Rajaji {HD} – Hindi Full Movies – Govinda – Raveena Tandon  – Bollywood Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Rajaji {HD} – Hindi Full Movies – Govinda – Raveena Tandon – Bollywood Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

‘Nandlal’ (Hindu God Krishna).. ..I named my son Raja (king). But he has actually
started living like a king. He has become a good for nothing. Please rid him of this wastrel attitude. Imbue him with the desire to work hard. I will make you an offering of Rs.101. Lord, my son is a work-shirker. He does nothing but
leave chaos in his wake. He breaks women’s pots. Please make him not
mischievous like you.. ..but principled like
Lord ‘Ram’ (Hindu God). I’ll give Rs.101 more. Lord, you’re an ocean of knowledge. My son has folly instead of sense. He has been failing
BA for the past three years. Please see him through
his studies properly this year. Please have him pass this time. I’ll never trouble you again after that. And I’ll give you Rs.101 more. Hail ‘Krishnamurari’
(Hindu God Krishna)! Hello, Mr. Shivnath. – Hello. Why are you rushing off? At least make an offering
of some money to God. My work isn’t done yet.
Why then would I give money now? If it’s done..
Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, all right.
I’ll give Rs.100 as advance. I’ll give the rest after my work
is done. – Very well. Give me the money. My wallet? I don’t have any money. What are you saying? You are
making excuses in God’s presence? No, priest, I swear on you. I sold wheat in the market
yesterday for Rs.1,000. But now, I don’t have a single rupee. Oh, I understand. I was praying for him here,
and he took off with my wallet. Raja! Hey, Raja! Raja! What is it?
Why are you yelling for Raja? When I have named my son Rajaji.. ..when the whole village
calls him Rajaji.. ..then who are you to call him Raja? I should call him Rajaji? – Yes. Once I get a hold of him,
I’ll make his life difficult. If I don’t hang him upside down
and thrash him like an old carpet.. ..my name is not Shivnath. Why? What has my darling son done? Your darling son has shamed me. He stole my wallet. I had Rs.1000 in it. What? You’re saying my son is a thief?
– A thief? When thieves see your son,
they clutch their own wallets.. ..and flee the village. You are accusing my son. What proof do you have
that my son is a thief? – Proof? Brother-in-law! This is the proof. – Brother! Your useless brother,
my good for nothing brother-in-law. The one who has ruined my son.
What is it, Shadilal? Why are you so angry
so early in the day? Have these sweets. Your bitter tongue will be sweetened. Dear sister,
this box of sweets is for you. What is the matter, brother?
You’re distributing sweets? Have you got some girl?
Are you getting married? Sister, that good fortune
has as yet evaded your brother. I’ve been going around
decked as a bridegroom for years. A bridegroom’s headdress. A bridegroom’s outfit. In the pocket..look at this,
a bridegroom’s shining veil. – There. I’ve readied the priest
since so many years as well. I’ve taken the sacred nuptial
rounds several times by myself. You’ll get a bride.
– But I can’t find a bride at all! You’ll get one.
– Father had named me Shaadilal. But his son can’t seem to get married!
– It’ll come about. Shut up! Why are you dragging
out the matter so much? Why don’t you just tell us
why you are handing out sweets? – Yes! Brother-in-law,
I’m not handing these out. – Then? These are being distributed by
the apple of your eye.. – He’s started! ..the light of your family.. ..the piece of your heart.. ..your son, Rajaji! Really? – Why are
you looking so delighted? Brother-in-law. It’s not just
the two of who are eating his sweets. He’s handing them out to the
whole village. – The whole village? Where’s he going? Why is brother-in-law leaving
on hearing of the village? Sir..sir.. – What is it? Your baton. – Yes, I’ll need this. He’s going. He’s going. Congratulations, Mr. Shivnath! Your son has brought such tasty sweets! Shut up! Mr. Shivnath, congratulations! Your son has such a big heart.
Just like you. He has fed the whole village sweets. Come! Hello, Mr. Shivnath, hello. What happened?
Did my son give you sweets too? Who is he to give me sweets?
I’m a human being. He has given sweets to.. ..every animal in the village. After all, he has come first in class. What? My son has come first in class? In studies? – I never lie. The marks that your son got,
nobody have ever got in the whole class. My son has come first? And I.. I’m searching for
him with a baton to thrash him. Instead of this baton,
I should have been holding sweets. Wow! Sweets have appeared. Here. Have some. Open your mouth. Can’t you open your
mouth properly? Open it. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Yes. I’m giving it to you.
I’m giving it to you. Just one moment. Everyone, have some. Just a minute, I’m giving it. Teacher! Teacher! You? – Have some sweets please. But what are you celebrating? That’s modest of you. You’re the
one who raised my son to such an honour. I’ve raised him to an honour? Yes. It’s because of you that
my son has passed with first rank. Have some sweets please. Why are you handing out
sweets and wasting your money? Thugs, thieves and dacoits can pass.. ..but not your son. Why are you joking? I’m not joking with you, your son is. There’s only one student
who failed in the whole class. And that’s your son Rajaji. Are you telling the truth? – Yes. He has failed so badly that
he shamed the reputation of the college. The university has told us that if any.. ..other student fails that badly.. ..they’ll shut down the college. And you’re distributing sweets.
Aren’t you ashamed? Move! He’s distributing sweets! Such a great betrayal! I’m distributing sweets for him! I should rather be holding a stick. Raja! “Rajaji!” “Rajaji!” “Rajaji! Rajaji!” “My name is Rajaji.” “My purpose is to have fun,
have fun, have fun.” “Wherever I pass by,
everyone salutes me.” “Rajaji!” “Rajaji!” “What use are studies?” “What use are studies?” “Please explain that to me.” “Explain that to me.” “Eat, drink and be merry!” “Eat, drink and be merry.
Splurge your father’s money!” “Splurge it!
– Splurge your father’s money!” “If you don’t have fun now,
when will you rest?” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji! – Rajaji!” “Rajaji!” Oh, no! Uncle, what am I seeing? Run! Take this and run!
– What are you doing? Run! Uncle..uncle..
How did dad’s speed increase at his age? We are running too fast.
I can’t run any faster. Uncle! Uncle!
Run! Dad is coming with a baton! Uncle! Run! Come on!
Run! Run! Hey! I forgot this. Uncle. Uncle, help me. Help me, Uncle. Uncle, help me. Run! Where will you run now?
– The path betrayed us. It’s placed a wall in between.
If not for that, I would have escaped. I’ll have you entombed
in this wall alive. I’m not some Anarkali to
be entombed in a wall. – Be quiet! You lie to people
that you’ve come first? What? I’ve come first, haven’t I, Uncle? Where have you come first from?
– I’ve come first from behind. You’ve come first from behind,
and you are handing out sweets? Brother-in-law, he may have
come first from behind or ahead.. ..but he has come first, hasn’t he?
– Shut up! Your loitering around
stops from tomorrow. And his studies as well. You’ll go to the fields from tomorrow. We go into the fields in the morning.
– With a can. Now you’ll go there for the whole day. You’ll work the plough. You’ll
work in the place of the bullocks. We’ll work in the place of the bullocks?
– Nephew.. From which angle do
I look like a bullock.. ..that he’ll make me work like one? You at least look like one.. ..I don’t at all.
How can he make me work like that? Uncle..uncle, what is that I see? It’s Kadua.
– Yes, he’s going on a motorcycle. It’s Kadua.. – Hey! Kadua.. Hey, how did your worth change? Kadua! – Hey, Kadua! Is this Kadua? – It seems so. Hey, he’s Kadua! – Yes! Hey, these are really pretty ribbons!
– Look at this. Hey, there’s a parrot on the bike. The parrot is wearing glasses,
and so is the man on the bike! I can’t figure out who
the man is and who the parrot is! I’m the man, my friend! I’m the man! The bike is so nice! And the suit too! Look at this. Look at this.
– Look at this, nephew. A comb! Hey, return the comb. Kalua, what is going on? Just tell me. Have you heard of Mumbai? Yes, I’ve seen it in movies.
What are you taking about? I’m very rich because of that. – Idiot. What? – Uncle, why are you abusing him? Nephew, most of the people
who have money in Mumbai.. ..are smugglers.
He has become a smuggler. The Kadua who used to
pick dung for four pennies.. ..has become a smuggler! What are you saying? Are you crazy? I’m a respected person in Mumbai! Wherever I go, everyone salutes me. They salute you? You’re bluffing. I’m not!
Have you heard of Glaxo and Taxo? It’s a very big company. I work there. It’s a very big office. Two hundred people work below me. Look carefully. They must
be working above you, not below. It’s just like breaking the pot. Just like how two hundred
people work below you.. Hey, what craziness are you talking? Working below me means they
work below me. They work under me. Really? – Yes. – So what is your pay? My pay is Rs10,000. – 10,000.. Uncle, he must be slogging all day. What slogging? I live at ease! I have an air-conditioned office. Eight to ten files come before me. I sign them and then return, what else?
– Uncle, move aside. Hey, Kadua.
Get me such an easy job as well. Listen..have you passed the BA? No. I pass by the BA college,
but I don’t have the BA degree. A BA degree is needed for this. Got it? Stay in the village.
This isn’t your cup of tea. I was taking dung for four pennies,
you take it for eight pennies. Get lost! Get lost! Get lost! Are you jealous? Don’t be. The dung that he has spoken about..
one day, throw it on his face. Brother-in-law? – What is it? Nephew wants to say something. I’m not sure how to say this,
but I’ll say it. I want to go to Mumbai, Dad. Mumbai? You’ve ruined this village,
do you wish to ruin Mumbai now? The matter isn’t of destruction,
I want a job. A job? You..and a job? One has to work for a job. You work-shirker, what job will you do? Ever since Nephew has
seen Kadua on the motorcycle.. ..he has been yearning to go to Mumbai. And get a job there. Kalua has done his MA. This idiot has failed in BA
so many times. What job will he get? Uncle, please tell him about the BA. Brother-in-law, it’s not difficult
to get a BA certificate nowadays. It’s a very easy matter. – Is it? Where does one get it?
Do you get it in the ration shop? In the vegetable shop?
– No..there’s a registrar.. A registrar.. – Why will a
registrar give you the certificate? Is it your father’s reign around here? No, if it were your reign,
I wouldn’t get anything. But if money reigns,
I’ll get many things. What do you mean? – Listen.. Here, sister will tell you now.
– I’ll tell you. The registrar will ready
the degree if he’s bribed. You mean that I should let him have.. ..the BA degree without
passing the examination? Why not? Nowadays,
there’s nothing unusual about this. That man from our neighborhood
village..who is that.. ..Jhingur Moti had done it too. He collected money and gave it to that.. G.G. registrar.
– Yes, he gave it to G.G. registrar. And he..
He made that degree of which bus? Sister, not the bus, the MBBS degree. Yes, he made that degree. And see. Jhingoor Moti.. ..has left his family
profession and is a doctor now. And he’s earning so well. Brother-in-law, he’s the top
doctor for shoes in Mumbai. – Shut up! You can’t fool me with
your shameful requests. I have lived my whole life
with my principles and rules. And I can’t break my principles now. Forged certificates and bribed degrees.. ..won’t come in this house.
And that’s final. Mother, this is unjust. Now, when I’m ready to get a job,
he tells me not to go to the city. What can I do if I don’t
have the aptitude for studies? If someone puts a basket
full of grains in a little bag.. ..won’t the bag just break down? – Yes. Uncle, explain to Mother.
– How can I explain it to my sister? I’ve understood! Son, don’t worry.
