for my sake test him once. I am sure that he is a ghost. Is he a ghost? Himesh, I have buried the body. Whether you take my life or faith. How are you Reshamiya? Are you
doing shave? Can’t you see I am
putting fairness cream? What are you doing Himesh? Leave me. What can you see? Can you see him? Leave me. Tell me.
Are you able to see him or not? Leave me.
What are you doing? Leave me. Leave me. Sunny, ask Himesh to leave me. Hey, you could not see the
ghost then why have you caught him. Sodawala.. Now leave him. What are you staring at? You did not
see the ghost. I also saw that.
But did you see him? He wants to become fairer than me by
applying fairness cream. Go and ask him as to why he runs
away from mirror. The fairness cream
got applied on clothes. Do you know fairness cream is more
expensive than food? Forgive me. What is your problem in seeing your
horrible looking face in mirror? That Bhasila devil will come. Bhaisila devil? What a strange
name it is? Whenever I see the mirror
I am reminded of him. To claim insurance money bhasila devil
has made a plan with his brother. Brother, only you can make
certificate that I am dead. When I die you will get crores
of rupees. Even you will have a share.
What do you say? What will you do? Plan of death. Yes brother. I have made
a great plan. Come I will tell you. Tell me brother
that what will you do? I shall put sauce on my forehead
and do acting of dying. Idiot, either die
or scratch your body. What else will I do if not scratch? For last six months my
wife has not washed clothes. You said wrong about sister-in-law.
Now I will not support you. Don’t get angry. I will not say
anything wrong about her. You give me an idea. I have an injection. If I inject that then it
will be proved that you have died. If you have the daring
then get ready brother. But brother,
I hope I will not really die. You will not die
but like a dead body.. ..you will not be
able to move and walk. No one will come to know. You are a superb doctor.
Come on, pierce that injection. You need to have a wound brother so
that police does not have any doubt. Not false but real
blood should flow. You think great, brother. Give me this rolling pin. I will not be able to do this. Then you do this work. Do it. Hit me. Come on hit me. What is this? Don’t you have power? Brother,
when I went to my in-laws house.. ..I met her sister
and she is very strong. And I tested her too.
I am thinking of marrying her too. What did you say? You made my
sister your co-wife. You loafer,
rascal, idiot, cheater, liar.. She beat me hard, brother. Is he dead. What did you do, idiot? Has my brother really died? Brother, before she really kills me
pierce that fake injection. Nothing has happened to you.
I will get the injection. My younger brother
died in his youth. Look, I have done investigation.
The case is absolutely clear. This is accidental death. You can burn his body on sandalwood. Sir, it seems to be an accident.. ..but if we want to know the truth.. ..then we have to investigate
deeply by cutting the body. Why didn’t this idea strike me? Let’s cut the body with an axe. We will come to know
the real reason of death. Post mortem is done after death but
when someone is alive. Do something brother. Let me do his post mortem. You will only do it. No one else can do cutting
better than you in this city. Great. For the first time
today post mortem.. ..will be done of a
person to make him alive. Where have you brought me, brother?
Why is it so dark? Brother, give me medicine quickly
and make me alive. It is paining. What are you doing? I know that you are talking
but no one can hear you. I know that you can hear me. This post mortem
will become successful.. ..in some time and then
everything would be fine. Will you really do post mortem? Do you know that by
doing acting of death.. ..you have done a
very intelligent thing? Sorry, not acting but
you will really have to die. Because after you die I will get
insurance money. I was giving you your cut.
Then why are you cutting me? Dear brother, very soon you will
meet grandfather. Don’t do this, brother.
I don’t want to die. Don’t worry.
I will not keep you alive for long. The cow tied in cow shed
is better looking than you. Don’t worry about sister-in-law.
I will take care of her. For the first time I will do post
mortem of a man who is alive. I will give you a severe pain that you
will not be able to move or scream. Don’t worry. I will take
care of your house fully. Brother, people do not call you
Bhaisila devil like this. Even if ghost sees
you he will be frightened. – I will show you.
– Brother this is cheating. You cannot do this. Such a beautiful looking person will
die. What will happen of my wife? Brother,
you are godfather of devils. Sister-in-law is a fairy.
Don’t think about her. I am there. I am only dark complexioned
but your heartless. Save me, brother. Only when you are cut
through I will get money. Bhasila’s brother cut him. His wife and property
both became his. What are you thinking? Tell me
darling sister-in-law. Look there. Did you get scared of your
deceased husband? You said that you cut him in front
of the mirror. Since then I feel that the soul;
of my husband.. ..has been trapped in this mirror. Soul is trapped in this mirror? Now look how I talk to my brother. Come brother. Come, bhasila devil. Come. He came out of the
mirror and killed them. From that day I have stopped
seeing the mirror. Did you hear his nonsense? Can anyone come out of the
mirror and kill? Stop crying. Listen brother.
