RAKE – [Horror] Short Film 💀

RAKE – [Horror] Short Film 💀

(Deep ambient sound) (Footsteps) (Door opens) Dr. Benson: Hi Audrey. Dr. Benson: I’m doctor Benson. Dr. Benson: Would you mind if I sat down? Dr. Benson: I’d like to talk to you about that night. Dr. Benson: I know you feel… Dr. Benson: Alone. And… Dr. Benson: That your story is unbelievable but… Dr. Benson: I’m not another psychiatrist. Dr. Benson: I’m here because I’ve seen it too. Dr. Benson: Several years ago… Dr. Benson: I lost my husband and daughter. Dr. Benson: I’ve since devoted my life to… Dr. Benson: Searching… Dr. Benson: to finding out why. Dr. Benson: You’re not alone Audrey. Dr. Benson: There are several of us. Dr. Benson: And all we have are each other. Dr. Benson: Will you help us by sharing your experience? (Audrey panting) Dr. Benson: I know you can’t speak. Dr. Benson: I’ve seen the symptoms before. Dr. Benson: But I have a method that may help. (Deep ambient sound) Dr. Benson: You see yourself on top of a staircase. Dr. Benson: With ten stairs and a door at the bottom. Dr. Benson: As we count down from ten… Dr. Benson: With each count, you’ll take a step… Dr. Benson: and become more relaxed. Dr. Benson: Ten. Dr. Benson: As you feel your body becoming more relaxed… Dr. Benson: You’ll take another step. Dr. Benson: Nine. Dr. Benson: Your body is becoming numb. (Audrey breathes out) Dr. Benson: You leave that body behind. (Whispers fill the room) (Sound building up) (Audrey takes deep breath) (Deep piano keys) Distorted Voice: Audrey. Distorted Voice: Audrey. Katie: Audrey. Katie: Hey stop stressing so much, we’re here to have fun. Katie: If you don’t stop spacing, someone is going to start to take it personally, Audrey: Somebody like you? Katie: Yeah exactly. (Audrey sighs) Scott: Are you guys gonna make out or…? Katie: Oh.. Katie: Hm hmm. Ryan: (Whispers) It’s happening. Katie: yeah? Scott: Oh my god. Katie: Only when you’re not around. Ew. Scott: Okay. Scott: That hurt Katie. Scott: I mean I want you to know Scott: that I have the upmost respect for what you two have. Katie: Do you? Scott: Well yeah, I mean… Scott: Obviously I am a lesbian myself. Scott: I’m just, tragically trapped in this… Scott: sensual masculine body. Ryan: It’s so brave how open you are about it. Scott: Thank you. Katie: And my condolences to the women involved. Scott: Okay, mean. Scott: Always mean. Scott: Hey uh… Scott: Jason, you wanna help me out over here with… Scott: Katie right? Scott: Yeah Katie. Scott: You wanna go ahead and tell her to stop being so mean. Katie: Haha Ryan: A rousing defense. Scott: Well, thanks man. Scott: Thanks. You’re a real help. Scott: Okay… Scott: Where are you two lovebirds headed off to? Megan: We’re just out for a walk. Ryan: Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days? Scott: No, I think they’re definitely still calling it Bumping Uglies. Katie: How are we even friends? Audrey: Come on, do you guys have to go? Audrey: We’re about to bring out the s’mores. Scott: Oh Shit. Scott: We got s’mores. Tanner: Save us a couple, we’ll be back soon. Katie: No promises. (Laughing) (Guitar plays) (Guitar stops) Audrey: Hey. Jason: Hey yourself. Audrey: How you doin’? Jason: I’m good. (Fire burns) Audrey: Are you sure? Jason: It’s better when people don’t talk about it. Jason: Let’s just pretend we’re all getting along. Megan: So what do you wanna talk about? Tanner: I’ve just been thinking… Megan: About? Tanner: You know. Tanner: About the future. Tanner: We’re out of school now. Tanner: And it’s time to really find out who we really are. Megan: So you’re worried about the future… Tanner: No. It’s not that. Tanner: I’m worried about us. Megan: What do you mean? (Silence) Scott: And that’s when the monster arrived. (Katie laughs) Ryan: It’s not funny. Katie: Yes it is. Scott: Ryan. Scott: Running with you’re pants down Scott: is basically the definition of comedy. Ryan: You know there are dangerous animals in the forest. Scott: Yeah Scott: I know. Scott: And it sucks… Scott: when they attack you and you’re taking a dump. (Scott and Katie laugh) Ryan: You guys are assholes. Audrey: Alright, let’s talk about something that we all enjoy okay? Katie: Aw, he’ll enjoy it one day. Audrey: No Katie, I don’t think he will. (Awkward silence) (Audrey sighs) Scott: Well, Tanner and Megan have been gone for a while. Scott: I’m gonna go look for them. Scott: I may need some help though. Scott: Come on. You and me. Scott: Hop hop. Scott: Come on. Double time. Scott: Alright. Scott: Why you being so weird? Audrey: What do you mean? Scott: Come on. Scott: Lashing out like that. That’s not like you. Audrey: We should be nicer to each other. Scott: Oh okay. Scott: I see. Scott: You’re doing that mom thing again, aren’t you? Audrey: I want everyone to have a good time. What’s wrong with that? Scott: Well. Scott: What’s wrong with it is that we are having a good time. Audrey: You’re over there picking on Ryan. Audrey: And what about Jason? Scott: Look. Scott: You’re stressed because