I’ll make sure you get that certificate. Shaadi.. Nephew, don’t be bored without me. You don’t bore me, go. – Okay. Here you are, Shaadi. And bring a nice BA
certificate for my darling son. Sister, don’t worry. First, I’ll beg the registrar. Then, I’ll wash his feet,
I’ll drink the water. And until that rascal doesn’t give a.. ..certificate I won’t let his feet dry. You’ll wash his feet for so long? Bless me. Wash his feet nicely. You are very good. You are very simple. You are my sister. Here you are. Dhaniya, what is this noise? – Uncle.. What is this? Prayers? Prayers? For whom? Our.. – Who our? Rajaji! Why are you praying for him? Congratulations.
You son has passed first class in BA. He’s going to the city too, for a job. That’s very good. That means how many ever shameful
demands he has ever made till today.. ..you’ve fulfilled all of them.. ..and today you are
fulfilling this demand too. Why shouldn’t I?
It’s the question of my son’s future. And I can even give my life
for his future. You know that. Yes, I know. Do whatever you wish. I wish that you would go
to drop him off till the city. – Me? Yes. My son is going out
of the village to a strange city. His eating and living arrangements.. Who will do all this?
You’ll have to do all that, won’t you? Mother, please tell him the road matter. Yes, listen,
don’t keep abusing him on the way. If you say so,
I’ll keep worshipping him on the way. “Rajaji!” “Uncle!” Wonderful!
You’ve got 100 out of 100 in economics? You got 98 out of 100 in English? And 95 in History? And 99 in geography? My nephew was ill
during his examinations. So he hasn’t scored that well. Do you say that these marks are less? If he had been all right, would he.. ..have go 150 out of 100? Whether I get 150 or not,
I should work hard, shouldn’t I? What do you say, uncle? – Right, nephew. What is wrong with hard work? As it is,
if you work hard, nothing is lost. Wow, Mr. Raja. You are great. – Thank you. You are very intelligent and smart.
– Thank you. My office is not worthy
to keep a person.. ..so highly educated as yourself.
– Thank you. Nephew.. Do you mean to say, that there is.. ..no chance for my
nephew to work here? – No! I can just beg him and pray that.. ..if he works in my office,
it’s fate will be glorious. I’ll be indebted to you. Now that you’ve spoken about debts.. ..I’ll tell you something about debts. My nephew hasn’t done only you a favour. He’s such a good and talented person.. ..that his mere birth has
indebted this whole world to him. Uncle, please don’t be so emotional.
– No, let me be. No, I feel scared. – No, let me be. Okay, be. A bearded seer in
the Himalayas had said.. ..that this boy was a diamond. If he touches gold, it’ll
turn into stone. – What do you mean? Indirectly, I mean to say.. ..that if this boy touches stone,
it’ll turn into gold. If he just kicks barren land.. ..there’ll be an oil well there. Then please have him
kick once in my land. Oil is not possible to
be found out here, Seth. – Why? You live on the tenth floor. If you’d stay on the first floor,
I would have got you oil. Uncle.. Uncle.. – What happened?
Is it an earthquake? It’s more than an earthquake. – Where? I was to reach the office at ten,
you were to wake me up at eight. Hey, I was waking you up in my dreams. You had to wake me up in reality.
Why did you wake me up in the dreams? Why are you opening up your dhoti? You were opening your dhoti,
I thought I’d open it too. Will you do whatever I do? Uncle..I’m very late, uncle.
They will fire me from the office. Uncle..uncle.. Nephew, you’ve neither
brushed your teeth nor shaved. Nor have you changed clothes,
what are you doing? “Rajaji!” Uncle, this is a very long line. It if it’s a long line,
that’s very good. It’s very good, we’ll be late again. Until the time it’s your
turn to get on the bus.. ..I’ll ready you. I’m ready as it is,
what more do I have to be? When good children go to office,
they get ready. So, what should I do? – Hold this. Take the toothpaste out. You are making me do everything.
What are you doing? Apply it to your white teeth now.
– Yes, I’m applying it. Brush your teeth now. – I’ll brush them! Then brush them! – I’m brushing them. You are making me do everything. Keep it now. Hey, give me your thermos. Open it and give. He’s a good child. Good boy. Later! – Let me wet my mouth first! Put it in this now. – What will you do? I will mix it.
I will mix it and you brush your teeth. You have to shave too! – Yes! “Rajaji!” “Rajaji!” “Rajaji!” Hey! Idiot! – What are you doing? This is outrageous! – What is he doing? Hey, I forgot in the morning. I forgot to bow to the Sun God.
That was a great mistake. Just a minute. Hail the Sun God. Hail the Sun God. Hey, you emptied the bottle. It doesn’t matter. He’ll
fill it up again, he’ll fill it up. Show me your face. He’s mad. You don’t speak whilst shaving. Uncle, does anyone have a thermos? His water was used up. Son, give me the water please. Now, didn’t I make
you a proper Dharmendra? You are calling me Dharmendra
and you’re flirting! What are you doing now? No! No! You’re behaving as if
it’s the festival of colours. I’ll wash my face now.
Give me your dhoti. What are you doing now? Okay, give me your tunic.
Why are you feeling so shy? The bus isn’t coming. Here, the bus has come. I can’t do so much work.
I can’t do so much work. Careful. Careful. Here is the door. Sit down now. Careful. Careful. Get in. Eat nicely, I’ll be back right away. Hey, Kadua.. Hey, Kadua, you rascal! Kadua, you rascal,
what are you doing here? Kadua! Hey! Stop calling me Kadua. This is not the village,
this is the city. Mumbai city. People know me as Kalicharan here. People may know you as Kalicharan. But for me,
you are Kadua of the village. The one who used to pick dung. And you rascal.
You used to talk a lot in the village.. ..that you’ve become
an officer in the city. Have you’ve become a driver for someone? Shut up! Idiot!
I’m not a driver, this is my car. What are you saying? Where is this long car.. ..and where are is the Kadua,
lifting dung for four pennies? Silent..silent..listen.
I’ll tell you what the matter is. Peek inside and see who it is.
See inside. This fat bespectacled..
– Softly, softly! She’s my wife.
– What are you saying, Kadua? Yes. She’s the only
daughter of a millionaire. I eloped with her and married her. And I’m enjoying life on her money. What are you saying, Kadua?
– Not only that. I’ve come back from
Switzerland yesterday. And I’m going to London
day after tomorrow. What are you saying, Kadua? – Yes. Hey, you are calling
me Kadua once again. Why are you calling me Kadua? Didn’t I tell you,
the next time you meet me.. ..call me Kalicharan. Okay. – Don’t call me Kadua! Okay. – I’ll leave now. I don’t have time – Okay. Hey, Kadua..
– Once again.. – Kalicharan.. The Kalicharan who used to
lift dung for four pennies.. – Shut up! The Kalicharan who used
to lift dung for four annas.. Worthless fellow. He has become the husband
of a millionaire’s daughter.. ..and has himself become a millionaire? Oh, God! Have me too meet
a girl whose father is a millionaire. Oh, no! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
– Hey, ma’am. Don’t you have eyes? Are you going to crush
poor people with your car? Brother..you came in the way.. ..all of a sudden, what else could I do? Hey, just because you have money,
do you have so much of attitude now? What is this going on? – Nothing. She’s the daughter of a millionaire. in the haughtiness of having money
she crashed into the poor one’s basket. Is she a millionaire’s daughter? Have you heard the name of Mr.
Dhanpatrai? – Mr. Dhanpatrai? He’s the richest man in the city.
– He’s the richest man in the city? She’s his only daughter? Please forgive us,
it’s our mistake. See.. What should I forgive you about?
Who will repay my loss? See, please don’t worry.
Whatever your loss is, please tell us.. ..we’ll repay you. All right, give me Rs.50,000. – 50,000? Brother, what is this going on? What is going on?
I’m asking for justice. Look at the condition of my basket. What if I had died? – Then? But you didn’t die, did you?
And where is your basket? What is this? You’ve incurred a loss of just Rs.200. And you are asking for Rs.50,000 for it? Hey, who are you to speak in between? Who am I? Who am I? I’m one of you people.
I’m one of your poor brothers. But excuse me.
I don’t rob people like you do. Hey, do we seem like dacoits to you? What else are you if not dacoits? You are asking for
Rs.50,000 instead of Rs.200? But brother, you hawk with your basket,
don’t you? – Yes. That means that your
conscience is still alive. And excuse me.. The man whose conscience
is alive will die.. ..but he’ll never touch anything
that he doesn’t have a right on. We are poor, we aren’t beggars.
We aren’t dacoits. You are great, sir.
You opened my eyes, sir. Here, take these Rs.200. You opened my eyes.
– What are you doing? Go..go.. Thank you. – Go.. You go. Go. Go! Come on, Sonia. Follow this red car. She’s
a millionaire’s daughter, you know? Hello, sister. Kanchi.. Kanchi.. Kanchi.. – Oh, my God! This girl’s father seems to be a.. ..bigger man than Kadua’s
father-in-law too! He’s a very good man! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! What is this! Get down! Get down! I’ll see you. If I don’t have you salute me.. Go. Hi! Daddy..
– Hi, kids. Where had you gone? I just went to teach Payal driving. Child, this blood on
your forehead..what happened? Nothing uncle.
She was wounded on the way. So maybe, there is some bloodshed. Why did you waste such
an expensive handkerchief on me? Child. This handkerchief
is not as expensive as your blood. Why didn’t you go to a doctor? Forget the doctor, uncle. If I put a bit of turmeric on it,
everything will be all right. No. Call Dr. Imtiaz immediately. Sonia, it’s Mr.
Siddharth’s phone for you. Come on, Payal! The doctor is coming. – Yes, sir. Who is this girl, sir? – Which one? The one how has a wound on her forehead. She’s my daughter. How is she your daughter?
She calls you uncle. Mr. Dhanpat loves her as
dearly as his daughter Sonia. In actuality,
she’s his gardener’s daughter. The Maharastra lottery
worth Rs.1 million is gone. The Rs.500,000 lottery of Rajasthan.. Father.. -What.. What are you doing?
Did I hit any lottery or not? Daddy? Can I ask you something? – Yes. Why do you waste half your
salary in these lottery tickets? And you hit none of them. I’ve seen it since childhood.
Why don’t you just stop this? What do you think?
I take these tickets for myself? Do I have a passion to
collect money at this old age? I buy these tickets for you. You move around with
girls of good families. You should get a good education. You have to have a good future. So I buy these lottery tickets. Uncle.. – Here I am. Uncle! Uncle..I met Kadua, uncle. I met Kadua. Is Kadua someone to meet in such a day? Kadua was moving around
in a Mercedes car. He’s so smart. He trapped a millionaire’s
daughter and became a millionaire. He has become a millionaire,
why are you jumping? I’m coming onto my jump. – Come! Have you heard the name of Mr.
Dhanpatrai? Is he Kadua’s father-in-law? Oh! Uncle! Ten people like Kadua’s father
-in-law reside in his pockets. Mr. Dhanpatrai is
my future father-in-law. Oh, you made me throw the towel. Uncle, think.. If the sole daughter of Mr.
Dhanpatrai falls in love with me.. ..and if she marries me.. ..then we too will
go to London and the US. Even we’ll have Mercedes. Building these castles
in the air is useless. If you want to trap her,
you’ll have to meet her. Yes. I’ve already met her!
She met me, she thanked me. She thanked you? – Yes. When did she thank you? How did
she thank you? Where did she thank you? I’ll spice it up and tell you.
You won’t feel bad? Oh, at least tell me! Uncle, it was Sunday night.
