Ram Gopal Varma’s The Foreigner  | A Taruna Khanagwal Short Film | RGVTalkies

Ram Gopal Varma’s The Foreigner | A Taruna Khanagwal Short Film | RGVTalkies

Who is it? Plumber. Hi! Nice to meet you. See, this doesn’t work. Okay, okay, thanks. Okay, take your time. Thank you so much. Listen, do you know any carpenter? I need a carpenter. Her ass! Fuck, I haven’t
seen an ass like that ever before! Are you saying she was wearing
just a top, and naked underneath? All foreigners are like this only. I read it somewhere.
– Fuck! I want to see her too Ya, why not? You can get a
better view because of your height! Guys, I am not kidding. How do I see her? Hi Madam!
– Hi! Madam, this guy is a carpenter. Hello Madam. Nice to meet you. Please come in. Thank you so much for coming. Please enjoy your tea. I have a lot of ideas.
I want to change this place a lot. I want to put something here…
you know… some frames… Actually, I saw some photos…. yeah here, this one… Just gimme a second. Ahh…. ya here… see it! I think it looks really nice…
I want to have something like this… I also want to put a closet… I think for now this
is going to be enough… The closet and this shelf
will be good for now… So… how did you like the tea? Nice! Tomorrow, we will start work Madam. What? Tomorrow, work will start. Tomorrow, work will start. Okay, okay, sounds good. Am not going to wash this hand ever. Ah Shorty! I love the way
the foreigner shakes hand! No Indian girl does that. Indian girls are too clammed up. I so wish I can hug her tight. Foreigner girls don’t
mind ‘sleeping’ with anyone. They will have sex with anyone.
Including you. How do you know? I read it somewhere. May be she likes Indians.
Why else would she come to India? The way she was looking, I think
she is 100 percent interested in me! What next guys? Hi Madam! Madam, this one here is the carpenter’s
helper. And this one, is mine. You are also carpenter? Ya Madam, even I am also carpenter. Yes, he also a carpenter. So, all four of you, going to work? Yes Madam! Two slow, Four fast! Okay. Guys, if you need water or tea,
take it from the kitchen. Okay, Madam. Foreigners like it straight Madam… What? You want bed… No. Nice bed. I don’t want bed. Guys, I want you to leave right now. You should leave right now. Go right now. Go! Madam, in India hand shake everybody. It’s hers. I stole. We have to do something. But what? Something… Shall I tell what to do? We have to take her! By force. Scrawney, Shorty, what say? Sir, this foreigner lives
alone in this apartment. Some local goons
barged in to rape her. Yes, Sir. We are doing
our best to find out more. Sir, luckily for the foreigner, a carpenter,
a plumber and some workers… ..happened to be
nearby and rescued her. We came to say Sorry. We are happy Madam we came. We happy you safe. Safe. Happy. I am so sorry, guys.
I really thought it was you. No, Madam.
We like you. We respect foreigners. You are guest in country, Madam. We love foreigners, Madam. Thank you, thank you so much!

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  1. What a stupid cinematography. They just focus on the actress privet part most of the time. Hardly show her face rather panty. When those people with her then it should be appropriate to show like this as it’s related with story. Ram Gopal need psychiatric doctor.

  2. Didn’t she ask them why they showed up to her place in the middle of the night? Poorly thought out. Plus the panties that they stole. Don't make me laugh.

  3. اوووف اكو عراقيه رومانسيه تجي ندردش اني وياهه ماريد زعطوطه متعرف تحجي

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  5. Khud Lund khada kar rhi ho wo to yhi samjhe na ke ladki chuddo he isliye aapki lene aa gye penty me ghum rhi ho hahaahhaha

  6. not only did you fail us indians but also the foreigners, this was not the right representation to deliver your message.

  7. Come on people, this happens to me all the time when I knock on a girl's door. Sometimes, they have no clothes on at all, stark bollock naked! Never happened to you?

  8. My sister always seduce the person who comes for some service in our home . Once she totally stripped nude before him and roamed around as it is usual just to seduce him .

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  10. بدي بنت جنسيه رومانسيه كون من العراق ابجي طين عل عراقيه مال نيج ورضع

  11. First of all, system is such that doesn't give importance to responsibility, accountibility of government or person,

    Most poor just think that they can get away with atrocities within their family etc,
    Government can get away with scams, bad governance by bringing religion/caste,
    Most in middle class are quite hypocrites, they see 1+1=3, in others, and 1+1=2 within family,
    Rich doesn't bother of government, law etc they know the system quite well, and can manipulate it accordingly.
    Finally at the receiving end is the one who didn't got justice from their origins.
    And at other side the tune goes on ' I love my India, this is my India'.

    If their is no responsibility, accountibility, where comes justice, if their is no justice how come the equality, if their is no equality how come the normalcy?

  12. what the fuck video….thise director should use some common sense, in strange area or new area the lady should at least have some fear. and the camera man is a real rapist.

  13. This is the biggest problem in India, the mindset. We need to change this, everything will change with it. We don't need Digital India we need educated India.

  14. Foreigners k mind main ye na daala kro plzz ki INDIA safe ni hai unke liye… Tbhi India tourism Main peeche reh rha….

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