Ranking The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Movies

Ranking The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Movies

All right, so today i’m gonna, be ranking the dire would be kid films Yeah, i need an idea okay down, we begin films they’re, uh some of them are really good some of them are Bootie thrush, so we’re gonna be talking, about today i’ll just be you put my order and everything here we go, so with the ranking, my least favorite to favorite put my pants at number 4, we have Diarrhea, would be kid the long haul, did this surprise anyone i don’t even like To, say the name of this movie it’s, so bad i’ve done a Whole review and a trailer reaction to it before just watch those videos this, movie’s trash The characters are terrible the story is awful and it’s not funny, what a horrible film Like i said, before jeff kenny, wanted, money he pumped this out just pooped it out into theaters and this is how We got this movie and they were setting up a sequel cuz The next book or whatever the 10th book or whatever it is 1,200 i don’t even know The getaway, is time on an airplane after they Say the end they’re Gonna go into plane if they make a fourth one or fifth one i will not see it but it’s. Gonna be trash cuz I can already, tell it will be trash Rajic is the worst part about this movie this movie sucks in every single way i know Mu 3. We have died irwin bk the original this one’s probably the closest related to the book Because it just follows everything the same i like gupta, chirag, gupta he’s my, favorite you have the cheese of course, like the cheese touch Don’t get it and yeah i mean it’s pretty good i like it but it’s definitely, my least favorite but it has some Cool, parts, like the halloween, when they’re, going trick-or-treating and all that i like that but It’s just kind of like, not the best one to me then, we have it number 2 Diary of a wimpy kid Rad yoga, rules the good ride wrecked not this stupid New one they got yeah so this one’s pretty much just rodrick is like nice The greg i think apart the talent show That’s really, good but other than that yeah i’ll actually have really liked this one so i’m not, gonna, say it’s bad but There’s just, some parts slow it down. A little bit but, i ate it probably is probably i Don’t know sometimes it is my favorite one like i like the party part All right that, was weird i like the part, where they’re Having the party, and like they’re having a fun anything you know Jumping on line but it’s it’s good, and that’s all i say, about it all right number ones roderick or What’s this thing called wimpy kid the diary Dog-days, what i forgot the name yeah this one is my favorite even though it drags on because it’s just like one thing after another You got the pool the ride the Rodrick part or the dad camping, and then it’s like The party at the end it just keeps going and going and going I always, think it’s gonna end up to the camp, and then it keeps going it’s not bad But it’s not great either but it’s the best one of the series Because i just i find this one the most enjoyable of them all especially like the part ways on the rod age like fast for era like watch that all the time i got fast forward to it rewind it fast for us i just i Like that part a lot, when i was a kid? Well i still am but you know i know that’s my regular darn wimpy kid films overall they’re Pretty, okay, movies all the three of them they’re pretty good you know. They’re enjoyable they’re, not great movies but they’re Okay, the fourth one sucks

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  1. 4. The Long Haul (I hated the new cast)
    3. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Good Movie, But Not Great)
    2. Rodrick Rules (Some Very Funny Scenes)
    1. Dog Days (Very Solid Movie)

  2. 4. Diary of a wimpy kid The long haul (3.8/10)
    3. Diary of a wimpy kid dog days (6.2/10)
    2. Diary of a wimpy kid (6.8/10)
    1. Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules (7.3/10)

  3. 1. Dog Days

    2. Rodrick Rules

    3. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

    4. The Long Haul

    Note: The Long Haul is my least favorite movie because they removed all the good actors from the three movies.

  4. Honestly instead of the long haul movie they could've kept the same characters and put a time line for example a movie where like greg goes to college with rowley? I dont know

  5. First of all i bought the long haul movie bc i thought it would be good
    At the start it was cook but at the end it just starts to get trash
    I also agree dog days is very solid its really good

  6. My opinion 4 diary of a wimpy kid the long haul, 3 diary of a wimpy kid roderick rules, 2 diary of a wimpy kid dog days, 1 diary of a wimpy kid

  7. 3. Diary of a wimpy kid
    2. Dog days
    1. Rodrick rules

    I’m not going to dignify the long haul with a spot on this list

  8. "Rodrick is nice" no nigga that hoe is constantly picking on me and my mom does jack shit about it 😤😤✋

  9. Every movie reviewed in 10 words or less:
    4. The Long Haul : Cast, meh. Story, ugh. (5/10)
    3. Dog Days : A bit too different from the book. (7/10)
    2. The OG : Perfect balance between book and movie. (9/10)
    1. Rodrick Rules : EXPLODED DIPER!!! (9.5/10)

  10. Really late to comment on this video
    But Dog Days is a really good end to the first 3 films
    It's like we slowly see Greg mature threw out the films
    Yeah these films are dumb but I really think they are good coming of age stories

  11. Haven't seen the fourth one, so not ranking it.
    My list:
    1: Rodrick Rules.
    2: Dog Days.
    3: Diary of a wimpy kid.