Everyone feels scared.. But it is in our hands that how
much and when we should feel scared. Now do quietly what
I will ask you to do. Go in front of the mirror
and call the Bhasila devil. Don’t be scared. He will not come. But your fear will vanish. – Okay, come.
– Okay. I will give you a demo. After that
it is your turn. Understood. Why are you feeling scared?
Look here. Bhasila devil, come out once. Stop calling him and ask him the
remaining doubts. How did he come to know
that the jar has 247 gems? Sunny madam, I am the manager as
well as the sweeper of the hotel. That day when I went to pick
up rubbish I saw a packet of gems. It was written 250 pieces only on
that packet. The teacher ate 3
so 247 remain, right. Just for impression, Himesh. Okay. That day everything happened
according to what you said.. Even the rain. How did that happen? That day luck favored me.
Whatever I said happened. So I thought of testing
my luck on sister-in-law Sunny. Sister-in-law, you are looking
nice today. Give me a kiss. Don’t be shy. Idiot, you tried your
hands on my girlfriends. Himesh, I was just doing experiment. Nothing else. Okay. Why does everyone feel
that they have seen you before? Even Himesh and I feel we have
seen you somewhere. Why so? Surely there is something
wrong somewhere. Tell us the truth. I was very poor before
becoming the manager. Then a producer gave
me role of a hero. I was dying of hunger. Tears cannot be seen so
what is he wiping. Not only a woman is
helpless but sometimes.. ..a man also becomes
helpless because of hunger. That is why I took up that work. Taps had dried up in village. Hand pump was installed. But every muscle of our body is
paining to pump water out of it. I wish any man comes
to fill the pot. I have come for you with
songs on my lips. Okay. I remember it now. I have seen
that movie many times alone. Now I understood why his
lungi falls again and again. Actually that is my favorite movie. There is a hit song in
that movie as well. It was.. – Whenever my shelter flies..
– No. Whenever my salwar flies.. Its telecast starts
at 1:30 at night. And Sunny madam must have seen
while changing channel at night. I am caught. I thought it would be a documentary
on the problem of water in village. I did not see it full.
Today my secret would be revealed. You have given hit movies, buddy. I thought you were useless
but you are very hard working. I am sorry to have doubted you. Any comments on my
explosive performance. Did he get jealous? Bhasila devil, come out once. Himesh. Why did you come? Himesh, the Mahal will
be registered in your name.. ..tomorrow so shall I
hand over the documents to you. Keep them with you and give me
in the morning. – Brother Himesh.
– What is it? I am thinking of
showing this in films. My acting. Very good. This is great. By hugging him you have found a good
way to encourage him. Do you wish to even kiss him now. Suuny and Leone will
not let us do anything here. Come on let’s go into the bathroom
and do it. Always interfering. What kind of work is it that can
happen in bathroom? If you are feeling
nervous then shall I try? No brother Himesh. Life is useless
but I still have pride. Very good. You won my heart. Be courageous. Do not back out. – All the best.
– Okay. Now everyone hold your hearts. Come, come Bhasila devil. Come, come Bhasila devil. Come, once. Reshamiya. Himesh, you do not believe but he had
come and banged me against the mirror. If I keep listening to your order.. ..then one day I will die. Himseh, everything is ready.
You just need to sign. Sign here and Raj
Mahal will be yours. Himesh Thakkar. I have done it. Hey, what are you thinking
by keeping hand on your head? Sunny, we were thinking that
Reshamiya is doing all this. But that day he got thrashed by
someone. Who is this third one? I think Reshamiya knows
a Mantra to call the ghost. Have you gone mad? Sometimes you say
Reshamiys is a ghost.. ..and sometimes you
say he calls ghosts. Actually you look like a ghost after
washing your face. Do I look like a ghost?
Then from today sleep on the sofa. I love you my dear. Joking. Will I get a room? Yes of course. Please come in. we do
not give guarantee for outside. Wow! What a body? What will you eat? I will lovingly
whatever she serves me. Shall I send poison? Did you see her taste? She has gone to get tattoo
made from that customer. Leave it. When there is
a need then a man can do anything. Seriously. It is very tasty.
Is it pickled rice? Veg fried rice. I feel like kissing the hands that
made it. Do you just want to kiss my hand? How is it possible that earthquake was
found in hotel and not in entire India? I don’t know Himesh.
My heart has got the major setback. Leone has gone to
that customer’s room. Customer service.
We will have to take care of him. Talk respectfully. Your sister characterless. You let me kiss your hand.
Now show me your sweet face. Are you feeling shy? No problem. I will see it. Don’t do. I am feeling shy. Show me once. – No.