this is our last trip together. Scott: I get it. Scott: Okay, we graduated. Scott: We’re all moving on now. Scott: But the best tribute to that friendship over there… Scott: Okay, is just one more night of being ourselves. Scott: Short comings and all. Scott: What are you afraid of? Audrey: I never wanna forget my friends. Scott: Then don’t. Scott: Okay? Scott: Okay? Audrey: okay. Scott: Alright. (Audrey takes a breath) Scott: Anyways so we were on the train… Scott: And this guy who was sitting over in the other- Scott: Oh, alright. There she is. Audrey: Megan. Audrey: Megan, where’s Tanner? Megan: (Soft Voice) He said he was going to leave me. Scott: What? Scott: Oh fuck. Megan: It stopped him before he could. Audrey: What are you talking about? Audrey: (louder) God damn it Megan! Audrey: What are you talking about. (Megan panting) Megan: (Whisper) Eyes. (Low deep growl) Scott: What is that? (Deep ambient sound) (Deep growl) (Ambient low whispers) Scott: Shit. Scott: Come on. Come on. Scott: Shit. Scott: Everyone in the trailer, now! Katie: Why? What’s going on? Scott: Just get in. Scott: Just get in. Scott: Come on. Come on. Scott: Ryan, come on man. Ryan: What the hell is going man? Scott: I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Scott: Get inside now. Ryan: No! Ryan: I’m not gonna fall for anymore of your bullshit. Scott: What? Ryan: Look I get. Okay Scott. Ryan: Last trip, last time to pull some stuff. Ryan: Alright. Ryan: I don’t care. Ryan: Okay? Scott: Stop being an idiot and get in here. Ryan: No. you know what? Ryan: I don’t see Tanner. Ryan: Why isn’t tanner in the trailer huh? Ryan: Hey tanner, I’m onto you. You piece of shit. Scott: Tanner’s fucking dead alright? Ryan: Bullshit. Audrey: Ryan please, this isn’t a joke. Ryan: Alright fine. Ryan: But you have to tell me- (Loud Hiss) Scott: Oh shit. Jason: What the hell? Jason: Oh my god. Scott: Shut up. Shut up. Scott: Shut up. Jason: What the fuck was that? Scott: We don’t know. Jason: Where… Jason: Where’s Megan? Scott: She didn’t make it back with us. Katie: What? Jason: She’s alive? Jason: You guys left her? Scott: We didn’t leave her alright? Scott: That thing was chasing after us. Jason: Well where the fuck is she now? Scott: I don;t know where the fuck she is. Scott: Can you stop? Scott: We need to find a way out of this. Scott: Who still has their car keys? Katie: I do. Scott: Good. Audrey: We’ll how are we going to get to the car? Scott: We have to wait for the right moment. Scott: we have to find a- (Deep ambient sound) Katie: What is it? Jason: It’s Megan. Jason: We have to get her. Katie: Oh my god. Jason: We have to get her. Audrey: Jason that is such a bad- Jason: What? Jason: Are we just going to watch her die through the window? Scott: Nobody is saying that. Scott: Alright. Scott: But we don’t know where the fuck it is. Jason: She is standing right there. Jason: It’s obviously it’s somewhere the fuck else. Scott: Yeah and it also spared her out there too. Scott: But that doesn’t mean anything. Jason: So we’re going to fucking leave her? Scott: Oh okay- Jason: huh? Jason: Fuck you guys. Audrey: Wait- Jason: Get the fuck out of my way! Audrey: Jason. Jason: Megan. Jason: Hey. Jason: Megan. We have to go. Jason: Megan. Jason: Megan, we do not have time for this. Jason: We need to move. (Megan crying) Jason: We don’t have time- (Crying continues) (Whispers approach) (Dark ambient sound) (Loud whispers) (Megan’s crying fades out) Katie: What do we do now? (Loud crash) (Rumbling) (Katie panting) Scott: Shh. Scott: Be quiet. Audrey: (Whisper) What’s it doing? Scott: Probably trying to find a way inside. Katie: Oh my god. Audrey: You said you had a plan. Scott: I do. Scott: it’s not a good one. Audrey: Tell us. Scott: Make a run for Katie’s car. Katie: Are you kidding? Scott: No. Audrey: okay. Katie: What? Audrey: We have to. Katie: No Katie: No. No. Scott: Katie? Audrey: Katie. Scott: Katie. We need to do this. (Keys tossed on bed) Katie: Go ahead. Audrey: It’s going to find a way in. Katie: Well, it hasn’t so far. Scott: Katie. Scott: You’re not safe here okay. The walls are thin… Scott: It’s a fucking trailer. Scott: Alright? Katie: If you go out there, you are going to die. Scott: What do you think we should do? Katie: We should stay in here and wait it out till morning. Scott: No. Katie: Maybe it’s afraid of the sunlight or something. Audrey: We don’t know that. Katie: If we go out there, we are going to be ripped apart. Katie: Just like the rest of them . Audrey: Katie please. (Whispers get closer) Katie: I said no. (Screaming and glass shatter) Scott: Go. go Scott: out. Scott: Fuck. Audrey: No. No. (Whispers) (Ambient whispers) (Audrey panting) (Hissing Voice) (Audrey panting) Audrey: No. Dr. Benson: Tell me what you see. (Audrey screams) Audrey: no. Audrey: no. Dr. Benson: Audrey. Audrey: No. No. Dr. Benson: Tell me what you saw. Dr. Benson: What do you see? (Whispers) (Voices from the trip echo) (Echoing voice: I don’t want to forget my friends) Audrey: Eyes.

