Ramesh Mehta Comedy Scenes – રમેશ મેહતા – Superhit Gujarati Comedy Scenes – Hiran Ne Kanthe Movie

So now I hope all three
of you must have understood.. ..the reason why
I gave you the money? Okay? I will beat you as
much as I wish. I will box you. But you must not beat me. Beware I must not get hurt at all.
– No, you won’t get hurt. Get up! – Don’t touch me.
Your hand is very strong. But Champa too should feel
that I am as strong as Bandra. I can beat three people at a time.
– Yes. Is that clear?
– Yes. – Yes. Make Champa feel like that. The anklets are tinkling.
Champa has arrived. She has come. Help! Help! Someone, please help! You scoundrels!
Why are you harassing the girls? Leave the girls! Let them go!
You scoundrel! Take this! Please help me to get up. Get beaten by me.
I have paid you for that. Hey! Don’t use your strength on me.
I have paid you money. Don’t beat us so hard!
– Beat them! Enough!
– Keep quiet! I have paid you for this. Don’t I look like Bandra? Seeing girls alone in the
jungle you are harassing them? You don’t have the guts to misbehave
with girls in the village. If you ever misbehave with girls again..
– No! I will not spare you.
Do you know who I am? Yes. Bhuriyo Vakadio!
– Yes. Hold ears! Hold ears!
– Here! Hey, not mine! Not mine!
You scoundrels, hold your ears. Yes! – We made a mistake!
We made a mistake! Beware if you ever
trouble any girl now. We will not trouble.
– Yes. They are beating me though
I have paid them money. They ran away! Those rogues! Are you seriously injured?
– Forget about my injury. What is your name?
– Champa! I have experienced
many such injuries. And only two people are
well known here for this. One is Ranasangha
and the other one is me.. ..this Bhuriyo Vakadio. Don’t worry about me.
I hope you are not hurt anywhere. I am not hurt but if you
would not have come today.. ..wonder what would
have happened to me. What would have happened?
What is your name you said? Champa! – Oh!
When I am here who will dare to.. ..leg,I mean who will
dare to even touch you. You too are brave
just like your friend. Brave means,don’t talk about that.. What is your name?
– Champa! Oh! Brave means strong. They beat me though
I paid them money. What did you say?
– Nothing. Nothing. Bravery runs in the family. Is that so?
– Yes. My grandpa Lilliya once
killed a lion with a stone. Really?
– Yes. And my father Pidiya,
as he did not find a rope.. – Yes.. He removed the cord of
his pant and tied down a lioness. What are you saying? Yes. What is your name?
– Champa! Yes! And I am Bhuriyo
Vakadio the son of.. ..such a grandpa Lilliya
and father Pidiya. I can teach anyone a lesson. Since childhood I have
grown up amongst the lions. Why did you get scared of a goat? Since childhood this is
the only weakness I have. – Oh! Rest I am not scared of a tiger,
lion or an elephant. I can tame all of them but I cannot
tolerate the sound of a goat. Since childhood I had this fear
and my aunt never got me over it. Champa! Champa, let’s go.
We are getting late. Okay then, I will go now.
You have done a great favor on me. Should you thank me
like this empty handed? I mean, actually there
is no need to thank me. I have actually done my duty. Tomorrow if you have
time come here again. I will do some
other act of bravery. And as it is I have a hobby
of hunting and things like that. Will you come tomorrow?
Come here only. I will wait for you. What is your name? But who kept your name as Bhuriyo? Even I do not know that
but my aunt told me before dying.. ..that when I was
in my mother’s womb.. ..I came under the spell of a Gini. As my eyes were closed
they remained black.. ..rest my whole body turned white. I turned totally white.
See, I will show you. Seeůsee.. But your hair?
– Hair? They became curly. So people started calling
me Vakadio. Bhuriyo Vakadio. What is your name?
– Champa! – Oh! How long shall we meet
like this on the quiet? Take your mother’s permission
and hold my hand. But I don’t have a mother. That means new, old, not even one? Besides my maternal uncle and
aunt I have no one in this world. Oh! That means
we both are the same. You don’t have anyone
and even I don’t have anyone. And there is nothing
better than this. What is your name?