– Then you will not feel shy. For last three days I did
not get a chance to go to gym. I am thinking of doing
exercise today in this room. Leone, open the door. What are you serving for too long
that you have not come out yet? Till he is alive I will
never be able to enjoy. Is he a brother or an enemy? I have come here to fulfill
duties of a brother. Open the door. Leone, help me to get out of here. Leone, help me to get out.
I am stuck. Oh my God. What should I do? Pull me back. What should I do? Pull me from behind. It is not coming out. What’s going on? Try it once more.
Put your entire effort. I will put my entire
effort to take it out. It is about to come out. There is definitely something wrong. Have I come from Alibaug? Does it take so much time
to open the door? How did he get stuck
in this iron rod? He wore it on his own and died
because of you. Have you gone mad? Murder in the grill. You both brother and
sister killed him too. This is not murder but accident.
I swear on CID. Guests are like God but here all
guests are dying. Thank God the police did not come. Hey, you inauspicious fellow.
Keep quiet. – Himesh,
– Yes. This is over time.
Do not cut GST from it. Pick him up. Okay Himesh, thank you. Oh God, he is so heavy
after eating fried rice. The rooms of the Mahal are vacant and
the burial place is getting filled. Himesh, he was the one who banged
my head in the bathroom. Then check him. What is it? Where is it kept?
What is this so soft? Fried rice of our
hotel made by my sister. I told you she makes so delicious that
people die to eat it. Mind blowing. Okay, throw it out. What else could I do? – Have you gone mad?
– God of death is calling him. This is your second murder.
Do you know it? Himesh,
did you see how he scared me? Did you see? That is why
I conquered victory over fear. I will not dig another trench. Keep this old man in the store room.
Come on. Okay. Come on boss
let us start the mission. Let us bury this
man with tattoo here. Okay boss. Hail to Ahmadabad and Kolhapur. She is doing make
up even at 2:30 at night. Reshamiya, does anyone hear songs
after doing murder? Okay, I will not put on. Shall
I sing for you? You want to cover
your crimes with music. No boss. One or two murders can be a
coincidence but every customer is dying means there is some secret. Yes Himesh, I think he is right. Have you noticed one thing?
We all are fine.. ..but every customer
first books a room. Then he orders for
fried rice and dies. He does not give order. She does not know how to make anything
so that is why she serves only this. What about order bell?
Whosoever has rings it has died. She is right. This entire
thing has become a pattern. I will give an idea. Tomorrow
one of us will 4 become a customer. Idea is good.
Reshamiya, you come as customer. It is my idea and you
want me to become the target. We will do lucky draw. It is Leone’s name. No problem. Welcome madam. Do you need a room? I have come for that. Give me one double bed room. Okay, here are the keys. What will you have in food? Chicken fried rice. Send it through this waitress. Have a long life. Eat it.
Wash the plate after washing. If the curtain moves because of sound
then do not do drama and come out. You have served fried rice so now
get out from here. Today if the ghost kills him
then it would be good. Now let all of us spread. Reshamiya, you go to your place. – Okay, Himesh.
– You go the corner room. I will stay here. Okay, you do not go inside. Don’t even peep in. Why did you cross your legs? Hey, you saw everything. At least
tell me what is the drawback in me? Stupid, if I will not peep in then how
I will know what is happening inside. Go. Don’t try to fail the plan. I am feeling scared to sleep alone. That Rehamiya is also with you.
Call if something happens. Go now. Go now Sunny.
Go, Leone’s life is in danger. – Mother.
– I am going to sleep. Was it necessary
to speak in ghost style? Hey, you hungry fellow.
You always keep on eating. I was feeling hungry
because of fear. I got scared. Why didn’t you die? Were you singing? No, I was playing.
I was whistling because of fear. Were you singing
along with whistling? How can I do both things together? Okay, no problem. This song. Can you hear? Whose voice can it be? Is it a ghost? The sound is coming from that side. Who could it be so late at night? I think someone wants
to play a game with us. The sound is coming from upstairs. If we play the game then
the ghost will spare us. – Think positive.
– Okay Himesh. I am feeling very scared. Himesh. Reshamiya, what are you doing here? – Madam had locked me.
– I did not do it. If you did not do then the ghost
must have locked me. Reshamiya, the door gets
locked on its own. Look. Okay. – Now where is this sound coming from?
– Who is there? Madam, sing properly in tune. I am not singing.
Himesh, even he can hear the sound. The sound is coming from upstairs.
Hurry up. Careful Leone, open the door. Leone. She is not answering.
I think she has become ghost. Hurry up and give me
keys of the room. Hurry up. It was with you. You have ventured on starting
a hotel and you cannot open a door. I think I should become the owner
and make you the servant. If I go to Kolhapur for a day you
will not be able to run the hotel. Where has my sister Leone gone? You killed him.
She had 25 tola gold in her neck. She was so nice.