It was the first meeting. It was me, her and a slight drizzle. “It was a Sunday night.” “It was the first meeting.” “It was a Sunday night.” “It was the first meeting.” “It was me,
it was her, it was me, it was her.” “And there was just a slight drizzle.” “She came out of a fabulous
bungalow in a car.” “The rich butterfly
was stuck in my love trap.” “She came out of a fabulous
bungalow in a car.” “The rich butterfly
was stuck in my love trap.” “Servants and sundry will run after me.” “All the wealth will
be beneath these feet now.” “The whole world..” “..is chasing her..” “But she was with me!” “It was a Sunday night.” “It was the first meeting.” “It was a Sunday night.” “It was the first meeting.” “It was him, it was me.
It was him and it was me.” “There was a slight drizzle too!” “When I saw him,
my heart started beating.” “Even in the month of winter,
the fire of summer was there.” “When I saw him,
my heart started beating.” “Even in the month of winter,
the fire of summer was there.” “I became crazy for him at first sight.” “He the king of my
dreams and I’m his queen.” “I gave him everything,
he was like that!” “It was a Sunday night.” “It was the first meeting.” “It was him, it was me.
It was him and it was me.” “There was a slight drizzle too!” Nephew.. Didn’t you tell me to find
out Payal’s whole week’s program? I have stuck the chart
of her whole week’s plan here. Tell me about tomorrow. What is the day tomorrow? – Monday. According to this chat, she
goes to Lord Shiva’s temple on Monday. But uncle, I have a problem. – What? Chasing Payal,
all my money has been exhausted. Do you have.. Uncle, this chain is of gold, isn’t it? This is gold,
but I won’t give it to you. Uncle, give it to me. – No, I can’t. Uncle, please give it to me.
– No, I have just one. So you have only one nephew as well.
– My neck will unadorned. I’m your nephew.
– But I can’t give it to you. Uncle, see, your nephew will be lost. I can’t give it to you. Uncle, you understand and decide. What kind of love
and friend do you want? Do you want a chain or a nephew? I want the nephew. You take the chain. Uncle, see if she has come.
– I’m seeing, what else? Nephew.. – Yes? – She has come! Uncle! – Hey, what is this? Hail ‘Mahadev’ (Hindu God Shiv)! A strange man. Oh, ‘Bholenath’ (Hindu God Shiv)! I come to your temple every
Monday climbing the stairs on my knees. That too, not for me. I come with other’s prayers, lord! This is the same one who
saved us during the accident. – Yes. Oh, God! The tenth house from
my house houses Shanti. The stove is kept in her
house just to burn her heart. God keep me hungry
for ten days if you want.. ..but please feed Shanti
and her whole family.. ..her whole family! This is nothing, God. If you listen to the sorrows
of Narayan residing behind my lane.. ..the sorrow will turn
into a wound on your heart. Do you know?
He has an itch on his whole body? I tell you, lord. Give all his itches to me. You must be thinking.. ..why do I come here
everyday to irritate you. But what can I do? I’m helpless. I’m a devotee of Lord ‘Bhola’,
so I too am simple. All right, Lord. I’ll go now. But I’ll come again tomorrow. With someone else’s pain and sorrow. ‘Mahadev’! Hail ‘Mahadev’! Listen.. You.. May I ask you something? – Yes. You asked for those people
who aren’t related to you. You didn’t ask anything for yourself? I don’t have the power in
my tongue to ask for myself now. When you ask for yourself,
put my wishes in your wishes. My request will be fulfilled
and your wishes too. – What? I mean, both of us will be satisfied. Okay, I’ll leave now. – Farewell. This.. he’s my nephew. His name is Raja. Not only is his name Raja,
he’s a king at heart too. He can’t see people in trouble. Forget about people,
he can’t even see animals in trouble. Animals in trouble? Yes. Once in our village.. ..a bull met with an accident. He started crying bucketfuls of tears.
The doctor said.. To save his life, he would
have to be given a lot of blood. Do you know, my nephew Rajaji.. ..gave his blood to the
bullock and saved his life. He gave his blood to the bullock? – Yes. Both of them had taken
birth on the same day. Their blood group was the same too. Friend, I think that this
Rajaji is not human, he’s an angel. I haven’t seen such
a simple man till today. Nor have I heard of such a man. He’s so cute. I’m so impressed. Nephew! The arrow met its target.
The girl is crazy for you. Should I tell her I love
you at the next meeting? No, don’t go so fast.
– So, what should I do? Do what happens in movies.
– What happens in movies? I had seen in a movie in the village.. ..the hero sends rented hoodlums.. ..to a girl just to make
her crazy for him. – Okay, so? The hoodlums trouble the girl. Then the hero comes
and thrashes the hoodlums. And in the end,
the heroine falls for the hero. But uncle,
where will we bring these rogues from? There isn’t any dearth
of rogues in Mumbai. In fact,
there are many rascals in Mumbai. I’m Bulldozer speaking here. I’ll break down your
whole building in one push. Did you understand that?
Wasting time needlessly! Listen! Do you want to kidnap some builder? Or do you want to kill some rich man? Or do you just want to
clear some huts from the area? Or do you want some huts
to be erected in an empty area? I take contracts for all these things. Now tell me what you are talking about. What? Someone picked your pocket
in a crowded place like Bhendi Market? You idiot. You bring this work to me? Okay, tell me, how much
money did you have in your wallet? Rs.60..you.. I’ll put my face inside this
phone and abuse you in such a way.. ..that the whole telephone
exchange will be set on fire! If I fire into the receiver.. ..smoke will come from out of you. Hello, sir.
– Yes. I understand. What do you want? Sir, is your name Bulldozer? Hey, can you see anyone
more solid than me? Should I push you once and make your.. ..building fall along
with your water tank? Do you want to kill someone? – No! Do you want to make someone move? – No! Do you want to send someone
to the hospital? – No! Did you have an affair
with some woman? – No! Why are you saying no and no again? I’ll tell you, Bulldozer.
– He’ll tell me. Actually, thrashing has to be delivered. Thrashing has to be delivered? – Yes. Is it such a simple work?
Just give the person’s address. Then you’ll see how Bulldozer.. ..breaks his neck and
all other sundry body-parts. He’ll make a powder of it
and sprinkle half of it on you.. ..and sprinkle the rest
of it on this carom board. This is such a good carom board. Why are you jumping?
Just tell me the name and address! Leave the rest of it on me. You. No mother has given birth to that tank.. ..which will make the Bulldozer sleep. Bulldozer, please listen
to what I have to tell you. Our contract is a little higher. Darn your contract. – He is saying darn. Let him tell it.
– He’s talking about hitting me! Actually,
my nephew has fallen in love. – So? So to add attitude to love,
I have made a story. You’ll go like a villain
and trouble the girl. He’ll come like a
hero and he’ll beat me. No policeman has touched me till date. How will this matchstick hit me? So? I’ll put him in such a condition.. ..even you’ll go down
with him with your cap. Please take the beatings, for my sake. Yes.. – Yes.. Do one thing.
Go to the counter and give the money. Give the name and address of the girl. We have to find things about that girl.
Take this with you. You are so nice. – Come on. Come on. It was so good. My rose,
my bud, what are you doing here? Come on. I’ll take
you to the Hanging Garden. I’ll have you roam the whole of Mumbai. We’ll go to the Rani Garden
zoo and feed the animals.. ..together and stand next to the cages.
– Shut up! Uncle, the ruffians have
troubled the girls. Should I go now? Only the devil makes haste. See, your English is very poor.
I’ll convince you in Hindi. You should strike the iron only
when it’s hot. – I didn’t understand. Hit the iron when it’s hot.
– Okay, I got it. What? – Hey, you are troubling a girl? He has taken the dagger out.
It’s the perfect time, go. – Okay. Nephew, one minute. Tell me. Take this for good luck. The matter which is about
to be done won’t be now. What are you saying? I’ll put it inside
and take your guts out. Brother..brother.. Please let me go inside,
I’ll make it all right. Sister.. sister.. I’ll give you one tight slap,
whom do you call a sister? Girl, how much will
you make me work? Come on. Hey, do you come here
to trouble the girls? Hey, don’t touch me, I’ll tell you.
God knows what he was about to do. No person has taken birth
who will touch Bulldozer. I have come in the emotions of a boy. A emotions of a boy, understood? Emotion..emotion..I
have taken a contract.. ..to trouble this girl. – Contract? Otherwise, what work do I have here? Which boy has contracted
you to trouble this girl? Why don’t you search for him? Go there. Hey, move aside. Where did these police come from? Nephew, what do you say?
Will you come to Khandala? Why should we go to Khandala? Because today is
a Sunday and on Sunday.. ..she goes for horse-riding to Khandala. How will we go to Khandala? We don’t have a penny in our pockets. But you had taken money
by selling the chain. I gave that to the ruffians, didn’t I? Yes, you gave that to the ruffians. Uncle, this is a gold tooth, isn’t it? It’s gold, but I won’t give it to you. Uncle, please give it to me. Uncle, please give it to me. Please give it to me.
Okay, uncle, tell me something. What kind of love and
friendship do you want? Do you want a gold tooth
or do you want a nephew? I want the gold tooth this time,
I don’t want the nephew. Okay, laugh now. Come on. Hey. What are you doing?
– Hey, it’s done, it’s done.. It’s done..it’s done.. Oh no! Payal, horse-riding today. – Okay, boss. Uncle, you told me that
Payal’s horse will stumble.. ..and I’ll go and save
her like a hero after that. But how will her horse go crazy? Why won’t it go crazy? – Why? I have given the stable
people an itching medicine. So as soon as Payal sits on the horse.. ..the stable person
will take the medicine.. And put it on his legs? – Yes. The horse will go crazy. And then our work will be done. Okay. – Look. Payal is sitting on the horse now. The man has taken the medicine
and put it on the horse’s legs. Come on, Charlie, good boy. The horse has stumbled.
– I’m going, Uncle. Hey, wait. – What happened? Take the good luck at least. I had taken the good luck last time.
I was ruined. I don’t want the good luck. I’m going. Hey, how did you sit like this? Either you straighten up,
or move the horse. Otherwise, you’ll go somewhere,
and the horse will go somewhere else. Payal, don’t worry, I’m coming! Let’s go. Hey, where is his face? See, it’ll be somewhere near his neck. Hey, where is he taking me?
Where is he taking me? Uncle! Uncle! Payal! Payal, I’m coming! Where am I coming, I’m going! Payal! Payal! Payal! Payal! – Save me! Save me! – Help me! I mean.. I’m coming to save you, Payal!
– Help me! Payal! – Rajaji.. Payal! Payal, don’t worry. I’m scared myself.. Payal! Payal.. save yourself, Payal. Payal, save yourself. Payal, I have come, Payal. – Rajaji.. Payal, I have come,
but I can’t do anything. Payal.. Payal.. Hey..hey..Payal..she has fallen down.. Where are you taking me? Oh, Uncle.. I want to get up.. Why am I not getting up? Doctor.. – Tell me. What kind of bandages
have you bound me in? You’ve bound my arms and legs.
I can’t even scratch myself. When will you unbind me? You pay the whole bill of the hospital.
I’ll unbind you totally. Uncle – Oh! Doctor.. My dear nephew’s dear
purse has been lost. Please open his bandages up. When he gets his purse,
we’ll pay the bill. Do you think that
this is a sweetmeat shop? Didn’t I tell you? Pay the bill first? Take the money with this hand,
and take the patient with that. Doctor, the patient named Raja. Yes, he’s in room number 16. He’s totally packed in plaster.