– Champa! So you explain to
your uncle and aunt.. ..and I will go and
pacify Bandra’s father. So both will tie the knot.
– What did you say? I mean marriage. Marriage. We will get married like this. Wherever I go that goat follows me. I have not harmed him in any way.
Have you harmed him? I have also not harmed him. So what is your name?
– Champa! No, no, I am asking this goat. Bhuriya, even I wanted
to ask you about marriage. Whose? Mine?
– Don’t make a face. Not yours! Bandra’s! Yesterday I saw Sonal the
daughter of Ramgadh’s chief. If she becomes the
daughter-in-law of this house.. ..there will be nothing
better than that. Oh! But before doing this
at least ask brother Bandra once. Why? Has he selected a girl
before I could select one for him? Bhuriya,
why do you feel shy like a girl? Tell him everything.
– Rani, great! Even you know about this? Yes. Bandra has already
selected a girl. He had even brought her
here when you had gone to Ramgadh. The girl is very nice. And both of
them have decided to get married. Not only two, not only two!
Say four of them. Four people?
– Four? – Yes. Even I have decided to
get married to her friend. Why the delay then? Tell me. My only son selects a bride
for himself and will I say no? Bhuriya, go and tell Bandra
to tell that girl that.. ..we are coming to her
house to fix this alliance. But why are you making
a face in all this? Don’t frown.
– Yes. I will make a face.
– Why? – How can I not make a face? What do you mean, why? You will
fix only brother Bandra’s marriage? Yes, yes! We will also
fix your alliance and come. Yes! Then my life
too will get settled. You can never rely on girls. They will say one thing
and will do something else. They promise to come at
one place and go somewhere else. Hey, Bhuriya!
It is me. Champa! Look here! It is you, is it? I would have suffered
a heart attack just now. If you wish to test my bravery
then do it in some other way.. ..but don’t ever call
a goat and scare me. And do you know the sound
of that goat scares me. What is your name?
– Champa! Oh! Why did you come so late then? Though I have come late
I have brought good news. My uncle and aunt have
agreed for our marriage. They have agreed?
– Yes. They have agreed?
– Yes. Oh! What is your name?
– Champa! I have also pacified
Bandra’s parents. Both of us will get
married under one roof. But look,
I will tell you one thing. After you get married
and come to my house.. ..I will let you go
to your maternal home.. ..only for your deliver
and not otherwise. But pregnancy happens
only once a year. We will have it every six months. Every six months?
– Yes. Every six months?
– Yes! Then my beloved, I will
not go to my maternal house.. ..even once a year.
– Oh! I will not go. – Don’t go.
You go after fifteen years. Okay. What is your name?
– Champa! Oh! Come then,
we will enjoy on this hay. This goat is my biggest enemy! What harm have I caused you,
you rogue! Brother Bandra,
this girl is a fireball. She is not a tiny
ember but raging fire. There is no such girl like
her in the whole of Phansat. A very courageous
and beautiful girl! But, Bhuriya!
– Yes. Only when the girl is
courageous and beautiful.. ..it is fun to lock horns with her. Bhuriya,
why do you make such a face? I have to make such a face. She has threatened
a wrong person today. Definitely she must have worshipped
some ordinary god today.. ..that is why Bandra
was spared today. I feel it will be good if
she does not get scared tomorrow. Let’s see what she does tomorrow. It will be fun then!
She will be terrified. Understood? Today even I will enter
the water with the buffaloes. Why have you made such a face? It has happened like our
life has got ruined. – Why? We have got ruined. Just
see everything is broken down.. ..and destroyed. The wooden doors are broken
to pieces. Everything is destroyed. Bhuriya!
– Yes! Surely that girl has done this. Yes. We will have to pay her
back in the same coin now, right? You just watch now.
– Yes. I will give her such a fitting reply
that she will always remember it. Yes!
– Come here. Hey, she will be in trouble now.