  12. I would rank mine but I haven’t seen them in a long time and I haven’t seen the long Haul at all so I’ll have to watch them again

  13. Edit: i had to change my list because i forgot the ending of dog days that was funny, but number 3 WAS the long haul and number 4 was dog days..

    that I don't like it )

    3. Dog Days
    2. Rodrick Rules
    1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  14. 4. Long haul (ok 7/10)
    3. Dog Days (pretty good 8/10)
    2. The first (really good 10/10)
    1. Rodrick Rules (amazing 10/10)

  15. I agree with this list. Steve Zahn in Dog Days is fking insane. Dog Days is btr than Rodrick Rules bc they underused Frank

  16. I’ll have you know that Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules was the best of the trilogy. It is honestly disgusting that you put it second! While Dog Days is good, it definitely is not the perfect masterpiece that is Rodrick Rules.

  17. My top 4 diary of a wimpy kid

    1. Dog days
    2. Long haul
    3. Rodricks rules
    4. The original

  18. 4. The Long Haul – (5/10) If Jeff Kinney wanted to do a fourth movie, he should’ve done it sooner and released it 2013, then they wouldn’t have to recast the characters, plus, we could have Greg’s relationship with Holly explored, see how that ended up, and it would be good if they’d just done that, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: How about Cabin Fever, they could do that, it would be a million times better than what we had which just tarnished the legacy of the original trilogy so much that I don’t see it as part of the series, if Cabin Fever had been made into the fourth movie and had the original cast, it would’ve been great
    3. The Original – (7/10) This movie stuck the closest to the book and it’s a good adaptation, besides that, it’s a great introduction to #MyGreg The Amazing Zachary Gordon and its a good, I wouldn’t say coming of age story but it is good seeing Greg’s Evolution, and at the end, when he takes the wrap for his best friend, that’s one of Greg’s best moments in the trilogy.
    2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days (9/10) Honestly this is just a solid sequel in lots of ways, and it’s hard to decide which is better, this, or Rodrick Rules, they’re both almost equally amazing but, what’s good about this movie is, yknow how each movie in the trilogy mainly builds on a certain aspect, the first builds on Greg’s relationship with Rowley, the second focuses on his relationship with Rodrick and to an extent the latter is continued, but the relationship with Rowley is focused more, and this movie starts building Greg’s father and son relationship with Frank. The plot of Greg wanting to hang out with Holly over the summer was also handled well and it all works, and at the end, after Heather Hills Sweet 16 was ruined, you see how Holly holds Greg’s hand at the end, it’s subtle, but you really feel that sense of satisfaction that Greg and Holly finally got together, and they could actually have that relationship explored if there had been a fourth movie with the old cast as I mentioned above and maybe they could’ve kissed when the right time came but, Dog Days was a good and satisfying end to the Trilogy that was told, and after I watch the movie I feel great.
    1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules – (9/10) This movie beats Dog Days by a margin, and what I like is how they build on the relationship between Greg and #MyRodrick which is where the heart of the movie lies, plus, that scene where Greg is forced to tell Susan about the Bathroom Door, he has no their choice but to tell a lie about the party, or band practice if you know what I mean, and when he tells Susan how much his relationship with Rodrick means to him, that’s one of the only times in a movie where telling rather than showing really works, and when the party is uncovered, and Greg and Rodrick are punished, damn you really feel the emotion, in the end, Greg risking embarrasing himself in public, damn, that’s loyalty, shows how far his relationship with Rodrick had come so far, like Dog Days, at the end, I feel great, and satisfied. Also one last thing, who else wanted to watch The Foot, you know what I’m talking about😏.

  19. I like Long Haul but I don’t think it is as anywhere as good as the other 3. I think it would’ve been better if it was just called Long Haul and take Diary of a Wimpy Kid out.

  20. The best movie in my opinion here is probably the 1st one or dog days the worst one is the newer one it's stupid trash like bro not my rodrick and Rowley is ugly

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