You’ll find him. Very easy to trace him. Raja.. Sorry.. Raja..how did all this..why..how.. Here. Have these grapes. Rajaji, you wanted to save her life. So she has come to thank you. Uncle.. uncle.. I had fielded,
how is he getting the man of the match? Do something, uncle. Nephew, I’m your uncle.
Who will help you if not me? You stay here, I’ll come. Stop giving him his grapes! This person seems less of an
ill person and more of a rogue to me.. These grapes were brought for Raja.. ..and it’s this thief who
is eating them. – What do you mean? I mean to say that the man
who is lying here is not Rajaji. He’s Raja. Then who is he? I’m Natwarlal. See. Did you see that? He’s Natwarlal. If you would feed him
grapes for some more time.. ..he would have finished
off all the grapes. That doctor had shown us here, so.. It doesn’t matter. You’ve come to see me.
That’s very good of you. She thinks that you are great because.. ..you risked your life to save her. Thank you! But how did you find
the address to this place? When your horse stumbled and ran away.. You came to know that the next
meeting will be in the hospital? – No! Your wallet fell near
us when you fell down. Uncle! – Nephew, you can scratch
yourself as much as you wish now. You got your purse. Tell him. – What? You said on the way that you’d
say this and say that. Tell him. Miss Sonia, what did Miss
Payal wish to tell me? – Nothing. See, if you take your
heart’s desire with you.. ..there will be a burden on my mind. Please tell me. I.. – Yes..yes.. – I.. Tell him. Please speak. – I.. – Yes? I’ll tell it sometime later. Payal.. Payal.. You tell me,
what did she want to tell me? Actually, ever since she has seen you.. ..she has lost sleep at night. She stays lost every moment. Ever since you’ve
tried to save her life.. ..something has really happened to her. What happened? She has fallen in love with you. “Your love..” “What has it done to me..” “My crazy heart started dancing.” “Your love..” “What has it done to me..” “My crazy heart started dancing.” “I can’t hold it,
even when I try to hold it.” “My life has become very difficult.” “Your love..” “What has it done to me..” “My crazy heart started dancing.” “There should be breeze in the valley.” “There should be aroma in the flowers.” “Just like that,
you should stay in my heart.” “The scene is colourful now.” “The season is so golden now.” “Wherever I see till here,
I see just your face.” “Your love..” “What has it done to me..” “My crazy heart started dancing.” “I can’t hold it,
even when I try to hold it.” “My life has become very difficult.” “This earth seems to be a bride.” “This sky seems to be a groom.” “When you are present,
I like the whole world.” “I want your loyalty..” “For this life..” “I will tolerate every sorrow..” “..just for your happiness.” “Your love..” “What has it done to me..” “My crazy heart started dancing.” “I can’t hold it,
even when I try to hold it.” “My life has become very difficult.” Sir, where are you going? You had better change your ways. I’m the future owner of this bungalow. Say whatever you want to.
I won’t let you go inside. Hey, you are stopping him?
You are stopping Rajaji? Watchman, what are you doing? He’s our guest.
Please come. – Okay, miss. Please come. – He was stopping us. Sorry, the watchman stopped you outside. He’s new, so.. – No,
Miss Payal, I didn’t feel bad at all. Or else, tomorrow.
When we aren’t there.. ..any Tom Dick or Harry can
move into our bungalow. – What! Please come..I mean to say..that.. When you aren’t present..any thief.. ..can come into the bungalow. He’s my father. I’ll be right now. I’ll go call him. Uncle, he’s cutting grass. Is he a gardener?
– Nephew, you haven’t seen the movies. Every rich man cuts grass in his house. Yes. But why? Because these people
have a lot of money. They get bored. So, to pass their time,
they cut grass in their homes. You mean that in the coming days,
we’ll be cutting grass too, isn’t it? Nephew, I’ll hold the scissors.
– No, I’ll hold the scissors. If you hold the scissors,
what will I hold? – You hold the grass! Rajaji.. Father, this is Rajaji and.. – Hello. ..this is his uncle. – Hello. What are you doing, son? Get up. Get up. The satisfaction in embracing
a rich man is something else. Son.. Just as I have heard about you,
you are just like that. Come in. Come on. Uncle. Look at the
house from inside too. You look at the house from inside. I’ll look at the house from outside. Please show me the house.
– Come, please. How is the house! – First class! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Who owns all these cars? All these cars belong to our employer. You fool. These cars
belong to our employer today. But tomorrow, they’ll be my Raja’s.. What are you thinking, sir? No, I was just thinking,
do all these cars? What are you saying, sir?
– Yes, what am I saying? Oh, god! This wealth! And all this will be mine tomorrow? I have to attend
an important phone call. So I brought you here. Or else, I would have taken you behind.
– Where, behind? To my room! This old man must have made
some special bedroom for himself. So he must want to take us there. Child, bring some tea quickly.
– Yes, I’ll bring it. Why are you taking the trouble? There must be many
servants in the house. There are many servants.
But they all are in the US right now. Even the servants go the US. The son-in-law will be sent
directly to the moon after marriage! Brother.. – Yes? Who owns this cold water lake? Even this is owned by our employer. Nephew, by God,
you look like James Bond. Yes, Uncle. 007, 8,9, 10, 11. That’s all right.
I know you know counting till hundred. Fan, quietly. – All right. Okay, Uncle. Tell me something. – What? Do you know how to swim?
– No! I know how to drown though. Why don’t you drown? – I’ll show you! “Uncle!” Sir, what are you thinking? Brother, I was thinking..
can man walk on this water? What are you saying? I don’t know what I’m thinking about. What are you thinking son? Nothing, I’m thinking about my future. Son, the elders will think
about your future. – That’s the truth. If you had a father
or some other elder.. ..I’d speak to them. Now, should I go to my
village to speak to my father.. If you like me.. – Like.. Son, I think myself
to be very fortunate. Even in my dreams,
I didn’t think that I’d get.. ..such a good,
honest and talented boy for my daughter. No..no..no.. – What are you doing? Nephew, sit inside. Uncle, we are sitting in
a rickshaw for the last time. Please come. Nephew.. – Yes? See..who it is..Kadua.. Hey, Kadua.. Kadua.. Oh, Kalua.. Kadua.. It seems that they are calling you. I don’t recognize them.
Why are you irritating me? Get in! Kadua! Hey, nephew..he left. He saw us and didn’t recognize us. Should we follow him?
– Let it be. We are big people. Why should we follow him?
He’s a very small man. But his brains have rotten,
they’ll have to be rectified. Okay? Auto. Follow him. – Yes, let’s. Welcome. Welcome Mr. Kalicharan. Kalua! – My God, they followed me here. Where are you?
Kalua, where are you running away? Mr. Chand.. – Hello. Hello. Kalua! I’ve been calling out your name.
Can’t you hear? Mr. Kalicharan, didn’t I
tell you this man was calling you? Didn’t I tell you I don’t know this man?
Who is he? You don’t know me? Did you forget you used to collect
cow dung from our fields? – Yes! We called you Kallu.
– Sir, did you collect cow dung? Shut up! I’m Kalicharan. I’m not Kalua. I don’t know him. Who is he? I’ll tell you his story. He tricked a rich man’s
daughter and has become rich. Actually, he doesn’t know
that my would-be father-in-law.. ..is so rich compared
to his father-in-law.. ..just like a toad
in front of a crocodile. What did you say?
You called my father-in-law a toad? You don’t know,
the whole city knows my father-in-law. The whole country
knows my father-in-law. My father-in-law is the garment king. My father-in-law is
a government king. – What? You aren’t worthy of lifting
shoes in my father-in-law’s presence. Your father-in-law is not worthy
of lifting my father-in-law’s shoes. You talk too much! – Uncle, let it be. You’re right. Why hit him? When you get married,
he will die out of shock. Hey Kallu.. Kallu.. – Take this, sir. Ran away. Sir, I’m so lucky that
you came to my office. Please have this coffee. Mr. Karodimal,
this is Kalicharan speaking. Yes, tell me. I just called up to tell
you that you’ve been conned. – What? I mean, you’ve employed a
man named Raja, haven’t you? – Yes? He’s a very big fraud.
He has submitted fake certificates. He paid money to get them made. I think you should sack him immediately. Okay. Okay, Mr. Kalicharan. Rascal! He called my
father-in-law a beggar. This will teach him a lesson. Sir, did you call me? Welcome! You are going
to bring profits to my business. Sit down. Why do you always
stand up when you see me? You rogue! I am so angry,
but I don’t have words to express it. Okay, call me when you get the words.
I’ll come back. You idiot! I am sacking you right now! No, sir. You’re joking. You can sack yourself, but not me. Who is this insolent guy? – Hey oldie! When two big people talk,
a small fry shouldn’t interfere. What is he saying?
– Please don’t feel bad. I sack you right now! What’s the reason? – Keep it down. What’s the reason? – Reason? There is not one.
There is a heap of reasons here. You joined office two months back. You’ve taken twenty days’ leave. And you didn’t come for
twenty days without prior notice. Whatever work you did in the office,
it wasn’t up to the mark. How will you?
You’ll do it if you know it. The biggest reason is you’ve
committed a fraud in my office. Fraud? – Yes, fraud. The certificates,
degrees and mark sheets.. ..which you had shown
me and which shocked me.. ..all those are fake and bogus. Go! Go to the accountant. Clear your account. Get lost from here. If you ever try to come in this office,
I’ll break your bones! Hey, Katorimal..
– I’m not Katorimal, it’s Karodimal. Whether your name is, Mal or Nal. Mind your tongue.
Do you know who you are talking to? Raja, who will be rich tomorrow.
A rich man! – You? If I don’t see you begging on the
streets with a bowl within two days.. ..then my name is not Karodimal. Then get ready to change your name. The man, whose girl I’m about to marry.. ..in his presence you’re just a beggar. “Give me some money, sir. – Give me.” This is it. Young man, tell me one thing. Which foolish man in this city.. ..wishes to make you,
a good-for-nothing.. ..and worthless man, his son -in-law? You fool! He is so rich,
even his servants are richer than you. Shut up and get out! – Don’t shout! Because if I shout, your rotten
office plaster will fall down. Standing in such a rotten office.. ..is against the dignity,
respect and grace of my shoes. Hey Mr. Dignity. Tell me something. In which area of this city
does your would be father-in-law live? It’s an old habit of beggars
to ask the address of the rich people. Quit it. And you. Keep the documents of
this rotten office ready. Very soon, Rajaji is coming
to buy your scrap-house. Mr. Shivnath,
it’s a matter of pride for me.. ..that your son will
become my son-in-law. But I have a request. It would be better if
you take your son’s consent.. ..before fixing this marriage. There’s no need to ask for his consent. In our family, none of the marriages
were fixed after asking the sons. My father fixed my marriage. His marriage was
fixed by my grandfather. And my son doesn’t have the
guts to break family tradition.. ..or raise his voice against his father. Therefore,
just assume this marriage is fixed. What are you doing, Dad? What are you doing, brother-in-law?
– My prince! My son has come! Amazing, I just took your name.. – Dad! What’s going on here?
What are you doing? It’s the parents’ dream
to fix their son’s marriage.. ..and see him get married. Mom, I’ve fixed my
marriage in a rich family. Who will marry this
beggar’s daughter? – Raja! Dad, please excuse me. But the family,
in which we’ve fixed my marriage.. ..they are so rich.. ..in their presence these
people have no standing. They live in a palace. And these poor people
live in a mud house. They have more money in the safe.. ..than the food-grains
in warehouses of these people. Uncle, you tell them. I’m tired. Brother, they have more imported cars.. ..than the cattle in our whole village. Mr. Shivnath, we didn’t know
you had called us her to insult us.. ..and slight my dignity. Come on. Let’s go. Yes, come on. – Chaudhary.. Forget it.