You will have to pay for that gold. Hey, don’t cry. You keep quiet. The ghost has not kidnapped her. Your
sister has escaped with someone. – Oh no, she escaped.
– She has left a letter. There is no one to value
my youth in this Mahal. My brother could not get me married. That is why I am escaping from here. Don’t try to find me. You all got scared. Hey fool,
does anyone scare like this? Your scream was the loudest. Stupid, something else
would also have come out. Did you have some drug? Reshamiya, ask her as to why she
was singing a song? Song? I was not singing.
I do not know how to sing. You are Leone and not Lata.
So don’t sing songs. I am telling the truth. I was not
singing.Don’t say lies. I do not know how to sing
but know how to make food. Where is it? Himesh, I have forgotten my phone up-
stairs. Will you please go and get it? I am tired. Please go and get it. He is useless. The light had to turn off now. Come once Bhasila devil. Has he come? Who is there? Come in froint. What happened, Sunny?
How did he come here? I don’t know. I came here and saw
they both were sleeping together. Quiet. I am not a
fool to sleep with him. Believe me, there is not one
but many ghosts in this Raj Mahal. – Boss.
– What has happened? Credit the murder of the
old man to madam’s account. Shall I close your account?
Keep quiet. Sunny, control yourself. There is
someone who is doing drama of ghost. We will have to find out who he is. Till that time we will
have to keep patience. Let’s go. It is too late at night. Don’t be scared. I am with you. Put the old man back
into the store room. Okay Himesh. – What will happen?
– Nothing will happen. Aren’t you able to sleep?
Why are you jumping like a frog? The witch had come. – What was she doing?
– She was scaring me? Wipe your tears and nose.
We will talk to the witch tomorrow. Tell her that we
will meet her tomorrow. Hey, this is our land.
Why are you digging a trench here? Who called you here? Hey madam, a beautiful girl
does not look nice while screaming. What is this sir? I had told
you not to trouble poor people. Every day you dig a new trench. You dig a trench and
I planted a tree in it. Did he see anything? He would have said something
if he had seen something. I had not dug deep. By digging
a little the dead body can be seen. I will ask him and confirm.
Just a moment. Hey, brother.
Did you find anything in the ground? I will find it if you
would have hidden something. I have found this grill. If it is not of any use to you
then I will take it and sell it off. I am not going to get much from it. Give me 2500/- for
digging the trench. Did I ask you digging it? You will not get anything.
Go from here. Madam, I have small kids. Give him whatever is there with you. – Take this and go away.
– I will never spend this money. Call again sir if you
want to get a trench dug. – Okay, go away now.
– Okay madam. What if he goes and
tells the police about it? Hey, you dagger thief.
Where are you taking the dagger? – Go now.
– Take it and sit on it. Himesh, has someone else died? Stop misbehaving and start working. What wrong did I say
that he is scolding me? He did not ask you to keep
quiet but to close your zip. Oh no. Hurry up. Oh God. How much do we have to dig? Even the municipality
would not have dug so much. – Himesh, the body is missing.
– That is what I am thinking. Yesterday night that old
man came out from the store room. Today, the dead bodies
are missing here. There is definitely some
secret which we cannot understand. Come out and discloses
the secret after coming out. What happened, sir? Why have you dug
so many trenches here? We will plant coconut trees, sir. Come with us. We need to
plant many plants in police station. Our inspector is very desirous
of planting thorny plants. Come. I swear on Ahmadabad, sir. – Come with me quietly.
– Sir, I am innocent. That we will come to know
in the police station. Sit down. Get down. How are you Himesh? Sit down. Go inside and beat him. Sir.. Tell me what happened? Sir. What is it? I gave you his tip
so now you give me my tip. Do you have any money in the pocket? Give it to me. Sir, give me the entire amount. You gave me less money so I curse
that insects get into your moustache. I put pesticide in my moustache. I have heard that you are digging
too many trenches around Raj Mahal. Will you tell me the truth
or shall I give you third degree? Uncle.. We have not done
anything purposely sir. Come to the point. The thing is sir that many customers
came to Raj Mahal but from there.. Everything was an accident. Do you think I am a fool? Where is the treasure
that was found underground? Treasure? Sir, we had done digging to
bury dead bodies and not for treasure. That means you have hidden
dead bodies in those trenches. Yes, we have hidden. I mean we had hidden them
but they are not to be found. You will find them only
if you had hidden the bodies. Why didn’t teacher and children die
in the story that you are telling? How did you know this?
Even I cannot understand this. You will never be
able to understand. Don’t fool me Himesh.
I can even make a dead body speak. Tell me where you
have kept that treasure. My will be 70% share
and yours will be 30% – Otherwise I will bury you.