Very good. Let her come now. Return our clothes and my ring
otherwise I will not spare you. Don’t you feel ashamed to steal
clothes of girls who are bathing? Oh, my! Instead of feeling
shy you are shouting at me. First of all tell your friends
to reconstruct my hut and.. ..everything else around
it as it was earlier. Understood? And what will you
do if we do not do that? I will not do anything. You will have to go back
home in these wet clothes.. ..and your ring will stay
with me as your remembrance. You stupid man! What do you think that
will anyone stop us.. ..if we go to the
village with wet clothes? Champa, come, let’s go.
– What does he think of himself? See, we are going.
Stop us if you have the guts. Where will she go? I will
trap this girl today at any cost. Along with your girl
trap my girl as well. Yes, I will do that, just wait. Yes! Come! You can go if you wish to
now but not only with wet clothes.. ..but you will have to
leave back your clothes here. Hey you girl! My name is Bandra.. ..and you will have to pay a heavy
price for locking horns with me. I am still telling you,
listen to me. Bandra, it is your turn
today but remember one thing.. ..that you have locked
horns with a tigress. Since childhood I have a habit
of locking horns with a tigress.. ..and I have never
cared about that ever.. ..and will never care ever.
Is that clear? Today I have trapped you. And if you wish to free yourself.. ..then order your friends
or else you will have to remain.. ..trapped like this. Bhuriya!
– Yes! Come on, you girls! Why
are you just standing like this? If you wish to free your
friend from my friend’s clutches.. ..then quickly begin your work. Reconstruct our hut and the shed.
Is that clear? Otherwise I alone can
teach all of you a lesson. Do you recognize me? Who I am? Bhuriyo Vakadiyo! Don’t keep glancing
at each other like this. Get on with your work quickly. But our clothes! You will get back your clothes
only after you mend our hut. Come on! Get going!
Quickly get along with your work. Come on!
You enjoyed destroying our huts.. ..and now you are reluctant
to mend the huts again. Do you find it so difficult
to do it? Do your work. Each and every one
of you do your work. Come on, use your strength.
Use your strength. Are you all so delicate?
Come on pick it up. Pick it up. Yes, pick it up! Pick it up!
– You too pick it up. Okay, tell meůwhat is your name? You stupid fool! What have
you got to do with my name? Oh, I forgot about that!
I am only concerned with the work. Pick it up! Come on, pick it up!
– Get lost! Why do you disturb me? Let me do my work. You look so beautiful
when you are angry. I feel like just looking at you. Come on, hurry up!
Get on with your work. Come on, hey you!
Yes! Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti To! Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti To! Come on, hurry up, attach the door!
Come on, do it! Come on! Hey, who is not working? Hey, Kanchan Junga!
Come on, all of you hurry up. Come on, work faster! Work faster! Hey! I say, come on hurry up!
Hurry up! Hey you girl!
Where are you going this way? I beat her on her head
and she fell down. Oh, no! Whatever you say a home
is nothing without a woman. They very nicely
constructed it again. Brother Bandra, free her now. Yes. Hey you! Your work is done!
– Yes. Return our clothes now.
– Yes. You have built our huts again.. ..so take back your clothes now. Okay. My work is done.
You can go now. The way I look beautiful in anger..
– Yes. In the same way in anger
I can also slap someone hard.. Such delicate hands are
not for slapping but for kissing. Great, young man!
Great! You have done a great task.. ..by taming this tigress today. You don’t care a damn
for your well wisher.. ..but you allow a stranger
to kiss your hand? You go around abusing
the boys in the village.. ..but today a stranger
has taught you a lesson, right? Mansur, there is no one in
this entire Phansat who can teach.. ..Mulande a lesson.
And this is my personal matter. You leave from here. Champa, let’s go!
– Wait. Here give this to that fireball. Oh, what a girl! If I get
married to such a girl and she.. ..comes to my house..
– What? Each day will be
a happy day for me. I will be respected
in the entire village. I will show my power to everyone. Why are you making a face now? Bhuriya! – Yes, I have understood.
I have understood. I was talking about you.
If you get married to such a girl.. ..and she comes to
your house in a palanquin.. ..that will be good but if she
gets married to someone like me.. ..I will not be
able to control her. For me her friend is suitable.
Her friend is suitable for me. We can have a happy married life.

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