This is too much. – Listen, wait.. The poor people have left. I don’t know why brother-in-law
called the poor people here. Are you happy now?
You’ve humiliated me in society. He is the head of twenty villages.
And you called him a beggar? Forget it, Dad.
You’re in for a great time. Now your friend..
Uncle, tell him how they should be. Brother-in-law, it is time to befriend.. ..big businessmen,
rich people and big tycoons. Dad, please come. I’d say
vent your anger in my in-law’s place. Come to Mumbai. – What’s in Mumbai? Look at him. We’ve told him everything.. ..and brother-in-law is asking
what’s in Mumbai. – What is over there? Dad, I’d like you to come to Mumbai.. ..and fix my marriage yourself.
– Oh, really? To whom should I fix your marriage? To the daughter of
the richest man in Mumbai. Daughter of Mr. Dhanpatrai. – Oh! Your marriage with the daughter
of the richest man in Mumbai? Uncle.. – Sister, he is right. He has called you to Mumbai
to fix the auspicious moment. Dad, let’s go. What are you thinking? Tell me something. If the daughter of such
a rich man marries you.. ..will she agree to leave the
comfort of her house in the city.. ..and agree to stay in the village? No. Why will I bring
that girl to this place? We will live with them in their palace. Okay. It means you’ll live
with your father-in-law.. ..and have fun with his money? I can’t give my consent
to this marriage. Dad, you don’t accept this proposal?
– Not at all. You’re rejecting the proposal
of such a rich family? – Yes! In fact, I’m kicking this
insulting proposal out of the house. But why are you doing this? Because I’m a small man. My feet are on the ground.
My head is on my shoulders. And I’m sensible enough
to know who is worth how much. I know my worth. I was speaking to that
Chaudhary with pride.. ..because we were equal in status. I don’t want to marry
you into such a rich family.. ..who would humiliate
me at the fall of a hat. I don’t want such a family. So, you won’t fix my
marriage to her? – Never. You won’t? – No. Okay. I’ll go to mother. Mom, he won’t allow me to get married.
You come with me. Raja, till today I’ve
fulfilled every wish of your. I’ve supported you
at every step of life.. ..whether it was right or wrong. But today.. ..I will support him and not you. What are you saying?
You won’t support me? Yes, Son. Because when a son gets married.. ..both mother and
father grace the couple. But if your father doesn’t
attend the wedding.. ..then it would be
a sin for me to attend it. Okay. Nobody is supporting me today. None of my parents is supporting. Uncle, will you come with me or not? Son, your uncle had gone
with you and came back with you. And will go back with you.
– Okay, come with me. She isn’t even blessing me. What? Ashram? My sister and my friend’s
marriage will be in an ashram? Dear, I can only cut the
coat according to the cloth. Who has asked you about your worth? This is my friend’s marriage. I am going to bid her farewell. Therefore, her marriage
won’t be held in some ashram. It will be held in a 5-star hotel. But dear.. – No ifs and buts. A 5-star hotel. And that’s that. – Yes! It’s a letter not a money order. Open up! Whose letter is it, Son? It’s a letter from your brother,
Pratap Singh. – What does he say? He has written.. His daughter is getting
married on the 10th. – Wow! We’ve been called there. I’ll pack our baggage to
go to the wedding! – Hey wait! Don’t jump the gun!
I accept it’s his daughter’s marriage. Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 will
be spent on the travel tickets. And what will we get there? She wants go to the marriage! Son, the decoration is very good. The lighting is better
than in our village. Where is she going back there?
– Maybe just taking a round. Okay – Please come. Please come inside. Inside? Dad, doesn’t this
seem like the servant’s quarter? This is where I live, Son. Why do you live here?
Why don’t you live in the bungalow? Why are you joking?
How can I live there? My master lives there.
– Okay, you have an employer too? Yes. Mr. Dhanpatrai. But you are Mr. Dhanpatrai, aren’t you? Why are you joking, Son?
I’m his servant. I’m the gardener here. What? Gardener? Oh! God, I’m very grateful to you. I must have done some good
deeds in my previous life.. ..to get such a son-in-law in this life. He’s not greed. He didn’t ask for dowry. God, it’s very difficult to find
such selfless son-in-law in these times. You won’t even find
such men in your dreams. I wish all parents
get such a son-in-law. And get such a relative as
is my son-in-law’s uncle, Shaadilal. Uncle, what are you thinking? – Son.. ..I sold my gold chain for your love. And also my ring. There was a golden tooth
to suit my personality. I’ve lost that too. Uncle, you’re so selfish. Think about me too.
I had dreamt of such wonderful dreams. I’d go to Switzerland for my honeymoon. Now, there is no Switzer,
no land, no honey and no moon. They are standing here. – Standing? We have no standing now. Brother-in-law,
we have arranged for your honeymoon. You’ve made some other arrangements too. You know, there are
so many guests in the house. There’s no room to place a foot. How can there be? The house is so small. The house ends where
you place your first foot. Yes. Therefore, we’ve arranged
for your honeymoon in the cowshed. Really? Uncle,
they’ve arranged it in the cowshed. I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you that.. If they allow me to speak.. Will you spend the
whole night just speaking? “Raja, let’s have some privacy.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “Raja, let’s have some privacy.” “Raja, let’s have some privacy.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “I am in big trouble.” “I am in big trouble.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “This is an apt moment for our union.” “The night is short
and there’s too much to do.” “This is an apt moment for our union.” “The night is short
and there’s too much to do.” “Flowers are scattered,
the vale has broken.” “There are buffaloes in our bedroom.” “There are buffaloes in here.” “Raja, let’s have some privacy.” “Raja, let’s have some privacy.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “Let’s go to Jhumri Talaya or Nainital.” “Will we go to Shimla or go to Bhopal?” “Let’s go to Jhumri Talaya or Nainital.” “Will we go to Shimla or go to Bhopal?” “Why should be burn in separation?” “Come on, let’s runaway somewhere.” “Let’s run away somewhere.” “I’m in big trouble.” “I’m in big trouble.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “Raja, let’s have some privacy.’ “Raja, let’s have some privacy.’ “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” “There’s too much noise in the cowshed.” Uncle! Uncle, let these buffaloes go to hell. These buffaloes horned
me and broke my bones. Your whole life is broken now. You left your home. – Uncle! You left your village. – Uncle! You’ve left the job too. If these bad times continue,
I’ll have to think of something. Uncle, I’ve been ruined
because of your plans. Don’t think about anything else.
Please, don’t. Uncle, why are you
rubbing salt on my wounds? What’s the problem? I heard your conversation.
You seem very sad. It’s nothing. He is heartbroken. Why is that? Because Raja lost his job? Don’t worry.
Payal has told me everything. I’ll ask Mr.
Dhanpatrai and get you a job. Uncle, don’t you think
we’ve heard this name before? He is my master. What if I’m his gardener,
I have a right on him too. But there is a problem. – Yes? Whatever job master gives you,
don’t refuse it. – Yes. Because master tests
a man’s honesty and loyalty. And if he likes the man.. ..then from a servant
he makes him a general manager. Get ready.
I’ll talk to master today, okay? Son! – Uncle, I won’t work for him. I wanted to become his son-in-law
not his servant. I won’t do this job. Are you crazy? If you don’t work,
how will I get my gold tooth back? Uncle, you’re too
possessive about your tooth. I’ll break your other tooth
if you harp about your tooth again. I’m going crazy hearing
about your tooth. You can break all my teeth,
but you’ll have to work! Uncle, when you know I’m useless.. ..then why are you making me work? Nephew. – Uncle. Nephew. – Uncle.
– Nephew. – Okay. I’ll work. That’s my master.
– Sir, this is the bank.. And we have dispatched this cheque. Master, this is my son-in-law. He looked so slim at the marriage. How did he become so fat so suddenly? Sir, I’m Raja’s uncle. His
son-in-law is behind me. Come on, Son. Uncle, I can come in front if you move. I’m too heavy.
It will take time. – Do it quickly. Here! – Hello. I’ve seen you before. No, sir. I have a sound memory.
You haven’t seen me before. You may go. – Okay, sir. No. I’ve seen you before. Sir, you must have
seen him at the marriage. He was wearing a chaplet at
the marriage. I didn’t see his face. I’ve seen him somewhere else. Sir, what difference does it
make whether you had seen him or not? I had come to you.. ..because my son-in-law is jobless. Please give him some small job.
I’d be grateful to you. Master! Krishna’s brother is sick. Therefore he left the
job and has gone to Nepal. Sir, please give him that job.
I’d be grateful to you. What work did he do?
– Sweeping and swabbing. I want the drafts ready. – Yes. Have you informed everyone
about the four o’clock meeting? – Yes. This meeting has to happen because
it’s very important. – Yes, sir. I’ve seen you somewhere. You haven’t seen me, sir.
I can vouch on that. I would have told you if you had. You haven’t seen me. You’ve not seen me. You haven’t seen me.
I’m telling you the truth. I would have told you if you had. You haven’t seen me. Saw that?
You.. – He is calling, what do I say? Payal sister’s father-in-law! Uncle! Look, who’s here. Raja’s parents. Hello. – Hello. Hello, sister. – Hello. I’m so honoured you
came to my humble house. What are you staring at? Go and tell Payal that
her in-laws have come. Quickly. – Yes, sir. Can I ask you something? – Surely. Don’t feel bad. Are you Raja’s father-in-law? Yes, do you doubt it? Then, why were you
cutting this grass? – Yes. That’s my ancestral occupation.
– Ancestral occupation? There’s your daughter-in-law. Come. Come. Hello, Mother. Bless you. Be happy. Hello, Father. – Bless you! Dear, you’re so beautiful.
I hope no evil eye falls on you. Look at her. You always called
my son useless and worthless. But he did one good thing in his life.. ..and all his sins
have been washed away. He has brought such a beautiful
daughter-in-law for us. Dear, consider me your father
and not your father-in-law. And demand the same love from
me that a daughter asks of her father. And I’m little crazy. Just take care of
if I cause any trouble. Will you just talk to her.. ..or give her the gifts you’ve brought? I’ve got such a daughter-in-law.. ..I feel I should open
my heart to her on the first day. Here, take this. Take this. Brother, where is our son?
– He is inside. Please come. Raja. – Yes? Brother-in-law? How did dad come here? Mom! – Raja, my prince. Dad. – How are you brother? Brother-in-law. – You bragged that
you’d marry a millionaire’s daughter? You are sweeping and he is swabbing? What’s this?
– Dad, I’m doing what you told me to do? I told you? Did I tell you to sweep? Yes, you told me one should
do the household chores. And look at my father-in-law.
He’s such a great man. But he’s cutting grass outside. Now that you’ve come here, I
hope you’ll stay for a couple of hours. Why just a couple of hours?
We will stay for a whole week. We’ll arrange for your stay
in the guest house at the back. Yes. – Shut up! Will I stay in a guest
house shunning such a nice house? Sister, you can’t live here.
We’re doing a pest control here. Yes. – What kind of control? There are many bugs in the city. To kill them we have
to spray some medicines. We have to keep the house
closed for a couple of days.. ..and live in the guest house. Therefore, we’ll stay there together. Yes, Mom. We’ll stay there together. Don’t worry, Son.
We didn’t come to meet you. We had come to meet our
daughter-in-law and to bless her. We met her and blessed her.