– This is a limit of corruption. The ground of Raj Mahal
has become full of dead bodies.. ..and you are worried
about the treasure. Really? Uncle, give me that file. This is 100 years old file. Take it. Himesh, you aid that there were
two customers. Husband and wife. And they died of electric shock.
What was their name? Ratan and Padma. Are they the same? I swear on Ahmadabad
they are the same. And the Chinese girl
who married an Indian. Is she the same? Yes sir. They all died in this way. Did you see the date?
They died 20 years ago. And you are saying that these people
died in your Raj Mahal few days ago. That means the people who died in Raj
Mahal were not human beings but souls. Himesh, after reading the cutting
in newspaper you are fooling me. Sir, I am also confused. I will clear your confusion now. Tell me where you have hidden
the treasure. 30% will be yours. Because I want to wish my
twin wives RD on valentine’s day. RD? Don’t you know RD car? – Audi. The one with four bangles.
– Now you understood. Shall I give third degree
torture to those souls.. ..and ask them to give
statement against you. How will dead people give statement? After getting thrashing from police
even the dead bodies start speaking. Do you want to stay
in Raj Mahal or in jail? Have sugarcane juice and decide. Now go to Raj Mahal and
get my 70% treasure. Come soon. What the hell? Reshamiya, slowly.
Otherwise your veins will come out. Go to police station
and see what has happened. Why should I go?
So that they arrest me too. Now every sound seems
like that of police siren. He will go on remand.
Now think that how will we be saved. Why? What have we done? Really? We both have
committed one murder each. – Escape before the police comes.
– Leaving Himesh alone. He must be getting
thrashed inside the jail. Let’s go quickly otherwise
we will also be thrashed. How can I go? I have to still become
the queen of Raj Mahal and rule. Great Sunny. You have great ideas. Okay, you have done its planning. You just get the papers. I want to sell Raj
Mahal and go to Dubai. Great, you will go to
Dubai and I will get nothing. We will get equal share.
Did you understand? Where will we find the buyer? I have talked to a businessman. We will equally divide whatever
money we get. What do you say? What did you say?
You will divide it equally. She will just get 2% 98% remains.
You take 8% and go to Kolhapur. I will take 90% and go to Dubai. That means I will just get 2% Reshamiya, if you wish to give anything
from your share then you can give. I cannot give more
than this to a servant. If you marry me then not only
money I shall give you my heart too. Sunny, Leone this is not
the time to fight with each other. Himesh, you seem to be fine.
Didn’t the police thrash you? Boss, did you go to
jail or for interview? Stupid, I expected cheating
from you but Sunny even you. Himesh, are you having doubt on me? This is what you gave
me in return of my love. You believe this servant. Do you
think I will stoop so low for money? Is this our friendship and love? – Answer me.
– You were talking of going to Dubai. I love you dear.
I was selling Mahal for your bail. Without you my day
becomes of 28 hours. Okay, I agree.
Listen, where is customer register? Register is at the reception. What happened? From police station I came to know
that whosoever buys this Mahal dies. That is why check
the address of all. Just give me a moment. Name Rattan.
Shamshan Nagar Bhootiyawadi. Murali Krishna.
Shamshan Nagar Bhootiyawadi. Rocket Tattoo. Bhootiyawadi.. Himesh, the address
of everyone is the same. Let’s go and find. Come on. Stupid, the address
is of this bungalow. Himesh, what is all this? The inspector was saying
that matter is 20 years old. Then how will we find the owner? That means Himesh that all
owners of this Raj Mahal are dead. And you are the new owner
of this Raj Mahal, Himesh. Tell me clearly
what you want to say. How many times have I told you
that ghosts live in this Raj Mahal? At least someone
believe in what I say? Believe me, Himesh. No, I don’t believe. This drama is taking place
because of greed of property. The matter is something different. Someone is playing a game.
But with a wrong player. I swear on Ahmadabad. Reshamiya, what happened? I think his string
has loosened again. He is walking in sleep. Hey, madam. Did you see the ghost
or the ghost saw you? Why are you getting so scared? Himesh, why are you doing early
morning walk? Did you see her? – Whom are you talking about, Himesh?
– Scary witch. – Have you gone mad?
– I had told you. Did you see? I told you so many times but you
did not.. We killed the old man three
times but he is still alive. He has direct connection with the
God of Death. Himesh, someone is sitting on your
head. Himesh, there is a gang of ghosts
who is scaring us. I think they must be the previous
owners of this Raj Mahal. Even if they are there then what
can I do? Don’t take tension. That
Baba will take care of everything. – Baba?
– Yes. Do you know he has
a connection with God? Now that Baba will
do away with the ghost. Earlier I suffered
heavy losses in business.. ..but after meeting
Baba everything changed. Breathe in. Breathe out. Take in. Take out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Keep concentrate. Quiet. Keep concentrate. Keep quiet. We have come here and
Baba knows everything. You remain calm. Quench the thirst of inner soul. Brothers and their sisters. Just like other hypocrite Baba’s I
will not bore you with boring sermons. We will do something different.