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  1. I could see you guys creating some really awesome scary story based TV show. Kinda like Supernatural, but with more creepypasta stuff.

  2. Pretty good short horror movie. Interesting plot, intense atmosphere, decent character development, good acting and some really creepy scenes. The monster looked really scary, and you built up the tension really well. I liked how you left it open ended, but without some lame jump scare or anything. And the end tag was awesome LOL You seem like an excellent team. Keep up the great work, you are talented. I'd like to see you work on bigger projects eventually.

  3. I want a movie now! it was awesome and i really would like to see it with a background story and everything 🙂

  4. This should be a major horror movie 👍🏼
    Very good 👍🏼
    What y’all did in 14min no “horror” film today is able to cause the scare you guys did in this short horror film 👍🏼

  5. Why didn't they just drive away with their trailer? It certainly still had fuel, otherwise they wouldn't have brought it to the middle of a forest.

  6. Really bad acting, the characters were supposed to be super scared, but it looks like they are having fun. 13:12 Seriously, look at this guy's face. He's about to crack up as if someone told him a really funny joke.

    Also, the rake looks like shit. It doesn't even have eyes lol

  7. Really enjoyed this, thanks. I love campfire urban legend – anyone remembers a similar group who smashed their car in desert, made a campfire and talked the night away. Only to be discovered by police and medics. The police and medics were exact look-a-likes of the group. The twist, a bunch of dead people found by a burnt out car(the camp fire), so the group had REALLY died immediately after accident!

  8. So glad to find such a good short film here on Youtube. This was amazing all around, from the acting to the cinematography. Congrats!

  9. I lived the way you ended the film…I LMAO when the Take set his fingers 🔥. In all seriousness tho, great job! Thanks for sharing!

  10. 3:52 No there gonna FULL SEND


  11. I lived in Bosnia between 99 and 2000. One night around 3 am I went outside to take a leak about 25 yards into the woods. While I was peeing something fell out of the tree in front of me. What ever it was spooked the dog we had and chased it away…. I swear while I was peeing on myself running back to the house I could hear this thing running away from the dog into the woods, I swear it was running on two feet. The dog never returned. I lived in medjugorie which is a hot spot for the paranormal, durning that time in Bosnia. I still think if it was not for that dog I would not be typing this😬

  12. They keep using the term ‘we’ve graduated’.
    Judging by their hairlines, these adults are not satisfied with a simple masters degree.

  13. AMAZING super scary bro why didn’t you make double MAker WEAPON OF THE RAKE DUN DUN DUN DUHHHHH DUN DUNHHHH XD LOL JJKKKK LMAO

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