Our job is done. What’s the need to live here now? We’ll go back by the
evening train. – Yes. How is that possible? Why is that not possible? You’ve not given us
a chance to serve you.. ..and you are talking of leaving? Brother, actually,
she was very adamant to meet her son. Otherwise I don’t have time. The crop has ripened. If we delay even for a day,
the crop will be ruined. Moreover, we’re family now.
We’ll come later. – Yes. You’re right. Then do one thing. Sonia is getting engaged
two months from now. You have to come then. Yes. Who is Sonia? – Dad,
she’s as good as my sister-in-law. You were saying that
Payal is his only daughter. Where did her sister come from? I didn’t say she’s his daughter. But she’s dearer to
him than his own daughter. Therefore, it’s her engagement. Congratulations! His job is done. But I’m still moving around
with my wedding chaplet. Is there anyone? Where is she? For Shaadilal’s marriage! “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “He seizes my wrist sometimes.” “He seizes my wrist sometimes.” “Sometimes he seizes my drape.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “He brings sweets and snacks.” “He takes me in his arms
and feeds me with his hands.” “He brings sweets and snacks.” “He takes me in his arms
and feeds me with his hands.” “He adorns a rose garland in my hair.” “He seduces me with his sweet talks.” “He brings me earrings.” “Sometimes he brings me a ring.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “How do I tell you
what excuses he makes?” “He does what he wishes,
he doesn’t listen to me.” “How do I tell you
what excuses he makes?” “He does what he wishes,
he doesn’t listen to me.” “He is an amorist, he’s a wanderer.” “Oh, God! He will embarrass me.” “You know nothing..” “You know nothing the
whole neighbourhood knows it.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “He seizes my wrist sometimes.” “Sometimes he seizes my drape.” “Sometimes he seizes my drape.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” “Mother-in-law,
your son creates trouble at night.” Wow! Very good! The decoration is great! You sang well. It was fun. Darling, I am here. I am here. I’ve bought it from Hong Kong.
– All right. Yes. – Thank you. Sir, will you have it? – No. Please have it. Didn’t I tell you I don’t want it?
– Please drink it. I’ve seen you somewhere. I haven’t seen you anywhere. You haven’t seen me anywhere? I don’t know. His teeth.. Hey, why are you hiding your face,
rich man? He is calling you, sir. I’m talking to you! You crook. – Me? Wow! What richness!
He has worn such nice clothes. Weren’t they given to you by
the millionaire, who has textile mills? He has a car factory. If you wanted to work as a waiter,
you should have told me. I would have employed you at my house. At least,
it wouldn’t have shamed our village. Why are you speaking like this?
I don’t even know you. – What? Raja, don’t you even recognise me? You don’t know me? Why are you looking up there?
Look at me here. Why are you tongue-tied? You spoke a lot and kicked my job. That you’ll be marrying the
only daughter of a millionaire! Why are you moving
around like a waiter here? Sir, what’s the problem? Why are you poking fun at my son-in-law? Because he had once poked fun at us. No, sir. He can’t do that. He is very decent and honest man.
– He is honest? If he is honest, then all the honest
people of the world are dishonest. He’s a fraud. You don’t know him. He worked in my office. To get the job he brought
such certificates.. ..which I had never seen in my life. Fake BA certificate. Bogus mark sheet. When I asked him, he said to me.. “Karodi,
what kind of a rich man are you?” “I’ll soon be richer than you.” “Keep your office documents ready.
I will buy it soon.” Oh! Now I remember. You were in his office. You were speaking of buying his factory. I was also there. And you said that when
two big people speak.. ..a small fry like
me shouldn’t interrupt. Mr. Dhanpatrai, did you forget?
He had called us beggars. And he even said that beggars like you.. ..have an old habit of
asking the addresses of rich men. And he said that we
would beg on the streets. “Give in the name of Allah!” He had said it. Forget it. It’s a party. Come on. Enjoy yourself. Come, son. Come. Forget it. Come. You too. Come. Cheer up. Hey Kalua! You made fun of me! Did you forget who you are? Unbutton your suit
and look at your worth. You’re doing that, you fool? Did you forget? The village,
where you used to graze cattle.. ..sell dung and earn a living.. ..I’m the only son of the village chief. And there are many
people in this party.. ..who have hidden their worth in suits. And liar.. ..you yourself have tricked
this fat daughter of a millionaire.. ..and have become a millionaire. This fat bespectacled one.
Was that fair? Millions of men dream of being rich. What sin did I do if I saw it too? If I though of enticing
a millionaire’s daughter.. ..and become a millionaire,
what sin did I commit? What’s my fault? But sadly, I turned out to be unlucky. I didn’t know.. ..the one, who I thought
was a millionaire’s daughter.. ..is actually a gardener’s daughter. What are you saying, Son? I’m speaking in Hindi, sir! Just a minute. I was blind. I thought that you were Mr. Dhanpatrai.. ..the owner of this
bungalow and this place. Owner, my foot! You are a pauper. This is the truth. Don’t feel bad. I’ve ruined my life
by marrying your daughter. You’re needlessly accusing my father. He never said that he was rich. He never hid his status from you. Let’s go home. – Go away! He didn’t hide the truth. You hide it. What right does she
have to look so beautiful? You’re poor, look like poor people. You move around in a new car everyday. You wear new clothes everyday. You go to clubs everyday. I was tricked. I didn’t know. Had I known that you
are a gardener’s daughter.. ..I wouldn’t have married you. Kalua! You stupid idiot! Don’t be scared, come here. You’ve done the right thing.
You told them the truth about me. You’ve done a very good thing. I was looking for an excuse.. ..to leave my wife
and run away from here. To tell you the truth,
I’m embarrassed to work as a servant. I get tired. I was looking for an excuse to run away.
I got the chance. I had dreamt of having
dinner with my wife at the Taj. They’ve made me a waiter! Uncle, let’s go. Come on, Son. No Raja. Don’t do this. Listen to me.
She is your wife. She’s not at fault. Hit me, but don’t leave her. I beg you. Please don’t leave my daughter.
– This won’t help. Don’t go Raja, please listen to me. I can’t do this work.
Wash the plates. Wash the clothes. Uncle, I have been
ruined in life due to this. I am ruined! No, dear. Don’t cry. I know he’s a very
decent and honest boy. He can’t leave you. He’ll come back. You’ll see.
He will come back tomorrow morning. My child.. – He’ll come. Who doesn’t get intoxicated
and speak rubbish in his youth? What if he has?
Don’t be tensed about it. Come on, cheer up. Friends! Come on,
cheer up and enjoy yourself. Come on! I’m with you. Son, did you hear that phrase? Yes, the dunces of the house have..
– They have come back. Uncle, when you speak the truth,
my mood gets ruined. There’s the house
and here are the dunces. Get me down! Raja! Uncle! – Yes? He has come. – Who? What are you saying?
– The two have come. Who? Them! Uncle and Raja! Raja? You’ve come, my prince!
My son, how are you? I’m all right. – God bless you. But where is the bride? You are great! She is coming into the
house for the first time. Obviously,
she must be in the horse carriage. If her ‘grihapravesh’ (welcome
the bride) has not been done.. ..then how can she come into the house? I’ll bring the prayer plate.
– She hasn’t come, Mom. Why didn’t she come? Brother-in-law, you know. She’s a rich girl. – Yes. She refused to stay in
an ordinary hut of this village. Sister, do you know? She’s the only daughter
of a millionaire. First, she fell for Rajaj. Then she started to love him. And within a few days,
her love started to wane. As soon as, she found about my poverty.. ..she started to show
her true colours. – What? She started to taunt me. Then she started spewing abuses. And her millionaire father
treated me like a servant. Dad has seen with his own eyes.. Son, a lie is very short lived. A lie lasts for four days
and truth lasts for a thousand days. And which millionaire has insulted you? My father-in-law, Mr. Dhanpatrai. Son, do you have such
weak memory in your youth? Your father-in-law’s name is not Mr.
Dhanpatrai. His name is Pratap Singh. Yes. Pratap Singh. He is a gardener at Dhanpatrai’s house. He is his servant and lives
in the servant’s quarters. You tried to lie to us,
but I recognised it right there. But just for your respect,
I didn’t say anything to you. Otherwise,
you would’ve been embarrassed.. ..in the presence of your
father-in-law and your wife. As far as my daughter-in-law
is concerned.. ..she’s a goddess incarnate. She’s one of those girls.. ..who’ll support you
more in sorrow than in joy. She hasn’t left you, you rascal. You’ve left her and come here. Because you married her for money. And when you found
out about her poverty.. ..your dreams of being
rich were shattered. Your dreams were destroyed. You got a chance and
you ran away from there. Such is your son. Raja! Raja, is this true? Your silence gives you away. How dare you leave her? You had married her as per the rituals. And every nuptial
round signifies an oath. You’ve broken every
promise and came away? Till today, whatever you did.. ..you did it according to your wishes. Listen to my decision today. From today.. ..the doors of this
house are closed to you. These doors will open for you.. ..the day daughter-in-law
comes back in this house. From today.. ..the doors of this
house are closed for you. They are closed for you. Mom, I’ll not go there.
Why don’t you talk to dad? That’s the way out. Mom, I too have a right to this house. I won’t go. Remove your hand away from your cheek. I know your mother
even before you were born. Do you think she must
be sitting comfortably.. ..after throwing you out of the house? She must not have eaten food. No, I know that. Whenever a mother
hits her grown up son.. ..it is always the fault of the son. But when mother slapped me.. ..I didn’t like it. What do you mean? I mean, I had committed
such a big mistake. Mom should have beaten
me up with her shoes. If you have such a penchant
to be beaten up with shoes.. ..you mother is at
home and I have the shoes. Come on. Let us go home. You’re being too impatient
to get me beaten up. If I go home, when will I
go to Mumbai to apologise to my wife? Uncle, come on. I want to go to Mumbai. But we don’t have the
money to go to Mumbai. Just a minute. Show me. What are you looking for?
What are you checking? I sold the chain,
I sold the ring, I sold the filling. Will you sell me now? Even the butcher won’t buy you. Think of something. How do we go? You can also use your brains. If I had the brains,
why would I be with you? Still, think of something. Okay, Uncle. I have thought it. Have you? Come on. – Okay. Where did all the labourers go? I have to reach Mumbai by eight. Brother, if you don’t mind.. ..can I load all these
bags onto the truck? In return, will you drop me in Mumbai? Brother, if I don’t load the bags
in the truck and don’t do the work.. ..will you take the two of us to Mumbai? Don’t feel bad about what he says.
I’ll do his work too. For sure?
– Yes, sure. – Okay. To work then! Thank you. – Okay.
You load the bags, I will sit inside. Get in, Uncle. Raja? Payal, look, who’s here! “Your love..” “..what has it done do me.” “I’ve lost control of my heart.” “Your love..” “..what has it done to me.” “I’ve lost control of my heart.” “I can’t control it, even if I want to.” “Darling, I’m in trouble.” “Your love..” “..what has it done to me.” “I’ve lost control of my heart.” “These dreamy days
have made us restless.” “I can’t spend a moment without you.” “You’ve taught me the
lesson of this craziness.” “Our love should live on till eternity.” “Your love..” “..what has it done to me.” “I’ve lost control of my heart.” “I can’t control it, even if I want to.” “Darling, I’m in trouble.” “I’d like to hold you in such a way..” “..that I forget the world
and you shouldn’t be in your senses.” “I’ll make you my God..” “..and worship you.” “I’d never forget you.” “I’d love you so much.” “Your love..” “..what has it done to me..” “I’ve lost control of my heart.” “I can’t control it, even if I want to.” “Darling, I’m in trouble.” Why did you stop the truck? Actually,
I can’t drive on empty stomach. It’s a four-day journey. Dad, here are uncle
Pratap’s lottery tickets. Please check them. Pratap! Pratap! – Just hold this. Pratap! Pratap! – What happened, master? What happened, master? Pratap! You’ve won a lottery
worth Rs.100 million! I won a lottery?