I will touch you with love. By covering my eyes I will tell your
inner secrets. Girls. These two beautiful young girls will
hold my hand and move with me. Careful. Don’t make me fall down. Not down. Oh, sorry. Soft hair and creamy cheeks. What is this? He is flirting.
He is a fraud. Quiet. This is his style. Congratulations Rita. You are pregnant but you are
hiding this thing from your husband. I swear. You got it right.
This was my secret. The first month is going on.
I was about to tell my husband. I have nothing to do in this but
Jagdish Baba is responsible for this. I opened your secret before.
Very sorry. Oh, what dense hair of your beard. Two brothers who met 25 years
ago have met today. Making of Yaadon Ki Braaat part 2. Baba, you are right. Don’t touch other’s girl friends.
Sit down. Okay. Idiot, baldy. Now I should get a designer
piece to touch. There is no need of thieves like
you in Baba’s party. You steal other’s money. That is why
I keep digital pocket. Oh no. Did you see Himesh, he knows
everything about others. My cheeks are paining. It often happens. It is duty of an educated
person to forgive.. ..and a uneducated
person to make mistakes. The party for today is over. – Please put medicine for me.
– Come, I will apply medicine. Earlier I thought he was a fraud
but not now. He is right. Come on let’s go and
talk to him. How are you feeling now, Baba? As soon as you touched
me the pain vanished. It just disappeared. Hey, who are you people? Can’t
you see she is applying medicine? Baba, I want to talk
something with you in private. Sorry, visiting hours over.
Baba does not do over time. Baba, the matter is very serious. Hey, even I am talking
very seriously. Your talk time is over.
No recharge. Go. – He unnecessarily interrupted.
– Are you feeling sleepy? I am feeling something else. Listen, we have very less time and
this Baba is not listening to us. We will not go empty handed from
his place. – Right.
– Yes, madam? – Legs are not to be seen in this photo.
– Look, properly. Pay some extra. – Come.
– Let’s go. Rani, did you trap someone new? Rani, who is this? How do I know? Have I
made ration card of his house? Rani, come closer.
We will do Palang Aasan. I think Aasan is new in the market. Come, Rani. Rani, how did your hands become
strong like Raja? You have become
stronger with my Yoga. Come closer to me. We will have
lots of fun. Come, come.. Have you eaten garlic and onion? Why have you come here again?
Didn’t you go? Baba Jagdish, bless me. – Is he dead?
– He will wake up. Who are you all?
Why did you bring me here? What is this place? You know everything
then why do you ask me? You fool, you have kidnapped Baba. Great. You are very intelligent. Show and tell me whether
I have washed or not. Your hand is stinking.
You did not wash. You had chicken and now you
are making Baba smell that hand. You are right. I was scratching it. Don’t praise me now. Hey brother, we were helpless so
we had to kidnap. We need your powers. Powers. You are great who told the girl that’s
she is pregnant by touching her cheeks. Stupid, that was no Mantra.
They all were people of my staff. They do as I say. And the thief who thrashed you.
We both saw him stealing purse. Hello, it was my
idea to steal the purse. We need to build up a little
to win the faith of people. – He really thrashed me.
– Will you make the ghost run away? Leave it. I cannot even
make a fly or a mosquito run away. I am very scared of ghosts.
I cannot wait. The bathroom is not there but here. What is this silver jubilee? Have
you returned from cremation ground? Didn’t you have Aadhar? Baba Jagdish. Hey, who are you? Why do
you eat our fried rice every day? I feel hungry so that is why I eat. Why don’t you go anywhere else
to satisfy your hunger? I cannot leave this house and go. We will have to throw
him out from here. Not only I but you will
not be able to leave this place. What nonsense are you talking,
old man? Why can’t we go? You will be able to leave only if
you remain alive. That black witch will not spare you. Witch? What will she do? You will come to know the day that
black witch will come. Stop talking nonsense and tell me
what the truth is. Tell me the truth
otherwise I will kill you. I will tell you. When I was of your age I used
to stay close to this Raj Mahal. That time a girl used
to live in this Raj Mahal. She was very beautiful. I fell
in love with her at first sight. I wished that she too
falls in love with me. Wow! What a scene. One moon is
staring at another moon. Who are you? What is your name? Who is there? Who is there outside? – Go and hide there. Hurry up.
– Where? Who is there? Who is there? Come out. Who are you?
What are you doing here? My name is Tarak.
I was going to meet him. Seeing your beautiful
face I just stopped. How many beautiful girls have you
wooed with your romantic talks? Never. I have never
seen such a beautiful girl. When I saw you then
I said what I felt. Don’t fool me otherwise I will.. Come up. Father has woken up. I will come. This is the chance to tell her
what you feel. Be careful. You said so that is why I am coming
for the first time like thieves. It is difficult
to climb up like this. You better do practice. If you have to meet every day then
you will have to come up like this. If you meet me everyday then
this is nothing. Tell me if we can
meet somewhere out. Wherever you say. What happened? What is the matter?
Did I say something wrong? Talk about something else. Not at all.
Tell me what the matter is. You are hiding something. – I cannot go out of this house.
– Why? My brother and sister-in-law have
made me a captive. Who? Arun and his wife. – Yes.
– What do they want? They want my property. They want me to transfer
this house in their name. If I do this then they will kill me. They ill-treat me day and night. Look at that. They have called a
Tantric from Kolkata to kill me. Slowly, slowly he is trapping me. What nonsense is this? That is why people staying around
do not come to this house. Nor do they want to buy this house. This is wrong. I always
had a doubt on your brother. I will not let this happen. [Chanting] What is happening? Please, don’t go inside. Don’t worry.
I will have to go inside and see. I am feeling very scared. [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] This is the best
time to give sacrifice. Do you have any doubt? Not at all. Only we know that
she is in this house. If anyone else knows then he will
not remain alive. Om! Now go. Open. Hey, open the door. – They are coming out.
– Who is there? Open the door. Hurry up and open. – Please save me.
– Open the door. Hurry up. Open the door. Hurry up. I will not be able
to live without you. The auspicious time is passing away. – Open it quickly.
– Do something quickly. Come on let’s go. Arun, open the door. Come with me. Jump. Hurry up. – Open the door.
– We do not have time. Come on. Come on hurry up. Hurry up. – Don’t be scared. I am there.
– I am feeling scared. Come on. Don’t worry. No, I will not come.
I don’t want to die. I am scared of heights. Find out any other way. Okay. As of now you wait here.
Don’t worry. I will get my friends. Whatever may happen do not let
them open the door. Don’t lose courage. Hey, Arun where are you?
Come out Arun. Do something quickly.
Don’t let them come here. Everything will be finished.
Go and stop them. Come out. What are you doing?
What is happening? Tarak, what are you doing?
Have you gone mad? Stop talking nonsense.
Your sister has told me everything. What did you say? You saw my sister? Now I will not spare your life. How dare you kill me
in front of my friends? Beat him. Don’t spare him. Remove this idol and photo. Hey, wait. Where are you running? Arun.. Arun.. Where did everyone go? Everyone has disappeared. I think Mohini is here.. These are papers of Arun’s house. Who is there? Who is there? You. You are here. Tarak. I felt we
got separated forever. Don’t worry.
We have not met to get separated. I will always remain with you. Hey, you are totally drenched. Come,
I will dry your hair. I was scared thinking that something
would have happened to you. What is this? Here it is written
that owner of Raj Mahal is Arun. You had said that he was troubling
you for property. If he is the owner then why was he
ill-treating you? This Raj Mahal is mine and no one
can snatch it from me. This Raj Mahal is mine and will
always remain mine. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Will you ask again as to whom
this Raj Mahal belongs to? No.. If you go from here then
you will not remain alive. Remember it. Everyone will die mercilessly.. That day I came to know that Mohini
whom I loved is a ghost. Arun who stayed there wanted.. ..to get her salvation
with the help of that Tantric. He went there to get hooked but
became a prisoner for life. This old man became homeless. According to you that ghost is
staying here for years. But what is the reason behind it. There are many stories behind it. But only I know the
truth of this house. This house belonged to a girl
named Mohini. Many people tried to buy this house. But when she did not agree she was
poisoned to death. Whosoever buys this house is killed. And now next that man will be killed
in whose name this house would be. I have a small doubt, silver uncle. Is the ghost black or she does
not have a bath. She is not black. This color of mine is because
of your blood. I will suck blood of each one of
you in this Mahal. You are the new owner
of this Raj Mahal. I will drink your blood. I understood boss. I know what happens
when ghost climbs on you. I will go and find
a solution from Google. I have to make fried
rice for dinner. I will go to another room and make the
ghost escape with Tantric knowledge. What is all this? Listen, Mohini is back. Get ready to die. If I stay back then she will kill me
as well. Let me go. Let me go. Listen to me. Will she kill me? Yes, she will kill you. – There must be some way out to escape.
– There is no way out. Get a side. I will open. Open it. Open it with force. Open it. It is confirmed that we will die. Today is no moon day.
The last night of our life. – As soon as it is midnight we will die.
– What will happen at midnight? Himesh.. Himesh.. – Come here.
– Sunny. Sunny. Sunny, Sunny open your eyes. Sunny. I think Mohini’s ghost had
entered into her. She wants to kill me through her. I caught you. Madam, leave her.