No, sir. Check it properly once more. I’ve checked it.
You won a lottery of Rs.100 million! 100.. Rs.100 million.. I.. I won a lottery worth Rs.100 million? 100.. We are rich, dear. I just don’t believe it. We are rich! We own Rs.100 million? We own Rs.100 million. Dear, we are rich. We are rich! We’re rich! Stop it. – Stop it! It’s so hot in Mumbai. Great! Take this.
Keep the change. Come on, get down. I’m stuck. Push me. Push you? Take this. Once more please. – How much do you eat? Sister. – Idiot! Come on. Bless me, Uncle. – Wait. Please wait. This is strange,
you didn’t recognise us? Quiet! Don’t jump the gun.
You didn’t recognise us? How will we recognise us? We’ve come from Pughwara
for the first time. – Yes. Are you Banwari’s son? Yes. – Correct. – Okay. Did you see that? Didn’t I tell you? Even if he meets me after 20 years,
he’ll recognize me. Yes. Sister Payal? Sister. – Shut up! How sweet! She’s so beautiful. She is so sweet. That rascal left her? Idiot. Rascal But uncle, don’t worry. Don’t worry about her marriage. We will make the sacrifice, Uncle. Now we here. My younger brother, Chinda. He will marry her. – Yes! Raja, who do you want meet? I’ve come to take my Payal.
– She doesn’t live here anymore. Where did she go?
– They have bought a new bungalow. They hit a lottery worth Rs.100 million. Rs.100 million? Son, did you hear that? They won a lottery worth Rs.100 million. Uncle, I’ve come to take my wife.
I didn’t come to ask for money. You didn’t come for money?
Then, what work do I have here? Okay. So go away from here.
– I am going. Then go. – What are you doing? How long will you take to leave?
– You’re insulting me. I am going. – Yes, go away. You’ve broken your uncle’s heart today. You have broken his heart. We dreamt of earning money. When you are getting money,
you are shunning it. But I’ll put sense into you. The Cake-Wala Baba? Here you are, child.
Your problem will be solved. Go. Baba! Cake-Wala Baba! Leave my leg. It tickles me. Baba, if you don’t fulfil my wish,
forget about your leg.. ..I’ll tickle your whole body. Leave the leg. Leave it. What is your sorrow? The story of sorrow is that
I have a nephew. His name is Raja. I love him very much. To enhance his personality,
I risked my personality. Even though I’m smarter than him. I’m more handsome and dashing. What are you saying? – I am bit stunted. I am a bit dusky. I am a bit fat. But the rest of my
body is like Salman Khan. “Darling, please understand.” Baba, please understand. And do something, so that
I get married to a millionaire girl. So that, I shouldn’t be dependent
on any nephew in the world. You don’t know the power of this Baba. If I wish,
I can change the path of the breeze.. ..and make a hole in the mountain. Do you know? What this is? This is a knife. What is there beneath the knife? There are cakes beneath the knife. There aren’t cakes.
There is a cake beneath the knife. Yes, there is a cake. This is on ordinary cake.
This is Baba’s cake. It doesn’t come back
without having its effect. Here you are, Son.
The person, who you give this cake to.. ..she’ll fall in
love and run after you.. ..just like Majnu was crazy
for Laila and Romeo was for Juliet. He chased her.
She chased him. Who will chase you? Did you understand? – Yes, I got it. He got it. – I got it. Secretary? – Yes? Send the cheque for Rs.2 million
to Khanna & Khanna Co. – Okay. Rs.2 million? Hello? From America? Just a minute. Madam, a call for you from America.
– From America? Hello, Laxmi speaking. That extra payment in
your company which we did.. Worth $300000. Please send that payment
to us within seven days. Okay? Hello, madam. Don’t worry.
I just want to give you this cake. Cake? – Yes.
It’s my happy birthday today. What? – Please eat it. Otherwise, it will break my heart. My nephew has broken my heart. If you break my heart,
I’ll be completely shattered. And I’ll look very
strange all broken down. Okay. Lucy, my little girl.. It is his birthday today. Eat this cake. If Lucy eats this cake,
she’ll run after Shaadilal to marry. Yes, eat it. – Run! Run! Lucy, come back! Run Shaadilal, she is following you! Oh, my God! The tree! Oh, my mother! That’s enough. I never climbed trees
since my childhood. But you bitch you made me climb a tree. I beg of you, go away. Go away. Why are you waiting for me? Go away! Where are you? – Madhav! Don’t you know how to speak to people? Do you know who he is?
He’s the son-in-law of this family. Sorry, sir. – Doesn’t matter. Sorry, sir. – Doesn’t matter. Sorry, sir. – Go away. No, Son. Get up. Father-in-law.. ..I’ve made a mistake and
I’m unworthy of forgiveness. But I’ve understood my mistake.. ..and I’ve come to take my wife. I know you love your wife very much. You can’t live without her. I knew you’d come back to take her. I’ve kept your wife
in that same wedding gown.. ..in which she had
taken the nuptial rounds. She’s waiting for you in that room. Go take her away. Go on. Go on. What are you staring at?
Take your wife away. She’s you true love, your true wife. You didn’t love my daughter,
you loved this money. You married my daughter for this money. You insulted me in
public for this money. And for this money,
you rejected my daughter. Only a person can understand
a daughter’s pain.. ..who has a daughter or a sister.
How can you understand? You want money, don’t you? Take it. Take as much as you want. And if this is less,
there is another room full of money. But remember one thing. I’m giving you money.
I’ll never give you my daughter. You misunderstand me. You are such a shameless fellow.
You are still standing here. He doesn’t know why he is standing here. If it were someone else.. ..he would have gone
to his village in a hurry. I’m not the one who runs away.
I make people run. – What? Yes. I’m enduring his taunts.
Why should I tolerate yours? Why are you meddling
in a marital matter? Wife? Which husband is saying this? The one, who insulted his
wife in public and, rejected her? Men risk their lives for
respect and dignity of their wives. They don’t insult her in public. And you.. And you finished the whole story. Anyway, I’ll give you an advice. You’re young. You will marry again. But the girl you marry.. ..don’t insult that girl in public. Provide her food with
your hard earned money. Because for that hard earned bread.. ..you wife can refuse
her father’s millions. But it seems,
you’ll never understand it. You’re right. Unknowingly, I’ve walked on a path.. ..where the more ahead I go
the farther my destination will be. Dad had said this to me much earlier. When the mind doesn’t work.. ..have faith in the
Almighty and move ahead. Brother, I’ll move ahead. If a top industrialist
like you buys this factory.. ..this factory will
progress leaps and bounds. I say, this can become
India’s top factory. Yes, the top factory. Raja? Do you know him? I know him very well. Does he work here? Yes. You are speaking about work? I’ve never seen such
a workaholic ever before. He has been working since three months. But he does the work of ten men. God knows what craziness
has got over him. Whenever I ask him,
he answers strangely. In fact, I will tell you,
he says a strange couplet. He says, “The blemish on my image..” “..I have to wash
it away with my sweat.” “The respect I have lost,
I have to salvage it.” Very nice. Shall I introduce him to you?
– No. There is no need. And he shouldn’t know
that I was here. – Why? There is some secret. Come, dear. Come, have a seat. Your dad here. Put some sense into him. Why? What happened? Money doesn’t have legs. But it runs hundred times
faster than a man with legs. Therefore, to stop money from
running away it should be shackled. Do you understand shackles? Investment. Sir, I’m illiterate. You keep quiet, am I talking to you? I am talking to my daughter. I visited a steel factory yesterday. It has good prospects. I want you to buy that factory. – Me? Who else? This gardener? I want you to buy that factory. What do you say? – As you see fit. Then why delay for a good thing? Get up. You get up. – You get up. You get up. – You get up first. You get up. – You get up. Okay, we’ll get up together. Let’s go. – Let’s go. You move. Payal, my sweet sister!
Where are you going? Have this ‘paratha’ (Indian delicacy).
– I’m not hungry. Look at her.
You haven’t eaten since morning. How can you go on empty stomach? Have something, sister? Shall we go, Uncle? – Come on. It is so hot here. You got afraid with just a little heat? Look around.
Someone is burning in this heat.. ..so that he gets his wife back. Raja, the manager is calling you. It isn’t so urgent, have your food. I’ve eaten food all my life. Let’s do some work first.
I’ll have my food later. Come on. Where’s my lunch-box? Raja! – Mustafa, my lunch-box got lost. No, I have food. We’ll eat together. Let’s eat together.
Let’s share the food. On this day, every married
woman takes food from her husband.. ..and breaks the fast. You may be far,
but I will eat your food. I’ll think that my fast is broken. Bless you! My love. Break the fast. You
haven’t eaten anything since morning. You have all dried up! What’s this? Payal, what are you doing? What ever wife does for her husband. Look at her! Which husband? How many husbands do you have?
– Just one. I have just one husband, Raja. Did you see that? She has fasted for Raja. And I wondered why she didn’t
eat anything since morning. Listen. If she goes back to Raja,
what will happen to us? My dear, don’t worry.
Watch what your husband does. This is her final fast for Raja. After this,
she will hold all fasts for our Chinda. I’ll just talk to uncle first. Enough! How long will you make me run? Baba! – My legs! Please save me. I’ve run so much.
I have blisters on my feet. There is no lane or
no road in this city.. ..through which she hasn’t made me run. I understand, Son.
It seems she loves too much. Love? – Yes. Looking at your condition,
it seems she’s wildly in love with you. Who has made you run? Lucy. Lucy? It seems like
the name of some animal. Yes, a four legged animal. There she is. She is standing as
if she will leave me.. ..only after taking the
seven nuptial rounds with me. Wrong number, I guess. Everything went wrong! I wanted to give the
cake to ‘L’ for Lakshmi.. ..and the cake was
eaten by ‘L’ for Lucy. Lucy.. I understood the
bitterness in your life. To wash this bitterness away,
here you are. Sweet cake! What cake is this?
– This is an anger cake. The one, who eats this,
will hate you. – Okay. I’ll give this cake to Lucy. Lucy, eat this cake. I say, eat this. I beg you to eat this. What are you doing?
– I’m giving her this cake. You, Mr..
– Yes, I’m the man with the cake. Another cake? – Yes.
Actually, it is my Tommy’s birthday. If I don’t give this cake
to a couple of his relatives.. ..he’ll get angry. He’ll be heartbroken. I’m very sorry.
I didn’t eat your cake that day. I’m very sorry.
But I’ll surely eat your cake today. Don’t eat it! Please don’t! Why are you eating my cake? This cake induces hatred You wretch! How dare you offer me a cake! Divorce? Being a father,
you suggest your daughter to divorce? Because I know how
lowly your husband is. I don’t care what he was. But today, he is a hardworking man. Dad, I’ve seen him myself. He can satisfy himself and
his wife with his hard-earned money. Will you sign these documents or not? No! Brother? Talk about it.