Today is salary day. Today is 1st. Leave him. Himesh. – Where are you going, dear?
– Sister Sunny.. – Himesh, come close to me.
– Sunny, is that you? I think it is her. Get up. You were thrashing me hard. Reshamiya,
I hope you did not get hurt. Reshamiya, why are you quiet?
Answer me. Himesh, I can hear someone laughing.
From there. The ghost only thrashes me. Baba, what are you doing here? She got scared so
I was giving her courage. You too come.
We both will keep away the fear. It should not be
given under the sheets. Do something.
Don’t you know little bit of magic? Play some magic on that witch. Once upon a time Jagdish
Baba had taught me a Tantra. Now when she will come
then I will use that. Sunny.. Oh God save me. Did you see how I cheated the ghost?
Come let’s both play see saw. I will make you fortunate. Instead of killing that ghost you
are wooing me. When Jagdish Baba is with us then
what is there to be scared of. Look. – Come on.
– Follow me. Why is there somuch silence here? – Himesh, are you okay?
– There is complete silence. Himesh, say something. You bad soul. Swear upon
Jagdish Baba. Run away from here. Are you getting scared? – I will kill you.
– I said get out. Jagdish Baba, she broke my head. Himesh. Reshamiya, listen to me. Why have you locked me here?
Open the door. Open the door. Leone, did that ghost go or not?
Tell the truth. Since long she has gone.
Open the door. I am feeling very scared. Don’t open.
It can be a plan of that ghost. Okay, give me a proof that you
are my sister. How can I prove in closed doors? Tell me something that we both know. Some secret that I feel ashamed of
saying and not you. More than girls you used to stare
more at boys in school. That is why you were
thrown out of school. When Sunny bathes then you peep
through the key hole. That is enough.
Don’t reveal the entire secret. Stupid sister. What work do you
have in my Raj Mahal? What work do you have?
What work do you have? Now you will be finished. Along with ghost the
earthquake has also come. Who is knocking at the door now?
Is there a head of ghosts? Find a way out. If I knew then why would I call you,
hypocrite Baba. We will call him inside. As soon
as the door opens we will go out. Okay, go Go. Don’t try to be smart. This is your
house so you open. I am holding on to my clothes.
You go and fight. – Go.
– Be careful. Is he knocking at the
door or causing earthquake? Knock slowly. Hey, so you are hiding
here like a rat. Kumar, what would be the value
of this Mahal? Around 20crores. What is this, Himesh?
You cheated me and my son. You looted the money which we
had looted. And the remaining
was spent in finding you. This is not right. Now, do settlement and transfer this
Mahal in my name. The victim has come
himself to be trapped. First sign and then open your mouth. He is taking your
problem on his head. Give me my commission. Jagdish Baba
will shut my mouth. Are you blackmailing me? Get lost. What are you talking
with each other? Don, forget about this
house as ghosts live here. Hey, thrash him. What do you say? Himesh, you were going to get my son
Chirkoot married to Sunny. And you settled down here. Was this his idea? Who are you? – Baba Bhai.
– Bhai? Whose sister’s brother are you? – I am everyone’s brother.
– You are saying lies. Ghost! Where is ghost? I am telling the truth
that there is ghost here. Hey, did you recognize him? He used
to clap and sing filmy songs on TV. He also says that he is a worshipper
of Jagdisg Baba. And he has direct
connection with God. I acted as hypocrite
Tantric to earn living. Then they kidnapped me. Consider it
as my first mistake and forgive me. After going out I will make temple
of you and worship you. Leave the Baba. – Leave these girls as well.
– Hey, get out. Who are you? I am the manager of this hotel. Hotel? So you are making more
money with my money. I will take it back with interest. Transfer the hotel in my name.
Come here. Hold this and sign it. What are you looking at? Sign it. Brother Lakhan, I cannot cheat you.
There is ghost in this Mahal. If I transfer the property
in your name then she will kill you. Again you are fooling me. But.. Come on sign it. Don’t hit me. I will sign it. Remove your hand. – Sign it.
– Okay, I am doing it. – You are inviting your death.
– What are you murmuring? I was memorizing my spellings. Come on, vacate this place quickly. – I am yet to get married.
– Throw everyone out. Be careful. See you. – You are trying to fool me.
– Get lost. From today this Raj Mahal is mine. No one can throw me out from here. Will I get mutton here? Yes. Go inside. And a bucket of hot blood.
We are very hungry. We are saved. Bye, bye Raj Mahal. Even you died and became ghost. I had told you brother Lakhan not get
the Mahal transferred in your name. You did not listen so now suffer. I swear on Ahmadabad,
the Mahal is gone. Don’t worry I have a plan. We will sell savories. You fry them and I will
sell them lane to lane. Keep quiet, you fool.

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