The father-in-law has come too. Excuse me. It seems we came at the wrong time. We thought we’d make our son and
daughter-in-law come to a compromise. But we didn’t know that
divorce is being talked here. You were angry at Raja
because he was good-for-nothing. He wanted to have fun on others’ money. He was a burden on others. But believe me, he has changed. He has realised that the joy
of hard earned money is different. He has repented for his mistake. And there is no greater
punishment than penance. I saw my own son working
hard in the factory. For the first time in my life,
I felt proud of him. Even I thought I’m the father
of a young and hardworking son. Mr. Shivnath, you can speak
a thousand good things about your son. But none will have an effect on me. I’ll never give my daughter
to that shameless man. Your son rejected us
that day because we were poor. But today.. ..I’m rejecting your son and
all of you because I’m rich today. Okay. So the crux of the story is this. I had come to pacify
you because you were angry. I didn’t know my relative
would grow an ego because of money. But excuse me. All this wealth and
luxury you have here.. ..is not something that
you earned with your hard work. You’ve got it on a lottery. Lottery is kind a gamble.. ..and don’t be so proud of such wealth. Hey, you think money won
in a lottery is gambled money? Does a person win
a lottery just like that? Only fortunate people
like my uncle win a lottery. Not beggars like you. Brother, you are being insolent. Okay, so I’m insolent? Will he hit me? Hit me. Hit me.
– Look, this is not right. Hit me. – This is not
the way to speak to anyone. What are you doing?
– Don’t try to bully him! This is not right. Mister! – I’ll slap.. How dare you raise
your hand on my dad! – Dad? I’ll cut your hand
and throw it so far away.. ..it will take six
lives for you to find it. Come on. Back off.
Come on, go there. Go there! Dad, why did you come here? Son, I came to meet our daughter-in-law. What kind of daughter-in-law?
What kind of daughter-in-law? These people who have become
rich because of a lottery.. ..their relations
are also like a lottery. If he wins a lottery,
the man is a millionaire. If he doesn’t, the man is a pauper. This is my opinion
about my father-in-law. I don’t know what
my wife thinks about me. Come on, Mom.
Okay, you leave. I’ll be with you. Listen, I came to
apologize to you that day. But you didn’t forgive me. You said a lot of things to me. I didn’t feel too bad
when you said those things. But your silence has hurt me today. My parents were insulted.
You were silent. I didn’t like it. Look at him. This is great. What a rascal! To hide his own bad deeds
he accused all of us needlessly. If we are dogs, even uncle is a dog,
isn’t it? – You bet. Sir, what are my orders? Speak to him.
– Quiet! You don’t know anything! We won’t talk. Uncle will talk now. Payal. Take these documents. Sign them. What’s this? Dad, these are some documents.
I’ve declared in them.. ..that all the wealth you gave to me.. ..I’m giving back
all that wealth to you. And I’m going back to my real wealth. I’m going to my husband. You’ll leave your father? I can’t help it, Dad. When a daughter gets married.. ..her father’s right over her reduces. And the husband’s right increases. My husband has seven
times more right than you. Because I’ve taken seven
nuptial rounds with my husband. I’m going to start a new life. Bless me. Before you leave, listen to my decision. You’re turning away
the comfort of this house. But remember,
tomorrow if your hands get blisters.. ..while cleaning the utensils
in your poor husband’s house.. ..and if your eyes start
to hurt while cooking.. ..then hide your face
in a cushion an cry. But don’t ever come
back to this house. Go now. That situation won’t
arrive when I have to cry. I know my husband’s status. I may not get a cushion to
lay my head on in my husband’s house. Payal. What are you doing to my father? Let go off him. – Shut up. Can you be happy breaking
ties with your father? And we will just keep watching. We were rendering our service
to uncle for so many days. At times tangy buttermilk,
at times sweet buttermilk. At times fried potato rolled bread. Not just fried potato rolled bread. Fried cabbage rolled bread.
Fried radish rolled bread. And the mustard curry
which I’d with ghee is nothing. Shut up. You’ve been talking nonsense. Girl, do you think Chinda
will remain a bachelor.. ..after rendering his service to uncle? I’ve brought him all prepared. Now do as I say. Otherwise it will take
no time to shoot him. Sister..
– Shut up. Hold her hand. Come on. Girl, come on.
– Come on. Come on.
– Don’t mess. What are you saying? I’ve seen it with my own eyes. That wretch has taken
away uncle and Payal forcibly. He wants to marry Payal to Chinda. This means everything is happening.. ..without the consent
of my daughter-in-law. What are you thinking? Go and save my daughter-in-law
and your father-in-law. What kind of father-in-law
and what kind of daughter-in-law? If they don’t want to maintain
any relation, why should we? You’ve broken the relation, not Payal. She was leaving her father’s
house and coming to you. She loves you very much even today. She doesn’t love me. This is a drama. No! – Yes! Raja. – Yes? From a stone my son
has turned into a gem. Do such words seem good from his lips? Won’t you bring Payal back?
– No, I was eager to. Payal was being haughty
since so many days. So I thought I’d act haughty today. Yes, I remember. Sister, when you threw
him out of the house.. ..he told me, instead of being slapped.. ..he should have been
beaten up with shoes. Do you wish to get beaten up? I’m going to save Payal.
– Even I am coming. So, come on!
– I’m ready. – Where were you? Hey, girl.
I am telling you for the last time. Wear this wedding sari. – Never. Hey! Stop this music. Stop it! The girl is not ready to get married.
And you’re playing the music? Sir, I had told you earlier,
we’ll play for two hours. I’ve to play at Amrish
Puri’s film-shoot.. ..because he is an elder brother!
– You idiot! Now I know what a wretch you are. I embraced you as my son.
And you stabbed my back? Shut up! You know nothing! I’m worse than a criminal. We sell our father
in the market for money. What’s so special about you? Hey, girl. Stop your drama! Get ready for the marriage quickly. What are you doing, Mr. Makhan? She’s a married woman.
You’re getting her married again. This is a crime.
What do you say, counsellor? – Yes. Shut up! Have you come here teach me the law?
Hey, catch them! Hey, get lost! Get lost! – Get lost! We haven’t come here
to teach you the law. We’ve come here to save you
from the law. Ask us how? – How? Do you want to marry
that fool to Payal? – Yes. You want to usurp the wealth
of my mad father-in-law. – Yes. But I am Payal’s first husband. So I’m the first rightful
heir to her wealth. What do you mean? I mean till the time
I don’t divorce Payal.. ..your brother-in-law
doesn’t own all that wealth. What are you trying saying? I mean to say.. I want to say.. ..that I’m ready to divorce Payal.
– What are you saying? I’m speaking in Hindi.
I’ve brought the documents too. Will you really divorce her?
– Yes, I will. I came to the city for money. I tricked the girl for money. – Yes. And I married the girl for money. – Yes! But.. Why are you staring over there?
I whistled so much. Didn’t you understand?
Shut up and stand there. And what are you scratching? Unless I get Rs.5 million, I won’t sign. I won’t. – We don’t have a single penny. Son, don’t be so adamant. It is the duty of the poor
to understand other poor people. His wife is wearing gold ornaments. Aren’t they are made of gold? – Yes. Take off your golden ornaments.
Give them as a token. My nephew will take this
pen and sign on this divorce paper. I’ll not give my ornaments, I tell you. Oh, silent! – My mother gave it to me.
No, I won’t give them. We’ll lose billions for ornaments
worth a hundred thousand. Remove them! – I’ll not remove them. Chinda, come here!
– Yes, Brother-in-law. Hold your sister. – Hey, Chinda.. Is he taking them off? She is. No! – Nephew.. – Yes? This Chinda has worn nice clothes. If I get his Bermuda,
I will wear Bermudas. But uncle, you won’t fit in them. No, I’ll tear the Bermuda and get in. You will? – Yes.
– Okay, Chinda, remove your clothes. I won’t remove my clothes.
– Then I won’t sign! Chinda, do you want to
wear the bridal clothes or not? Remove it. Hold this. – Sister. What else do we have to do? Just tell him to remove his clothes. Quickly, or else I will shoot you.
– I’m doing it. Is he removing them?
– He is removing them. Is he removing them? – He is. He is naked now. – Naked? Why are you hitting me?
– Why am I hitting you? You’re getting married
and you are in your briefs? We will change the clothes. Give it to me. – Give all the jewellery. Come on! – Sister, I will get ready. Sir, give me my money. I have to play at
Amrish Puri’s film-shoot! Do you want to play at Amrish
Puri’s film-shoot or Johnny Lever’s? Idiot. Go play the
music or I’ll shoot you. Come here. You will wear this? You will marry?
– What are you making me wear? What am I making you wear? These are marriage clothes.
Won’t you wear them? Why are you hitting me? – What
is this dangling outside? – The string. Open it! Oh, my sister!
My roly-poly sister! – My brother! Doesn’t he look wonderful? My brother-in-law! How did you become so fat? Out of happiness. – Yes. Sir, why are you slimming me? I want to play music
at Amrish Puri’s film-shoot. Give me the money! He is troubling my brother-in-law.
– My money! What money? The marriage has not taken place.
And you’re asking for money! Play the music! There.. You are man and wife from today. Brother-in-law!
I was fooled. Sister, I was fooled.. Who is this? – This is I! What are you doing? My wife, please forgive me.
– I forgive you. Hey, why are you hugging her? Come here. Please listen! So your arms are very strong? You fatso! What have you got me into? What have you got me into? Hey, what are you doing? What is this? Don’t do this! Do you want to throw me? Where did he go? – Fatso! Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! – I will hit you! Sister! – He is naked. Look at you! Why aren’t you fighting? I was fighting! I don’t have a string!
The brief falls down. I’ll hold your briefs!
You fight! – My sister! Hit him! Don’t leave that fatso! I will remove his briefs again! Move ahead! Yes, move ahead! Hit him! I said.. – Yes? I said my name is Shaadilal. What is he doing? Sister? You idiot. Stop it! Don’t jump the gun! You’re just pulling the trigger!
The bullets are here. Yes! Get away! What are you doing? I am feeling giddy. What are you doing? The briefs won’t fall down now. They won’t come down,
but they can come up. Sister! Sister, he has taken off briefs off. Sister, where are you?
– Take your briefs! I will hit you hard. – No! Come, Inspector. I will hit you hard. – No! It will hurt. Dad, thank God,
you came at the right time. I was not in a mood to fight. The nephew is right.
Even I was in no mood to fight. He is going to prison,
who will give me my money? Give me the money. I want to
play music at Amrish Puri’s film-shoot. If you wait here for two minutes,
I will play your band. Get lost! And listen.. You were the guard at the bungalow,
weren’t you? Sir, that is my twin brother. Don’t wait a minute then! Get lost. Sister! – Shut up! What’s the use of hiding? Come on. Come with me. – Yes. Why are you pushing me?
– Come on! – Sister! “For the first time,
I’ve seen love in the beloved’s eyes.” “For the first time,
I’ve seen love in the beloved’s eyes.” “My yearning heart has found peace now.” If you don’t mind,
can I tell you something? Please do. Looking at you.. ..something is happening to me. My name is Shaadilal.
But I’m still a bachelor. It seems your name is written on this. If you don’t mind,
can I tell you something? Tell me. I’ve been a spinster since years. And I think.. Just a minute.. That your name is written on this too. I want to live in your heart.
– I want to live in your house. Son, please forgive me. I.. Don’t say anything further.
I don’t have time. Do what the elders do. Just bless me. Come on, son. Let’s go home. I have millions.
Who will look after it except you? No. I will not come. I was a wretch! It was difficult to change. Dad was right. The joy of enjoying hard
earned money is really different! That joy isn’t in other’s millions! Uncle, where are you? Son, don’t disturb me.
My story has a very good ending. You do your work. I will do mine. Hey! Uncle disappeared! “Raja! Raja!” “Raja! Raja!” “Raja! Raja!” “Raja is my name.” “To have fun. That’s all I know.” “Wherever I go, everyone salutes me.” “Raja! Raja!” “Raja! Raja!”

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